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Tim Tebow a perfect fit for the Dolphins wildcat?

Like all underclassmen, University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow must decide by Thursday whether to enter the upcoming NFL draft or stay on campus.

I am told that Tebow sought and received information from the NFL's advisory committee for underclassmen. I have no idea what exactly he was told, but the opinion of three scouts and one GM I've contacted the past five days is this:

Tebow will go anywhere from the late, late first round to the fourth round.

"His intangibles make him someone you definitely want on your team," one scout told me. "But those intangibles would be diminished if he's just sitting on the bench and not producing. You cannot lead or be a leader from the bench. And that's where I think he'd be spending most of his time."

So why all the Gator stuff on a Dolphins blog?

Well, there is this: If Tebow decides to come out, and I stress that decision is not public one way or the other yet, you must be very wary of the New England Patriots trying to draft him. New England coach Bill Belichick is very close with Florida coach Urban Meyer and attended the game between Florida and Oklahoma. It should not surprise if Belichick, who spent time with Meyer the past couple of offseasons, gets access to whatever inside information there is to be had on Tebow.

Also of interest to the Dolphins is the fact they run the wildcat package and probably will continue to do so as long as they deem it viable. Well, hello, is there anyone more suited to running that package than Tebow?

Tebow would be more effective in the wildcat than anyone I can think of outside of Vince Young. [Really surprised the Titans didn't use it, but I guess they did well for themselves without it.] Tebow would be more effective than Ronnie Brown because, unlike Brown, Tebow is a legitimate threat to pass.

Teams copied the Ravens strategy of blitzing the wildcat package late in the season. The best way to beat that blitz is to throw the football. Except the Dolphins were not entirely comfortable with Brown throwing downfield very often.

The comfort level would rise dramatically with Tebow. And it would make Tebow, a quarterback that needs polishing and experience in the NFL, and instant contributor to a team like Miami. I guess what I'm telling you is that he has the perfect make-up for the Dolphins -- size, strength, never injured, great attitude, and ability to contribute immediately.

No, I'm not advocating Tebow as a first round pick. But as one of Miami's two second rounders? No doubt in my mind. And laugh if you wish, but folks laughed at me when I advocated drafting Devin Hester between late first and early third rounds also -- and look how that turned out for Chicago.

Discuss ... And enjoy the video.


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Pat White QB West Virginia

it is a great topic for today fin fans set your engine and go.
the only thing that chad.H has to go.

I picture Tebow leveraging his fame and altruism into influencing people to help the poor that kind of thing. Maybe start making faith based motivational CD's and seminars for high aiming business people.
He won't take a chance losing his greatest value by entering the NFL.
Tim Tebow will never play NFL football, he has nothing to gain and too much to lose.
Move on.

I like that idea. I wondered all year, well since game 3, why Sparano never put a couple of(wildcat) packages in for Henne. Henne would have been a viable threat to throw WAYY down field, which would have slowed the pass rush.

You continue to make the most ignorant comparisons and dumbest columns I've ever read in my life. Tim Tebow is NOT going to be drafted by the Dolphins first of all. Second, comparing Ronnie Brown and Tim Tebow is like comparing Jay Feely to Barry Sanders. Just ignorant.

tim tebow for LOINS.

Pat White on the other hand set the rushing record for a college qb in a career this year.
You remember him and Steve slaton together the past 2 years.
He just finished his Sr. season.
Think of him as a Michael Vick that was raised right.

joe....tim tebow best QB in the draft in 10 years. he is a number one.
by .......dreamer

interesting possibility, but I agree with your early assessment of the OL and the need to focus there. Are they really considering the wildcat package as a continuing part of the offense? I figured it was only a short term offensive scheme to get offensive production this year.

Ted Ginn Jr. would be smarter. He is already on the roster and would be in the field. He was a high school qb and can throw the ball. I dont understand why he wasnt used in it.

