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Bell agrees to 4-year deal with Dolphins

Yeremiah Bell not only will remain with the Dolphins in 2009. He's remaining as their starting strong safety.

Bell just agreed to terms on a 4-year deal worth $20 million. Of that $20 million, a whopping $10 million is guaranteed.

Bell, Miami's leading tackler in 2009, is the second major signing in the deep secondary for the Dolphins today. Earlier today the team signed Gibril Wilson to a deal worth up to $27.5 million.

Do the math: Miami's deep secondary is now a $47.5 million expenditure with $18 million of that guaranteed money.

The Dolphins have told Bell he will continue to play strong safety while Wilson, who played free safety during his years with the Giants, will take over at free safety.

That, of course, means Renaldo Hill is going to be looking for work come the start of free agency. Hill was the starting free safety in 14 games last season.

As I made the point in a previous post, Wilson played free safety for the Giants during his stint there. But ultimately they deemed him expendable. The Raiders wanted him as a strong safety and didn't think he could make the move to free safety, so that and the salary cap situation got him cut there.

The 49'ers were interested in Wilson when he was cut but they need a free safety and decided Wilson is not suited for that position. So while Wilson will play free safety in Miami and Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland believe Wilson will be successful with the move, there are doubters around the NFL that think that's not going to work.

We'll see.

[Continue to check back as I will have more news for you as it happens. It's been a great day for this blog so far!]


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i told you bell will sign w/fins

Whoa! I'm shocked!


So who is moving to Free Safety? Wilson or Bell?

BELL is a great player ,now we can be real happy and hello draft pick for RB future star of fins

Wilson free Safety, Bell strong safety. What a hard hitting backfield we will have. Receivers will be leery of running through that mine field. Yes sir


Nice Combo....Tuna strikes again.. Lets bing Goddie back too


Believe in the Waterboy for your fins inside info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for receiver info.
Here is another bit:
Cowboys might take Beck for Williams the safety. Cowboys are begging. Fins not to interested are waiting for him to get cut.

That takes care of the safety position with a top five tandem.

Miami may need to cut or restructure some players to generate more cap room if they wish to continue shopping.

so that leaves DL,lb's and CB's in the draft?

im thinking
1st: alphonso smith or any usc LB here
2nda Sean smith of Utah
2ndb Eric wood from louiville
4-7 find that diamond in the rough =)

wat do you people think?

every one should notice that no sport writer came up with any of these signing news .TUNA is man of INTEGRITY.

10 mil guaranteed is a bit surprising but there could be an overall strategy here in regards to Brown.

Come midnight if Brown really wants to be here the Fins can claim they only have so much to work with. Once they get a deal done they can begin to makes cuts or restructures in prep for a few 2nd tier guys and the draft.

Same concept can be applied to anyone else they target tonight that has interest in being here.

How can a player/agent demand cash that at the time is just not there. That would put the Fins in a very strong negotiating position and would certainly explain the lack of cuts and redone deals up to this point.

IT'S not true that water boy delivered this news.the only one he was wright about that was MONKEY from all people on this blog.

or maybe ron brace with the 2ndB?

All lot of analysts are saying that Wilson is bad in coverage and isn't cut out to be a free safety. Does the thought of blown coverage on deep balls a concern to anyone else here?

SportsNation KC Joyner: (4:16 PM ET ) I don't mean that as a pejorative in Wilson's case. He's a heckuva run safety but he has had coverage issues in the past. As long as they keep him in the box, he's a good signing.

Hey Tuna, I like them groceries so far. We'll be eatin good this season....opposing offenses that is!


No, I don't know what a "pejorative" is.

Analysts don't know crap. Did this guy get burned by Moss in the SB? NO! Did he get burned by Favre in the snow bowl prior to the SB... come on!!!
This guys is a winner. We need winners on this team and guys with playoff experience. Great signing.

The word Pejorative means in english the word SUCKS like hell.

Now go draft the pass rushing linebacker and a cover corner! As a Penn State fan I'd have to give Maybin a two thumbs up at 25! English may also be a good choice. As for Corner the kid from Cinn is the best overall.

Armando, do you happen to know if any of our exclusive-rights free agents - Haltemran, Ndukwe, Moses - were tendered offers?

I don't know MAYBE there is something to worry about but lets not forget he did play FS for the giants on a super bowl team that beat the pass happy patriot team that loves to throw the deep ball to Randy Moss. So I don't think hes that bad at the FS position maybe its not his strength but he can't be that bad and if our coaching staff was able to turn our defensive backfield around last year I'm sure they will do just fine coaching wilson.


Go Phins

Another ESPN tidbit:

mike (az): not disagreeing with your assessment and not saying they are accurate but simply for the record, profootballtalk.com is reporting that bell will play SS and wilson will be the FS for the phins

SportsNation KC Joyner: (4:27 PM ET ) I'm not saying that is what Miami will do but rather saying that is what my scouting and metric eyes say they should do. Wilson has never shown a skill set to play FS and I think they will be let down if they move him there.

Yeah, Wilson can't play safety. Odd decision by Parcells.

