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A look at some Dolphins love ... and it's VIDEO!

We've been tackling some difficult issues on this blog the past couple of days since the season ended. And I promise you that will not stop because there are issues, issues, issues everywhere with the Miami Dolphins as the offseason unfolds.

I could post seven things that are important to this team right now if I had to. Luckily, I don't have to. And you deserve some feel-good stuff on here to mix with the hardcore stuff because, after all, 2008 was a feel-good season.

So I want to share with you the scene outside of the Dolphins Davie, FL., headquarters Monday morning -- the day after the Dolphins lost 27-9 to the Ravens. It speaks to the appreciation Miami fans have for their team again.

And it screams about the type of guy coach Tony Sparano is in appreciating those fans.

Here's the video by The Miami Herald's Walt Michot:


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8 fans a 12th man does not make!

That was nice that he did that, he does not have to. I will admit must be nice to wear a pull over and shorts to work....

This does feel like the team we all learned to love and stick with thru the tough times.

LOL, those are the guys trying to make the practice squad!

Hey johnnyblaze, Remember you were once johnnyspark.

Wins, enthusiasm, and appreciation like coach Sporano will create the fans for a 12th man atmosphere. Keep the faith, and be part of the 10,000 "8 fans" and Dolphin Stadium will become the home field that other teams don't want to play in....

Way, way, cool. So different from last year. Here's looking forward to the next!

No video on the Treo :(

I think that was pretty cool of the Coach, I thought that was a good gesture by the fans that could be there to do that. I think that they speak for the fans very well. Also Armondo, where can the fans write Emails or letters to the coach,staff and players for a great season.

I believe the dolphins had a great season cant complain. Also after 5 turnovers we still had some what of a chance to get back into the game on sunday but too many mistakes like the Ted Ginn drop of the hand off.

I'd rather hear the 7 things...

I'd rather hear the 7 things...

Armando, you know I love you my brother. But ...

I think I represent a fair number of Dolphins fans that come to this blog for your hard-hitting, cutting-edge, newsy and opinionated reports. Nice that you give the Dolphins a hug with this video.

Now get back to work and tell us what you think about free agency and Peterson and what positions need upgrading.

Yeah Mando I would like to see your opinion of who you think we will pick up in Free Agency and the Draft.We do really need a big d-lineman one who can put some pressure on the qb's or a end dont matter we need lineman period who will get us the sacks.Also I would love to have a linebacker who can do it all sacks,picks,all over the field type.To me Roth should not be our linebacker would love to replace him with a bigger faster guy. Also if Crowder wants the big money he should go to,he has not played a full season yet yeah I know this is his first year as a starter but when drafted he played in certain packages and he also filled in for Zack.Channing has injury issues as well.To me he just is not a big play linebacker who deserves big money.


If this was shot by the Herald why was it on the Sentinel's website yesterday?


I cannot answer for what is on another newspaper's website, but I seriously doubt this video has ever been on their site.

Is it August yet?

That final score was actually 27-9, not 29-7 ... but who cares. In any case, thanks for the great year of blogging, Mando. First thing I read every morning!

I care. I'm sorry I got it wrong and I appreciate you correcting it. And thank you for the kind post, Caliphinia Gene.

This video reminds me of the old days back at St Thomas when fans would hang out near the parking lot to cheer the team or get autographs. Shula would sometimes come out and shake hands and say "thanks".

How fitting that Sparano will receive the Don Shula Coach of the Year award.

Good stuff. Thanks for posting!

WOW!!! Good to see some positives for once. This year has been amazing!!! I had a huge smile on my face while watching that video and my smile got bigger when Sparano came out!!! I haven't felt this legit as a Fins fan in who knows how long! Thanks to the FINS, the FANS, Sparano and the rest of the Trifecta! GO FINS!!!

Armando, I think somebody, missed your post the other day on how stupid using "TRIFECTA" is in referencing Parcells and Co.

We got to see the start of something Special with the right Coach in Charge....Very Nice of him,....I also got an X-mas card back from him too...


I listened to your interview on Sirius NFL Radio this morning. Nice job.

Is it just me or did several regulars defect to the "other" blog...Tinshaker is the first that comes to mind...and we're stuck with cuban (a million) aliases and NYScott, the eternal optimist...How am I supposed to make it through the day with noone worth debating.

SIDE NOTE-Mandy, how is it you choose to censor anti-christian nicknames and comments bashing you, but allow a nuisance such as the menace fellow clogging your board with nonsense...I mean deleting the comments after the fact still counts as a post, no? Maybe you should promote some posters to "moderators"

Marc: You are correct. The person posting all the meatball jobkes, which are not funny, is being deleted here on out. If the comment is funny and relevant, it stays. Otherwise, it's outta here.

And I do not erase all the comments bashing me, particularly the ones that have a point. The ones saying "Salguero sucks," are deleted because I think we all know that already. What's new about that?

TRIFECTA rules!!!!

I Love the Dolphins and so does my wife now well now that I shaved been since the last playoff. I love the coach and the qb had a rough game but what qb dont . I do think though if we would have beat the ravens Super Bowl all the way oh well this season is awesome and cant wait tell next season GGGGOOOOO Fins from whiting Kansas

Thank you Mandy! I think in the long run the blog will prove to be more pleasurable to everyone, except those that we're trying to avoid anyway...Kudos

hey Amando....u do a GREAT job....I enjoy reading anything about the Dolphins....I grew up in new york and remember going to a times square newstand on wednesdays for the previous weeks sunday miami herald....wow do i appreciate just clickin' over in my pj's and gettin' my Finz fix....thanks for all you guys do!!!!

i think the "trifecta" that is being referred to is Sparano, Parcells, & Ireland

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