Ted Ginn Jr. would be smarter. He is already on the roster and would be in the field. He was a high school qb and can throw the ball. I dont understand why he wasnt used in it.

We're a secular football team, and that disqualifies Tebow from leading our team. My sense is that his religious fervor would either distract the team or alienate players. Righteousness is a poor way to lead.

I would not waste a pick on a "specialty" player like Tebow. He may be a decent QB down the road in teh NFL, but we got Henne in the wings already. Besides, I don't see us needing the Wildcat offense when we have the players up front to block effectively running out of the I formation.

we have to use our 2nd rounders on players that can be on the field all the time. I.e. LB, NG, WR or DB.

I agree on teh Ted Ginn comment - he is one of the fastest guys in the NFL and we didn't use him in the Wildcat one time that I can remember. Just look at what FL did w/ their fast WR out of the gun.

So your saying it was SMART for the bears to draft a punt returner w/ their 1st round pick? Uh?? I think it has been discussed in the past that GINN wasn't a solid choice in his slot (1st round) b/c of the fact that he's essentially a punt returner, yet in this case you're saying it would have been smart of the Dolphins to have drafted Hester, who is essentially a punt returner too? Please explain?

Chad Pennington is a solid man of Christian faith. So is Renaldo Hill. John Beck, Shawn Murphy and others are devout Mormons. Leading by righteousness sounds pious; leading by example is good for character building.

we should trade ted ginn for second pick then get tebow then trade one the chads W/more interceptions this coming season then hope for the best.
by monalizzzzzzzza

A couple of things:

Mark, please read your comments. The Dolphins are a "secular" football team? Dude, there are no secular football teams. NOne. Everyone on the Dolphins is free to practice their faith. I would say about a dozen guys -- including Chad Pennington -- participate in pre- and postgame prayers.

The team has a chaplain. You are simply showing your ignorance and distaste for people of faith. You need to stop hating.

C-los, there is no hard and fast rule with drafting. I laugh when folks say things like, "Don't draft a Florida QB because no other Florida QBs ever made it. Or draft a Penn State LB because they can all play."

Teams make decisions on individuals based on individual talents. They don't draft all returners a certain place, they don't draft all centers a certain place. I thought Hester would be excellent based on what he brought to the table. That doesn't mean I thought Ginn would be great because he also is a returner.

I was actually thinking the same thing during the national championship the other night. However, I think right now it is just to risky. This team has too many holes already and I think they need to stay on course this year and keep building along the interior and maybe add some receivers. If they do extemely well in free agency, then maybe you could take the chance. If Tebow goes back to school and comes out next year...then that changes everything. Another year to see if the wildcat will stand the test of time, higher overall talent level, then I think it would be a better gamble. There is already this prevailing thought throughout the league that the Dolphins are a gimmick team, and if they draft tebow and fail next year I think it could be devastating.

Mark In Denver,

I can't help but be the guy who points out the obvious, I don't do it much, but your ignorance had to be addressed. Considering your in Denver I doubt you really know the religious affiliations of any of the Dolphin players and then assign the team a general name like secular.

Tebow has been a HUGE disrtaction in Florida.....A championship, a heisman, and then a championship. Yep, real distraction....please someone stop Tebow he is a christian and distracting Gainesville and all of college football.

Whatever happened to you in Denver Mark, I'm sorry, but to knock ones lifestyle instead of his football ability says something about you, not Tebow.

the most important thing in QB is how strong his faith is. last thing of importance is how many INTERCEPTION he is able to deliver.the cellar argument.
by............stone .rock

hey mando can you get this idiot cuban menace aka monalizzzzza aka dreamer of this blog.he comes on here making idiotic comments bashing miami knowing he is a jets fan.he makes no constructive arguments and posts anything from recipes to making no sense to trading our good players.

