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The Cowboyfication of Dolphins to continue

It's not hard to figure out: The Dolphins braintrust likes players they are familiar with as long as they are affordable.

That is why the Dolphins showed initial interest in Cowboys DE Chris Canty but backed away when they realized he's going to get a nicer contract than they were willing to pay. Canty is scheduled to visit the Redskins Friday.

The Dolphins also showed initial interest in Cowboys offensive lineman Joe Berger and, upon learning what Berger might cost, they set up a Friday visit with the player shortly after free agency began at midnight.

So Berger, who played for the Dolphins in 2005-2006, will be one unrestricted free agent to visit Miami Friday. He likely will sign a contract unless something goes horribly wrong. Berger is expected to compete for the starting center and right guard position as he's played both. The Dolphins might be hosting a couple of players Friday.

Center Jason Brown, the Baltimore Ravens starting center, will not be one of them. Brown is scheduled to visit the St. Louis Rams and NFL sources expect the player to be offered a contract that could average $7-$8 million per year.

The Dolphins showed serious interest in Brown but backed away when they learned Brown's asking price.

As you know the Dolphins had a pretty busy day Thursday, signing safeties Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson to deals worth a combined $47.5 million with $18 million guaranteed. How's that for a high-priced deep secondary?

The four-year, $20 million deal Bell gets to continue playing strong safety for the Dolphins is possibly the last one he'll ever sign. "It's rare for a player two start and finish his career with the same team and Yeremiah has a chance to do that," agent Drew Rosenhaus said. "He's come a long way and overcome lots of adversity to get this deal."

The signing of Bell and Wilson means safety Renaldo Hill is out in Miami. He is scheduled to visit the Denver Broncos Friday. The Dolphins will miss Hill's quiet resolve and can-do attitude in their locker room.

Finally, there had been rumors the Dolphins would be interested in Ravens linebacker Bart Scott. That interest pretty much ended when the team re-signed Channing Crowder. Scott, however, did not re-sign with Baltimore as expected.

He was drawing interest from the Jets and other teams early this morn (and I mean really early as I type this at 2:32 a.m.). The division rival Jets are also said to be interested in Jim Leonhard, another Baltimore unrestricted free agent.

The Herald team will be back on the job Friday -- as soon as I wake up -- so do what you did Thursday and check back often for updates.


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yeah, you're right Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have no idea what they're doing...In fact, you are much smarter than all of them...

Was anybody else besides me rubbing their own nipples at the stroke of midnight?

Yeah tinshaker, all the way til 3am.

Souljahbeats.....it's not that ,what i am sying that there no trust among the owner and tuna so they can't not commit the future of dolphins to tuna's thinking alone sine no one knows when he's gone and no money left due economy.

Thanks. I'm glad it wasn't just me. Hey, my e-mail address is tinshaker@gmail.com. I love getting signed up for e-mail lists and stuff, so anytime you see something like that, feel free to use my e-mail and have stuff sent to me.

Pats sign former Jets TE Baker


I forgot to say fins could be very well saving money for real future QB like matt casell to replace the interception boy penne Then you are talking untile then we all just bla BLABLABLA

I trust the front office's judgement...I was all for signing Brown, but that is because I'm an over-zealous fan...The fact is that it was not a smart decision for us money-wise...Parcells and company are all about bringing in big tough guys in the trenches, but they will not break the bank to do so...

none of you know what u r talking about.

jose manuel rod

I think you're eating the Ben and Jerry's Half Baked this time.

I'm sure Steve Ross has all the trust in the world in Parcells. It might not be the same for Bill in regards to Steve but the bottom line is as long as Parcells isn't restricted then he happy.

Tuna honestly wants to be here, not just with the Dolphins but in South Florida in general.

The beauty here is the team of coaches and evaluators he's assembled here. This situation can't be compared to when he was in Dallas or with the Jets because there he only left behind a stable of players.

Here he is going to leave a culture as well as management that he has leaned on and groomed.

You want to talk about trust? Tuna trusts Ireland and Tony. Lets hope Tuna is here for at least another year past now but honestly if he were to leave tomorrow we're still in good shape.

