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Tim Tebow a perfect fit for the Dolphins wildcat?

Like all underclassmen, University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow must decide by Thursday whether to enter the upcoming NFL draft or stay on campus.

I am told that Tebow sought and received information from the NFL's advisory committee for underclassmen. I have no idea what exactly he was told, but the opinion of three scouts and one GM I've contacted the past five days is this:

Tebow will go anywhere from the late, late first round to the fourth round.

"His intangibles make him someone you definitely want on your team," one scout told me. "But those intangibles would be diminished if he's just sitting on the bench and not producing. You cannot lead or be a leader from the bench. And that's where I think he'd be spending most of his time."

So why all the Gator stuff on a Dolphins blog?

Well, there is this: If Tebow decides to come out, and I stress that decision is not public one way or the other yet, you must be very wary of the New England Patriots trying to draft him. New England coach Bill Belichick is very close with Florida coach Urban Meyer and attended the game between Florida and Oklahoma. It should not surprise if Belichick, who spent time with Meyer the past couple of offseasons, gets access to whatever inside information there is to be had on Tebow.

Also of interest to the Dolphins is the fact they run the wildcat package and probably will continue to do so as long as they deem it viable. Well, hello, is there anyone more suited to running that package than Tebow?

Tebow would be more effective in the wildcat than anyone I can think of outside of Vince Young. [Really surprised the Titans didn't use it, but I guess they did well for themselves without it.] Tebow would be more effective than Ronnie Brown because, unlike Brown, Tebow is a legitimate threat to pass.

Teams copied the Ravens strategy of blitzing the wildcat package late in the season. The best way to beat that blitz is to throw the football. Except the Dolphins were not entirely comfortable with Brown throwing downfield very often.

The comfort level would rise dramatically with Tebow. And it would make Tebow, a quarterback that needs polishing and experience in the NFL, and instant contributor to a team like Miami. I guess what I'm telling you is that he has the perfect make-up for the Dolphins -- size, strength, never injured, great attitude, and ability to contribute immediately.

No, I'm not advocating Tebow as a first round pick. But as one of Miami's two second rounders? No doubt in my mind. And laugh if you wish, but folks laughed at me when I advocated drafting Devin Hester between late first and early third rounds also -- and look how that turned out for Chicago.

Discuss ... And enjoy the video.


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2 T.E. formation at the line call a audible put T.E. #2 as Q.B.(TEBOW) run a wild cat out of a 2 T.E. formation and what would the defense do?


Tim Tebow is going to be an H-back

I see Tebow drafted as a tight end in the 4th round.

Playing him at that position seems the right fit for his talents and size, and it makes him a threat in more ways than just behind center.

i dont see Tim Tebow coming out for this draft either. the Gators love him and he knows about all doubts NFL teams have about him. hes almost DEFINATLY staying at Florida, so why are we even debating?

you are a idiot ,learn the game of football.

and i'm not talking about you mike c.

ill say it again sign mike vick for scrap use him on special teams and as a possesion wr probable 4th to 5th wr and he will lead our wild cat ...to the super bowl guaranteed :)

ok guys PICTURE THIS ARE U READING THIS ARMANDO pennington hands off the reverse to mike vick .. Vick pauses for a brief second and throws it deep to ginn for a touchdown just picture it .. its money bABY.

did anybody else read i luv miami wildcats aka cuban menace idiotic formation think about it ,just shows this moron nows nothing about football

Parcells would never sign Vick. Bank on it

Never mind Tebow...imagine what a better oline would do for the wildcat. Maybe then we could run between the tackles......wildcat or no wildcat. No way we spend a 2nd round pick on a luxury player like Tebow would be. Not to mention that would give us 4 qbs. That being said....it would be fun to see him run the wildcat not only passing but receiving as well. Chad Pennington as a receiver doesn't keep the defense as honest as Tebow would in the wildcat.

