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Complete RFA list here (updated with video)

NFL teams don't typically dive into the restricted free agent talent pool because the unrestricted free agent pool is so much more inviting. UFAs don't require teams to compensate the old team with draft picks. RFAs often do, the original teams typically have right of first refusal, and so teams often shy away.

I do not expect the Dolphins to make a big splash in restricted free agency. They did not last year. But Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland is going to scour the list below -- this one acquired from the National Football League Players Association by Dolphins In Depth -- and I would not be surprised if he seriously considers at least one player from the list.

Obvious player of interest to the Dolphins: Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys.

Austin, 24, is typical of the type of receiver Ireland and Bill Parcells covet. He's 6-3, 216 pounds, and he's proven he can stretch the field a little bit. In 2008 he caught 13 passes for 278 yards, which translates to a 21.4 yards per catch average. He had three touchdown receptions.

He can also return kicks, and should you not believe that, watch this:

The compensation for restricted free agents is based on the tender amount the original team places on the player. The beauty of Austin is that he was undrafted out of Monmouth in New Jersey. That means the Cowboys cannot put a draft choice compensation on him because the guy wasn't drafted so they would get nothing for him.

Of course, they can put a higher compensation on Austin but that takes up salary cap space -- approximately $1.5 million -- and the 'Boys are not exactly in cap space overflow. So they may have to expose Austin in hopes nodoby taps him, or with the expectation they will match whatever contract another team might offer. That is also dangerous as there are poison pills a team can put into any contract that would virtually guarantee the old team wouldn't match an offer.

None of those are pleasant thoughts for the Cowboys.

So all this makes Austin palatable to a receiver-hungry team like the Dolphins, one that happens to have a very good feel for the makeup Austin brings to the locker room and field. I grant you the guy is raw and young. He would not be signed to save Miami's receivers corps. He would be signed to add depth and compete and see what happens.

But he's worthy of keeping in mind.

OK, here is the rest of the restricted free agents (RFAs). Two days ago I gave you the list of the Unrestricted Free Agents so you can check back to that post if you want the full picture. The Dolphins, in case you are wondering, do not have any RFAs.

Arizona Cardinals: TE Leonard Pope, DT Gabe Watson.

Atlanta Falcons: OL Tyson Clabo, OL Harvey Dahl, S Jamal Fudge, OL Patrick McCoy, OL Ben Wilkerson.

Buffalo Bills: LB John DiGiorgio, LB Keith Ellison, S Dustin Fox, QB Gibran Hamdan, WR Justin Jenkins, WR George Wilson.

Baltimore Ravens: DE Sean Conover, RB P.J. Daniels, P/K Sam Koch, S Dawan Landry, CB Derrick Martin, WR Marcus Maxwell, LB Robert McCune, DT Brandon McKinney, CB Evan Oglesby, TE Quinn Sypniewski, WR Demetrius Williams.

Cincinnati Bengals: S John Busing, RB De De Dorsey, WR Glenn Holt, LB Rashad Jeanty, LB Brandon Johnson, LB Corey Mays.

Carolina Panthers:  LB James Anderson, DT Gary Gibson, TE Jeff King, S Nate Salley.

Denver Broncos: OL Erik Pears.

Dallas Cowboys: WR Miles Austin, DE Stephen Bowen, TE Tony Curtis, WR Sam Hurd, OL Corey Procter.

Green Bay Packers: S Atari Bigby, WR Shaun Bodiford, CB Jarrett Bush, TE Troy Humphry, TE Jason Hunter, RB John Kuhn, WR Ruvell Martin.

Houston Texans: WR David Anderson, OL Rashad Butler, DE Earl Cochran, TE Owen Daniels, TE Joel Dreessen, DE Stanley McClover.

Jacksonville Jaguars: LB Brian Iwuh, RB Montell Owens, DE James Wyche.

Kansas City Chiefs: OL Rudy Niswanger, S Jarrad Page, WR Jeff Webb.

Minnesota Vikings: DT Fred Evans, CB Charles Gordon, DE Otis Grigsby, DE Jayme Mitchell, RB, Naufahu Tahi.