Drafting Tebow in the 2nd round would be completely moronic. No offense Armando but thank God you're not our GM. Brother, this guy is nothing more than a college QB. Slowly running around the field and using your size as an advantage might work in college but it would surely fail in the NFL. Try running around against Ray Lewis or Urlacher. I have no problem picking him up in like the 5 or 6th round. But in the 2nd? Sorry, I don't think so.

I'd rather have Pat White be the triggerman for the Wildcat. Much quicker and faster and he has shown that he can definitely throw the ball downfield. Did anybody see him against UNC in the bowl game? He was absolutely dominant.

Tebow would never want to be in Miami. Too much scUM there!!!!!

I think Tebow will be a very good NFL quaterback. I think all those who are bashing him are dead wrong and there are going to be a lot of teams who regret passing on him whenever he comes out. However, I do not think he makes sense for the Dolphins. We have our quaterback of the future in Henne. I see no reason to invest another high pick such as one of the 2nd rounders on another qb. I do agree with some of the other posts I have seen about Pat White. You can probably get him for a mid round pick and put some specialty packages in for him. I think he does not project to be a true qb but his skill set is well suited for the wildcat. Use the earlier picks to beef up the OL, DL and CB positions.

I think Tebow will be a very good NFL quaterback. I think all those who are bashing him are dead wrong and there are going to be a lot of teams who regret passing on him whenever he comes out. However, I do not think he makes sense for the Dolphins. We have our quaterback of the future in Henne. I see no reason to invest another high pick such as one of the 2nd rounders on another qb. I do agree with some of the other posts I have seen about Pat White. You can probably get him for a mid round pick and put some specialty packages in for him. I think he does not project to be a true qb but his skill set is well suited for the wildcat. Use the earlier picks to beef up the OL, DL and CB positions.

when new england won 3 RINGS not crowns i never seen any of the players thanking the lord but they thanked tom brady best QB EVER.

Pat White would be a better choice, he has excellent speed (will compare with Ginn), a little small for QB but he can play QB,RB,WR, and unlike Ginn he is not afraid to take a hit.

I think Tebow will be a very good NFL qb. I think all of those who are bashing him are dead wrong. This guy can play at any level. I think there will be a lot of NFL teams that regret passing on Tebow whenever he decides to come out. That said, I do not think he is a good fit for the Dolphins. We have our qb of the future in Henne and there is no reason to invest a 2nd round pick in another qb. I do agree with the posts about Pat White. He is more likely to be available in the mid rounds and his speed is explosive. He does not project a true qb but his skill set is well suited for the wildcat. This would allow us to use our earlier picks to beef up the OL, DL and CB positions which are more pressing needs at this point.

I haven't watched many college games games, so I don't know how Tebow or any other player is, but based on position, Miami doesn't need a QB. Pennington is still the man, Coach Sparano told him so after the loss, and Henne is the future (one would think) and I'm excited to see what he does when he's in. But, the dolphins do need alot of help in many other positions. So while Tebow might be a good player, do you take him to use him exclusively for a package you run only 4-8 times a game? Especially when linebackers or o-linemen are on the field for 30-50? I don't know if that would be the best decision.

Tim Tebow will be a major bust in the NFL. You heard it here first. Today we drafted Ted Ginn and his family. Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin.


Mando - if Washington cut Jason Taylor, which is likely die to his 8 million dollar contract versus his limited production, do you think the Trifecta would pick him up on the cheap? Or has he totally burnt his bridges? I could see him coming back for say 2 million base and a contract laden with incentives? Then we'd have the two picks and an invigorated JT?

Tim Tebow will be a major bust in the NFL. You heard it here first.

Hey Armando: Did the Dolphins re-sign any of their practice squad players after the season ended or not??

