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Dolphins in Indy while Parcells in Jupiter

Big Tuna Bill Parcells made news when he attended the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala. last month. There were questions whether he might be changing his tradition of visiting spring training sites and instead concentrate on the Indianapolis Combine.

He's staying in South Florida, thanks.

Parcells visited the Florida Marlins Sunday morning and shared time with manager Fredi Gonzalez. Durning the visit, he shared his opinion on the importance of chemistry when putting a team together.

"Baseball is more of a one-on-one game than football is," Parcells said. "Football is more like a symphony orchestra. I don't think, and that's just my opinion, that you're going to be too successful in a team game without some kind of or amount of chemistry.

"Now that's an ambiguous term, and it manifests itself in a lot of different ways. But, they've got to fit. And players have got to be able to rely on one another, and they've got to be able to count on one another. And they've got to show up when the time is important." 

Parcells also visited friend Tony La Russa, who manages the Cardinals. The Cards and Marlins share a large facility in Jupiter.

"He had [an amazing] year, historic year," La Russa said of Parcells and the Dolphins. "And the first thing he said to me was, 'We lost in the first round [of the playoffs].' One thing we've talked about is, you get older and it's tougher to lose because you know how good a postseason appearance is. And if you get in, that postseason appearance is more precious because you don't know when the next one is coming."

Meanwhile, in Indy, receivers the Dolphins have their eye on ran the 40-yard dash this morning.

[Update: These are official as the earlier numbers were not.] North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks made himself a lot of money by running a 4.49. Ohio State's Brian Robiskie ran a 4.51 on his first attempt and a 4.49 on his second attempt. Ramses Barden ran a 4.57. Mohamed Massaquoi ran a 4.57. Jeremy Maclin ran a 4.40. Mike Wallace ran a 4.38. The fastest time?

Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey ran a 4.30!

Florida's Percy Harvin ran a 4.41 in the 40 which is excellent but not astounding. He did measure taller than expected at 5-11 3/4, which suprised several scouts because they thought him closer to 5-10. Harvin has been invited to visit the Dolphins training facility to speak with Miami coaches when the team brings in it's group of 25 or so "local" college players.

As many of you know, the team is also allowed to bring in 30 "national" players -- those not from Florida or who have not played in Florida.

Injury news: Nicks was seen limping after one route-running drill but it's not deemed serious at the moment. Maclin was helped off the field after a drill but later continued.


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...was just wondering that, thanks Mando!

btw first

Mando , I know I posted the numbers on the other blog, before i saw the new one. Brian robieske running a 4.49 just made himself alot of money by moving up. That time with his hands , size and route running should have him on miami's radar in the 2nd round. The other wrs ran around what they were expected to run.

The number that should be blowing people's mind is Heyward-Bey considering he's 6-2 and 205-210 pounds.

Some coach somewhere is going to believe he can squeeze consistency from this player. ONe thing I would tell you is he came out as an underclassman and after having a better year the previous season. So those facts would be something the Dolphins would worry about.

Mando , I know that's why i mentioned robiesski for miami in the 2nd round, because with those numbers heywerd-bey is going in the 1st round ( and miami won't go wr in the 1st }

Look dudes stop dreaming about this guys. If we take wr it will be in the 4th or 5th round. the first 3 rounds will be for OL,DL,LB,DB.this is our biggest problems last year.this is what we are about to loss the most in F/A.If we could get A big OL that protects and gives time with the WR we have is fine.the steelers and new england have done this for years.now the new england has bad ass WR what have they done 0 superbowls. with out 3 superbowls. Gives you something to think about.
thanks Mando
let us know what you think

Lots of fast receivers this draft. That's why I think they might just wait until the second round to grab one. At first, I thought maybe their first pick would be a WR, (no doubt one, if not the biggest priority), but they have two picks in the second, so I'm guessing we'll see the Dolphins take one then.

Alex, I don't think people are dreaming about guys. At least I hope not. But some people want the information.

I agree defense is a bigger priority. But you have to score points, too.

