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Dolphins in Indy while Parcells in Jupiter

Big Tuna Bill Parcells made news when he attended the Senior Bowl practices in Mobile, Ala. last month. There were questions whether he might be changing his tradition of visiting spring training sites and instead concentrate on the Indianapolis Combine.

He's staying in South Florida, thanks.

Parcells visited the Florida Marlins Sunday morning and shared time with manager Fredi Gonzalez. Durning the visit, he shared his opinion on the importance of chemistry when putting a team together.

"Baseball is more of a one-on-one game than football is," Parcells said. "Football is more like a symphony orchestra. I don't think, and that's just my opinion, that you're going to be too successful in a team game without some kind of or amount of chemistry.

"Now that's an ambiguous term, and it manifests itself in a lot of different ways. But, they've got to fit. And players have got to be able to rely on one another, and they've got to be able to count on one another. And they've got to show up when the time is important." 

Parcells also visited friend Tony La Russa, who manages the Cardinals. The Cards and Marlins share a large facility in Jupiter.

"He had [an amazing] year, historic year," La Russa said of Parcells and the Dolphins. "And the first thing he said to me was, 'We lost in the first round [of the playoffs].' One thing we've talked about is, you get older and it's tougher to lose because you know how good a postseason appearance is. And if you get in, that postseason appearance is more precious because you don't know when the next one is coming."

Meanwhile, in Indy, receivers the Dolphins have their eye on ran the 40-yard dash this morning.

[Update: These are official as the earlier numbers were not.] North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks made himself a lot of money by running a 4.49. Ohio State's Brian Robiskie ran a 4.51 on his first attempt and a 4.49 on his second attempt. Ramses Barden ran a 4.57. Mohamed Massaquoi ran a 4.57. Jeremy Maclin ran a 4.40. Mike Wallace ran a 4.38. The fastest time?

Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey ran a 4.30!

Florida's Percy Harvin ran a 4.41 in the 40 which is excellent but not astounding. He did measure taller than expected at 5-11 3/4, which suprised several scouts because they thought him closer to 5-10. Harvin has been invited to visit the Dolphins training facility to speak with Miami coaches when the team brings in it's group of 25 or so "local" college players.

As many of you know, the team is also allowed to bring in 30 "national" players -- those not from Florida or who have not played in Florida.

Injury news: Nicks was seen limping after one route-running drill but it's not deemed serious at the moment. Maclin was helped off the field after a drill but later continued.


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Alex Mack seems to fit our criteria for a player. We want to build a power offense. Mack brings that game.

i think Mr .Bungle should take piano lessons in case BP need extra player in his orchestra next season,what over the top comment from Tuna.iwonder how he is going to feel about that orchestra of his when fins end the season with 6-10 record.

Forget the wr. Pick up Jason Brown at center and this will open up the running game. This in turn will free up our recievers.I believe Wilford will break out this year

MD native here. Heyward-Bey had a better sophmore season because MD had a better oline and qb that year.I wouldn't worry too much... the kid is a good football player. However, he might weigh 210 when he's soaking wet with a brick in his pocket. He is a great punt returner too. Think of a taller Ted Ginn. He probably goes after Crabtree - and maybe Harvin (who I am not sold on). Picking at 25? I'd rather get a center, nose tackle, lb or cb. However you have to take the best talent on the board.

Rob.what the hell with all these words you wrote.it gave big pain in my head.please don't do again.

i notice when BP talk to florida media he doesn't say any thing of importance but gives just some funny comments .it's very clear he has no respect for them.he plays them like an ORCHESTRA .

we could trade ricky willams for a 5th round pick and then trade up so we can get knowshan morneo. Try to find a good cornerback in free agency and upgrade defansisve line.

how funny is this?? i am actually on the sun sentinel pretending to be mr. bungle's friend when little does he know that i am really the one who is posting most of the stuff about him on this site!!! i am a bigger imposter than the original imposter!!!

Now that was an imposter, right dave,i mean cuban menace, How's griese 's ankle and marino 's achilles ? DAVE.

or is dave the "fan"

How do we know its not the imposter posting as me talking all this stuff ? And who's posting as bungle mom. Who told bungles mom he was on the ss ? Was it dave,fan or the menace.

completely off topic, but we shouldve kept zach thomas, atleast he wouldve showed up against the ravens

Fan , are you going to rat on me to my superiors like you did on walker? LOL. Fan is not me !!! That was not me on 1st post at 8:48

Ok kids the menace has arrived, whats the topic tonite???

I understand this is good information and a great blog.But what I was trying to say Is that the dolphins draft when last year is draft big lineman first. by the time we go for a WR this guys won't be there.

hey nj phin fan the superbowl Mvp is a good Wr not A great one don't think he will end in the hall of fame just like branch.

ted jr. is the same as this guys.think about what i'm saying.

