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The Cowboyfication of Dolphins to continue

It's not hard to figure out: The Dolphins braintrust likes players they are familiar with as long as they are affordable.

That is why the Dolphins showed initial interest in Cowboys DE Chris Canty but backed away when they realized he's going to get a nicer contract than they were willing to pay. Canty is scheduled to visit the Redskins Friday.

The Dolphins also showed initial interest in Cowboys offensive lineman Joe Berger and, upon learning what Berger might cost, they set up a Friday visit with the player shortly after free agency began at midnight.

So Berger, who played for the Dolphins in 2005-2006, will be one unrestricted free agent to visit Miami Friday. He likely will sign a contract unless something goes horribly wrong. Berger is expected to compete for the starting center and right guard position as he's played both. The Dolphins might be hosting a couple of players Friday.

Center Jason Brown, the Baltimore Ravens starting center, will not be one of them. Brown is scheduled to visit the St. Louis Rams and NFL sources expect the player to be offered a contract that could average $7-$8 million per year.

The Dolphins showed serious interest in Brown but backed away when they learned Brown's asking price.

As you know the Dolphins had a pretty busy day Thursday, signing safeties Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson to deals worth a combined $47.5 million with $18 million guaranteed. How's that for a high-priced deep secondary?

The four-year, $20 million deal Bell gets to continue playing strong safety for the Dolphins is possibly the last one he'll ever sign. "It's rare for a player two start and finish his career with the same team and Yeremiah has a chance to do that," agent Drew Rosenhaus said. "He's come a long way and overcome lots of adversity to get this deal."

The signing of Bell and Wilson means safety Renaldo Hill is out in Miami. He is scheduled to visit the Denver Broncos Friday. The Dolphins will miss Hill's quiet resolve and can-do attitude in their locker room.

Finally, there had been rumors the Dolphins would be interested in Ravens linebacker Bart Scott. That interest pretty much ended when the team re-signed Channing Crowder. Scott, however, did not re-sign with Baltimore as expected.

He was drawing interest from the Jets and other teams early this morn (and I mean really early as I type this at 2:32 a.m.). The division rival Jets are also said to be interested in Jim Leonhard, another Baltimore unrestricted free agent.

The Herald team will be back on the job Friday -- as soon as I wake up -- so do what you did Thursday and check back often for updates.


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First ;)

Good work Mando!

Trust in the trifecta!!! I really beleive that a starting caliber center can be found in the second round of this year's draft. So, Brown can go chase his big payday somewhere else.

Any word on Kevin Burnett?

yea i kinda am bummed about brown but o well.. something could happen is Berger the truth are basically depth, and Miami could end um using a pick in Aprils draft to further solidify the position..?

Wow, can't remember a march like this for the fin's.Looking forward to the next move bill and co. make.

Rumor has it that the Dolphins will sign the first female player to the NFL. Her name is Big Bertha James. True story. Look her up. She is 420 pounds and can play center. The only problem is that she cannot stand back up after she hikes the ball. The QB plans to "push" her forward into the defense and thus create big holes for the runners. Bertha, a weight watcher reject, is happy to be surround by other "fat" people.

Go Phins!!!!


It's 3:30 AM and I'm like a little kid who can't wait until Christmas morning so I'm snooping around the tree to check out some early presents. Hmmmm. Bell and Wilson will secure our secondary handily. So far so good. ...Now leeets seeee what other goodies are in store around the back of the tree. OOOOW!! $@#$&@!! I just stubbed my freakin toe on the coffee table!! Thats it...I'm going back to bed!! I'll check with you later. ...Son of a $@&%@...thats gonna leave a mark!

That's too bad that Brown isn't coming here. A good center would have made the O-line the best it's been in a looooooong time.

I'm not a big fan of these mediocre Dallas players. This Berger guy sounds like an Akin Adoyele or someone like that. He sounds like a real mediocre player.

I was hoping they'd sign one free agent who was an established good player. I guess they're really going to focus on the draft.

Well what can I say Thursday was a great day. We get 3 great play makers. Then I hear were not finished yet.wow.
Hey Mando how much cap room do we have left.
my math tells me right around 12-10 million. We started at 28 million and signed 4 players.
I know they need to leave about 6 million for draft picks.so do they have 6 to spend.

I'm getting really tired of Tinshaker tossing and turning so violently every night. I mean, I love feeling the guy up against me but I need more sleep.

"It's rare for a player two start and finish his career..." Two start?

Well, well, I like the Bell signing and Wilson looks like a keeper. Go Phins

BERGER? all night live chat about BERGER a player you can sign for 500 dollars for life and most the chat about pipe dreams.

Cowboyifcation? Mando; Berger spent enough time with the Dolphins that this is not a Cowboyification but fixing another Saban mistake. He showed promise while here, he will provide good depth. IMO, he's more Dolphin than Cowboy.

Wilson can't play FS and Berger is coming ?that sound like a trade Mr.Bungle would do Plus Bell injury history is some what shakey.this is looks like fins couldn't pay for better players that simple.

Well this morning has been a dissapointment. I was hoping to find that miami was getting a vist from atleast one FA CB like Mcfadden, Greer, Bartell, or Bodden. Instead they are all goin other places and Bodden the one CB Armando confirmed we were interested in, is visiting the Pats! Bummer....

Wait Chase;we are getting a visit by Berger and that's all we have for you old player with good sense of humor.

Disappointing that we can't seem to land big free agents. Everyone seems to be happy though that we have managed to resign the defense that allowed the Rams to throw for like 3000 yards on us though.


the good points of signing Bell and Crowder and our old man Berger that while they play for dolphins they plan their own retirement here in south florida and my be harrison of Pats will join them soon.

