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Dilemmas connected with signing Jason Brown

As the clock ticks inexorably toward the midnight hour Thursday and free agency gets set to begin, the Dolphins are faced with something of a dilemma on a couple of fronts.

One person close to Brown, the Baltimore Ravens center who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent at midnight Friday, told me Wednesday evening the player knows he will draw interest from the Dolphins, Redskins, and possibly Jacksonville if he isn't re-signed by the Ravens.

And, the person said, although Brown would like to return to Baltimore, he understands that may not be possible.

So the Dolphins have definitely shown interest in whatever manner teams do it without breaking the NFL mandate against tampering. And they are likely to find themselves in some sort of bidding battle with Washington, possibly Jacksonville, and other teams.

The brings me to Miami's first dilemma. Do the Dolphins go all out to keep from being outbid for perhaps the best young offensive lineman left in free agency or do they follow their unstated policy of doing sound, fair, but unspectacular free agent deals?

If Miami is intent on following policy, it would not surprise if Washington gets Brown because owner Daniel Snyder's deep pockets and aggressive reputation toward getting players is no joke. It doesn't always work for the Redskins, but they typically land players they really want.

So what is Miami's second dilemma? Well it seems Brown, who started at center all 16 games in 2008, wants to be paid like a guard. He started 28 games in 2006 and 2007 at left guard. Why is that Brown's stance?

Because guards make more money than centers for some reason God only knows. Last year, the guard market was set by free agent Alan Faneca who signed a five-year contract worth $40 million with the Jets. The contract included $21 million in guarantees. Do the math. The standard for top NFL guards now is $8 million per season.

The best contract ever signed by an NFL center was signed by Jeff Faine when he put his John Hitchcock (yes, I know) on a six-year deal worth $37.5 million. That deal included $15 million in guarantees and if you do the math that comes out to $6.25 million.

Obviously, Brown's agent wants his client paid closer to $8 million per year and not $6.25 million so he's shooting for a guard contract. But the Dolphins need a center and so that is a point that requires negotiation.

I would assume the teams' stances would be that Brown is not worth $8 million per year because, in fact, he is not a Pro Bowl player as Faneca is and, in fact, is not a guard like Faneca is. So maybe they pay him more than Faine but less than Faneca. Somewhere in the $7 million annual average range, maybe.

But that still creates an issue for the Dolphins because of their salary structure. Remember the Dolphins just signed right tackle Vernon Carey to a deal that has been reported at six years and $42 million. I have not independently confirmed those numbers and, in fact, numbers filed with the NFL Players Association show the deal as a five-year contract. But I digress.

The point is the right tackle is averaging $7 million per season, if the reports are correct. So how can the Dolphins justify spending the same or more than that on a center or guard, particularly when both signings come in the same year?

It is an intriguing situation the Dolphins face. I suspect the situation will have an outcome by the time the weekend is over.  


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dol-fin dumbest,you say we need WR leader? i don't think so ,
i think the coach is the real leader not an old player but what we need is for players to go out make interceptions,catch the ball when it counts not only when we face the loins,and have good running game going not all this crap about leadre and leadership.

Bells best year of his career was last year, he led the team in tackles...who's to say this year wont be an improvement...cornball please think before you type...

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports is reporting that we signed S Gibril Wilson, but he's the only one putting the news out at this point.

Such reports have been wrong before, but dmmm...got a Bell Jersey for X-Mas.

Just saw that the phins signed cut raider stong safty wilson.

FINS just signed Wilson at FS from Raiders!!!! This go is pro bowl material !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice start to helping our secondary

OH HELL YEAH...Fox Sports just said Miami has signed S Gibril Wilson...amen Trifecta!

As you all know as soon as I saw Oakland release him I was banging the drum here loudly to sign this 27yo tackling machine. He led all DB's in the NFL last season in tackles, and has compiled 6 picks in his last 2 years.

Great and very solid move for a young yet proven player. Can you say upgrade...We just got better on D which will only help our O with field position.

Welcome aboard GW! lol

GetterDone Phins...Yee Haw

thank god they got WILSON my favorite player and i recommended to sign him now for six month .not bad for a monkey predication .

go fins go monkey

I don't know much about Wilson, but if he led all db's in tackles he can't be too bad...I guess this doesn't bode well for resigning bell (our leading tackler), but as long as its a step forward I'm with it!

Cordumbass+Cornball: ever even seen a football game let alone play on any level there are those players like ray lewis and others who have seen every thing a offenseor defensecan throw at you. those are the people that can show you more than a coach that knows x's and o's it's different looink at the game on the field than in the sky box. dame atleast play a game of flag football before you like the sport. get some knowledg and come back

I Said 10 minutes ago on this blog that fins will not sign BELL.now fins will tacke the hell out of every team next season with wilson signing but the question now is tuna going to draft WR for his first pick, i think it will happen ,i hope dol-fan dumbest and souljahbeat learn from .....cornball

draft a center in the first or second round. We're not going to the superbowl next year anyway. We don't need high price free agents.

How they do that when the free agencey don't start till 2morrow. and I said I would rather have TJ than Coles not that I want him on the Dolphins. But if you're going to get Coles use that money on TJ. He Led a team that had a anotreh good reciever.

dol fan dumbest ,didn't i say fins will not sign bell at 8;44 am.now they signed wilson dumbo.BTW i use to be QB for my high school team.more info coming on request.