the more you watch the game right now between ravens and tenn the more every one is sure the fins is a lousy show biz team.this game playing NOW is real nice football playoff game .these are pro football players .next year if dolphins do not make many changes you are going to be in the cellarW/bowles LOINS.
posted by c.menece

and what does it make that pitifull jets team who lost the division to mia without a qb look like 0-16 idiot


bill parcells gave ricky williams an extension i just dont think its out of the question. I think mike vick will be reformed. And a changed man hell prob take a boat to cuba to bet on rooster fights or something w the menace.

dont the loins get 3 1st round picks time to build a die nasty.

i remember you rooting for mia and how you were upset how they treated penny the week leading up to when mia spanked your jets because you knew you were going to lose cuban menace the moron now you bash both of them ,worry more about that laughing stock team the jests than worrying about mia idiot

Once we get the O-line up to par the wildcat as we know it will be the thing of the past!

The wildcat is something we use bc of our inabiity to run block in the interior part of our O-line!

That being said I believe our focus will NOT be to draft a QB bc of his running ability. But to draft and get players (FA) to improve our base run offense instead!


We don't need to waste picks on another QB

go dolphins!!!!


Yesss.........Tebow was made for the Wildcat, and vice versa. Make it So.

We have too many needs (OL, DL, LB, even DB) to spend a 2nd rounder on a project like Tim Tebow. His throwing the 2nd interception when he didn't read the zone blitz really shows that he needs more seasoning, preferably in a pro-style offense.

Tebow is a winner and that's an ingredient you want on the team. I would like to see the Dolphins draft him at 1, 2, or 2........wherever they think they can get him.

The Dolphins should focus on OL, WR, maybe a TE and FB, NT, OLB, ILB, CB and S in free agency and the draft. Take the best players at those positions as they fall to us. We need to build a good overall football team, not look for more players for the Wildcat. We already have people who can do it. Let's improve the offense for the other 50 plays.

Tebow's first interception on that deep out route showed how long it takes for his ball to get there. The CB made a sandwich before he picked it off.

Josh Heupel was a winner too.

Tebow was made for college football.

micheal vick was made for the wildcat.. people talking about vince young please .. vick was a better rusher maybe young was a better passer.

is i mean is..

One more thing, props to Ronnie Brown for playing in all 16 games off the knee injury. He was getting a rap for not being durabale which I always thought was a little unfair.

His rookie season he missed 1 game with a hammy on a 58 yard run against Buffalo. He missed the 2nd half and the next game.

His 2nd season he had a freak broken hand injury and missed 3 games.

Last year he blew his knee trying to make a tackle on an interception.

This year he played all 16 games. So it's not like he's always banged up with shoulder, rib, knee and ankle injuries and is always on the injury report missing games throughout the year like some RBs. He missed 12 games because of the last two injuries. He's only missed 13 games out of 64.

Great year Ronnie! If he has a big year in 09 I could see us franchising him for a year to see what he has in 10. If he has a good year next season he'll be worth the average of the top 5 RBs anyway, but we don't have to lock him down for a huge contract. As a former #2 pick he already had a big payday to set himself up for life. One more big payday for one year is a nice bonus for his hard work and good play. He's also a great character guy and you want guys like him on your team.

my respects to the ravens and there awsome defense. Well take suggz from u guys this offseason to calm u guys down ..

Mr. Salguero: You stole my idea, d*mmit. I drafted Tebow in Madden 09 from the NCAA 09 game. I use him in a form of Wildcat that you can sort of do on Madden. He's awesome. I've had him trow, catch and run touchdowns!!! BTW, when I make him a RB, he's a 78 overall. I know all the haters on this forum are going to blast me for mentioning his Madden rating, but it's just for fun. I do think it's an idea worth investigating for the Dolphins. Some of the Things Tebow can do cannot be coached. He's a pure athlete and that alone makes him worth a pick somewhere. I'd LOVE to see him a Dolphin. And I'm not a Tebow lover ('cept those nice pics on the video you had). I bleed Scarlett and Gray and still have the Gators for their 41-14 drubbing of OSU in Jan. of 07. GO BUCKS! GO PHINS!