LOL - Jets are licking wounds cause they will suck for the long term... Pissed away all that money this year and did not even get a playoff spot... Those stupid Jest fans drank the cool-aids thinking a geriatric over the hill QB would take them to the promised land then spend 130 million on FAs... And lookie here - they have NO QB and Ms Brett will keep them hanging through free agency cause he cant decde... We all know he is going to Minny which is closer to his home! Though the Jest front office wont admit it cause they want the stupid and poor welfare receiving Hest fans to pay - up for the personal seat licenses and they will if Ms Brett is there... Funny - Jests dont even have their own stadium, they play in NJ in other teams venue! Pathetic! Oh and what, only two division wins in their entire franchise history?????

HA HA ha ha - Lauging at Jests!

lol. ahahahahahahaaha that was great and don't forget they have no coach and mr 4 ints beat there azzzzz for the afc east '"crown" great post baracklincoln

"Spend 15 minutes with Tim Tebow him and he will change your life. He is an amazing human being." Not takin away from him... he is a great *college* player, but other kids are good too. The reason he went on missions is because thats what his parents did for a livin ya dufus announcers - of course he is going to grow up like that. Other kids didn't just turn down going on a mission - their parents probably just were police officers, plumbers or ughhh, sportswriters.

I don't think you are going to be throwing too many jump passes in the NFL.

If I hear "Tim Tebow makes everybody a better person" again, I think I'm gonna puke. Next thing you know they are gonna say his S#^%$ doesn't stink too. Wonderful. Sounded like Dickie V talking about Tyler Hansborough - a little too much love for me.

Probably the worst announcers in the world. They were calling it fourth down when it was really third down on one play when they could have seen 3rd down on the scoreboard, the chains, or the on screen graphic.

They also said the statement that someone made that 'Tebow might only be the 4th best qb in the big 12' was in their words "perhaps the stupidest thing ever said". No actually you morons its not, because the Heisman candidates were Bradford, Harrell, McCoy, Green, Tebow! It's called doing your homework, or hello having a clue... Throw in Daniel's 4,306 yards and 33 touchdowns —which were spectacular. Am I missing something or are people just drinking that kind of kool-aid like religous zealots.

Poorly played game no continuity and way to go for using ACC refs. Get refs from a ootball conference not a basketball conference next time.

Hey Armando did your wife drag you away from the computer again?

Armando's wife must've dragged him away from the computer again

Mark in Denver, we're "a secular football team"? What are you smoking dude? 3/4's of our team is Christian or LDS. Armando, please back me up on this, because this guy is going to say "How do you know!?".
Just because someone is a man of faith does not qualify their leadership as strictly being self-righteous and judgmental. Sorry you've had bad experiences with some faith-based individuals, but your judgment on the matter is quite poor.
BTW, Joe... you're a loser dude. Quit reading if you don't like the blog.

IF MIAMI HAS THE CHANCE TO DRAFT TEBOW IN ANY ROUND THEY MUST DO IT. He'll be an all-pro QB one day. I doubt he is coming out this year.

Reading some of the post tell me there are many people here who never watched him and don't know a thing about him. To call him rightious, implying self-rightious is just beyond wrong and inaccurate.

His team and anyone who knows him loves him and would follow him any where.

tebow needs to be a chicago bear.miami already has chad henne.he's our next marino.trust me start him next season not pennington please.

Please No Tebow. We need quality football players. For instance, our O-Line showed signs of weakness when Justin Smiley was injured, I believe that the Wildcat did not work effectively after his injury. We also should invest in a WR. Ginn is triple covered each game because we have no one else to catch the football. Let's look into some depth on the O-line, D-Line and WR. Tebow? LOL!

Oh my goodness, I can't beleive we are having this conversation. I'd like to start off by saying that I am a Tebow FAN! As a DOLFAN I wish Tebow all the luck with ANOTHER NFL team. We don't need a slash/h-back player! He fits in Cam Morans offense. He's not what the trifecta is looking for. We need not waste any of our valuable draft picks on this guy. Lets just wish him the best and roll on!

Oh by the way......we went to the wildcat to keep other teams off balance because we were not big/strong/fast enough to run between the tackles at the start of the season.