We are starting to see greet players on this team who can change the game with great impact for fins.now i can see the future w/no interception on part of Penne and Henne and i see sacks and interceptions by our DL and hope to go to the playoff again

free safety, that is

BTW - I'm not saying that I'm against these signings, just throwing out some concerns and providing some "expert" insight from ESPN chats. Yeah, I know..."expert"...hahaha.

Maybin, Maybin, Maybin!!! Please draft him if you don't have a stud WR !

Now all we need to do is trade Wilson, Bell, Carey and Crowder for Jason Brown and trade John Beck to Dallas for Ed Reed.

Fins in Super Bowl with my mad GM skillz!

And more...

Carlos (Miami): I'm all for a team retaining its players, but not if it requires overpaying them. Vernon Carey got $12 million more than Stewart and Winston, who are better players. Crowder, Wilson, and Bell were also overpaid.

SportsNation KC Joyner: (4:32 PM ET ) Far be it for me to second guess Parcells (he's one of my favorite football guys of all-time), but some of these moves are making me scratch my head. Carey is so-so and Wilson isn't a FS. If those moves turn out, I'll be eating crow but I'm with you on wondering what they are up to down south.

Hey Waterboy, He was playing SS then, not FS, which he can;t play.

Pipe down you pansies!

that's way too much money to give a player with a long injury history like Bell. Also Wilson was a bust as a free safety in Oakland but was good in New York as a strong safety so this may not turn out to be a good decision from the Tuna.

It just keeps getting better and better...Tuna and company are trying to make us contenders now...sign jason brown and we are done till draft day

Wilson played SS one year. Last year with the Raiders. When he was with the Giants, he played FS.

both these guys had 120 tackles last year...the dolphins got much more solid on d today!

A week ago and this morning i wrote that we will sign Carey, Crowder and Bell. With Wilson and Bell now is time for Goodman. JASON BROWN IS ALREADY a FISH. You will see tomorrow. The next move well I think Tuna will trade Ronnie is not the kind Back that he Likes. I think we will trade for Marion BARBER. We will trade Camarillo and sign CURRY and Coles for sure drop or trade Wilford meaby a 5th rounder. We will get Carpenter from the Boys. We will draft A DE OR TRADE OUR 1ST ROUNDER for an additional 2nd and future picks. Remember what Ireland said couples weeks ago...we will love and additional 2nd rounder. This year there are plenty fine player. I know sound crazy but you will see. MINO

Chopping... were gonna be solid,, reunite zach thomas with the fins for a year he will be cheap and he is a warrior and would make one hell of a back in the middle let him retire a Phin

No way the fins trade ronnie brown

All I can say is Hell Yeah!!! Sign Goody and hopefully Brown and it's back to the glory days baby!!

wilson was a FS with giants and became a ss when he went to Raiders. He will go back to FS with Phins

Relax people...Don't you trust us to know enough about Wilson since the man played for a former coach (Tom Coughlin) of mine and for a very good friend of mine (Mr. Davis). A few of you here really need to think before speaking. MJF nail meet head, thanks son.

Hey, fools, why wo all of you think Wilson was a FS with NY. They let him walk specifically because he couldn't play FS. He played SS with them.

The following is a tidbit from Giants.com in April 08 as they were losing Wilson the big FA money to Oakland.

Positional Analysis: Safeties
Giants.com takes a closer look at the Giants Safeties
By John Schmeelk, Giants.com

APRIL 24, 2008

EAST RUTHERFORD - Since 2005, the Giants have had three different starters at strong safety: Brent Alexander, Will Demps and James Butler.
There has been one starter at free safety: Gibril Wilson.
That era ended this offseason when Wilson signed a lucrative free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders.
It won’t be easy replacing his 11 interceptions and 296 tackles over the past four seasons, and the Giants will be counting on some young players to fill the void.

Gibril Wilson’s speed was his greatest asset on the field, being able to move from sideline to sideline and keep pace with speedy wide receivers.

Obviously the trifecta see something too. I'm sure they actually scouted him since 2004.

Mino is crazy he didn't write these things that he claims he wrote.i think he wrote we should get ready of Henne and Bell.come on man be a man

all these signing could be a plan to move up on draft board.

Seriously, Armando you continue to be the best source for Dolphins news. Really appreciate you doing this blog and getting us the news. I know other people on this blog feel the same.

Get ready to see some hits next year!

if wilson can't play FS why the they signed him ?what the hell please tell why and why again?Looks like 6-10 next season

Mino are you dumb? Trade Ronnie? We all know it will hurt our cap more if we cut Wilford and no one will trade for him if he was not good enough to play last year at his pay. Wilford gets cut next year.

12-4 next year

HVK are dumb?wilford must be cut now then cut henne and get matt casell

Trill, 6 sacks, 6 forced fumbles and 11 ints all in his first 4 seasons as a FS with Giants. Raiders switched him to SS to help stop the run.

Yeah baby, yeah!

7-9 next year


Dolphins are making moves to defend the AFC East title

Mino you will spend more money cutting Wilford? I think the numbers against the cap are $3mill if Wilford stays and $3.5 if he is cut. You want to lose cap space?

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