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The truth about Miami's interior offensive line

Unlike most weeks during this Dolphins season when neither you, nor I, nor the Dolphins, can chew on one game for days and days after it is history, Sunday's playoff game against Baltimore is still on my mind. It is also on the NFL Network, which replayed the game much of Wednesday.

So I watched. And watched. And watched again.

And the result, inexplicably, never improved.

But one thing did become clear as I studied what happened in this defeat. Yes, the Dolphins turned the ball over five times. Yes, Chad Pennington had his worst game of the season. Yes, the defense gave up a long Ravens clinching drive in the final five minutes.

But this game was really, truly decided at the line of scrimmage where the interior of the Ravens defensive line and blitzing linebackers dominated Dolphins center Samson Satele, left guard Andy Alleman, and right guard Ikechuku Ndukwe. The score Sunday was 27-9. It was much, much, much worse than that if one judges the play of Miami's interior line.

Here is the truth of what happened:

Miami's offensive tackles didn't play great nor horribly. Left tackle Jake Long yielded a sack to Terrell Suggs while Vernon Carey gave up one to Trevor Pryce. But both tackles were responsible for man-blocking on all but a handful of pass plays. They were both 1-on-1 with pretty good rushers all game and did well on all but two plays.

So that wasn't an issue.

The interior of the line was a different, terrible story.

On one Ronnie Brown run to the left, Baltimore nose tackle Haloti Ngata picks Ndukwe up, tosses him about two feet to the left and Ndukwe lands where the hole on the left side is supposed to be. Brown actually goes head over heels over Ndukwe and then Ngata finishes him off. It looked like Brown got jacked up by a Ngata on TV and that he got right back up in defiance. But the slow motion shows Brown simply having his legs cut out from under him by Ndukwe's rag doll impersonation.

I have never seen anything like that in such tight space.

The Ravens blitzed a lot on Sunday. And the Dolphins could not figure out how to stop it. On one play, Ray Lewis blitzed between Satele and Ndukewe and neither one blocked him. He was there. And, zip, he was past and into the Miami backfield. It didn't result in a sack, but it led to an incomplete pass.

On Pennington's interception to start the second half, the Ravens rushed four. Long and Carey handled their assignments one-on-one. But Miami's interior trio cannot block Ngata and Pryce. Ndukwe and Satele double team Ngata while Alleman blocks Pryce. Except that Ngata beats both Ndukwe and Satele. So Alleman peels off Pryce to pick up the charging nose tackle. That leaves Pryce free to force Chad Pennington into throwing the football. He happened to throw it into a swarm of three defensive backs, but that is beside the point. The point is three Miami linemen are beaten by two Ravens defensive linemen.

That was bad, but it wasn't ridiculous. This was ridiculous: With the score 20-9 and the Dolphins at the Baltimore 25 yard line everything collapses for the Dolphins. On a second-and-seven, the wheels came off the cart. Dan Henning called a Ted Ginn end around at the same time the Ravens called for a blitz. The end around was set up with the Dolphins using an unbalanced line to the right side with Long outside of Carey.

That left tight end Anthony Fasano on the left side, with Alleman inside of him, and then Satele, then Ndukwe, then Carey and Long. Fasano got a block. Alleman pulled right, and that leaves Satele and Ndukwe doing their impersonation of swinging gates while a horde of Baltimore defenders poured through. Three Ravens were in the backfield as Ginn didn't seem to want took the handoff and fumbled it.

That 19-yard loss killed Miami's momentum and pretty much sealed the loss.

"We had favorable matchups and we took advantage of them," Pryce said. "It's quite simple."

So here is the deal: The Dolphins should, must address the interior of their offensive line this offseason. They cannot compete with elite defenses with this starting group. I realize neither Alleman nor Ndukwe were slated to be starters in 2008 but that doesn't change the need to upgrade there in 2009.

Obviously Donald Thomas is supposed to come back in 2009 after missing all but two quarters in 2008. And Justin Smiley is also supposed to return. But both are hopes. The Dolphins hope Thomas, a rookie last year, can live up to his potential and not be an injury-prone guy. The Dolphins hope Smiley, who has finished each of the past two seasons on the injured reserve list, is not an injury-prone guy. Smiley, by the way, is having another shoulder procedure this offseason.

