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Dolphins go international in talent search

This summer Bill Parcells assigned a couple of Dolphins scouts to scour the CFL for talent.

"Find me a guy that can do something special," Parcells told his scouts.

The scouts answered that mandate this week when they presented the Dolphins with one Derek Cameron Wake. Wake, 6-3 and 241 pounds, is a former Penn State linebacker. In 2005 he was signed by the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent but was eventually released in 2006.

In 2007, finding no NFL suitors, Wake signed with the British Columbia Lions. Having struggled as a tweener with the Giants, Wake was converted from a linebacker to a defensive end in BC. Wake rewarded the Lions with 16 sacks and earned the league's rookie of the year and defensive player of the year awards.

This season, Wake picked up where he left off -- in the backfield tormenting quarterbacks -- as he led the league with an eye-popping 23 sacks. And he was named most outstanding defensive player again.

This week Wake got a workout with the Dolphins because he can do something special and because his specialty happens to be a Dolphins need. The Dolphins are looking desperately for pass-rush help. Although Miami had a very respectable 40 sacks in 2008, 17.5 of those came from one player, Joey Porter. So the Dolphins are looking for another pass-rushing threat.

Although Wake cannot play defensive end in the NFL at his current 241 pounds, he can definitely help in Miami's four-man rush in nickel and dime situations. (This suggests Charlie Anderson could become expendable.) Anyway, Wake was good in his workout, according to a source. The guy is in shape -- a big plus to the Dolphins -- and apparently has a great motor.

It will be interesting to see if he is signed as a free agent.

Check out the video of Wake getting the outstanding defensive player award from 2007. It includes some of his work.


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Wake`s a stud. He`s fast and elusive and I`m happy to here the Dolphins are going to give him a chance. I hope they sign him...somebody will. And that means he wont be rushing Henry Burris next year. Grey Cup back in the Cowtown...Ya-hooo!

Wow I guess I get to say FIRST.

Armando thanks for the video.

Can we sign this guy now or do we have to wait until free agency begins?

I hope the Fins sign this kid.. he looks goood.. and we need help on defense... i just hope he's not too expensive. As long as I see Renaldo Hill, Andre Goodman, Matt Roth and Samson Satele playing bench in 2009, I'll be comfortable.. We need to acquire a good quality Safety, CB, ILB, Center, WT, and OLB.


I meant to say "WR", not "WT".. someone like Anquan Boldin.. Would he be available in the Free Agency?

I don't think Boldin's a f/a and i don't see us giving up the kind of draft picks it might take to acquire boldin from arizona.

The first thing that should be done this offseason is sign Vernon Carey. He is only 27, he never misses a game, and he is a good guy. He didnt have a great year, but he is still solid. I think they should give him Eric Winston / Marco Colombo type money because along with QB, offensive line is by far the most important part of the football team. I wouldnt overpay for a lot of positions, but I would overpay for a young, solid, never injured, never in trouble, right tackle.

I hope we sign Wake, Anderson is not very good but Wake could bring the heat in the nickel and dime packages for us. That's Parcells for you, going north of the border for talent. Genius!!!!!

The Dolphins sure do need pass rush help. The last 6 or 7 games of the season they had NO pressure (except for Nathan Jones blitzes).

I think Joey's sack numbers are pretty deceiving. He can go a month and a half without even getting pressure on the QB, then he'll pick up a few in a short time span. I guess we've been spoiled with JT for so long that our standards for a pass rusher are pretty high.

Without exageration, I think this last season was the best Dolphin season I can remember (i've been watching for about 20 years). The Dolphins made the greatest one year turn around in NFL history, and they won 9 out of 10 games to clinch a division title in New York against the Jets.
To top it all off, the Jets organization completely imploded after they lost 4 of 5 to close out the year. Things were so bad that their coach got fired and their players trashed Favre after the year.
Now is that a great year or what?


came wake


once again cam* wake

derek wake had a 46 inch vertical leap at the combine back in 2005 but went undrafted because he was okay in college and had injury problems. he could become are james harrison of the steelers for us a guy nobody heard of and becomes a pro bowl player. the other teams interested in him are 4-3 teams and he wont be that affected in those schemes.

You cant tell much from the video, but the approach is inspiring. "Go find someone who can do something special", regardless of where he might be. You have to respect the Tuna

Goodman was the best CB on the team last year. Did you watch any games moron? BTW- jets still suck

This guys definitely has the measurables of an OLB to perfectly fit this system and be a pain in the @ss to the quarterback. If even he could spell Matt Roth at OLB on third downs to stop the pass, that would be good enough. he isn't going to cost much because even at NFL minimum, it would be a huge raise over his current salary. Still think OLB should be one of their top two picks since Porter is on the other side of 30 too and he's their only reliable pass rusher. Pass rushers are like booty calls, can never have too many.

mrmikejohnson, i agree, we have been spoiled by JT. You can go decades before finding someone as good as him for the Dolphins again. JP was brilliant this year for the 'Phins. Consistent or not, he put up his best year careerwise for us and we should appreciate and be thankful that he gave so much.