I still don't see the trifecta drafting a WR with the 25th pick, no way. It will probably be C Mack if they lose the Jason Brown derby, or most likely the DE/OLB pass rusher they covet....IMO.


they can sign wilson b/c he was cut...not a free agent


Just say no to wr's in the first round! Sparano has already said that he is happy with the receiving core

dol-fan dumbest wants dolphins to sign very old players with /exp cause they know more than coaches like R.lewis ? I thought that what we had last 7 years before TUNA'S came to town.this dumb fan still think old and he thinks that he know better.......peace

dol-fan finest,
In answer to your question, Miami was able to sign Gibril Wilson before FA period started because he was cut outright by Oakland inorder to clear cap room, then a day or two later the NFL expands the cap by $4MM. Al Davis screwed the pooch again...lol
Glad tho, it's our gain. I'm surprised that other teams were slow on the trigger to get him, that or he really wants to play for Tuna and Co., a trend we may see more of soon.

soulgahbeats......and you trust what he said in public ?they want their WR favorite to be around when they pick.

First I don't care who they sign it's not my money as long as they win. I like Wilson younger than bell but sign Bell and let Hill go but Cornball you're still a cornball. You and CORDZA sounds like little girls I told you sooo I'm telling. shut up and man up! GO FINS!!!

Guys i have a question we signed gibril wilson, but doesn't the free agency start tomorrow?

Or was it because he was cut by the raiders that we could sign him before the start of free agency?

man up to what you dumbo.


what did i lie about dumbo?i said fins will not sign Bell.

If Snyder thinks its a good idea to outbid others for Brown, then its definitely not what I want the Dolphins to do. He's a great 'stupidity' divining rod.

Cornball what WR are you talking about that Miami will pick at 25?
Don't say Heyward-Bey cause his stock rose after his combine. Most mocks now project him to go in the top 20.
I don't see the trifecta picking WR at 25, no way. At the combine they interviewed a few mid to late round WR prospects.

If we are going to have to overpay for him, than I do not want him. Than the money keeps us from addressing other needs. This team has plenty of needs.

I'm not convinced that Satele is the problem we all think he is. He had two backup guards next to him. If the starters come back and are healthy he'll be fine. I would love to see a center that can dominate when he has to sub-par players next to him. Don't forget in his rookie season, he was applauded for how well he did.

A Jason Brown deal will be very beneficial to Miami. Can you imagine our running game and pass protection with Long, Smiley, Carey, Thomas, Brown? It would be sick this year and years to come. We didnt spend too much on Crowder, plus we need to re-sign Bell.

We do not need too many high priced free agents, so I suggest Miami should go after Brown. We will just see what happens.

Thank you GETTER done fins,in draft like this year filled with good solid WR players it's the time to load tour team w/the future stars of this team for next 5 years.

about being a QB Cornball it's been fun gotta go catch me on the new paige Armando has up


but i like this page without the letter I IN IT

cORNBALL.oh cORNBALL where art thou cORNBALL

No shout-out on the Carey situation?! :-P

I would sign Coles before any one else..... Brown would be great but I think the WR position needs an improvement ASAP over any other position on this team.....

By the way the whole Pro Bowl issues is non sense.... ITS A POPULARITY CONTEST.... how many players that where good many years ago are still milking that cow!! they get re-elected every year unless they get hurt or truly suck!!!.....

Dolphins agreed to terms with SS Gibril Wilson on a five-year, $27.5 million contract.
The deal includes $8 million in guarantees.

He is a big hitter and also is a ballhawk.
We got him at a tremendous discount; $8M guaranteed is chump change in this market and far less than what Oakland signed him for in 08.
He could have waited to field other offers. This clearly shows he wants to be in Miami under this regime.
A sign of things to come especially after last years turn around.

In Tuna We Trust, as some posters here says a lot.

The reasoning for paying Brown is that he is a free agent and that is what free agents make.


Armando, to answer your last question: An NFL team could easily justify paying a center they consider great more than a tackle they consider average.

If Snyder is in the bidding, Id drop out unless Brown is weilling to play for less in Miami. Trust me... players around the league talk to each other and know that the Skins are affectionately called the ATM. Snyder once paid a 13 mil signing bonus to Lav. Coles before the skins traded him back to NY for Moss. The joke around town (and apparently true) is that no one else was bidding on Coles at the time or if they were the bonus was in the 1-2 mil per yr range pro-rated. Come March every yr Danny boy likes to court the high profile FA's and Redskins1 is already warmed up and ready to go on the runway. Its also the only time of the year that they are talking Super Bowl if that means anything. If Danny's in the auction, the winner is guaranteed to overpay. Skins are currently looking at Haynesworth too. Guess we'll all know by tyomorrow after teams tender their final offers to their own.

Here is the final decision on Jason Brown:

We should not get into a bidding war. If he wants to come for $6.5 mil then fine. If not we should stick with Satele. I know its dated but going into 2008 season Satele was rated out as the SECOND best C in the NFL by Scouts Inc.! Just behind Jeff Saturday. This was after a 1-15 season by the Phins. Jason Brown was a respectable 5th. No way did their abilities drastically change that much that we would spend $8 mil per to sit satele behind Brown. Don't draft a C because none of them have the strength of Satele or the size upgrade over him that the trio want. Spend the money saved on NOT signing Brown on DBs and draft DT, WR, CB, and OLB in that order.

All the talk is about Brown, why not Birk ?

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