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Fins sign Wilson to 5-year deal [UPDATE 2]

The Dolphins have apparently resolved their void at strong safety, but it's not how you think.

Even as the team was speaking with Yeremiah Bell -- as his agent Drew Rosenhaus spent several days recently negotiating with Miami -- there was something of a surprise move late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning when former Oakland Raider strong safety Gibril Wilson entered the picture.

This morning agent Alvin Keels confirmed that Wilson has agreed to a five-year deal with the Dolphins. At around 11:30 the Dolphins confirmed Wilson has signed "a multi-year contract."

Another league source tells me the deal can be worth up to $27.5 million and has $8 million in guaranteed money. That $5.5 mil average per year, the contract's length, Wilson's history as a starter, his age, and the fact Bell remains unsigned, paints one picture:

That Bell's days with the Dolphins may be over. This is not certain but it obviously gives pause. Bell agent Drew Rosenhaus has not yet returned a message left for him.

Wilson was a street free agent and not one of the group of unrestricted free agents that must wait until midnight tonight to work a deal. He was released by the Raiders recently after starting 15 games and finishing second in tackles with 129.

Wilson's career in a nutshell shows him to be a good player with solid credentials. He has a Super Bowl ring as he was on the New York Giants team that beat New England in Super Bowl XLII (42 for you normal folks).

After starting 51 of 52 games with the Giants, Wilson last year signed a six-year, $39 million deal. But his stay in Oakland ended Feb. 20 when the Raiders cut him in a salary-cutting move. Wilson was due to collect a $4.5 million roster bonus in March.

Although Wilson and Bell are built similarly, Wilson is said to run slightly better. He is also 27 years old compared to Bell's 30. Bell is believed by some pro personnel people to be a more explosive hitter.

It is possible the Dolphins might want to move Wilson to free safety and still re-sign Bell although that is not highly probable. Dolphins free safety Renaldo Hill is also unsigned.

[Update 2: Wilson played free safety for the Giants during his stint there. But ultimately they deemed him expendable. The Raiders wanted him as a strong safety and didn't think he could make the move to free safety, so that and the salary cap situation got him cut there. The 49'ers were interested for a second but they need a free safety and decided Wilson is not suited for that position. So while it is possible Wilson can be moved to the free safety spot in Miami, there are doubters around the NFL that think that's not his better position.]



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Bell is out. Goodman will be retained

What do you think about him Armando! Is he better than Bell and worth the money?

Hey Armando is there a chance they still sign Bell and slide one of them to FS or is that a position that niether can play

Go Phins

Waterboy, you said yesterday that Bell was in. What's up wit that?

It appears he's on Bells' level only younger. I wonder if Bell or Wilson could play Free Safety. If so, that could be a hard hitting backfield.


Can you give any insight? I am very unhappy to lose Bell. I'm not familiar enough with Wilson to know if he is an up-grade. I'm not sure if I should be pissed off or happy with the move. Either way, I am sad to see Bell leave.

I would not count out Bell yet.....

This guy is an upgrade over Hill.

This is a great signing for Miami. Now we have someone that can cover the tighend and back as well as blitz. This guys will do so much to improve the back end of our defense. He is much younger than “YB” stronger and faster. We just added an additional win or 2 or his play alone. I love YB but we just got better and that is what it is about during this time of the year. Good Luck YB This is awesome

I think signing bell to a 2 year deal should be good. Bell is a hard hitter and did well last year.

Anybody thinkin' that WIlson could be Hill's replacement and maybe not Bell's? Just a thought...

Wilson can play both safety positions. He played FS for the Giants.

T-Rock, I was in a similar boat as you so I did some research...excerpts I found about my new favorite safety, Gibril Wilson

Rookie Year: (through is first 5 games)
Giants rookie safety Gibril Wilson leads the team in interceptions (3) and tackles (39).
What a late-round find for the Giants. Michael Strahan called Wilson "definitely the best rookie I have ever played with."

Last Year around this time:
Free agent S Gibril Wilson is believed to be in search of a contract paying him $11 million in guarantees. "Everybody loves Wilson," an NFL personnel director told the NY Daily News. "He could play for any team in the league." Wilson was the most consistent player in New York's secondary in 2007. He'll likely make it to free agency.

Early last season:
Raiders SS Gibril Wilson has lined up in the box 90 percent of the time during training camp, according to coach Lane Kiffin. Oakland will use Wilson as a fourth linebacker to try and solve their run woes.

Has only missed a few games in his career because of injury. Was the best DB on the 2007 Super Bowl winning Giants (shut Tom Brady down in the SB). Looks like we have a versatile, hard hitting safety quite capable of replacing my man Yeremiah Bell. When in doubt, repeat 3 times, I trust in Parcells, I trust in Parcells, I trust in Parcells.