 New England Patriots: LB Eric Alexander, OL Wesley Britt, LB Pierre Woods.

New Orleans Saints: OL Jahri Evans, WR Lance Moore, WR Courtney Roby, DT Montavious Stanley, OL Zach Strief, CB Leigh Torrence.

New York Giants: CB Kevin Dockery.

New York Jets: S Abram Elam.

Oakland Raiders:  LB Jon Alston, LB Ricky Brown.

Philadelphia Eagles: WR Hank Baskett, OL Nick Cole, WR Willie Reid.

Pittsburgh Steelers: OL Willie Colon, LB Arnold Harrison, CB Anthony Madison, TE Sean McHugh, S Anthony Smith.

San Diego Chargers: WR Malcom Floyd, CB Cletis Gordon.

San Francisco 49ers: RB Zak Keasey.

St. Louis Rams: DE Victor Adeyanju, C Ritchie Incognito, OL Mark Setterstrom.

Seattle Seahawks: LB Lance Laury.

Tampa Bay Bucs: OL Donald Penn.

Tennessee Titans: LB Charles Bennett.

Washington Redskins: S Reed Doughty, OL Justin Geisinger, DT Kedric Golston, DT Tony Montgomery, K/P Shaun Suisham, LB Rian Wallace.


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abram elam is a playmaker.

do we have any rfas?

It's hard to pick any players that I would like out of this list because I don't know what compensation we will have to give up to get them (depends on where they were drafted and the level of tender).

As for Austin, why the hell would we bother signing him?

Pennington is not known for stretching the field and, putting that aside for the moment, the Dolphins don't need ANOTHER project at WR.

It seems like every WR we bring in, except for the mistake we call Wilford, is a "project". London is the only one that stuck on the roster. The rest became practice squad fodder or released for another "project" position.

Besides, when you only activate THREE WRs for a playoff game, you are saying that you don't value WR anyways. This is being set up as a run-first, run-second, pass-third team.

How about Hank Baskett from the Eagles. Typical Parcells player and he is somewhat proven. The guy is 6'4 220 pounds. Sounds like a replacement for the big disappointment that Wilford was. I really had high hopes for Wilford, as did Parcells clearly. Baskett could be a good sign depending on what must be given up. He is young and would push everyone else to do better. Doesn't have the stats to boast about but who knows. We need help at WR

Armando, without sounding like a groupie, I want to thank you for your fine reporting. While most other blogs are repeating stuff they find in other papers or asking silly questions, you are actually giving us FACTS on what players will and will not be available.

Thank you.

Here goes Armando again with his bromance with big receivers. On the Dolphins, you have one receiver who was on pace for 1,000 yeards until he got hurt, another one who is faster than 99% of the receivers in the league and had 900 yards in his second year, and another receiver who caught 50 balls as a rookie. We have two tight ends which if you combined their numbers - provided a pro bowl contribution and yet he just never stops talking about receivers.

Hahaha, no worries Mando, just busting your chops.

Seriously though, who is going to throw these 40 yard bombs to this guy?

Malcolm Floyd made some spectacular catches this year. He is also very tall and big. I dont see Chargers letting him go though. Another big WR to look into is Ruvell Martin from GB.
Corners that interest me are Cletis Gordon from SD and Kevin Dyson from NYG. I heard Giants werent going to let go of Kevin Dyson though, Cletis Gordon im not so sure about.

Malcom Floyd was also undrafted, and would not cost the Fins any picks - either he or Austin (or both) would be a good pickup to push the guys we have now.

Its funny how people keep saying we dont need a good receiver because Pennington cant throw it to him. Henne WILL be able to power the football down field. So what if he sits one more year. If Henne wants in sooner, then he will get his chance to shine when camp starts and preseason. Then we will see how much he learned last year. Believe me, if Henne turns the coaches and Parcells heads enough this offseason, they will start him. But it will depend on how good he does.

The Chargers have a guy named Cletis. Here is a bio of him.


(I think he would make an interesting prospect and could be the dark horse of the restricted free agent class of '09.)

I wonder why they would give up what they did for Roy Williams if they felt this guy had a future. Maybe they plan to keep him and Williams and off TO??