The Dophins have more pressing needs than taking a QB with early round draft picks. Parcells knows the interior of the offensive line is weak as well as the pash rush by the down lineman. That's where the focus will be in my opinion. The WR's would be next focus, then the secondary.

But if we were to take a QB, I would take Sam Bradford over Tebow as far as NFL QB's go. His accuracy was incredible and if not for his WR not fighting for the ball in the 4th quarter the game may have had a different outcome. However, I do thing Tebow will fare better than Alex Smith did coming out of the Spread Offense.

We need Percy Harvin more than we need Tebow!!!!

Armando, i dont think this is the right pick for Dolphins. Tebow is going to go to a team and make a difference. Someone is going to build a team around him. Thats only gonna work for a team that isnt already mid-way through the rebuilding process. The Dolphins are in the middle of putting players in place who will contribute to the team. We arent centered around one player. We won't have to rely on a Tim Tebow, or a Tony Romo, or a Donovan McNabb to lead our team to victory. Coach Sparano is going bring up playmakers everywhere, so if someone goes down, our whole team doesnt fall through

actually i should have said Brian Westbrook. because he's the real reason the Eagles are in the playoffs

That qb from florida is a waste of time, he wont make in the nfl, he has poor feet, and lacks accuracy. Another bust filled with hype.

Everyone still busting on Ginn and the Fins WRs what is up with that...

They are a good young group that is up and coming. Ginn is right on schedule to have a break out year next year, especially if Henne gets some PT. Camerillo and Bess are excellent possession WRs that will get better with another year under their belt.

I think the Fins need to concentrate on DL first then OL and maybe a LB.

GO Fins

harvin is ginn part 2 .we don't need another smallish speed wr

I would take Pat White. Wouldn't need to draft him as early! He killed Bob Stoops OU team too!

Michael Vick running the wildcat would be better than White or Tebow....he should be available before the season starts

Mando, when you get a chance, can you give us an update on Henning's decision to remain with the team or retire again please? If he does retire, whether or not David Lee gets promoted to offensive coordinator may provide us with a better outlook on our offensive scheme next season. I'd love to have Tebow run the wildcat.

I don't see Tebow being very effective in the NFL as a passer. He doesn't have the arm. I'll take Ronnie Brown running the Wildcat any day. Ronnie can run, catch, block and pass. He's also a better pure runner with much more speed than Tebow.

Tebow is being talked about as a FB/H-Back/TE prospect. Yes he can do some of the Wildcat type of stuff from time to time but he won't make a living doing that in the NFL.

We don't need Tebow, let some other team experiment with him. He's a great college player but limited as an NFL prospect.

The Dolphins will not draft Tim Tebow. We already have two qb's on the roster that we spent 2nd round picks on. Henne will be the qb of the future and it makes absolutely no sense to draft Tebow on the premise that he would be great running the wildcat. We only run the wildcat sporadically and there is absolutely no reason to build a team around a gimmick offense. Don't get me wrong I love how the team utilized the wildcat this season but it's not like it's another West Coast Offense phenomenon. It works in situations but not as an every down offensive strategy. Tim Tebow will not be a star nfl quarterback. His throwing mechanics are bad and he is not suited for the pro game. I don't see him going higher than 3rd or 4th round. We have other areas that are far more pressing than getting a wildcat quarterback. We need a WR,CB,MLB,OL,DL help.

Taking Tebow in the 2nd or 3rd round might go down as one of the best picks in Dolphins history. He could run the wildcat, play some TE and QB. He'd be like a 10 Crash Jensen's rolled into one uber-talented athlete the kid's no joke and he'll find success in the NFL. I'm not a Gator's fan and I'm usually totally against LH QBs because other than Steve Young the success rate for LHers in the NFL is abysmal. But Tim Tebow is the real deal. He's a force on the gridiron.

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