Wilson is faster, younger and covers better. Look for the Fins to draft safety/cb Sean Smith from Utah with the first pick in the 2nd round.

In Tunaville we trust.

I say we trade Samson for Brown and Bell for Ray Lewis yea yea that's it! Because I am Mr. Bung-holio!!!!!

Living in Jersey City I seen Wilson play and he has more big play ability than Bell but I would like to keep both and just move one over to free safty

Wilson makes more plays than Bell. In 5 seasons he has 492 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 7 FF and 13 INT compared to Bell's 240 tackles, 6 sacks, 7 FF and 1 INT.

I think we should trade Samson for Brown and Bell for Ray Lewis yea yea that's it! Because I am Mr. Bung-holio!!!!!!

Wilson can play both safety positions he played FS for the NY Giants! Because I am Mr. Bung-holio!!!!

Mr. Bungholio, your name is similar to mine. Pretty cool!

Wilson makes more plays than Bell. In 5 seasons he has 492 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 7 FF and 13 INT compared to Bell's 240 tackles, 6 sacks, 7 FF and 1 INT. Because I am Mr. Bung-holio

Gibril Wilson is an upgrade at SS for us, pending the release of the contract info. Yeremiah is a good safety, but he's 30 and he has prior injury issues. Wilson is 27, and has missed just three games in the last four years. That still leaves a hole @ FS, which I am hoping we can fill with Rashad Johnson from Alabama. The guy can play the run, the pass, and come on the blitz, exactly the kind of safety the fins need. A decent FS frees our DBs to become more aggressive on underneath throws and allows for more complicated blitz/coverage packages. All we're missing is a SLB who can beat his man 1 on 1 when teams decide to double Joey Porter. And a nickel corner to handle the slot reciever(welker,leon washington). Tom Brady is set to come back so we have a whole lot of upgrading to do on defense, Gibril Wilson is a good start.

This is a good signing!!!

I think they should also sign Bell and let Hill go?

i hope Miami re-signs Bell as well, he is a tackling machine, very physical, but the Wilson signing is a suprise, and i feel he is a great addition to our team, Parcells is slowly putting some young talented players to fill in some of the holes on our team

any one think thast fins will sign BELL he is like our friend dumbo since the contract is 5 years for younger and better player.after all you are just fans not coaches or have knowledge like me.
second prediction is fins will draft WR at first pick to get henne going w/more options .

lol naw Miami will resign bell and keep Wilson i have inside info, they will play Wilson as fs and keep bell, they are very close to a deal so something should be announced before 12am


The contact at the fins said the papers were in the works yesterday for Bell. Wilson hit the market yesterday at they decided to upgrade. Bell still might get done though but i was told goodman is getting hot.
We will know by 5 pm

We're gonna trade Wilson for Peyton BP and me are tight yea yea tight!!!! Because I am Mr. Bung-holio

Penny called Coles and he is on board. They will make and offer today.
They are debating roster spots for Coles. Either cut wilford or London. Dont be suprised if we trade Bess or Camarillo either I was told.

Dolphins suck! JETS rule. You got a problem with that? Don't any of you dare send me e-mails about it either. tinshaker@gmail.com

Gibril is a great pickup, an upgrade over Bell and anyone who watched the combine knows there weren't any "oh wow" db's available in the draft. Resign Goodman, find a FS, and the draft can concentrate on line, linebacker and obviously we should grab a real #1 playmaker at receiver.

It's amazing how fins fans turned their backs on BELL in nNY minute.in just few minutes not more BELL becomes no good and wilson becomes the man from heaven .what that tell us kids?
answer....fin fans are sheeps.

BP has 2 SB with the Giants, 0 with the Pat's, 0 with NY stinkin jets, and 0 with the Cowboys. That means we are full circle and will win 2 SB's yea yea that's it! Because I am Mr. Bung-holio!!!!

I hope they still re-sign bell, one of them could play FS

Nice guess bungle, but it's not tin keep guessing!

Mr. Bungle-Wilson will probably still win this battle because he was healthy. However, it would be better to compare Bell and Wilson starting in 06 since that is when Bell became a regular on the defense.

Dang, Mando kicked our butts again. Is there anything we can do to buy you out so we can stop being embarrassed.

Depth-wise it's a good move, but I am not sure Wilson is as good or big a playmaker than Bell. I hope we can still work something out.

Oh yes, one last bit... fans should keep in mind that few receivers do well in their 1st year and hit their stride in their 3rd. Expecting any receiver to walk in and suddenly give us an aerial attack is delusional. Picking up Percy or DHB would be awesome but don't expect dividends until someone with an arm is back there to throw to them... although Percy is dynamic and can turn those 5 yard passes we throw into something big.

