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Big Brother needs more phone information

I know, I know, I know. I asked a couple of days ago for you to tell me what phone you use and what carrier you enlist.

Well, I'm compelled to ask again.

So even as I am composing a new blog post that will contain, you know, football information, I ask you to entertain this post for a couple of minutes and answer the freakin' question so I can go on to other things and let you do the same.

So please just tell me what phone and carrier you're (not your) using. Trust me, we're doing this for your (not you're) benefit down the road.

And come back in about 30 minutes because I'll have a new and groundbreaking post up on the site. Or maybe I'll just have more football for you to digest. Yum.


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That new post I promised is up now. Of course, you guys seem to have taken to this so well, tomorrow we might ask another inane question and skip the information.

How about, "Tell me what gas you use?"

iphone + at&t

Samsung AT&T

iPhone (AT&T)


Nokia E71 - EU carrier that you probably dont know

blackberry US Cellular

Verizon gets me the cord for my Panasonic house phones -- don't have or want to carry a cell.

Iphone Movistar



iphone with Optus (Australia)


T mobile, phone is T mobile wing (its windows mobile based)

iphone - AT&T

But I read the blog via Google Reader and the XML feed. Google Reader handles the iPhone formatting.

Blackberry Storm Verizon Wireless

samsung alias verizon

Blackberry curve - Verizon

Instinct Sprint

blackberry curve - AT&T


Black Berry via TMobile


Where can I find how much the Phins are under the CAP. Must be tons, right?

Blackberry Bold - A T & T

samsung m610 - bell, canada

Oh Canada, we stand on guard for GINN.

Blackberry Storm

Sprint Blackberry 8830

iphone (AT & T)

Barbie Mobile. Only for T-mobile


LG Env-Verizon

Palm Tero - Verizon

iPhone - AT&T

But I use the RSS feed and Google Reader to read the blog, so I'm never really visiting this site.

iPhone Baby...Three on one account. AT&T

voyager- verizon.

Samsung Instinct - Sprint

rant sprint

none. hate cell phones with a passion. overrated, charge too much and the constant interruptore

Motorola RZR - Cingular/AT&T

Blackberry - Vodafone

blackberry 8300g

dolphins football good


samsung verizon

Metro baby..

iPhone AT&T

Blackberry World Phone, Verizon...


Palm Centro on Sprint


Blackberry Storm/Verizon


Verizon Blackberry Curve

Blackberry Storm - Verizon

iPhone w/ AT&T. Is there another type of phone? :)

LG Dare, Verizon

a computer?

samsung thru sprint

iphone at&t

iphone / at&t.

iphone app?

please, i know at least 20 ppl that have complained about not having a good newspaper application for the iphone.

BB Curve/Verizon

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