I believe the Dolphins must add at least one starting caliber guard to hedge their bet. See how the Shawn Murphy pick is starting to hurt?

The Dolphins also need a starting center. There. I said it. Satele is not a starting center, in my opinion. He isn't very physical, he doesn't really move anyone in the running game, and on pass plays, I often see him with his back to the defense, chasing the on-rushing defender that just whipped him as the defender makes a target out of Miami's QB.

I am officially debunking the myth that Satele is a good player. He wasn't that against Baltimore, and I've seen him struggle too often during the regular season to believe he's any better than average -- maybe not even that. Satele is a guy you want as a backup center-guard, a swing guy. When he assumes that role, you'll know the Miami offensive line has upgraded.

Anyway, if you forgot what the debacle along the interior of Miami's offensive line looked like Sunday, watch the video. Make your own decision.


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Nice opening sentence....."neither your, nor I, nor the Dolphins".....YOUR? Can't that paper afford a real writer? Or an editor?

That was actually very insightful. You just slowed down what we saw on tv, and i totally agree that the line must be upgraded. Good thang SParano is a line guy, so he MUST know that already, and I truly think that we must do some of this at least through the FA period. Drafts are good for elite players and depth, but we need starters, and with Thomas a big question mark, Murphy not cutting it, no major depth or anyone in waiting, FA is about the only place to get some starters...and we NEED our very own Ngata, as we got NO penetration on our side of the D either...and i do NOT think Solai is the answer.....when you are 1-15, you just cant address all your weaknesses in one year. It was a good run, but the deeper you get in the playoffs, the more they will be exposed....I actually would not be surprised if our record goes backwards some next year with a tougher schedule, and still many holes to fill....but i do think we are on the right path...just hope it isnt a house of cards...

Satele not only missed blocks, but I think he missed the line calls to set up the blocking schemes for the blitzes. We need a center who can do the calls and make the blocks.

Wow, Miami's backup OG's played like it. Shocking, headline news.

"Unlike most weeks during this Dolphins season when neither you, nor I, nor the Dolphins ..

Check your bifocals GM Peterson. All that hate is affecting your vision.

Besides QB, offensive line is the most important position on either side of the ball. I hope they continue to upgrade there.

I would love to see Ronnie Brown get 20 carries a game behind a good line. I think he's a 1600 yard back in that scenario (it almost happened last year before he tore his ACL).

i knew it. satele was always overated a lot of draft magazines had him the third and fourth center rated coming out. why do you think mueller drafted drew mormino in the same draft because even dumb randy mueller knew satele wasnt a true center. mormino was better at the line calls coming out of the draft then satele. last year cam cameron was hyping up satele like he was the next mawae or kreutz even jim mandich was in love with satele when i thought he wasnt in mawaes or kreutz league hes small and not that ahtletic he is really simaler ahtleticly to rex hadnot hes not very agile and hawai olinemen dont pan out in the nfl. look at wayne hunter who the seahawks drafted in the third round in 2003 he did not make it because he could not run block as a left tackle and ndukwe is the worse starting nfl gaurd i have ever seen hes worse the bennie anderson.

Ndukwe didn't do anything out of the ordinary. He got knocked down, tried to get up and ended up knocking Ronnie upward...

You painted a very false picture...

Ted Ginn sure was in the middle of the action huh? Mando do you know what happened to him on Chad's second pick? Did he fall or did he get shoved to the ground? Then after Reed picks it off he goes completely to the far side of the field, then weaves all the way back, and yet we never see Ginn coming back into the play. Brandon London comes back and punches it out after Reed crosses the goal line but it seemed like Ginn completely gave up once he hit the turf. Then he comes back and makes the tackle on Chad's 3rd pick even the pass wasn't intended for him. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Couldn't agree with this more.

In the second quarter I sort of threw up my hands and said "Sucks to be Chad today. He has to try SOMETHING and pray." Between the o-line collapsing on itself the instant the ball is snapped and having a total of TWO wide receivers in uniform when Bess went down (I still find that astonishing. When was the last time a team entered a playoff game with only three receivers on the squad?) he didn't have a chance.

Boy did that game reveal where we had injuries this year and how thin our depth is... You add back Smiley and D. Thomas and Greg Camarillo and that is a completely different game... much more different than you would think by those three non-superstar names, you know?