I thought you said we needed a #1 receiver... Miles Austin is ok but he is a #2 or #3 receiver and we already have plenty of those.


I think Henne is going to be a stud based on what he did last preseason. He would have won the starting job if Pennington wouldnt have fallen into our lap. But I dont think he starts next year even if he has an outstanding training camp. Because having a young QB sit for a couple of years is a real luxury and will help his long term development tremendously. I think this coaching staff knows that. I look at guys like Aaron Rodger, Phillip Rivers, and Matt Cassel and have no problem having Henne sit for another year. I think it will actually be beneficial for him and the franchise in the long run.

How can Gabe Watson of Arizona be a RFA already? Wasn't he drafted out of Michigan a year or two ago? I know Michiganders aren't very bright (Sorry Jake), but not even a 3 year rookie contract? Or maybe I'm not very bright and am thinking of the wrong guy.

There is one player on the list I saw that Miami could/should take a look at...that's WR Lance Moore from the Saints. After the Saints #'s 1 & 2 receivers went down, Moore stepped up his game and became a favorite target of Drew Brees. He finished season as the Saints Top Receiver with 79 Receptions for 928 yds(which is a 11.7yd/catch average), and 10TD's, and best of all NOOO FUMBLES or FUMBLES LOST. The only major downfall for Moore is that he's only 5'9" and 190lbs. But he is fast and has proven that he can stretch the field. Hopefully Bill and Jeff will consider giving him at least a look.

I don't see the Fins going after RFAs.

Ok Armando your next lists should be all the Centers, Defensive Ends, Linebackers and Cornerbacks projected to go after the 10th pick of the draft. Please include their height, weight and what type of offense or deffense they came from in College. Chop Chop :)

I don't think there are any wide receivers in the draft better than what we have. Before people start busting on Ginn it took Santonio Holmes three years to transition from an Ohio State wide receiver to being a quality NFL (Superbowl MVP) wide receiver. I have to think with the example set by Chad Pennington and Ted's parralles to Holmes this will be his comming out year.

Ted if you are listening a couple things:

1) Go Bucs

2) Some instruction in Judo or Tae Kwan Do would help you get off the line faster and help you use would be tacklers size and momentum against themselves.

3) Some instruction in specific aspects of Ballet would help you turn faster, be able to catch the ball higher in the air and land without loosing momentum.

4) Most important find Chad (both of them), talk them into practicing with you and going over film with you at least 3 times a week during the off season.

Best of Luck!

Malcom Floyd!
That guy has a tremendous upside.
Height: 6-5 Weight: 225 Age: 27
Plus, we have this thing on cashing in with Chargers receivers (Welker, Camarillo)
I'd rather see him on the team than Myles Austin.
Last years stats:
G GS Rec Yds Avg Lng TD
13 2 27 465 17.2 49T 4


I would take both of the Cardinal's guys. Leonard Pope is a physical freak who gets very little playing time in ARIZ. so there's a possibility they would decline to match an offer. Watson is also a freak, but he is exactly the type of guy we should be looking for in a Nose Tackle in a 3-4. Plus, there don't seem to be many guys like him in the UFA market or in the draft. He may be the guy the Dolphins target, if any. (BTW, Turd--Watson was a FOURTH round choice in 2006 which is why he may have a shorter term contract.) The only other guy I saw worth grabbing would be Willie Colon. He's also a fourth rounder from 2006, and gets very little playing time--also he may be very available depending upon whether the Steelers re-sign Max Starks who he's been in a position battle with the past couple of years.

I have a horrible life.

Gabe Watson-

Height: 6-3 Weight: 332 Age: 25

College: Michigan

Experience: 3rd season

High School: Southfield HS [MI]

Wasn't he 1st round pick though? Would we have to send AZ a number 1 if he was?

I am a huge crybaby. My tears are falling into the keyboard even as I type this.

Please don't cry ffr. You are part of our community and we have spent a long time building fake friendship online, mainly because we don't have real friends. Don't worry. I will e-mail Armando and have him give you a tissue. If anyone else has a tissue, please share it with ffr.

i hear the lions are gonna release Leigh Bodden thats what we need a good CB that was on the verge of a pro bowl but then he got traded to detroit and we all know what happened there.

