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The Cowboyfication of Dolphins to continue

It's not hard to figure out: The Dolphins braintrust likes players they are familiar with as long as they are affordable.

That is why the Dolphins showed initial interest in Cowboys DE Chris Canty but backed away when they realized he's going to get a nicer contract than they were willing to pay. Canty is scheduled to visit the Redskins Friday.

The Dolphins also showed initial interest in Cowboys offensive lineman Joe Berger and, upon learning what Berger might cost, they set up a Friday visit with the player shortly after free agency began at midnight.

So Berger, who played for the Dolphins in 2005-2006, will be one unrestricted free agent to visit Miami Friday. He likely will sign a contract unless something goes horribly wrong. Berger is expected to compete for the starting center and right guard position as he's played both. The Dolphins might be hosting a couple of players Friday.

Center Jason Brown, the Baltimore Ravens starting center, will not be one of them. Brown is scheduled to visit the St. Louis Rams and NFL sources expect the player to be offered a contract that could average $7-$8 million per year.

The Dolphins showed serious interest in Brown but backed away when they learned Brown's asking price.

As you know the Dolphins had a pretty busy day Thursday, signing safeties Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson to deals worth a combined $47.5 million with $18 million guaranteed. How's that for a high-priced deep secondary?

The four-year, $20 million deal Bell gets to continue playing strong safety for the Dolphins is possibly the last one he'll ever sign. "It's rare for a player two start and finish his career with the same team and Yeremiah has a chance to do that," agent Drew Rosenhaus said. "He's come a long way and overcome lots of adversity to get this deal."

The signing of Bell and Wilson means safety Renaldo Hill is out in Miami. He is scheduled to visit the Denver Broncos Friday. The Dolphins will miss Hill's quiet resolve and can-do attitude in their locker room.

Finally, there had been rumors the Dolphins would be interested in Ravens linebacker Bart Scott. That interest pretty much ended when the team re-signed Channing Crowder. Scott, however, did not re-sign with Baltimore as expected.

He was drawing interest from the Jets and other teams early this morn (and I mean really early as I type this at 2:32 a.m.). The division rival Jets are also said to be interested in Jim Leonhard, another Baltimore unrestricted free agent.

The Herald team will be back on the job Friday -- as soon as I wake up -- so do what you did Thursday and check back often for updates.


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What a disappointing start to free agency!!!The Dolphins will have to do more than sign Berger if they want to contend this year.

Amando what the hell nataniel and the nut case Sprovo in one day .NICE now we only need BOrat and soup for nathaniel

I have now officially lost faith in the TriFecta--the failure to pursue Brown is INEXCUSABLE. These cheapskates just got $4mil extra in salary cap--it'd should have all gone to Brown. In a year or two, Parcells will be gone, & we'll be stuck w/ the bottom-of-the-barrel free agents he saved Ross's money with. It's over fellas!

can nathaniel keep his writing clean ?

just heard the fins signed Coles to a 3 yr deal

The Writing by Nathaniel and Sprovo is Sick

i wish steve. and all of you people saying that our seaon is over are not true fin fans. you r just the bandwagons that joined it after a good season. the trifecta knows what they are doing! go phins! an keep it coming armando!

the fins signed coles to a 3 year deal? lol

really sicknastyyy, they just said it on espn radio

where did u hear that from


PFT says the Scott deal might not be done, could be headed back to the Ravens.

steve dont mess with us! lol that would really be great! how sure are you?

FINAN in orlando, for that reason and ARMANDOS mentiioning ( which i didn"t appreciate) to keep " clicking and refreshing " to support his family and his new lease ( which was bush league),i will be posting less and less , if at all on the Miami herald

Wait a second there, NJ phin fan. Tell me what exactly about my good-natured joking offended you?

This has definitely been a boring start to free agency for the Fins, but I'm real happy they re-signed Carey, Crowder, and Bell. Wilson is a huge upgrade to the defensive backfield. I hope they bring in a CB and an OL in free agency and then use the draft to fill the other spots unless something falls into our lap that is a no brainer, like Pennington last year. Go Fins!

Mando, I don't think thats nj phins fan speaking. Look at the email and compare it to one of his obvious posts. It doesn't sound like him.


nj phins fan is Sprovo

mike vrabel is in the chiefs training facility undergoing a physical to be traded to the chiefs from the pats according to adam shefter. dont know details

I'm just wondering what were going to do about our CB situation... Seriously our 2nd best corner is JASON ALLEN! The "trifecta" must feel darn good about the CBs coming out of the draft... If we dont get a quality CB signed through free agency or trade, you can bet your right nut the fins are going to use their first pick on a CB.

Canty's planning on visiting New York over the weekend, and will go to Seattle on Monday. according to sportingnews.com

giants not jets lol

Chase, I agree about CB in 1st Round, but I also think they could go OLB for the pass rush. WR should be a top priority as well.

Hey Marc

I'm not Armando but thanks for the compliment I wish My job was to write about and speak to the players of my favorite sports team. Not to mention the numerous sources in the NFL that he speaks to.....the funny thing is you probably wish you had his job too......

but anyway Armando any news on any other players coming for visits.

One last question if we can get Scott which we probably won't is there a chance we may get a stop gap like Birk and maybe draft a center so they can both compete with Satale?

armando thinks of our writing as a money machine for him so i am not going to write here any more.by by

Parcells & Co.

Why is L. Coles not coming to Miami today. I see he is visiting Buffaloe but not Miami. We need another WR to play with Bess, Cami, and Ginn. Why not sign Coles, he can't be that expensive after having a not so impressive year and he is good friends with Chad. O well i suppose we'll loose out on Coles and sign some s***hook WR to a huge deal so that he can be a great practice squad player

We dont need Coles. Coles is a good player but will likely demand a lot of $$$$$$. Plus he is getting old. The draft is heavy in WR's this year, so if we are going to spend the money it might as well be for someone like Hakeen Nicks. Build it up.

I'm kind of disappointed about resigning Crowder. His tackling needs to improve. He likes to arm tackle and most of those are failures.

Coles is not coming to Miami because we don't want him down here

New post is up. Go there now. Assuming you want to.

Coles is not coming to miami to meet H.Roth.he's not dumb to come here

There is no money in blog comments unless all of you are clicking ad links as well.

My new rule is if a fellow Dolphan is talking crap to you or if a writer says something thats seems unlikely that he would say it most likely isn't the person they claim to be.

One more rule is not to say any nice abot Eric or jose or Cuban or mr.bungholio

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