The Patsies signed Fred Taylor...I've always been a fan of his since he is from Palm Beach County, but from now on...its Fragile Freddy...

>Everyone seems to be happy though that we have managed to resign the defense that allowed the Rams to throw for like 3000 yards on us though.

Gibril Wilson was not part of that secondary.

The day has just begun and the draft is still coming. I know you could do better, but Bill's doing the best he can. A little patience. At least until 9AM, eh?

souljahbeats;tell some thing about BERGER please that i don't know.

The only thing I know about Berger is that he is not Jason Brown, Alex Mack, or Max Unger...

Im thinking we are going to get Andre Goodman Back. Havent heard a thing about him going anywhere else. And we havent necessarily been overeager to try signing a CB. I just get the feeling that we still have strong communications with him. Without Goodman, CB has to be our #1 priority in FA otherwise we are going into the draft with Will Allen and Jason Allen as our starting CB combo. And that means wed have to take a CB with our top pick and hope he can start for us his rookie year...

Say the Dolplhins do sign another center, and Berger. Does that open the door for a Satele trade? If so whats his value?

if we get berger dolphins will win the super bowl

Berger Is more felix unger then max unger.

What a load of crap! How do the Skins get all these high $$$ free agents every year and our roster is like the toilet bowl overflowing? Why must we settle for all this mediocrity??

Berger+Goodman+Harisson+Bell=deadly combo for the the young at Heart.

Finfan in tn,

calm down buddy, the dolphins did get alot better yesterday with the re-signing of bell and scooping up gibril wilson

Tom, The Phin Defence Had I Think 4 400 yd games where they got torched through the air.

Haynesworth to the redskins actually works out well for the fins...we have to play tennessee this year...

linebacker will be first pick, center with first pick of second round, CB with next pick in second round. I don't believe they'll take WR. Skill players are always better when the big uglies are in place. I had a vision of signing Brown for center then taking OG Robinson of Oklahoma with the second round two pick...making Smiley the weakest guy of the five (Long, Smiley, Brown, Robinson, Carey) and then we'd have depth. But without Brown, It's back to Thomas or Satele at Guard, rookie center, and working on DEF again.

One very important point is that fins owner doesn't know when tuna will leave plus economy state that puts a break on spending money we are used to and lead to that of signing old players with funny contracts and that make the good players not even come to visit here but players like BERGER are always welcome here.

Rumors are saying Patrick Surtain is in Miami today, anyone else hearing this?

WHO is P.Surtain?sound like no body.

Surtain, was one of the DB's when Sam Madison was here he played for the Chiefs this past season.

Slap some bacon on a biscuit and let's go - we're burning daylight!

He still no body then,may be he is going to a party in miami.

with that bacon add some crab meat for the Berger breaking news

Breaking news: I woke up in a wet bed.

did you eat berger last night tinshaker?

Please link the rumors about Surtain.

nj phins fan, you out there?

Sprovo,what is your info on Berger please?

When you are done sleeping late, have had your coffee and breakfast in bed at the Ritz, answer me this. If the Vikes gave up a 4th rounder for Sage Rosenfels(???) in the offseason, what would someone be willing to give for John Beck in the regular season if their qb goes down? He and Henne had better split time next pre-season so we can either make him our #3 qb or trade him before he rusts (he's older than most 3rd yr guys because of the Mormon mission).


I don't know why everybody is so upset about Berger...No matter who else we bring in, Berger will be a back up, he is a good add depth-wise...Its not like they're bringing him in to replace satele...If they don't sign Brown (which they probably wont), they will draft a center

Every time we speak about no body player the answer is He is going to be a back up.That's what draft is for fin fans .by the rate we going fins will have the largest back up unit in NFL history.

Or you could simply trust the best personnel mind in NFL history...you know, the one the engineered the biggest single season turn around in NFL history...Don't forget there is a thing called training camp, not everybody signed will remain on the team

Bart Scott to the Jets is official, & Brown is expected to sign with the Rams in the next few hours...


All I know about Berger is he can play center or guard, he's young and we had him in 05/06 for 3 games.

My best random guess at who could be next is Kevin Burnett, a LB also from the Cowboys.

I like my berger medium rare 2 onion slices ,2 tomatoe slices,lettuce, mayo, mustard...and french fried potatoes

Is there a free agent named bacon? I like my bergers with bacon

What's Miami's interest level in WR Miles Austin from Dallas? I heard they were interested.

looks like Gibril Wilson was our big FA pick up...here comes all the 2cnd tier free agents...Now everybody, don't get your collective panties in a bunch, this was the plan all along...one or two big pick-ups and a bunch of cheap free agents that may or may not work out

ARMANDO,you should hire SPROVO as your writer's helper .the guy comes w/the answer for any question you ask of him.

anyway to nj phins fan, like I said I would I admit I was probably wrong on getting Brown, Canty or McFadden. I'm not totally giving up hope yet but their price tags to seem to be a bit out there.

I will say that word is that we haven't even contacted Brown's agent. Hopefully we're playing hardball with him and Brown only wants to be here. If he's visiting St. Louis I'm assuming its for the money. Lets hope he has no desire to be there and he's doing it for his agent.

Then he can come down here and sign.

If the Skins sign Canty along with Haynesworth and Hall already then I might start to believe that the cap isn't actually real.

souljahbeats,I thought you said we have the best brain in football history ..it sound like any one can come up with plan you just outlined.


I wouldn't take anything seriously that's reported by "the dude". If anything click the link to the Omar blog and you'll see its him thinking out loud.

Surtain is going to be 33 at the start of the season and not what he once was.

i just saw on ESPN that Surtain is 37 years old

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