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Fins sign Wilson to 5-year deal [UPDATE 2]

The Dolphins have apparently resolved their void at strong safety, but it's not how you think.

Even as the team was speaking with Yeremiah Bell -- as his agent Drew Rosenhaus spent several days recently negotiating with Miami -- there was something of a surprise move late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning when former Oakland Raider strong safety Gibril Wilson entered the picture.

This morning agent Alvin Keels confirmed that Wilson has agreed to a five-year deal with the Dolphins. At around 11:30 the Dolphins confirmed Wilson has signed "a multi-year contract."

Another league source tells me the deal can be worth up to $27.5 million and has $8 million in guaranteed money. That $5.5 mil average per year, the contract's length, Wilson's history as a starter, his age, and the fact Bell remains unsigned, paints one picture:

That Bell's days with the Dolphins may be over. This is not certain but it obviously gives pause. Bell agent Drew Rosenhaus has not yet returned a message left for him.

Wilson was a street free agent and not one of the group of unrestricted free agents that must wait until midnight tonight to work a deal. He was released by the Raiders recently after starting 15 games and finishing second in tackles with 129.

Wilson's career in a nutshell shows him to be a good player with solid credentials. He has a Super Bowl ring as he was on the New York Giants team that beat New England in Super Bowl XLII (42 for you normal folks).

After starting 51 of 52 games with the Giants, Wilson last year signed a six-year, $39 million deal. But his stay in Oakland ended Feb. 20 when the Raiders cut him in a salary-cutting move. Wilson was due to collect a $4.5 million roster bonus in March.

Although Wilson and Bell are built similarly, Wilson is said to run slightly better. He is also 27 years old compared to Bell's 30. Bell is believed by some pro personnel people to be a more explosive hitter.

It is possible the Dolphins might want to move Wilson to free safety and still re-sign Bell although that is not highly probable. Dolphins free safety Renaldo Hill is also unsigned.

[Update 2: Wilson played free safety for the Giants during his stint there. But ultimately they deemed him expendable. The Raiders wanted him as a strong safety and didn't think he could make the move to free safety, so that and the salary cap situation got him cut there. The 49'ers were interested for a second but they need a free safety and decided Wilson is not suited for that position. So while it is possible Wilson can be moved to the free safety spot in Miami, there are doubters around the NFL that think that's not his better position.]



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Wow - great signing!

I always thought Wilson was one of the more impactful safeties in the league. Great tackler, always appears to be around the ball. Real nice boost to our DBs.

Sorry Bungle i thought you were trolling on another blog seeing that must be your full time job....

hey bungle i am starting to like you but you have to promise me that you will keep thinsaker as close friend. also do you know the meanig oh 3?

I totally agree Jon. We definitely welcome any improvement to our secondary.

Wilson is a STUD safety at either safety position and honestly we cant hold him responsible for his performance in OAK, evey player that goes there suffers from the "BLACK HOLE" of the NFL. He played well in NY and will do the same in MIA. I would love to see a Bell/Wilson tandem in our backfield and dare WR's to come across the middle! Talk about stout hard hitting SS/FS.
I strongly feel the 1st rnd selection will be OL/DL, BP doesnt like drafting WR's in the 1st rnd and honestly the majority of good rookie WR's are drafted late anyways. Very few top WR selections come in and handle business their rookie seasons..... Go Phins!

Heather, slow down, I am scared of girls.

Getting Wilson is a good move, but to make this a great move we must sign Bell. Having this two in the backfield would be the hardest hitting dual in the league.
No more easy catches for moss. Players would think twice when they see this two coming at them.

Wait a minute. We signed a Gerbil? and his agent is called Alvin? Whoa....

Don't be scared bungle cause i am not a girl you see my real name is jakson malkom,it's only my nick name is heather.so what do you think?Happy now.

Yes Heather, thanks. My hands were gettin all sweaty.

That guy ,if your thinking of getting two hard hitters in the backfield would make you a winner I Wonder how come no one thought of that before?plus no money left to spend DL.

Check out the second update? Apparently im not alone in thinking that G. Wilson wouldnt make a very good FS.

jet rule??? hahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh today loser!

Fins Fans jets sux is a jet fan

I hope Ray Lewis finds no takers and fades into the sunset. Should be in prison anyway.

i say let bell go and then let penne go too

Yeah you spineless Jet fans with your tail between your legs are begging for Chad back now after your washed up glory hound left town but I think we will keep him another year!

Wilson seems like a good signing, But Bell was injured the first game and was out the ENTIRE rest of the season when we went 1-15. So don't forget that

Yeah you can keep Penne for life since his 5 interceptions made you feel bad for him.too bad you never see playoff again.

How can any one forget 1-15

Hi, Gang,

Just thought I'd check in for a bit. Some random thoughts:

1) I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been sexually stimulated by looking at pictures of Veronica from Archie Comics. I know that Betty is nicer, but she just doesn't do it for me.

2) What the Dolphins need is a running back who's actually a legitimate threat to throw out of the Wildcat formation. I love Ronnie Brown's instincts and the way he operates in the Wildcat, but surely there must be a running back out there who used to quarterback in high school or college.

3) My wife has never given me a wet or cold kiss. Her lips are invariably full, soft and warm. I call her "Hot Lips." She's really a miracle that way since so many other women I've kissed have been kind of clammy.

4) If not liking cheese makes me a freak, I don't want to be normal.

5) Leftists are scarier than rightists. Drive a car into a conservative area with an Obama bumper sticker, and it's very unlikely that the car will be keyed/egged/etc. But try parking a car with a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker in a Democratic town! Don't be surprised if your car is defaced. No matter how you try to spin this, you know it's true.