By the way, by my count, counting the first two picks Sunday, that was 4 picks in a row that Ginn was involved in... two that went right through his hands and into someone else's, one where he tipped the ball and one where he fell down.

And at least two of those, I swear, are because he is VISIBLY afraid of being hit. More than any other pro player I have ever seen.

We can't blame Ginn. He fell but that was because the ball was floating and released too early because of pressure on the qb. He was also the only deep receiver. I will agree that he doesn't play big. He will.

The Dolphins need lineman on oth sides of the ball. Big ugly nasty brutes who hate the opposition. Satele is a good player but not strong enough and he may never be big and strong enough. Alleman is a good backup. Great lineman make the rest of the team look better and give the rest of the team a lot more courage and strength. Intimidation through speed and power works. On D we need more pass rushers and we really need to get bigger. 280 doesn't handle 330. That is 50 lbs of muscle and leverage.

It is often funny who gets all the kudos on great teams. The WR or the QB or an interception machine. But after looking at that film you can see the anchor is always what is happening in the interior and these guys are the true heroes of the NFL.

Brutal to watch. Good stuff Mando.

I wouldn't be suprised at all if we drafted Alex Mack, Max Unger or Jonathon Luigs in the first round. And then maybe a Boston College nose tackle in the second. We made alot of strides this year, but it's a long road. Thanks Whine-stash and Sham-man for sinking a great franchise. But, I can't wait to see the Big Three resurrect our Phins.

you're a trip Mando, just the other day you were blasting Chad for his play, asking if he is a championship QB, saying how the ravens exposed his flaws and all that. now after I (and im sure many other loyal readers) posted that the game starts in the trenches, you decide to do some research and figure out the game of football. belive it or not, its not always the QB's fault Mando.

What's the point of watching this youtube video. We all know the game didn't go well. We all know the Fins got beat up on the line and Chad threw 4 picks. Answer this question for me, how would any team do against the Ravens if they lost their two starting guards?
Going into the year we knew the Fins were not going to have a lot of depth. OG Thomas was hurt early but injuries to Smiley and Camarillo slowed the offense down.

This time i totally agree with salguero, during the draft i hope we can land one between C Unger/Mack or G Urbik with our pick #58 and remember their C Jason Brown is a free agent, he totally dominated our DLs and would be a clear upgrade over Satele.

Whilst you make some valid points, you lose credibility by say Ngata picked Ndukwe up and threw him 2 feet through the air like a rag doll. Go back to that play (2:45 in) and watch it again. Ndukwe is blocking down and Ngata uses his momentum against him to push him even more off balance to the point where he loses it all together and falls over, tripping Ronnie. Ndukwe didn't look great on that play at all, but I'd like to see any player in the NFL pick him up. Do you know how much this guy weighs? Tell it how it is, don't tell stories.

To the dolt who said Ginn disappeared after the Reed pick. Try watching the game. Ginn got back into the play around the 10-20 yard line and got f'ing cracked by a Raven. Also, on the first pick, Ginn didn't tip the ball, he couldn't it was thrown too far over his head. I wish some of you haters, who have done nothing but bang on this kid from day 1, would let it go. It's old and tiresome. There is much more problem areas and problem players on this team then Ginn.

Watching the video, Jake Long's sack wasn't really a bad play from his stand point. He redirected him inside and helped on the D-tackle. The play took longer that is was supposed to and then Suggs looped all the way back around to the same side Pennington was rolling. As far as the interior line, remember these guys are all 23 years old, Satele, Ndukwe, and Alleman going against pro bowl veterans in Hgnata, Pryce and Suggs. I still think we focus on defense in this draft. What about giving a low priced free agent like LeCharles Bentley a shot to compete? He was a pro bowl center with the Saints before signing a big contract with Cleveland. He had been injured but the kid is only 29 and is a 310 pound center. Low Risk, high reward. Can't be any worse than the McKinney experiment this year.

Two words...G Herman Johnson. This monster from LSU has to be on our radar come draft day.

Armando, there's no question that the Dolphins must hedge their bets at Guard. As for Satele, he had a pretty good rookie season...one of the best offensive rookies in the game. No question he regressed this year. Sophomore slump? Maybe...it happens far too often with rookies that do well in year one. That being said, the Dolphins would be wise to hedge here as well, just in case it isn't just a one year blip.