Has anyone seen my son? I know he spends all day on them there computers but I can't find him anywhere. I am furious with him. I found his My Little Pony pajamas in a ball in the corner of his room, and they stunk. He must have messed himself overnight and didn't even bother to wash his clothes.

this is very good point you made SOULjahbeats,

SPROVO for Armando's Hepler gets my Vote.

It looks like we'll be drafting a center..If we sign Berger it just 2 add depth..look what happened 2 us last year with Donald thomas going down and the with Smiley getting injured. Our weak interior line didn't allow us 2 establish any kind of consistent running game. Berger will be a capable backup, and we r going 2 have 2 get a stronger starting caliber center

You killed us again. We suck. We're tools. But I can publish a fake depth chart for you if you like.

I've got good news and bad news.

Bad news first-We haven't signed anyone.

Good news-The players we seem like we would be interested in haven't signed yet either.

My FA wish list looks like this.


I think that fact that we've only been linked to Berger is a good sign for our franchise. At least it means they have everything on lock down. All I'm hoping for is one of the above listed players and if we continue to keep things quiet it should benefit our salary negotiations.

If you coulf pick one of those CBs I mentioned which one would it be?

No players (unrestricted free agents) have shown up for their visits yet today. But it is early. We continue to monitor.

I really should have reread that last entry, I'm no 4th grader

TJ Housmandzadeh will be signing with the Seahawks within the next 2-4 hours - Eugene Wilson has resigned with Houston -

Armando who's the best center out there for the dolphins to sign?

The best center besides Jason Brown also whos the best cornerback? is it Mcfadden?

Ray Lewis said. "I'm not returning to Baltimore."

Which UFA's are supposed to be coming for visits in miami. I havent heard a word besides Berger

Guys watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8bjtM6dSC4&feature=related

its on center Alex Mack


I'd say Matt Birk and CB would be close between McFadden, Bodden, Foxworth and Bartell.

Actually watch this one instead its better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8xCkToEnJ8 on alex mack

Is it true guys that Berger coming to florida to visit his mother in law?

The Redskins will release CB Shawn Springs on Friday, according to the Washington Post.

Is berger coming ?any one knows his age i red that he's 37 year is it true?

All we get is a Berger after all the hype of the beginning of free agency and how aggressive the Dolphins are going to be - YAWN - I'm glad I didn't stay up last night. Damm, I was hoping we at least signed Jason Brown last night.

Berger is 26, 6-4 310 lbs

We need live chad only to talk about the effect of aging on DL players.if cuban is here what stress test we should be preformed on them during training camp?

come on sprovo berger 33 years old

Free agent T.J. Houshmandzadeh sent a text message to ESPN 950 saying "If they want me I'd be an Eagle tomorrow."


check your facts before you tell me I'm wrong.


i think ESPN said he's 33 years old and i think i would take ESPN number over your number and i think his name is burger not berger

can dwight stevenson still play???

Dolphins team is going to be the joke again next year if their new signing is telling us any thing it's going to be a comic team of the old and restless.

Hopefully this gets looked into:

Shawn Springs - DB - Redskins
Report: Skins trying to deal Shawn Springs
Getting Springs off the roster would save $6 million in cap space. The Skins obviously would prefer to get a pick for him rather than cut Springs outright after a solid season, but shouldn't expect more than a fourth-rounder. February 27 - 9:49 a.m. ET

A fourth rounder would not be bad!
But Phins might have to restructure the contract!

Go Phins

Tommy this is from ESPN

Joe Berger #67 G» Add Widget Birth Date May 25, 1982
Birth Place Fremont, MI
Height 6-5
Weight 310 lbs.
Age 26
Position G
Experience 4 years
College Michigan Tech

Sprovo is right
and that is a big young man at a small price.


Is there any reason the Dolphins have'nt cut any players as yet to save on cap space? It seems alittle strange to me.