I don't want to lead the league in receivers under 6 feet. Coles is nice, but we need a big boy to Moss DBs as is the current trend in the league right now.

This doesn't necessarily mean Bell is gone. Wilson played FS for the Giants when they won the super bowl. He can play FS for us and Bell can stay at SS.

Yea yea Mando is cool I wonder if he has seen the top of the mountain yet. Because I am Mr. Bung-holio

I would hate to see YB go. I see "all good" having YB AND Wilson. As far as needs - I like Penny but we can use someone who can get the ball further downfield.
I surely hope it won't be a matter of YB's agent screwing it up for him.
Wow, 2 seasons ago folk were talking about how OLD Joey was as 30. Ray Lewis is 33. YB had his best season last season at 30. I think James Harrison was 30 last season. Anyway, I think there are enough factors to believe YB would continue to be a dedicated and even improved player for Miami. I know it's a business but I'm not liking the feel of this YB thing, especially after his peformance last season. Whatever happened to "what have you done for me lately?"

I think the braintrust just made another great move!! Wilson is not a guy a lot of people have been talking about but the guy is the right age, talented and we didn't have to give up a small fortune to get him. He's an upgrade over what we had last year. But I don't think this is the end of the Bell era in Miami. I think they would still like to have him. I just think this puts the ball in our court. He doesn't want to sign, we go out and sign Hill or someone else. He wants to sigh here, we get him at our price. I would be sad to see Bell leave. I think he brings a lot to the team. But Wilson is also a fine player. I also think they are going to look long and hard at Laverneus Coles. He would be better than TJ, in that he has the connection with Pennington. Just wondering, if they go that way, is WR out in the first round? Does that mean it will either be OL, DL, or LB? Think WR Nicks would be a good addition if he's still there, just not sure they will add him if they add Coles.

yea lately bell looks old compared to just as good younger players.

Bell was the "Miami Dolphins" best safety. He is also the safety that was with us when the team lost 15 games and got blown away by the opposition. To improve, you have to think about the NFL and who are the best safeties in it - not just the guy on the Dolphins. We were a crap team two years ago, got lucky last year and need to improve a lot of things or we will be crap once again.

I expect the signing today of
1) Coles
2) Bell

2-3 players will be released also.

This just in: Dolphins will be in last place again! LOL. tinshaker@gmail.com

Wow, I'm surprised. I guess Drew was asking the Fins for too much money to resign Bell. Drew does tend to overreach. Bell is a risky guy to sign. I mean, he was only healthy the year before he headed into FA.

He could easily be one of those guys that signs the big deal and never plays an entire season again due to injuries.

i want every to note that fins will select WR w/their first pick and will not sign bell or coles,

where is nathaniel?

One more thing ,we should release Chad .henne also and sign goodman for 5 years and BTW anyone knows who's Dumbo?

If any of the USC backers or Laurinaitis is available, Miami will not select a WR in the first round.

This person signed with my name is not me although i agree with releasing henne and sign goodman only for 4 years.

This is a great move. Wilson(27) is 4 years younger than Bell(31 in March) but has the same amount of playing experience. His numbers are also better than Bell. He is ranked at the 8th best safety compared to Bell in the late 20's. Some reports have him as a free safety, others at strong. If he is a free safety, does it give us the change of signing Bell still?

You have to love that basically we are already a better team (signing Carey, Crowder, Wilson, getting Smiley, Thomas, Camerillo back) than the division winning team last year before we hit free agency and the draft. Nice job!

This is a good signing. Being form Connecticut I have seen alot of Giants games and Wilson was always around the ball. I do not know if he is any better than Bell but he is younger and healthier. I also think he has better coverage skills than Bell. I liked Bell but we will be fine if not better with Wilson.

I hope the dolphins are planning on Wilson playing FS and bring Bell back at SS...that would be a hard hitting backfield!!!

Wilson does have ALOT more career int's than Bell, they are both good tacklers...

Robert, you do know that Bell was out that entire 1-15 year right? Minus the season opener that he busted his knee in

Thinking about the signings a little bit more it is my impresion that the Fins are going for a CB in the draft. They have locked up Carey so we are not going OT in Round 1 same as for MLB with the signing of Crowder. I highly doubt Parcells goes for a WR in round 1. This leaves C and CB as the biggest needs and the bigger of those needs is at CB. In terms of where we sit in the draft I like Darius Butler from UCONN. He is very athletic and probably has the best cover skills of anyone coming out in this year's draft.


Don't forget NT

If we don't sign Bell....

What about Will Demps - he played under the 3-4 in Baltimore before being released and playing for Houston last year....

Demps and Wilson could be a solid last line of defence

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