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Crowder's deal shows both sides moved

The agent for Channing Crowder, a good man named Joel Segal, was practically certain a few weeks ago his client was going to be playing elsewhere in 2009. He hadn't talked to the team in three weeks and the last time he had, he had turned down an offer that would have paid Crowder about $3.7 million per season, according to a source.

That was only slightly more than the team was paying Reggie Torbor on average. Torbor is a backup who signed a four-year deal worth $14 million last offseason.

It came as no surprise Segal turned down the offer as his client plays ahead of Torbor and was second on the Dolphins in tackles while Torbor plays primarily on special teams. Segal had no intentions of talking to the Dolphins again until the start of free agency.

Except that something happened on Crowder's path to unrestricted free agency. He legitimately wanted to stay and the Dolphins legitimately wanted to keep him -- perhaps understanding that Bart Scott is very likely going to return to Baltimore and not hit free agency.

So the sides got together again.

"We started talking again during the scouting Combine," Segal told me this afternoon.

One thing led to another and then another and by around 5 p.m. the sides agreed to a three-year deal. Segal declined to discuss the deal's worth as the Dolphins have sworn him to secrecy. But it's likely the deal is probably in the neighborhood of $4-$5 million per year over three years.

Torbor got $4 million in guaranteed money. Crowder almost certainly got more, perhaps $5 million, although that is an estimate.

"In talking to Channing, he made it very clear he was not interested in leaving the Dolphins,'' Segal told me. ``So now he is going to get his wish and stay with the team he wanted to be with.''

Crowder, meanwhile, is apparently quite happy with the deal, although he wishes it was a longer-term deal. 

The reason Crowder would have preferred a longer deal is it would have provided more money, particularly on the guaranteed end. The reason he's happy about the deal is the Dolphins moved toward him to get him signed.

The Dolphins don't feel like they overspent even though they improved their offers. But they don't get the long-term solution a five- or six-year deal might have offered. And, the Dolphins are not finished.

The team continues to talk with agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents both safeties Yeremiah Bell and Renaldo Hill. "Still talking on both players," Rosenhaus texted me earlier today. "Anything can happen between now and the start of free agency." 


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Crowder's really not that good, but the Dolphins have more pressing needs. If for nothing else, this move helps with the continuity. It's hard to build a good team when you have huge roster turnover every year.


Great Job by both sides in getting the deal done.....GO PHINS!!!!

Great Job by both sides in getting the deal done.....GO PHINS!!!!


it must be aqua 1 or menace or mr bungle.


I think that was Mr. Bungle's impostor...Jose, make up your mind on Coles

fins must start to sign real players who can change the course of any game w/great plays or
interceptions other wise fins will be dealt a major let down next season since brady is back and jets going to fly.

How exactly are the jets going to fly???? Its kinda hard to take off when you are battling for last place with the Bills

jose do u or don't u want coles?
i said no more than 7 mil b/c thats as high as i would go
i hate having former jets on my phins but y not get the WR if u have his QB and he'll help our younger receivers
BTW i still don't like pennington too much

fins still hold the worst record in football of 1-15.
jets will fly since we didn't have 1-15 or near it.
fins record next season at best.....7-9

now you start to make sense to me fsudolphins since you started talking to me


we just went 11-6 and the lions have the worst at 0-16
i want some of wat ur taking

The Jets aren't flying anywhere, they're gonna crash and burn.

The Pats will be good, and the Fins do have a tough schedule. But I don't think they need to go out and sign top tier FA's to have more playmakers. They just need to continue to develop the current roster, and add some young players and second/third tier FA's that will compete for starting spots.

haha like 15 minutes, my point was an endorsement of re-signing Crowder. Not that my opinion matter in the least bit, but I had hoped to bring some interesting points on why bringing Crowder back was the right decision

This is honestly the first time I have read down these user comments and not wanted to kill half the people who post. than you all for actually leaving well informed football posts!