No big names here, but the work is awesome, Armando. Thanks again!

Anyway, I would have to agree with your option to look into Miles Austin. My brother's a huge Cowboys fan and really likes what he say from him last season. So did I. He hasn't had many opportunities sitting behind TO, Roy Williams, and Patrick Crayton, but given the opportunity, I think Austin could be very productive. And he'd be cheap, so it couldn't be any worse than the investment in Wilford. I'd say give it a try...unless they can nab a game-changing WR.

I kinda like OL Donald Penn.

Gabe Watson is a mammoth. I heard he's been somewhat of a disappointment at Arizona, but big bodied NTs are hard to come by. Wouldn't be surprised to us making a run at him.

Armando, I think your fifth paragraph may confuse some readers. Austin (or any other undrafted RFA) will only come with draft pick compensation if he gets the fourth (and lowest) level tender. If he gets even second-lowest level (worth about $1.5 mill) it'll be a second rounder (and he'll never be signed for that).

I know the sixth paragraph explains this somewhat, but the fifth makes it sound like the fact that he was undrafted means he won't require draft pick compensation regardless.

I also would take a look at the Packers SS Bigby and WR Martin considering Bigby's 2007 season and Martin is 6-4.

We put a second round tender on Welker, who was also undrafted. So the Boys can require a pick for Austin.

To Mark in Toronto - Ginn would have been one of the fastest players around if this was the National Track and Field League. In pads, when he's getting smacked around, he's fast but not extraordinarily so. His acceleration isn't the best (not Hester like, for example), so he doesn't recover very well. If other teams would just let him run fly routes unabated on every down he'd be unstoppable. But now that he's at a level where the best DB's could actually beat him in a footrace even if there was no contact his speed won't really be much of a weapon until he learns how to use it. See Santonio Holmes for a guy he can learn from.

Great another receiver who can put up big numbers with a qb that has a big arm but with pennington he would be half as effective... just wait for the henne to arrive before changing the wideouts....

I like Lance Moore, but i dnt see Miami going after him. T.J. Houshmanzada has interest in going to the Eagles, thats if the Eagles give him an offer. So if TJ goes to the Eagles, wht type of free agents do you think Parcells will go after, i cant see him trading picks for Boldin. So i guess Miles Austin or Lance Moore will due, plus they will pick somebody in the draft as well.

Matt, I don't honestly see how you get this assessment of Tedd Ginn. If he isn't one of the fastest receivers in the league, then the defenses must be real slow because he took it to the house on end arounds a few times last year. End arounds is the true sign of a speedy receiver because it shows how fast he can take the corner which is the hardest thing for a speed guy to do in this league. Off the top of my head, he set some sort of record for record for rushing touchdowns by a receiver. not sure if it was most rushing yards that resulted in touchdowns or most rushing touchdowns. Forget exactly but there was something unprecedented that he did there.


I agree that he isn't a #1 yet, but that doesn't mean he won't be. Ginn is the real deal. Just give him his fair share of time. If he is completely healthy next year, receives the same playing time he got this year, and doesn't put up 1,000 yards (combined rushing and receiving) and more TDs than this year, I will eat a Ted Ginn jersey and Mando can post it on this blog.

Since the Dolphins are the team that originally drafted Fred Evans would they have to give Minnesota another sixth rounder to resign him? Has that ever happened before where a team drafted a guy, cut him and then tried to resign him as an RFA?

We need a WR who can get extra yards after the catch because Chad Pennington is no a fan of throw deep threat , he is a moderate and efficent QB

Austin? Don't we already have 3 #2 WR's?

The race to average is over in Miami. Parcells needs in infusion of play-making talent to the skill position...and some hogs on the lines.

Boldin or Housh MUST be priority #1.

Don't count Miles Austin out. There are a number of people who think he'll develop into a very good receiver. Parcell and Ireland might be two of them.

I'm a longtime BIG Dolphin fan from Hawaii and whenever we have the chance here to watch Green Bay Games I'm always impressed with Atari Bigby.