And Fake GM, you are bang on with Vernon Carey. He is very good and deserves the big money. He can play anywhere along the line except center at a pretty high level. Again, quality OL are line booty calls .......

they better sign him now, because once GMs around the League read your post, they'll be starting a bidding war.

Mando, any chance we re-hire JT this ofseason, he'll be cut any day now...

this kid looks good, but you also have to remember that its the CFL he's playing against. not that theres no potential, im just saying. and i think Matt Roth should get moved to ILB in the 3-4. He's not as good at pass rush or covering, but can you imagine him stuffing holes up the middle? and at ILB when he DOES have to drop into coverage, at least its only a 5-10 yard zone drop. it would be PERFECT for him



His 20 yard short shuttle and 3 cones weren't as great and I'm thinking that his technique was raw. However, look at his other measurables and he is right up there with the rest.

Oh no, we suck again! Thanks for the info, Mando. We'll be writing a story about it in a couple of hours.

I heard Mando on one of his radio shows saying he thinks signing JT to rush the passer is a good idea if the contract is minimum salary.

people forget about jt coming back,it's not happening.he's going to be 34 and has clearly lost a step and now is injury prone and not to mention he has burned all bridges with the tuna.we are moving forward and by taking alook at this player they clearly showing pass rushing de/olb is tops on the list of needs,maybe 1st round.

i thought you said you were going to post a story about Josh McCown and how badly he sucked...

I just read that minn, n.o.,and Indy are also hot for cameron wake.like mando said his workouts have been impressive.

Wake could feasibly play end in the 4-3, though he's easily a 3-4 OLB and could be an OLB altogether. But it's not out of the realm of possibility that he would play end in the 4-3. He's bigger than Robert Mathis.

go after j. peppers!!! and another o line, sucks that vernon is off to ny!!


he did look pretty good but we have to remember that he's playing against cfl tackles. there's a reason they (and he) are in the cfl but if anybody can coach up a guy with that kind of motor its big tony and the tuna helper.


What's up with the fullback position......seems like they're really searching for an all around talent there. I thought polite did an excellent job on 3rd and short/4th and short but i guess maybe he wasn't the pass catcher or the run blocker they were looking for.

Armando here's the article about the latest fullback to join us. (Chris Brown)


hey finsfaninne chris brown has been on the practice squad for about 6 weeks ,now,

they only just resigned all of there practice squad players for upcoming mini camps.he's not new.

dude the video is a rockin, and guess what my stinker is en fuego.

I wish they'd head some place like the Congo and find some mean, wild-eyed, freak of nature that will work for practically nothing so he can feed his whole 3rd world village. Someone well over 6-6/350, who can move like Barry Sanders and hit like a Mack truck.

The dude looks like he's got a serious motor... get'em!!! We really lacked the pass rush against the Ravens and this could be an answer.

Is there any video of Wake being blocked and not making plays? Highlight videos are just that, highlights. Just remember he wasn't drafted for a reason and he was released by the Giants for a reason.

james harrison wasn't drafted either,as a matter a fact he was cut by pitts. once before and he only went on to become defensive player of the year mr bungle.you never know,so it doesn't hurt to sign him.

Monaliza, if we're going to use Kolb's one chance in Philly as a gauge of talent, then let's look at Henne's one chance against the Cardinals. In week 2, Henne had only one drive in which he was 7/12 for 67 yards (Pennington had 112 yards on 10 completions) and led the Dolphins to their only TD of the game (a handoff by Ronnie). So, if you want to bring up Kolb's performance in one chance, we should look at our guy's one shot, too.

"Find me a guy that can do something special,"
--Just great! Gotta love it.

monalizzzzzzzzzzzzza,thats 2 days in a row saying good things about tuna and dolphins i'm impressed and don't forget 5. james harrison wasn't drafted and was cut by pitt before.

by mona me

also monaliza/cuban menace are you still in fla. or back here in ny where we are freezing our balz off.

Those scouts must have turned over every rock to find this guy, I mean defensive player of the year and all. Looks like several other teams have equally observant scouts!

Thanks for the info,mando.

sign him ASAP... give him a chance to prove himself in the NFL..

I think we will be the top dog and not to mention this move may save us using a first and one if not both of our second rounders on the linebacker position in the draft.Well unless Crowder goes then we can replace him with Spikes but cant we franchise Crowder or Carey.Anyway we then can use our first 3 picks on o&d line help a corner or saftey and a wr.I know wr is not our biggest concern but if Hakeem Knicks falls to us we have to take this kid.


