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Tim Tebow a perfect fit for the Dolphins wildcat?

Like all underclassmen, University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow must decide by Thursday whether to enter the upcoming NFL draft or stay on campus.

I am told that Tebow sought and received information from the NFL's advisory committee for underclassmen. I have no idea what exactly he was told, but the opinion of three scouts and one GM I've contacted the past five days is this:

Tebow will go anywhere from the late, late first round to the fourth round.

"His intangibles make him someone you definitely want on your team," one scout told me. "But those intangibles would be diminished if he's just sitting on the bench and not producing. You cannot lead or be a leader from the bench. And that's where I think he'd be spending most of his time."

So why all the Gator stuff on a Dolphins blog?

Well, there is this: If Tebow decides to come out, and I stress that decision is not public one way or the other yet, you must be very wary of the New England Patriots trying to draft him. New England coach Bill Belichick is very close with Florida coach Urban Meyer and attended the game between Florida and Oklahoma. It should not surprise if Belichick, who spent time with Meyer the past couple of offseasons, gets access to whatever inside information there is to be had on Tebow.

Also of interest to the Dolphins is the fact they run the wildcat package and probably will continue to do so as long as they deem it viable. Well, hello, is there anyone more suited to running that package than Tebow?

Tebow would be more effective in the wildcat than anyone I can think of outside of Vince Young. [Really surprised the Titans didn't use it, but I guess they did well for themselves without it.] Tebow would be more effective than Ronnie Brown because, unlike Brown, Tebow is a legitimate threat to pass.

Teams copied the Ravens strategy of blitzing the wildcat package late in the season. The best way to beat that blitz is to throw the football. Except the Dolphins were not entirely comfortable with Brown throwing downfield very often.

The comfort level would rise dramatically with Tebow. And it would make Tebow, a quarterback that needs polishing and experience in the NFL, and instant contributor to a team like Miami. I guess what I'm telling you is that he has the perfect make-up for the Dolphins -- size, strength, never injured, great attitude, and ability to contribute immediately.

No, I'm not advocating Tebow as a first round pick. But as one of Miami's two second rounders? No doubt in my mind. And laugh if you wish, but folks laughed at me when I advocated drafting Devin Hester between late first and early third rounds also -- and look how that turned out for Chicago.

Discuss ... And enjoy the video.


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hey idiot "taywan".you still didn't see any ints yesterday. 2 words jake delhomme.moron get a life

well forget this blog cuz he just announced he was staying in school so until next year goodbye tim tebow talk.

yeah i saw that,good

Tebow is special...much better than Eric Crouch. MUCH. And he's very sexy, too.

TEBOW is staying at Florida

Are you serious??? Tebow is a good college QB...but thats where it ends...he's not even in the top four qbs in college. He has a terrible arm and relies on his feet to play the position 95% of the time...how many qbs that run that often have EVER made in the NFL??? NONE!!! One thing that stood out so bad in taht championship was the fact that when OU started picking tebow off he just started to run...now tell me genius...when will that work in the NFL???? His arm is average at best!!! Just like Vince Young...he's not a starter in the NFL. Maybe a backup. maybe

The whole point of the wildcat is to have Ricky and Ronnie handle the ball in space, giving it to Tebow is just called "shotgun" you know, where a QUARTERBACK takes the snap. Amazing...

Tebow is a great college QB but he is no NFL QB. If he tries running in the NFL like he does in college he'll get his head knocked off. We have Chad Henne, we dont need a Rex Grossman that can run. It would be absurd to draft a QB just to be in the Wildcat. The Phins have way to many other areas to be addressed.

Although the 'Fins were fairly successful running the "Wildcat" this year, defenses adapt quickly and I don't see this as a long term set of plays for this team. One player I would LOVE to see in a Dolphin uniform is Michael Crabtree. Of course he has to declare, which I understand is all but assured but it would be interesteing to see the Dolphins trade up in the draft to get this guy. He reminds me of Andre Johnson and Michael Irvin.

Armando, I'm losing faith in you with this stupid dumb comment. The only thing Tebow would be great at as a Dolphin would be in a cheerleader uniform. PERIOD!!!!

Are you kidding me? Dolphins need to start at defense. I would rather the Dolphins go after any of the kids that are coming out of USC.
ILB Rey Maualuga,
S Taylor Mays
OLB Brian Cushing
DT Fili Moala,
S Kevin Ellison
OLB Clay Matthews

We need to give Henne a shot before you draft another QB. To many other holes need filling before you just overhaul our QB stable.

Tebow is not the man for Miami. He is still a gotor right now so why bother talking about it. I like Hakeen Nicks the guy from NC as a receiver, he would be a good fit for the Dolphins I think. I also think we need to shore up the center of the line. My two cents!!

HEY NO what Heisman QB has done well his arm looks like wet noodle, that why i was glad we didn't draft brady quinn,

I am sorry, but I have to totally disagree with you in this situation. Tebow is an exceptional college QB, but he won't make it in the NFL as a QB. Me reasoning being...Tebow is used to being in the shotgun and running the Spread Offense. Tebow has only had what 10 to 15 snaps under the Center and having to drop back. No NFL team will draft him as a quarterback because of his lack of experience from taking the snap from under the center. NFL Teams dont run the Spread offense all the time like UF does. The only team that I saw run the spread was KC Chiefs when they played Miami. In my own personal opinion, Tebow would be better off to remain at UF, and get coach Meyer to install more plays with him taking the snap from under center to get used to having to dropback to pass the ball. No NFL Team will continuously run the SHOTGUN just to accomdate a rookie QB. If anything they'd probably convert him to WR, RB, or TE because of his Size.

I do not believe drafting Tebow in the first round is a smart choice. There are many other positions that we need covered before we pick up another QB/HB. If he was to be around during our second pick in the second round it would help alot just for the fact that i was use him as a trade to another team.

I'd rather draft a used car salesman than Tebow.

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