2 really sad facts....

We traded Wes Welker for a second rounder, and we picked Satele with that pick.

Saban said he wanted to trade up to get Ngata, but we didn't, and ended up with Jason Allen.

Our previous drafts have haunted this team for what, 10 years now?

Agreed Mando. But I would trade Satele and free Carey as they just aint good enough to run block or pass protect. Ginn is gone no doubt. Camerons draft screwed us big time. WR has to be a top 3 pick. We desparately need WR CB's. OT OC and NT are the next needs IMO. It all happens on the line but play makers are essential to go all the way. Completely agree with you about Satele great call Mando.

Funny how a guy named "The Boz" gives draft advice. Last time I saw you was when you were getting run over by Bo Jackson on Monday Night Football which was the high point of a bust career. Ginn is gone? We need top 3 WR? How do we get a top 3 pick when we are in the 20's? Maybe we can give away all our picks and end up with a guy like Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, Troy Williamson, etc? Seriously, get a clue.

Why all the hate for Ted Ginn? Pennington threw the ball too far to the inside on the long interception because of pressure and his weak deep arm. He also just overthrew Ginn on the high pass. Just because it is thrown in his direction does not mean the QB didn't make a mistake. Also the blitz blew up the end around Amando, if you actually look at the play you will see the ball is out of Chad's hand before Ted has a chance to get it. You and others on this blog have also been trying to get rid of Ronnie Brown for years. It is just ridiculous how talent is not recognized here. We should have gotten Cadillac. We should have drafted Quinn. Get over it. Neither one has done anything in the pros.

This is why people talking about drafting a WR early just don't get it. We clearly need a Center. And we need a Safety and ILB. After that, you can pick a half-dozen positions where we need depth and talent (CB, OLB, NT, Guard, DE and WR.

How about thep lay where Ricky just decided not to block for Ronnie Brown, did anyone remember seeing that play? That was horrible. Ronnie had a huge hole and Ricky just let his guy through to Ronnie.

Until we bolster both the offensive and defensive lines we'll never be able to compete with the better teams in the league. Especially in the playoffs.

Ted Ginn plays like a scared little girl. He runs out of bounds all the time so he doesn't get hit. What a joke he is, of course what do you expect?, Cam drafted him.

Chad Had 4 IMPRESSIVE Interception.Ted Ginn Was Inovloved Only With One.What About The Other Impressive 3.
Posted by Amigo

Good post, I was talking about Satele not being very good in 07 and got killed for it. Ginn, Satele and the rest, I think the verdict is in on Cam and Randy's draft.

You nailed it! But, at least this year, I have hope that Parcells, etc. will know what to fix and fix it. Or at least improve it.

Mmmm mmm, dis be a good article, just like my Campbell's® Chunky™ Fully Loaded Beef & Bean Chili which I am enjoying right now on a cold day in the northeast. Thank you for the nice article, Armando. You a nice boy.

Satele be Cam's boy. He all small and stuff but make up for it by bein slow. I'm not just talkin slow running a sweep or outside play. I be talking ‘bout quickness, not speed. Pass protectin at that p’sition you best to adjust in a split second, shuffle laterally, squarely set your feet and get your ass low and put your body on a defender who, in’cdently, may not be the same guy dat done originally lined up across from you! Sounds hard y’all, but he was a 2nd round pick courtesy of San Diego (we essentially done gone ‘n traded Chambers for this guy) so you expect competency at that level. Come strong young’ns.

After a promising rook season he missed too many ‘signments dis year and wiffed on lots of blocks. Guys be already past him in the backfield ‘n he just turning around lost looking for someone after the jailbreak. How many times Ronnie B got nailed in the backfield this year before he even got a chance? Dat partly why they needed the wildcat dis year - da inability to block in a conventional scheme. At least in the 'cat a back could react and try to pick a hole or option. I think Ronnie has Emmit Smith potential and look forward to seein him behind the kind of line that you know Parcells will get in here eventually.

Parcells’ kind of guy was Jim Burt with the Giants - big and tough as nails and would knock the snot out of you. If I not be mistaken he later done pick up Maawe for the Jets.

Cam is gone (ok the Ravens beat us) and thank Lawd for that. Nothing illustrates his personnel evaluation deficiencies and lack of a sound philosophical approach to what wins than comparing his type of guy to Parcells’ type of guy.