The Tebow talk....already giving me a headache. This was a great year for the 'Phins, but we still have a lot of work and trouble ahead. The Ravens game showed exactly where we need to keep building. Next years' season won't be so fruitful, unless we continue to shore up our most important needs--as I see it in order: size on the OL and DL (this is where championships will be won), help at WR and then more need of a focus to help the LB corps then the secondary. Considering the potential of a player like Tebow, and no matter how his stock may rise or fall, he does not address the team's needs. The wildcat is not our future--if it is, we will never win a Championship. It can be helpful in game situations, but is not a process on which to build a foundation. Give Ronnie and Ricky running lanes--let the TE's spread the field, open up the WR's and beat our opponents down with power and size--Do this and the rings will come!

No, to even bring that up is just dumb.

IF Tebow comes out, I believe Tebow's agent, will contact Bill Parcells. I believe there will be an agreed upon contract, look for the Dolphins 3rd pick to be Tebow if Henning, David Lee and Parcells are on the same page. A) Parcells will receive the Tebow Discount Contract, and B) The incentive laden Contract will be cap Friendly. C) Beck will be traded, for a pick 4th or 5th, (His one year tutilege under Chad Pennington raises his stock). D) Tebow stays in Florida, and the wildcat becomes a Tiger. E) Tebow becomes a Parcells Guy. As soon as the BCS camera's scanned Belichiky in the stands I could see Tebow in NE Playing Linebacker and running the Wildcat. Alternatively I believe Some GM will take him in the 1st Round. Picture This: You're going to play 8 on 8 sandlot tackle football and your're choosing sides and you get first pick. Tebow is standing there with any 15 players alive or dead NFL College or High School. Picking Tebow first would never ever be a bad pick.

I've plugged in all the NFL 2009 offensive players that may be available in the Draft that would help Miami, and Tebow seems to be the most logical at the 3rd pick.

Interesting comments all. But just wondering:

- Does anyone REALLY think Ginn is a threat to do anything? Is it me, or does he FALL DOWN whenever he catches a pass - and that isn't that often. Now someone thinks he'd be a threat to throw? Get in his face and he falls like a ton of bricks ... just my observation. I don't see him staying long.

- Tim Tebow will be drafted far too high for the conservative, value-oriented Dolphin regime. He will be an NFL QB - but will be overdrafted in my mind because of his possible upside - and the Dolphins are (rightfully) not a team to take any leaps of faith in the draft. I like that about them.

- Jason Taylor returning on the cheap? I'd love to see it, I bet the Dolphins would love to see it, but I doubt if Jason Taylor will be foolish enough to play for league minimum when he can do far better in a suit on TV as an analyst. I bet the networks line up to get him, and I wouldn't blame them one bit.

this is the nfl not sandlot ball.all these players are big and fast,he can't get away with what he did in college in the pros.get a clue

White would be a better option, let the Jets make the mistake of taking Tebow in the first or second round. They can pay him the giant contract, if we take him in the second, we're paying a guy that would be used for less than 30 plays a game a multi-year deal for millions we don't need to. We can take Pat White in the fourth or fifth round and get more value and if he doesn't work out as a trick player we could try him at WR or maybe even RB. You don't get that versitility with Tebow.

Wow, soooo not worth it.


In your 8 on 8 sandlot football game I can assure you that if Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Jim Brown, Marcus Allen, Joe Montana, Shannon Sharpe, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, Ladanian Tomlinson, Lynn Swann and Tim Tebow are standing there...Tebow gets picked LAST.


amen ,shane falco.

What a joke. The Phins still need to shore up there offensive line just so they will have a chance to run the offense they want and you're here talking about a adding another player at a skill position that has been filled talent-wise just for a seldom run formation. Someone else said is best in saying it's a good thing you are not our GM.