Here's an ideal offseason that'll put miami in good position for the next 3-4 years, keeping in mind Miami's current salary cap constraints. With a restcturing of Vonnie's contract and addition of Vernon's new cap hit I think we probably have 20+ million left to spend

1. Sign bell to a 3 year 18 million deal with 11 million guaranteed. (17 Million left)

2. sign jason brown. That should be a 6.5 million cap hit for this season (11 million remaining)

3. Sign a few decent DTs to relieve jason ferguson when needed. Now is not the time to find a successor. He still has some football left but it is important to lighten his load because if he breaks down it may be 2007 all over again. Are they any bargain DTs on the market??

4. Draft NIcks, Britt or Bey. we need a big reciever.

5. draft a prototypical 3-4 hybrid OLB?DE,,I hear this guy everett brown from FSU is pretty solid

6. draft an athletic CB in the 2nd round

Personally I see us trading out of the 1st round and stockpiling 2nd round picks. I think we can address all our needs cheaply in the 2nd round, sign bell and still make one big Free agent acquisition.

Please 86 ted(feet of clay)(hands of stone)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy...

alex, nobody said he was going to the hall of fame. Your the one who mentioned you didn't need good wr's and how pitt and ne won without good wrs. Also exactly what round did S. holmes get drafted in. Ginn is nowwhere near as tough as holmes is right now and plenty of the good wrs will be there in rounds 2 -4.

NJ phin fan is correct, ted (feet of clay)Ginn has no testicular fortitude, He looks for the side line instead of the 1st down marker, will drop down right after a catch when there's a defender with en 10 yards and when there's a defender with in 5 yards he'll drop the pass to avoid the hit, he had 15 dropped passes last year and 12 where over the middle, need to cut the loses with this guy, he will not be anything other then a 2nd stringer..and also cut his clip board holding daddy..

One thing I'm not hearing at all is DT. Jason Ferguson goes down, it gets ugly. After Raji (who should be unreachable), there's only 1-2 DT that are big enough to anchor a 3-4. Ron Brace may be the guy in the early 2nd, or even with a trade down in the late 1st if there's concern about him being around. The draft is all about supply and demand. With the volume of WR in this draft, there's absolutely no reason to take a WR before the 2nd/3rd. Even Pat White, as mentioned in the wildcat article, would be great as a WR project. Remember, Hines Ward was a QB before he became a WR.

Testicular Fortitude ,lol . No matter how many times you say it, its still funny.

"one thing i'm not hearing is dt........" Umm , maybe it's because this particular blog is about wrs.

1- James Laurinaitis or Alex Mack
2- Kenny Britt or Larry English
2- DJ Moore or Louis Delma
I'm playing golf with Bill.

There are other players outside of Bey and Lurantis that the dolphins would draft in the first round:

Any of the three USC Line Backers, Cushing, Malugia, and Matthews. Alex Mack would be awesome too in the first round.

To be honest, I dont think we will draft a WR in the first round. But I do see us picking one with one of our 2nd round picks.

I don't think he will fall to the Dolphins, but I am curious to see what happens with Crabtree now that he is banged up.

I feel compelled to opine about Heyward-Bey. I have already done so on this blog and others. I correctly predicted that Heyward-Bey would have the fastest 40-Time at the combine. He's NOT more of a track guy than a football player. He hasn't run track since High school. The reason he seamed less cosistant last year was because Maryland had a weak team last year. Teams "double teamed" him all year long and their young QB was instructed to go to second and third options instead of trying to force the ball to Heyward-Bey. Heyward-Bey was a little green coming out of HS, but has improved every year. He has Elite/Rare speed that can't be taught. He has good hands and is a tough kid. He does not shy away from contact. He may not be the best WR in this class his rookie year, but by year two or three he will be. He's nearly as good as Crabtree now, but with much more upside. Still have questions? Take a look at the 2006 Maryland vs Miami game. Heyward-Bey(true Freshman) fried the Hurricane secondary and won the game for the Terps single-handedly. Merriweather(1st round pick of the Pats) looks like he's running in slow motion trying to get over to help out against him. They double teamed him the entire game and still he had a 95-yd TD pass and a 68-yd Td pass. SPEED KILLS! I would be delighted if H-Bey were there at pick #25, but I doubt he will be.


McKinley or Britt would both be good picks. McKinley can go over the middle , has good hands and is not afraid of contact. Britt has good hands , can make yards after catch and is very good blocker. Both are Tuna kinda guys and would'nt have to use first rd. pick.


Posted by: Mandolio | February 22, 2009 at 01:07 PM


Posted by: Mandolio | February 22, 2009 at 01:08 PM

Posted by: Frankinho | February 22, 2009 at 01:09 PM

btw first

Posted by: Frankinho |
Morons with nothing of value.


This is what we should do...

Rd 1 Duke Robinson - i know it is early for a guard but this guy is a beast and will team with Jake to form a great young left side of the line.

Rd 2 Ron Brace - We need to upgrade at NT and this wide body is the best out of this slim group.

Rd 3 Brian Robiske - Has the bloodlines and looks like he will be a solid pro.

What do you think?

I too think they're going to pick up more o-line and d-line help this draft..I like that nosetackle terrell..everette brown out of FSU looks good..and so does Robiskie.

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