Granted, I be comparin a 2nd year center to a former pro-bowler and comparing a good offensive coordinator to a HOF coach/exec, but that is exactly Mama’s point. Gatha ‘round youngins …

Sure, good people have egos, and sometimes dem crazy owners do too. But nothing earn Mama McNabb’s respect more than a smart business people who hire hisself other competent people then get da hell out dey way and lets ‘em do what they do. Dat reflects well on the person who hires them. It be the difference between a Bob Kraft and an Al Davis.

In da post-Shula era, we fans be knowin betta dan anyone that good football guys like Bill Parcells do not come along very often.

To wit, we be very... no ... make that "we be ‘xtremely" fortunate to have a competent person running this organization, and no matter how much that gets pimped in the media, we as fans, and Misters Huizenga and Ross would do well to extend our very best courtesy, hospitality and appreciation to Bill Parcells to show him that yes, this would be a nice place to hang his hat for a while. Dat all.

This goes to show you what a very good NT can do in a 3-4 defense. What Satele really the entire problem or is it that Ngata is such a beast that he wrecks offenses on a regular basis? There's always two sides to the coin. Casey Hampton has been doing the same thing for Pittsburgh in a similar scheme for years.

That's why for as honorable as Jason Ferguson's contributions this year were, what if the Dolphins added a young playmaker in that position - whether it's Mount Cody from Alabama or Raji from Boston College. A 3-4 Dl of Merling, Langford, and a young NT can be for years to come supplemented by a 3-4 OLB to rush the passer in the mold of a Merriman or Ware can be dominant for the Dolphins. They could ruin other offenses like the Ravens and Steelers do on a regular basis. That's why I think the Dolphins will go NT, OLB in the first two rounds. I also predict no offensive picks in the first three rounds. I think that would be the best course of action for this team. Guards are a dime a dozen in the later rounds.

If i get traded does that mean my clipboard holding daddy gets drafted too?

I Mean traded too.

Between losing FA's(Crowder, Hill & Carey), more roster turnover & harder schedule...look for about 6 wins in 2009. And thats OK, there is NO reason to overpay Crowder & Carey for average play. Draft & develop young guys for another year. Rome wasn't built in a day! The needs are simple, but there are PLENTY of them.

1. Do not sign Carey, Hill or Crowder. Find cheaper long term replacements in the draft or FA.

1A. Sign Goodman & Bell to 3 year deals! They EARNED IT with their play, the others didn't.

2.Make Satele a back up and sign a starting caliber Center to compete with Al Johnson.

3. Find a Solid possesion WR so Bess can be a slot WR & Ginn can be a deep option.

4. Draft or Sign young CB's, Safety's, OLB & ILB to groom for the future(Porter, W. Allen, Bell, Ayodle)

5. FIND A 3-4 DT in the draft or FA, at ANY cost! If Fergusen goes out, our defense is finished.

6. Make sure Smiley & Thomas are healthy going into camp. Draft or sign a starting caliber G JUST IN CASE.

Be hopeful for next season, but don't expect miracles. Next year will be tough, but everything is in place to make a run in 2010.

Is it me or does that first INT from Penny, Ginn's fault? He barely attempted to catch the ball, because he knew there were some defenders to light him up if he catches it, so he just puts his hands up in there like the ball is unreachable. Ginn got blasted on that Ed Reed Int return. Seriously, Ginn is alright, he is not a top flight receiver, he demonstrated a lot of times were he has been scared to catch the ball.

Anyways, i am not blaming the loss on Ginn. I believe in Penny as long as we can get some more talent. Boldin would be more ideal to get b/c of his breakaway abilities after the catch, but Miami is unlikely to trade for him. TJ Houshmamma is perfect in Miami's system and for Chad, great route runner, big receiver, and great hands. We will need to get another big reciever in the draft as well.

Mando, i agree we still need depth at the O-line. Even though we had a great season, we need a lot of things. There are still a lot of holes on Defense as well. Lets hope Parcells will be here to get the right players here.

I agree Mark. I would like to see B.J. Raji as he seems to battle his weight better, move better, and has more explosion than Cody. I also concur with the OLB pick in the second. This all depends on free agency but NT is where it's at.