This entire conversation is retarded. Yeah, let's cut Henne loose and bring in Tebow. Weak, lame. I don't care if he's pushing Wiccanism or anything else. We're not drafting a quarterback anytime soon. Maybe a late rounder, but's it not a major need unless they think Henne sucks. You don't draft a guy that high to bring in a Tebow the next year. Who cares anyway? Let him go on a misson somewhere where they just love righteous religious white dudes from America and he can learn the Rambo lesson (from the latest film). A journeyman third stringer free agent sounds about right to me. Beck is more than likely gone. If Pennington gets hurt, then we have the veteran backup (as long is it's not a McCown brother). Thanks for wasting this portion of my life Mando. Slow news day huh?

It is a wild idea. But not a team building idea. We need a nose tackle, a pass rusher, a center, and another db. We have 3 qb's. Stick to the plan, Millen.

In so far as mormons, christians, muslims, etc etc etc... I ain't knocking religion as a way to get motivated and stay focused. But sometimes this is taken a bit far. I would rather have seen Ray Lewis as a middle linebacker in our team in that game or Terrell Suggs on our team both edgy people kicking some Baltimore butt that a lilly white pretty boy. Religion has it's place. It ain't on the field.


Quick - name all the option quarterbacks who have been successful at that position in the NFL in the last 25 years.


Remember Eric Crouch? He was better than Tebow. Not as big, but a lot better.

I hope New England does take him the first day. I really do.

POSTED BY ...................................................................

Come on now. You question Pennington being a championship QB, is the wildcat a championship formation?? How well did it work against Baltimore? How well do you think it would work against the Steelers or Titans? How about the Giant's front four? You want to beat the Ravens like the Giants did this year, power running no gimmicks. Sparano, Ireland, & Parcells knows what has to happen. A bigger middle of the OL, and a defensive front four that can put pressure on the QB without blitzing. If Tebow is there in round 3, maybe. But definitely NOT in rounds 1 or 2. What is the possibility of getting at least a 4th round pick for Beck? What other moves might enable them to get additional picks??

No. Don't waste a pick on Tebow. I doubt if Parcells and company will. If you look at Parcells history he will concentrate on making the Dolphins defense dominating and building the offensive line. I think they will draft defensive tackle, linebacker, DB's, Offensive linemen, and receivers in that order of priority. Tebow won't even be on the radar.

The Pats need CB's...they have no luxury for a Tebow pick.

pats has no more money left matt getting 12MIL and tom brady getting almost 15MIL.plus tebow not their style of player .pats alwys go after value not after pipe dreams.
by monalizzzzza

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blaaahhhhhh...............

I went to school with Hester and he was an athletic phenom when he was at UM. Dude was a beast so yea easy assessment, Mando. anyhow while Tebow will be great for some team prolly in the early second rd. I don't think is so hot for Miami. We have two very good QBs already three counting Becks. I won't trash him until he is given a fair shot. anyways there are so many more needs at other positions. So to say it would be smart to waste one of our seconds is ridiculous. I would take him only if he dropped to the third or fourth, which won't happen. Look at the OL then the DL then secondary help and WR see if you can push for Duke Robinson that OK Guard in the second. 6'6 with a 5 sec forty 'smokey''s son

Terrell Suggs and Julius Peppers are more interesting moves for this offseason.

Forget about Tim Tebow or Vick, the phins should go after CB Adam Jones


The guy in the "Ronnie Brown" position in the Wildcat has to weigh enough to run the ball up the middle, which is the bread and butter play of the formation. That rules out players like Pat White and Ted Ginn, who weigh nowhere near enough IMO.

Tebow and Vince Young are the types of players who will elevate this type of offense to the next level.

Tim Tebow is going to be an H-back

Posted by: Hayden Fox | January 10, 2009 at 05:16 PM


This guy is not a QB in the NFL. Meyer does not develope QB's. (Alex Smith for example) He's an option QB and will be a good H-back.
He should hope Urban Meyer puts in more of a pro set offense to help him out next year, but I don't see that happening either. He'll pad his stats on that gimmicky offense and try to boost his draft status that way. Good luck Timmy!

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