Like it or not, the dolphins are not 1-15...try 11-5....The Jets have no QB and no direction...Why would a Jets fan spend so much time on a Dolphins blog...thats just sad...Keep up with your wishful thinking and hater-ation...have fun dropping from 3rd place to last place in 2009...

J-E-T-S SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!!!!!!!!


Nice one fsu...

Guess What?!? Favre just threw another interception!!!

lol i love that souljah


gonna send/tell that to every jets douche i no

im just curious
does any1 own a playstation 3?
this is my main use of it but i like to play madden occasionally

Pennington delivers to Coles. Coles at the 20, the 10, TOUCHDOWN!!!

wow how can we phin fans not be pumped! signing crowder is fing awesome, it really shows that these guys want to stay in mismi. Id love to see us get all of our guys back atleast we know what were getting good solid players that have played together and arent going to brake the bank. im all in favor of going after some free agents our there but lets not over pay like we did last year. Torbor wilford anderson, and even smiley and starks considering smiley got hurt again and starks didnt even start. im glad to see that were actually sticking to the plan sign our guys and built through the draft. if we shop for free agents lets get them for the right price. go phins

i hate how farve's career ended
just look up the hit bell put on him at the end of that loss

I love how Favre's career ended, with the dolphins winning the division! I hated how Marino's career ended...what was the score that game 63-7?

i loved us winning and all but i liked brett and wanted him to win another super bowl until he got on the jets

I am stoked. I think Bell will test market but be disapointed in what he finds out. teams may be afraid of his injury history. I think bell will sign with Phins. If phins can get Brown they will be set going into the draft.

Why am I the biggest loser, ever?

estoy loco men... estoy loco for the fins.. go fins..

now we sign coles, Brown, goody and bell.

concetrate on the secondary in the draft.

Repeat as division champs

im crazy for the phins too

o and when we sign coles we dump wilford for w/e we can like a 2055 conditional 8th round pick

Bummer them signing crowder, i was looking forward to releasing hin into the wild with ted(no testecular fortitude)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy back Into the wild....oh well.

Please leave Coles out there. Crowder does not have to be a star. He can be solid and that will do. Nice bringback. They can draft the star linebacker. I would not be surprised to see a spread of Linebacker, Nose Tackle, Defensive Back in no particular order with the first three picks.

Look for Bell to be signed within 12 hours and please please don't sign Hill. I recall him giving up a lot of big plays. I'd try to lock up Goodman too. I can see Coles in Miami and as for the Ravens players the Tuna has to be licking his chops if he truly has one of them (except leonhard)on radar. I don't think they will stand pat at Crowders position because after all the new Phins have all spots competing every year to play. Draft wise in no particular order: LB, OG, CB or WR with the first three picks

I know wilford Can take randy's spot for the release party...

the jets have no qb or wideouts.. last years first round draft pick was a dud for them. they have and will always suck. their teams suck so bad that their blogs are horrible so they have to come to our blog.

we are gonna have last years and this years comeback player of the year aka mr.coles leading us to the playoffs again.
You can dismiss our season as a fluke, but we came on strong at the end, and continuity and experience is going to pay dividends.

fins are still the champ of worst nfl record ever 1-15

Cuban Menace is Fireman Ed

crowder won't go to the wild .it's a sad day for fins but a great day for jets .1-15 any one

tampa bay went winless. So maria we would be on the hook for the second worse record.

Two teams have gone winless 76 Bucs and 08 Lions...Those are the worst records ever...lots of teams have gone 1-15...Don't forget the Dolphins had the biggest single season turn around in history after that 1-15 season too...

souljahbeats is smart donky

and we are also the champs of the best record ever you know 17-0 with a championship =)

One thing the dolphins do have is the BEST NFL RECORD EVER...17-0!!!

17-0 anyone???

It is an alright deal. Nothing to my knickers in a knot. He is average but would be better on the outside where he didn't have to run so much. but I am not a big Crowder fan. I miss Zack

Wow, even more than signing CC, I am really impressed by what this bout of good news is doing to all Dolfan posters... everyone is getting along so well. No harsh words, no one beating up on Mr. Bungle... and that my friends is even more impressive than the signing!