Mando, Go back and look at the games where Donald Thomas and Justin Smiley got hurt and you will plainly see that both Satele and Ndukwe were rag-dolled and absolutely man-handled, and that caused them roll up on both Thomas and Smiley legs!

Our two GOOD interior linesmen were hurt by their own men! I know accidents happen, but the two injuries happened the same way!!!

Obviously that was a long time ago, so we already knew that the line was in trouble...

Mag Dog also pointed this out when Smiley went down.

Armondo I saw the exact same thing. That particular play in question in which Ray Lewis walked right past Satelle without even so much as a glance from our center who is in charge of reading the defense and making line calls? It is time for an upgrade. That being said, I love this team and their accomplishments they have made. An outstanding job by the players, coaches, and front office. Outstanding. But we cannot be complaicant. Upgrades are a must. And certainly our offensive line is one of those needs, followed by a receiver, stud middle linebacker, DE, and cornerback. We will see what happens next year. GOFINS!!!

TJ Housh will be 32 and a possession receiver, we already have two that are younger and cheaper in Bess and Camerillo. Get over it people

Armando, good subject. There is no doubt that our interior OL is not very good. I'm concerned about depending on both Smiley and Thomas. We definitely need to add another guard and we should draft better OL depth as well.

Satele is not a good fit for the type of offense we want to run. He might be better suited as a center in a West Coast offense. I would expect to see Al Johnson get a good look in training camp. Upgrading the OL should be a top priority this offseason. Think of how much more productive Ronnie and Ricky would be.

Mando, I love your point of view on the Ginn fumble. It looked to me like he had the entire left sideline open with a lead blocker had he fundamentally kept his right hand over the left like they teach you during hand-off drills in peewee football 101. Monday morning quarterback aside, I'm proud of my team and even with the all the turnovers etc., we still had a chance to come back and win in the fourth quarter. Let's hope our 2009 NFL Draft class is as robust as the 2008 group. PS...If Satele wants to keep his job he needs to bulk up considering every AFC East D-Line is stuffed with mammoths.

Younger And Cheaper Will Take You To The Cellar Next Season.
Posted by 4.Interception

I think they need a big DT or someone to replace Roth at outside LB. They need a better pass rusher.

As great as this year was I knew going into this game that it would be tough. Ray Lewis gets so much credit for being the leader of the Ravens defense, and he is on helluva player, BUT, in my opinion I've always feared and respected Ed Reed. There is no one in this entire league like him except perhaps Troy Palumalu. Hopefully we do get a ball hawk safety in the draft. But what bothers me is that both Ravens defensive players are outta U of M and we didn't draft them! I guess that was another past mistake that shows us we're still paying that mortgage of our future. Thanks Wanny... you dope!!!


You finally made a good post! Too bad it was when the Dolphins failed.

I think you're a Dolphins hater and only write well when they lose.

You are a Nanny!

"Even a broken clock ...". You got something right for a change. Spot on. OL/DL should be our 1a/1b priority for offseason improvement.

I think our first pick in the first round should be a offensive line. Maybe another one during the free agency. I'm sure BP is seeing what you're seeing. I'm not even sure if carey is a good long term solution there

Our First Daft Pick Should Be Qb . No Q Asked.I Agree w/wha.wha.
By Roxxxxxxx

FA: sign FS Atogwe and ravens C Jason Brown, try for Peppers and Suggs but i think they're off limits.

1) ILB Mark Herzlich or Brandon Spikes
2a) WR Kenny Britt
2b) OLB Clint Sintim or Barwin Connor
3) OG Kraig Urbik
4) NT Ron Brace
then CB, blocking TE, another OL, OLB.

Some of you guys need a hug every once in a while. Really.

I know I did not unearth a new revelation about the interior of the Dolphins line, OK? This has been written about by me and others time and time and time again. I am not, as some imbecile wrote, captain obvious. But the issue is interesting and I decided to post about it. So if you already knew all this stuff, if you are bored by it, be on your way, have a nice day, good-bye.

Secondly, another genius said the other day I ripped Pennington. Really? I asked the posters a question -- a fair one at that. I wanted opinion, I started a discussion, and so I'm ripping the guy? Please graduate kindergarten before you come on here again.

Oh, and to the guy who complained I didn't have to post the video because it reminded him of a day that made him cry: I did not compel you to click on the video. I definitely didn't force you to watch all the way through.

