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Sunday column: Miami's great QB situation

Some reasons it's good to be a Dolphins fan these days are that the fact the team didn't spend the last month looking for a new coach and it won't be spending the next couple of months searching for a new starting quarterback.

As I detail in my most recent Sunday Dolphins column the Dolphins are blessed with a drama-free offseason at the two most important jobs in the organization. And it has been a looooong time since that happened.

I make the case that not only is the quarterback situation a stable one for Miami, but it is practically impossible to screw it up because most every scenario that can affect the club's QB spot will pretty much take care of itself for Miami.

Chad Pennington plays great? That will take care of itself.

Chad Pennington bombs and needs to be replaced? That will take care of itself.

Chad Henne is handed the offense or spends another season on the sideline? That will take care of itself.

Anyway, read the column and see if you agree. Meanwhile, what is your optimal QB scenario for the Dolphins? Do you folks want Pennington to continue driving the ship of Miami fortunes? Or do you want him to actually fail, thus giving way to Henne?

Or do you think there should be some strange shared situation at the QB job? Hopefully no one is whacky enough to pick this option.

By the way, if you wish to discuss this or any other Dolphins issue with me, you can do so today live on the radio today. I'll be on 790 The Ticket here in South Florida from noon to 3 p.m. If you don't live here, you can listen live online at 790theticket.com and call in toll free from anywhere in the country at 1-888-790-3776. 


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I want Pennington to play so well that we lock up the Division early and we put teams away early so we can see Henne get a lot of mop-up time, thusly getting him a lot of real game experience.

My optimal scenario will be handling the duties for Henne and trading Pennington while still productive, he can worth a 1st or 2nd rounder, Minessota will be a perfect partner, KC, Chicago, Tampa, among others will be interested

it will be great if we can trade both chads for mat cassell of new england and stop the interceptions before the new season starts.

I would like to see Henne have a fair shot in the preseason to win the job outright.

you don't win the job outright in preseason but you win it when the current QB make a lot of interceptions,then you win the job untile you make your own screw ups.

Matt Cassell = 1 year wonder then flop. Someone will be sorry to over pay for this guy.

should Pennington fails Henne will take over but if he fails too,who would be the new QB?

Should be 2 easy wins against the jets...they're totally hopeless. "fat man in a little coat"

jets sux ;how you konw matt cassell=1year wonder?

why would we want to get ride of Pennington and put in henne. last year if someone told u we had a quarterback that would put up the numbers the Pennington did everyone would take it in a heartbeat, but just because his name is pennington and is not the most flashy QB we want to get rid of him. We haven't had a good QB here in years why not enjoy it while it lasts and as long as we are winning stop worrying what the name on the back of the jersey says

M.Vick for QB.

What the heck are you talking about Dr. Z? Chad had 19 TD 7int and a rating of 97.4. Cassell had 21TD 11Int and 89.4 rating. Clearly cassell threw more ints. Get a clue!

rockphin;you forgot that new england played against real teams and miami played against lousy ones.

Cassell also had 79 more incompletions. I will keep Chad thank you.

Dr. We played almost the same schedule! That's the way the divisions are set up. I think they played 2 or 3 different teams than us.

was 4 teams different rockphin and matt first year as starer not his 8 year as chad.P.don't forget chad had 5 interceptions in play off.A record.

Dr. Z, you want to trade away a quarterback that had a better year than Cassel and a promising young quarterback for Cassel. Are you really Dave W, Rick S., Randy M., or Cam C.? Come on - tell us the truth.

Indy and Pitt are two teams. Which are the other two?

and if you go back and check....Cassell lost to the "lousy" teams we beat! Your point is way off.

you should know the other tow teams.this is my QUIZ for you.BTW both chads are AVERAGE players.you should look for the tom brady level QB.ihope you learn from talking to me.

if you had played pitt and indy you would never reached the playoffs rockphins

Here's another stat for you Dr. Cassell was sacked 47 times while Chad was only sacked 24 times. And N.E. Supposedly has a "much better" O-line. Just stop already and admit that your premise is flawed.

I've never concentrated so hard in order to figure out the gibbish some people are writing.

matt was sacked more cause that was his first year and played real teams and finished with same record as miami.next year best record for dolphins is 9-7 and for sure no playoffs.

No, Doctor. How did you get a medical degree without being able to count? There are only two teams different (unless you are counting the two times they play the Dolphins and the two times the Dolphins play the Patriots {same games} but by your thinking then the Dolphins had to play the Pats, then the Dolphins had the tougher schedule. LOL The dolphins played the Ravens and Houston while the pats played Pitt and Indy. Houston and Indy didn't make the playoffs but the other two did. so I looks like our schedules were even!