Steelers don't have bad ass recievers?? Hines Ward?? Santonio Holmes?? Deion Branch was a pretty bad ass reciever in his day as well before he was traded. Super Bowl MVP and Tom Brady's favorite target. Both teams did have good OLs but the second round is definitely time when you could select a wideout. Remember the "safe" pick in Eddie Moore over Anquan Boldin. The Dolphins need a guy who will run after the catch and be a playmaker. A game changing guy can break a game wide open. Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess are spectacular but the unit needs more.

Mando, I agree about Heyward Bay and Knicks. Louis Murphy looks like a nice sleeper too. Bay may have elevated his stock too much I fear. Did you see his vertical numbers as well?! I'm interested to see if any safeties stand out during DB drills. Looks like we may have to draft a safety higher than originally anticipated especially if Bell doesn't get signed.

ALEX , " this guys" ? Everybody knows what miami's needs are. Today was the day the wrs ran at the combine, so that's what THE TOPIC OF THE DAY is on this blog.Just talking about some wrs that intrest miami. nobody said we're going to take them, wow

Also , alex who just won the MVP of the super bowl, SMART GUY ? OH YEAH, santonio holmes and what position does he play ?

agree... we wont pick up a WR until at the earliest the 3rd round.

Anyone know where Ramses Barden is projected?

What this young group needs is an experienced vet... with Boldin looking like he is staying with the Cards, does this now bring TJ Whosyamama into the picture more..???

Key is.. if we get the Baltimore Centre in Free Agency.. if this happens, man our draft takes an interesting turn..

Still think we go OLB first pick. Wanted Cushing to be there but looks like he's moving up a bit. I wouldnt be a bit surprised if they trade down with this first one.


so nj phin fan, are you chiding him for suggesting they may take a wideout or saying they need a wideout? You sort of did both...

TJ Whoosyamama is not an option for us, he is old and WAY overpriced

Also RANDY , speaking of madden football , that reminds me of some of the posters wanting miami to get AT LEAST 2 of Haynesworth, peppers, asomugha , suggs , dansby, etc. You get the point.So your right on yours.

C-Bus, please read both his and my post more carefully and you'll see where both apply. 1 - was i mentioned the topic of the day was the wrs in the combine and who miami MIGHT be interested in if they choose a wr. 2 - alex mentioned how many super bowls the steelers and patriots won previously without good wrs, when santonio holmes just won the MVP. GOT THAT!! or maybe you want me to say it a little slower LOL

Is there any chance we can let some other team draft say Crabtree or Bey and then we trade Ginn for that player? I'd rather have one of these draft players than Ginn?

I wouldn't want Heyward-Bey, he is inconsistent...he ran a fast 40, but that is because he is more a a track guy than a football player

So does that mean the Armando Parcells
watch is still on ? What did he eat for
breakfast ? Did Ross bring it to him in bed ?

What part of build from the inside out is hard for you people to understand ? Parcells doesn't draft wr's in the 1st.

Heyward-Bey is an all around athlete he would help tremendously... is he worth the dolphins pick at 25 though?

I'm most impressed with Ramses Barden he has a fast time for someone so tall

Heyward-Bey would not help us at all...yes he's got blazing speed, but what happens when he doesn't show up for games at a time and drops catches??? We need to get bigger and stronger in the in the trenches and then we can worry about the Prima Donnas

He's just not worth the 1st round pick...anyway, I see cenile old Al Davis drafting him after that 40 time...what a crazy old fart

MISTER ED, what part of today was wr day ( where the wrs ran and worked out ) at the combine you also don't undersatnd. For that reason that's the topic for today. Are you retarded or are you really the horse, LOL

Mando, with all due respect, why do you write about WR so much. We have other needs also, you know.