One last thing: This is a Dolphins blog. Please post about the Dolphins. Your sophomoric comments about meatballs will get deleted. I cannot believe I just wrote that last sentence.

I agree 100% on the O-line Mando. We need a dominating O-lineman(1st rd), a dominating nose tackle (similar to Bama's Cody)(3rd rd) and linebacker(2nd rd), along with a muscle receiver (early 2nd rd from Skins). We need a big target, speedy-fast "Keshawn-type" (give me the dang ball) receiver.

The interior line was the problem? No kidding. The heralded Trifecta's biggest bungle this past off-season was neglecting to get quality backups on the o-line. Having D. Thomas and S. Murphy compete for a starting guard spot was a disaster. Smiley had a history of injuries and yet they neglected to sign at least one other veteran guard. Perhaps they should have kept Chris Liewinski around. Sure, he wasn't much, but then again Alleman and Ndukwe were atrocious.

I hope you all enjoyed the season because it'll be a hard few years to come.

Maybe I missed it, but I haven't heard or read a single comment about the mis-use of the backs in this game. While Ronnie is dancing in the hole, Ricky is hitting it hard. He had a few good runs w/ limited touches and earned the right to get the ball for more than he did.

2007 - Dallas Cowboys
Rd Sel # Player Position School
1 26 Anthony Spencer OLB Purdue
3 67 James Marten OT Boston College
4 103 Isaiah Stanback WR Washington
4 122 Doug Free OT Northern Illinois
6 178 Nick Folk K Arizona
6 195 Deon Anderson FB Connecticut
7 212 Courtney Brown CB Cal Poly-S.L.O.
7 237 Alan Ball CB Illinois
2006 - Dallas Cowboys
Rd Sel # Player Position School
1 18 Bobby Carpenter LB Ohio State
2 53 Anthony Fasano TE Notre Dame
3 92 Jason Hatcher DE Grambling State
4 125 Skyler Green WR Louisiana State
5 138 Pat Watkins FS Florida State
6 182 Montavious Stanley DT Louisville
7 211 Pat McQuistan T Weber State
7 224 E.J. Whitley C Texas Tech
2005 - Dallas Cowboys
Rd Sel # Player Position School
1 11 DeMarcus Ware OLB Troy State
1 20 Marcus Spears DE Louisiana State
2 42 Kevin Burnett LB Tennessee
4 109 Marion Barber RB Minnesota
4 132 Chris Canty DE Virginia
6 208 Justin Beriault DB Ball State
6 209 Rob Petitti T Pittsburgh
7 224 Jay Ratliff DE Auburn

I posted this because it was the last three drafts for the Cowboys under Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland. Anyone notice a trend? Six of the first eight picks in rounds 1-3 were LB or DE (all three first rounders were LB's), the other two was a OL and TE (Our own Fasano). Does this help clear up the direction of the next draft for you? For all you folks that are having a wet dream for a new receiver or CB are going to be disappointed. Mauluaga, Laurinitis or Curry baby. Good thing is teams are starting to sour on drafting WR early (last year none in 1st round) so hopefully that will push some quality ones into the middle rounds)

The 2005 draft was their blockbuster with their front three of Spears, Ratliff, Canty...Ware and Burnett are their LB's and Barber the RB. 2 Pro Bowlers and 6 starters. That is how you build a team!!

ARMANDO!! MI AMIGO!! Don't let some of the few blog im-"posters" that are trashing the Peterson story as a conspiracy theory get you down. "They are blowhards" and I would not be surprised if a couple are in the Peterson or Ross camp with a cover up assignment (ie: that Meitel character the other day). Yours is gutsy, insightful, truthful, and commendable writing on this matter. As opposed to other media types who report or write scared!! It also shows your loyalty and conviction to this organization. We fans should be proud of you for that! I noticed that you also wisely preempted by stating speculation on the one day turn around rebut by Peterson. That shows responsible writing, so again I applaud you. You play an important role for us to bridge the gap in speaking truth to power and making the fans desires be known!! You keep on "doin wat you do" brother. Nooow...on a more humorous note...a simple thank you will do. PS: Loved this OL piece. Please keep these offseason postion/player scenario write ups coming, including your thoughts on possible names. Love that! Peace.I'm out!

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