6) I can make flatulence sounds by cupping my palms together. The more moist - the better the sound. Luckily, I have sweaty palms.

7) I'm old enough to remember when hockey players used to not wear helmets. So much of the personality of the game is lost when all the players look the same under those helmets.

8) I do not regret being circumcised, and I wish Bill Parcells would leave me alone about that.

jets sux -- hopefully Clemens gets you guys one win or you will be the Detroit jets!!!


Have you heard anything about the Phins looking into Phillip Buchanon? He will be 29 this year but he might be a better option than Goodman and would be a nice additon to the secondary with Wilson, W.Allen, and Bell (is signed).

Well Since my name is being copied. I've made a typepad account.. Here is the name i will be going by for now on

Hey tinshaker who the F**k is ur qb again? Thought so its looking like the stankin jets will be in last place...

CHAMP holder of worst record in NFL history........dolphins with record of
1-15 and this future record will be at Best 6-9

jets sux -- I think you are in denial right now. I suggest some therapy its going to be an awful long season for you.

trust me on this one guys bell is not goin to leave miami we sighned wilson to replace renaldo hill but to make YB think! YB at strong and wilson at free and renaldo hill in the arena league! why cuz I'm chris brown B*&^H

is anyone here dumber than me???

nj phin fan:

Here is McShay's take on Butler:

• Darius Butler (Connecticut) posted a decent 40 time (an unofficial 4.45), and his 43-inch vertical jump means the 5-10 corner can compete with much taller receivers for jump balls, but it's the footwork he showed during drills that really stood out. His transitions out of breaks and his backpedal appeared seamless at times.

I am telling you loal bias or not he is the guy to get and is no reach at 25.

any one dumb in this blog can tell us if BP will stay or leave next year?

i am dumber than you dink

GO Finsiiiiiiiiii


Ken , how come you failed to mention that todd mcshay ( who cares) doen't even have butler rated in the top 32 overall ( which makes that the 1st round) ? Huh huh ? I'm telling ( guarantee ) that the tuna doesn't reach for a 5-10 cb in the 1st round ( if he did it would be 5'9 alphonso smith, who's bigger hitter and playmaker)

Ken , how come you failed to mention that todd mcshay ( who cares) doen't even have butler rated in the top 32 overall ( which makes that the 1st round) ? Huh huh ? I'm telling ( guarantee ) that the tuna doesn't reach for a 5-10 cb in the 1st round ( if he did it would be 5'9 alphonso smith, who's bigger hitter and playmaker)

Who cares D Chase_34

Here is the final decision on Jason Brown:

We should not get into a bidding war. If he wants to come for $6.5 mil then fine. If not we should stick with Satele. I know its dated but going into 2008 season Satele was rated out as the SECOND best C in the NFL by Scouts Inc.! Just behind Jeff Saturday. This was after a 1-15 season by the Phins. Jason Brown was a respectable 5th. No way did their abilities drastically change that much that we would spend $8 mil per to sit satele behind Brown. Don't draft a C because none of them have the strength of Satele or the size upgrade over him that the trio want. Spend the money saved on NOT signing Brown on DBs and draft DT, WR, CB, and OLB in that order.

Bell just sign a 5 year contract.

Bell just signed a 5 year contract

KEN , How come you failed to mention that todd Mcshay ( really, who cares ) didn't even have butler in the top 32 ( which is the 1st round ) ? HUH , HUH , I'm telling you (and you can bet on it ) that the tuna doesn't reach for a 5-10 cb in the first round. It's lb or alex mack with the 25th pick . BANK ON IT !!!

Umm, is it just me, or does this sound a lot like Ernest wilford? Big contract on a young guy whos done fairly well in the past. I just hope it doesnt turn out the same

theyre gonna take:
1st alphonso smith of wake forest or a usc lb
2nda sean smith
3rd is anyones guess

but im positive theyre gonna take alphonso smith in the first

nj phin fan is right after reading other wedsite evrything is pointing to Alex Mack with the 25th pick.
He is 6-4 310 center from Cal. will be a great ancher to our line.
Looking forward to Ronnie Brown Wildcat all over the NFL.

Sorry Waterboy, Coles restructured his contract with the Jets so that prediction will not happen!



Fins sign BELL! Confirmed on profootballtalk.com


Believe in the Waterboy for your fins inside info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nj phin fan:

In regards to Alphonso Smith, I think he is more of a reach. He is smaller, slower(4.5 vs 4.45) and does not have as good as a vertical. In terms of him being a playmaker I have not seen enough him to give an opinion but I have seen Butler and he is a play maker. McShay has Butler and Smith rated about equally. Also you know top 32 does not always reflect draft position. I also think there is more of a premium assigned to CBs and that is why you see so many move into the 1st round. However, you may be right and the pick might be Mack but I think he is gone before 25.

Fish resigned Bell to a 4 year deal. So it may be that it Wilson will move to FS.

Fish resigned Bell to a 4 year deal. So it may be that it Wilson will move to FS.

Report ... Bell just signed 4 yr. 20 mil. with Fins ...

Ah Waterboy, Mr. Dolphin info>> you said they would sign Coles...DID NOT HAPPEN your information is sooooooooo yesterday..like a bad newspaper!

Bell just resigned for 4 years !!!


yes bell resigned by miami 5 year deal worth 20 million not bad

Waterboy, you said Bell is gone and Goodman was done. You don't know anything.

Dolphins just sign Bell to a three year deal. Just reported on ESPN NFL Live.

We just re-signed Bell!

4 yr 2o mill total


that's per ESPN just now

Resigning Bell is great news.All we need to do now is draft a CB in the 1st or 2nd round cus Goodman wont be getting resigned.Our secondary looks alot better already.


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