i would rather miami wait and get a big physical receiver in the 4th or 5th round maybe greg carr out of florida state? in the first round i want to get the best defensive player available no matter what position he plays especially one of those quick DEs like the guy out of texas or everette brown to help joey out in the pass rush and i'm praying we re-sign bell not only cause we share the same last name but also because i think there will be wwaaaaayyyy better safeties next yr like #2 on USC or possibly rolle once hes done in with his rhodes scholar

ok all u guys that say that the dolphins will not select a WR in the 1 2nd or 3rd are dumb!
how could u say the dolphins won't select a WR intill the 4th or 5th round! WR is 1 of the biggest needs for the dolphins and if u remeber last year we did not draft one because they said they would draft one next year! last year we drafted all offensive line and all deffensive line so this year we are not going to draft OL OR D-LINE on day 1 i say round 4-7 we will draft OL AND D-LINE! We will draft either James Luranitis with our 1st round draft pick or a WR most likley Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey because he ran a 4.30 and he is 6'2 and 205 pounds that is a big phsyical wide reciver that also has blazing that is the kinda WR that parcells love big phsyical fast WR in heyward-bey is your man! so don't be surprised if the dolphins pick him with the 25th pick if lurantits is no longer on the board. so mark my words if lurantits is picked before the dolphins pick then the guy the dolphins pick is lurantits because there is no other MLB,OLB,OR Cornerback that is better then heyward-bey at the 25th spot! so bey would be your choice u go with what u need and who is the best player and bey would be the best player on the board at the postions that we need! we need a MLB,OLB,CORNER,SAFTEY,AND WR! AND AT 25 the only guy that is worthy of a 25 pick is bey and lurantits which lurantits is going to be very close to being picked before 25 so watch it's either bey or luranitits! and what would be awsome is if the dolphins can get lurantits at 25 and then select bey with our 2nd round pick at #45 which we have from washington! also i wouldent be surprised if the dolphins move up in the 2nd round if we get james lurantits with the 25th and then in the 2nd round if a team looks like they are going to draft heyward-bey don't be surprised if we go from the 45th pick to like the 37-40th pick and give up a 3rd or 4th rounder to move up 5-8 spots which i would be ok with because a 2nd rounder is way more important then a 3rd round pick! plus we have 2 2nd rounders so giving up a 3rd,or 4th rounder aint such a big deal!i would rather give up the 4th because a 3rd is way betterthen a 4th and u usually get way more talent out of a 3rd rounder and a 3rd rounder is like 90 times more likley to be a starter then a 4th but who cares if we can get lurantits and heyward-bey on day 1 the draft would be a total A+ AND A HUGE WIN NO MATTER WHO ELSE WE DRAFT! because then we just filled to huge gaps on our team and then if we can draft a corner with the 57th pick in the 2nd round and he is a starter on day 1 then the draft went from an A+ to an A++++++ what u think guys!


Please don't huff paint before you post...

Nah nj, you don't need to say it slower, maybe just with a few less CAPS. You said "Just talking about some wrs that intrest miami. nobody said we're going to take them, wow (sic)" and followed with a defense on the position. I was just asking what you meant, not being an idiot

No one can argue that the Dolphins do not need a wideout, why shouldn't we watch the WR draft class closely? Robiskie and others will be available in the second round and, with two picks, it would make perfect sense to attempt to pick up a playmaker. Big plays are important in today's game, the Steelers could not have won that game or their previous Super Bowl without their spectacular superstars, they did not win on no-name talent.

rob u just described an awful situation
name 3 great defensive players out of the big ten
and bey is 2 inconsistent

We need a center, a rushing linebacker and a nose tackle. I would think that if there are people available that fits with the team, Parcells would go there. With Penne, we have all of the guys we need catching the ball. He ain't going to lead Ginn down the field. The balls will be short. Why waste a pick if you aren't going to change the qb? Unles the guy runs great shorts routes, has the muscle and balls to catch in the middle of the field.
And, he isn't at the combines because he will get the report from people he trusts.