Aqua & Orange baby!

Draft baby draft. This is where Parcells and Ireland rock. Look at the last draft they did in Dallas. When they are able to address their needs through FA, then they can draft best possible player on the board. That is how NE has been so successful. When you start drafting one guy for one need, you end up chasing your tail. You guys watch, by locking up Crowder, Carey and possibly Bell with the signing of 2 key FA, they will get an A+ from every draft board. Lock it up, I am never wrong!

As for the Jet fans on this post, I love how you always hate everyone else. Your Yankees haven't won a championship in almost 9 years, Your Jets haven't won....well I wasn't born yet, and who can remember when the Knicks were good. You all wanna complain about the bagels in south florida, and how nobody is truly as smart as you guys are in sports, but in reality you live here in South Florida and you are reading our Post. Sounds like jealousy!

Suck on that Jet fans!

what about the lions? 0-16 is worse than 1-15
oh ya quite a few other teams have gone 1-15 also
i believe the colts are one of them
as for the jets
they haven't been to the super bowl in 40 yrs
Miami has won 2 since
heck even the bills have been to at least 4

maria gonzaliz alex , aka Cuban Menace , the lions just went 0-16 .

Can the fins improve on 11 and 5? dont think so the schdule is going to be tough, iam looking at maybe 9 and 7 ,but the following year looks like the year of the fins...

face it
jet fans have have nothing to brag about within the last decade


u must have faith the fins will have a winning record and maybe make the playoffs again

Who's going to bring the potatoe salad to m@@c's picnic ? dont bring new york style..

ima catch some Z's now c ya


last year the jets fans wouldnt shut up about favre...hes gonna bring a superbowl...bla bla bla..

this year its so sorry that they have nothing to talk about, but bash the dolphins for improving.

17-0 anyone??

Good signing. Now address Bell and sign Coles to a 3 to 4 year contract. He can still play and then mentor the younger WRs which we need badly. When Ginn is the senior WR, then we know we need some help, not saying Ginn is bad, but just inexperience, and Coles will gladly help and he is with his best friend in Pennington. A win/win for Miami and Coles. We need his leadership.

I hope the Tuna does not go after Coles, apparently Coles turned down 6 million from the Jets to be released. He believes he will recieve more in free agency. good luck with that, I just hope Miami are not the dopes in this, because we saw Coles in the Jets with Pennington, he really is not an upgrade for the players we already have.

I rather draft a WR, and go after other free agents. Please do not sign Coles. I am shocked they signed Crowder. Overall, we got him for a good price. So, we can add some more talent and depth.

I think Coles would be a nice addition, but if he is turning down 6 million than he is out of our price range. Also, if we are going to consider Coles, then Houshmanzadeh mineswell be brought up as well. Same age, yet Houshmanzadeh has not shown decline, he is more consistent, and has had no off the field issues. Also, he would compliment the rest of our reciveing core better. I don't want either of them because I think that money should go towards Jason Brown, but its worth thinking about. NO Marvin Harrison BTW

No way the Phins go get Coles, way too old for this team and their concept.
Does having Crowder on contract mean the Dolphins can make a trade up in draft order to be in a sweepstakes for Raji,Crabtree or Jenkins? That`ll require money that we could use to sign Jason Brown,thus meaning drafting a center later in the draft.What would it take?
Count with me people, The Dolphins had 24 mill before Carey got his 6.5 mill...17.5 mill. Next Crowder and his 4 mill=13.5 mill. Today the NFL raised the cap 3 mill=16.5 mill.A high draft pick =4 mill the rest of the draft3 mii=10.5 mill.Hopefully Bell next @ 4 or so=6.5.Who gets cut? who gets restructured? What are The Trifecta gonna do??? I wish I knew.
See ya all in November.

Great move resigning Crowder. Now hopefully we can get Bell signed. Please trifecta draft Alex Mack or Duke Robinson, Ron Brace and Ramses Barden with your 1st and (2) 2nds.

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