WHY GO PHINS always come up with a way for dolphins to pick other teams trash players.

tommy-really? If you're going to bust my chops then at least make it good.

jets rock-Come on down and polish our AFC East trophy you tool. How a Jets fan could even begin to talk smack is beyond me. Your coach is a "fat man in a little coat" and you GM id basically still Terry Bradway. Get your own stadium and give us a call.

Finfan in Orlando-Springs is over the hill and now that the Skins have signed Haynesworth they are forced to cut players. I wouldn't give the Skins a 7th for him.

I would have liked to see us get Brown and Leonhard. Odds are they'll both go to the Jets and we'll have to deal with them 2x a year. I guess we'll see what Ryan is really made of. Just because you're a good DC doesn't make you a good Head Coach. Thank God we have Parcells and the upcoming draft.

wow, if thats true springs would be a great pick-up...how old is he and how tall???

Oops.. I meant Brown going to the St.Louis Lambs!

Johnny Gato, the Jets are not in the market for Jason Brown...He is most likely going to the rams

The deal with Bart Scott to the Jets IS NOT done yet but he is flying to New Jersey today to check out the facility and meet and greet. If he doesn't have some sort of ebola virus type reaction to the place and the thought of wearing a green uniform (bad look) then he'll sign a 5-year deal worth approx. $37.5 million. That is only $200,000 more per year than what Baltimore was offering.

SPROVO,you are very good to be on this blog .the only one person i read here with care since most people here have very limited brain power but still the one thing i don't understand that you used the term AFC East Trophy Crap and that's puts you back with dumb and dumber fan list.

Mark, who would you cut? Wilford costs more to cut than to keep, as I pointed out in a post about two or three weeks ago.

The Dolphins have not decided whether or not to cut Holliday based on his March 3 roster bonus so that decision doesn't have to come until next week.

Who would you cut?

OK Sprovo, take over for a while ...

I would cut wilford and holliday

I would cut Joey Thomas, Scorpio Barber, Quinten Moses, Charlie Anderson, Tyrone Culver, Rodqique Wright...not saying that they all should go, but these are my dead weight candidates

I think that the two guys the trifecta should seriously consider are C Max Unger from Oregon, or WR Nicks from NC, unless they sign a Laverneous Coles, then maybe a pass rushing OLB. Solidifting the O-Line is very important...

LT-Jake Long
LG-Justin Smiley
C-Max Unger, Alex Mack?
RG-Donald Thomas,Samson Satele, Joe Berger ?
RT-Vernon Carey

Guys, Springs is 33, forget it.

jets fan-when you go from 1-15 to 11-5 you start to appreciate the little things. AFC East championship is a small step but still something I'm very proud of.

I spent 24 years dealing with Jets fans in New Jersey and now that I've been in Lauderdale for 2 years I'll never go back.

Its been decades since the Jets have won anything and the one claim to fame you have is a HOF QB with bad numbers who wears pantyhose.

You'll always be playing catch up to the Giants.

Lets talk about your coach a bit. Spends most of the last decade running one of the best defenses in the league. His father has an NFL pedigree. But yet he was passed over for the Ravens gig and really hasn't been looked at seriously by any other team. Why would the Ravens pass him by? Because he's a tool who takes orders.

Springs released

Jeff Darlington is reporting the Andre' Goodman is setting up visits now -- which suggests his chances of returning are not great but there is only a lukewarm market for him initially as corners like Bartell and Bodden take their visits today.

2 jets rock- if i recall we ended yall season n yall stadium while ending yall so called savior brett favre's career.

Sporvo, sporvo, sporvo, didn't i tell madden football in not the real nfl. I told you you were not signing all those free agents ( mcfadden, canty, brown ) that you wanted ( afte we resigned crowdwer, bell, carey and signing wilson ). Now your talking up joe berger LOL. At least now your Thinking my way with the tier 2 players ( bodden, greer,etc}.By the way its a beautiful day in thr tri state area ( springlike)

what about the new pink uniforms that dolphins will wear next season?

It's official. The season is over. I had such high hopes, but losing Jason Brown and Bart Scott are sure to ruin the upcoming season. Here's to 2010.

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