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Big Brother needs more phone information

I know, I know, I know. I asked a couple of days ago for you to tell me what phone you use and what carrier you enlist.

Well, I'm compelled to ask again.

So even as I am composing a new blog post that will contain, you know, football information, I ask you to entertain this post for a couple of minutes and answer the freakin' question so I can go on to other things and let you do the same.

So please just tell me what phone and carrier you're (not your) using. Trust me, we're doing this for your (not you're) benefit down the road.

And come back in about 30 minutes because I'll have a new and groundbreaking post up on the site. Or maybe I'll just have more football for you to digest. Yum.


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Samsung Alias - Verizon

Old Motorola - T-Mobile

iPhone - AT&T

Blackberry 8900- T-Mobile

iPhone (which of course means AT&T)

iPhone AT&T



Blackberry & Sprint

Blackberry curve - T-Mobile

Motorola RZR (Old school one) - Cingular/AT&T

lg rumor - sprint

iPhone Telcel

LG shine - AT&T

Zach Morris Phone - The Bell Telephone Company

motorolla 315 / Verizon

iPhone - AT&T

Best Phone / mobile internet device EVER!!!

G'Zone, Verizon

Crappy LG and Verizon....and no I will not pay for this blog if that's what you're (not your) leading to.

iPhone unlocked for T-mobile. Pwnd!

Jessie, you already pay for this blog by coming here and putting up, I mean, seeing that banner ad at the top. So I don't think you have to worry about that.

But my feelings are seriously destroyed that you would so easily stop coming here if it cost you anything. Very depressing. Upset. Crying now.

OK, I'm still working on the new post. It'll be up soon. Please check back.

Blackberry - verizon

AT&T and Samsung A437

Motorola Renegade w/ Sprint

Blackberry Storm/Verizon

HTC Touch - Windows Mobile Phone
provider: US Cellular

Your (not you're) Mamas.

iphone, at&t, so hook it up

Blackberry Curve, Bell Canada

Oh, Canada, we stand on guard for thee .....

iphone- AT&T



LG- Verizon

old motorola using TracFone

Sony Ericsson - Rogers

Blackberry - T-Mobile

moto rokr metro pcs =)

no nokia around?

i have a nokia 5310, but live in spain xD

LG Voyager on Verizon

AT&T Blackjack II

LG - Verizon

Motorola i335 Boost Mobile

MOTORAZR VE20/ US Cellular

nextel i670

iPhone - AT&T

iphone & ATT

Htc Touch -Sprint

iPhone AT&T


iPhone / AT&T (recently switched after being a sprint customer for 10 years)

Motorola Razor (Pink) - Verizon

But I would trade it for maybe Anquan Boldin and a 2nd rounder..

Service: Service is going to vary from City to City. Most will be ok.

Phone: The iPhone is by far the best phone on the market. Look at any cell phone review.

moto q. us cellular

Sign Haynesworth ASAP !

Blackberry Storm/Verizon

Iphone At&t

Motorola Q9 - SPRINT

Blackberry Curve - ATT

holla !

Panasonic w/ wire and Verizon on the home connect (refuse to use a cell).

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