Bigby is normally always around the ball and always put a huge smack on the players that have the ball.




Hi guys and gals... Fins fans like myself...
I agree with Zed, Miami needs that go to guy at the receiver position. I also believe that guy can be Ginn but not next year. Unless he can gain some weight and learn to take a serious NFL hit. So I say go after the reciever and give Ginn time to develop into that guy. After all Miami is going to pound the ball wether they get 10 yards or 100 yards and they will be successful. Go FINS!!!

Can someone give Master the number for suicide hotline? He's making me a little nervous. Hang on there bud. All you need is a friend. Master...meet Cuban Menace. Cuban Menace...meet Master. Now make friends and play nice.

I'm with neko on this one, for now we need the receiver who can make plays after the catch and i think anquan boldin is just the guy, he wants out of arizona, we should make a run at him.

Mark - The reverses kind of prove my point. If we give him 15 yards to get up to speed he's uncatchable. If he's getting jammed off the line and has a DB staying with him trying to steal his route (and usually succeeding) his speed is not that impressive. He's not blowing by cornerbacks at will. He needs to learn how to use his speed more effectively for defenses to truly fear him, and he needs to be more physical.

But he has shown flashes. 2 great catches against the Jets. A lot of good things in the first Buffalo game (aside from the 7 for 175, which I have to discount because McGee could barely walk). Times he actually made guys miss, once when he sold a route... he's shown potential.

But at the end of the day, he's just fast. He's not quick, he's not smart, he's not instinctive, he's not physical. Fast is great, but it's not enough because unless he's also got one of those other qualities he's going to stay inconsistent. Even going by a 5 year old 40 time he's often not the fastest guy on the field by a stopwatch, let alone actual game speed. He needs to develop in other areas to be truly successful. Top DBs have a lot more football speed than he does.

I think if the Fins decide to take anyone from the list above it will be center if there is a solid one on the list. Smiley was hurt by a fluke and was playing at a probowl level. Thomas will be back and he showed a lot of promise. Satele would be better suited as a guard and will be interchanged with Thomas and Smiley. If we keep Carey and get a big solid center the Fins will have the running game everyone expected them to have last year. I agree, we need a WR. At least for position competitions sake but we didnt lose to the Ravens for that reason. The Ravens were able to bum rush Chad through the middle of the OL all day. Another solid DT would be a good idea as well. Ferguson was a key addition this year but we need to add more pressure up the middle.

I little off topic but something I think everyone needs to remember is the Dolphins, from the coaching level to about half of the players on the team have only been playing together for 1 year or less. It seems in peoples analysis of how the Fins will do this coming year they discount the fact that the players we already have are going to get better. The Ravens arent great only because they are talented, the guys on defense have been playing together for a long time. P Manning and his receivers are great because of talent and they have been together for a while. If you look at the numbers, the Dolphins did a pretty good job streching the field last year. WR corps is in better shape than people think. Its the middle on both sides of the ball that need more consistancy.

To tell the truth, we don't NEED another WR. We have Ginn, who is faster than 99% of the people on the field, and he is our fast deep threat reciver, but we need a QB like Henne to throw it to him. No disrespect to Pennington, he has been a MAJOR plus for this team at QB, and we still need him because of his accuracy and lack of INT's, but Henne should be our QB project as a future QB. And then we have Bess, who is the main person we should label as a "project". And we have Cammario, who was a big contribution...until he got hurt. With Fasano and Martin, we have 2 above average TE's.

Miles Austin will not be available. We will be tendered a 2nd round offer, meaning the Cowfins would have to give up a 2nd round pick to get him. Not gonna happen.

Dallas is not going to leave Miles Austin completely unprotected. They have enough freaking cap space to hold 1.5 million, especially if they cut some deadweight like Greg Ellis, Anthony Henry, or fat Roy.

Mando may be hated here... but he is loved in Dallas:

Posted by David(Too Many Davids) @ 10:56 AM Mon, Feb 16, 2009

Wow a blogger that does more than just ask silly questions, make unsupported comments on the team about (leadership) or post stuff from other papers. How refreshing. Can the Dallas News sign that guy? I think he could make head columnist for the Cowboys in about a week.

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