Hayward-Bey is fast, thats it...he's a track guy...Our biggest needs are Center, Nose Tackle, ILB, and DB...all of those outweigh the need at WR...If we do select a wr look for it to be a guy like Robiske, Britt, Iglesias, Massaquoi, or Louis Murphy...No high-round prima donas, its not the tuna's style

i hope that the tuna is smart enough to not pick up lewis drops-a-lot

Yeah, and I noticed all the players you think we should take are from FSU...good thing you're not bias

lol ya but thats cause i no more about them a florida players then other schools i was just using them as examples of the type of players we need i think percy is good but we got too many small quick WRs i feel we need a big guy at WR to balance them out

C-bus, Exactly . right on with robieske. Did you read my previous posts on him ? That's what started the whole debate.

I'm with you on Harvin, he is a good player, but doesn't really fit our needs...I really don't think WR is that big of a need for us this year (not compared to everything else)

exactly we need to focus on defense on the first day assuming we get brown in FA i would love to boost our pass D

SOULJA , lol with the huffing paint post.

ya that was hilarious

Mando, wat do u think we should do inthe draft?


I agree...If we don't sign brown, I would be happy with taking Alex Mack in the first round though, he is a beast and him and Jake Long would be a force for years

I am surprised that nobody has mentioned Michael Crabtree. He might be there for the picking now that the stress fracture has made the news.

BTW i was wondering, y does everyone hate on Ginn? did u watch this season? he made some great plays and really improved he performed exceptionally well again the jets at the end of the season


I don't mind Ginn...I think he came on strong at the end of the season...I did see him duck out of bounds to avoid a hit once or twice, but other than that, I think he is developing nicely...People need to remember that last year was really his first year in a legit system. He had some good, deep catches towards the end of the year and even ran a couple in...I think he best game was at KC in that cold game...I saw him make some tough catches over the middle and take some hard hits... I think these guys will be singing a different tune next year

i don't mind him ducking out everyonce in a while as long as he has the 1st
u don't want him to be injured all the time its not like he's a beast like boldin or holmes

Kenny McKinley ran a 4.33 and is a better WR than Massaquoi any day of the week.

Do you think the hair has it right? Hayward-Bey at 25? I thought it was crazy, but after reading about his strengths, potential and now his 40 time I'M WONDERING IF HE'LL STILL BE THERE AT 25.

Well, I think it would be wise to see what they do in the FA market before we argue about if they will draft a WR high.

If they get a veteran WR in FA market than I do not see them getting another young WR's we seem to have enough of them.

If they fill some holes on the defensive side of the ball in FA than that will have a direct affect on how they draft...

So I look forward to Friday and see who they are tracking and who they can sign.

Nicks would be a good pick in the 2nd or 3rd round

I agree Markeyh. If the Dolphins pick up Jason Brown or a Bryant McFadden in the next couple of weeks,then a Center or a Cornerback becomes a far less of a need once the draft starts.I think Parcells and Sparano wont go anywhere near bringing in a WR in Free Agency,so expect Miami to draft one in the 2nd round.

I agree Markeyh. If the Dolphins pick up Jason Brown or a Bryant McFadden in the next couple of weeks,then a Center or a Cornerback becomes a far less of a need once the draft starts.I think Parcells and Sparano wont go anywhere near bringing in a WR in Free Agency,so expect Miami to draft one in the 2nd round.

How does Heward-Bey run the fastest time at 4.30 when you mentioned Mike Wallace running at 4.28?

Have any of you folks seen my son? I know he's been awasting all day playing on them there computers again and that boy's got chores to do.

Bungles mom. don't worry. He's been on the sun-sentinel blogs all day. Go check .

We have to draft a defensive player (DB or ILB) with the first pick. In the third pick we can get a good WR like Barden (TJ Housh prototype)

Armando, couple of quick things. First of all, I have heard that some of the concerns about Hayward-Bey are about consistency. As a big terps fans I can tell you that was more a result of the up and down play of their QB Chris Turner than anything Darius did. He is the real deal, football player with track speed and made some tremendous catches during the year. He also took a few buble screens and reverses to the house. That said, I don't want a WR in the first round but wanted to provide a little background on a player you seem high on.

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