Dude for you to include Andre Goodman with that list of guys is absurd. Check the stats Goodman had a better season than Will Allen who has survived only on name after being a first round pick. The second half of the season Goodman was playing lights out! I would actually like to see Goodman given a chance next year as long as he is pushed in camp by a high draft pick CB. Most fans should be careful for their wish for a new cb if the are Will Allen fans cuz he might be the guy getting benched in 09.

@ Foy

Spikes isn't coming coming out this year! He is staying at Florida.

Well if we sign him then we wont have to use our 1st and 2 second rounders on the linebacker spot.Well unless Crowder goes then who knows if Roth will move to ilb or we draft Spikes anyway.But I do hope that Hakeem Knicks falls to us with one of our seconds he's to good to pass up.

Damn posted twice didnt think the first went through anyway thanks phinny I didnt know that Spikes decided to stay hmmm what now.

Armando where are the grades for the trifecta on free agency?

Yo westernfin, I've been noticing every time you post your sound bitter. Man get yourself laid or something.

CFL is a speed game. The field is a lot wider and 110 yards long. But this actually says a lot about a pass rusher. If they can get to the qb in the CFL they should do well in the big league. The ball is out of the qb's hands very fast. He is aggressive and will do change the defense. Or we could trade for Gholston. Joke

I like the "no stone unturned" approach for finding talent, I just hope they find a "deep threat" wide receiver that can catch the ball consistantly and dosn't get "alligator arms" on the crossing pattern under one of those rocks. Am I alone on this one?

Can he change his first name? I cannot take another Cameron on this team-- Cam Cameron, Cameron Worell, ugh!

cameron is his middle name,its derek cameron wake.so we can call him derek wake,benz.

I agree that we should sign Carey, Goody, Bell, and Hill to whatever. It will be their last contracts with us and we can build on some other positions in the next two drafts. Then find replacements for them after that. They are solid enough for stop-gaps for now. Crowder probably isn't worth what he's going to get somewhere else. If this Wake guy is really as good as it sounds, we can focus on NT, ILB, C, CB, WR

Heres my thought Randy dont resign Hill,lets put Jason Allen back at saftey,re-sign Carey,Franchise Bell (he has been riddled in the past why take a chance for more than 2 years with him)Crowder hmmmm not so sure,Goodman I say yes get someone to replace Will Allen,move Roth to mlb if we let Crowder go,if we sign Wake he can take over for Roth at olb.Then again the heck with Roth draft another linebacker with speed.


Sign Johnathan Brown!

Interesting idea on moving Roth inside. It would suit his strengths better, possibly. But they would still need a "captain" at ILB, he has too much inexperience there to be relied on to make the calls.

phins still need to draft a CB in the first three rounds cause they ahve absolutely nobody after Goodman/Allen. And their corners are also "veteran". You need at least three corners in this league you can rely on or teams as smart as the Pats will find that weak link.

As a former Canadian (and huge Hamilton Tiger-Cats fan), here's what you need to know about the Canadian Football League:

1) In a league of only 8 (formerly 9 teams), they were so desperate for nicknames that two of the teams were actually called "Roughriders." (To be precise, there was the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Ottawa Rough Riders. The Ottawa team is now defunct.)

2) The ONLY facet of the CFL that was ever superior to the NFL was the CFL's much earlier acceptance of the Black quarterback. For instance, Warren Moon dominated the CFL for 6 years (winning 5 Grey Cups), because he knew he would never get the opportunity to be a starting QB in the NFL. This issue is no longer relevant. Black QBs are now as common in the NFL as Cuban Menace's typos.

3) When Jimmy Stewart received his Best Actor Oscar in 1940 for "The Philadelphia Story" in what was ostensibly a supporting role, it was really the Academy's apology for overlooking his prior year's performance in "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" which was, by all objective standards, a much better performance.

4) To accuse Israel of a "disproportionate" reaction to Hamas's unprovoked rocket attacks would be like saying the U.S. reacted in a disproportionate way to Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. It would be like counseling the U.S. to respond by sinking a few Japanese submarines and then going home.

5) There is a natural evolution to just about everything. Most things get better over time. Athletes, medicine, etc. Then why is it that the quality of popular music is so abysmal compared to the days when The Beatles wrote popular songs, when Irving Berlin and the Gershwins delighted America and the world with their wonderful melodies? Why is it so rare now to actually hear a well-crafted, melodic song?

6) I don't know how dogs walk around so contentedly after making poop. Can you imagine if you made poop, didn't wipe, and then had to walk around the rest of the day like that? I think I'd be pretty miserable.

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