And as one final shot....The Pat's didn't finish with the same record. The Dolphins are AFC East Champs and the Pat's finished as just Chumps.

The team is firmly behind Pennington as the starter. Henne can wait one more year. But he need to get some real time game action. As for Cassell it will be a different scenerio for hime when he isnt throwing out of the shotgun 40 times a game with a great OLine and Moss, Welker and Watson catching passes. Only a fool will trade with that asking price. But there are fools.


We should go o line in the first. D Robinson, Unger or Mack if Malungia dosent slip. Grab 1 of them in the 2nd Round and also try to get Rutgers WR Britt in the 2nd. S Delmas or WR R. Barden in the 3rd would bve great. Oh trade Satele for a 3, 4 or 5. He dosent fit into what we are doing.

Playoffs, did someone say my team didn't make the playoffs. Get a clue.

The doc is an idiot! Remember Jim Harbaugh for the Colts! A one hit wonder! Cassell would cost over 14 million and a #1 pick. Glad your not our GM! If he had another good season then maybe, but I think Henne is our future!

OMG!!! I am agreeing with Eddie from NYC. I gotta get out of here!!!

one of the most crapy tittle of all times is AFC east champs .they give these titles for the shitty teams to sell some shirts.

Sorry Coach, I was mistaken. Got caught up with arguing with the Dr.

Hey Coach, I thought the wildcard was still the playoffs.

No promblem Rockphin, I agree with what your saying too, and calm down Peyton we did make the playoffs.

The ideal QB scenario is that Chad Pennington plays well enough this year so that Henne doesnt take a regular season snap (i think Henne not playing at all this year is the best thing for his development - see Phillip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Cassel).
But even if Pennington plays well this year, the regime has to be smart enough to realize that he has a low ceiling. His arm simply isnt strong enough to win against good defenses. So they thank him and let him walk and make Henne the starter heading into 2010. By that time, Henne will be prepared to tear it up.
I wouldnt mind if Henne sits for the next 2 years, but not longer than that.

Dr. Z must be Jerry Jones! Go back to the count jail and find some more players for your team loser!

mike;iam sure henne is you future but what kind of future?

Now Fake GM is a man with some sense. That's exactly what I believe too! QB's who sit are better off in the long run. There are very few and far between Marino's and Peyton Mannings.

The Patriots didnt make the playoffs this year b/c they have no defense. So shut your face.
The Dolphins averaged 30 points a game against that weak team, thats why they were home watching the playoffs. That includes that 25 point drubbing in Foxborough.

mike vick would be awesome in the wildcat!!

What is cassell a kid surrounded by super stars who had a decent season. Wow I am impressed! He's the answer to all our problems. Can he play ILB too!

how can fake gm see the future ?it's amazing .he is saying henne can sit for next tow years but no longer than that.your dreaming is power.

Very well said Fake GM. I totally agree. Another year of mentoring under Penny, learning his study techniques and work ethic and Henne could turn out to be one of the best. We all have to realize that Penny has never had the phisical tools that Henne naturally does. He has had the success he has because of his approach. If Henne follows the same routine with his superior phisical abilities he will be great. Let him sit and learn.

Cassell is the answer! A kid surrounded by superstars. Wow I am impressed! Look what Culpepper did with and without Moss. Hey can Cassell play ILB too!

i would love for henne to beat out penny in the pre-season. we wont get to where we wanna go with penny. he's a good qb but his arm strength hinders our offense cause we gotta wr thats only good running a 9 route.

fake gm should be hired by miami to plan future QB coaching and draft picks too and if doesn't work they can move him to work in the kitchen.

How can z see the future? It's amazing. He is saying cassell is the next Tom Brady. Your dreaming is power.

How can z see the future? It's amazing. He is saying cassell is the next Brady. Your dreaming is power.

It is clear QBs should sit for a couple of years before playing. That time to learn is invaluable. Guys who play right away just arent ready, then play mediocre or poorly, and lose their confidence. Those guys are ruined and never recover. A few examples are Tim Couch, Joey Harrington, David Carr, Heath Shuler, Akili Smith, and the latest installation - Alex Smith.

Everyone was infatuated with Alex Smith the year he got drafted 1st overall. Do you really think he just became bad overnight? No. He wasnt ready to play, lost his confidence, and was never the same again. Now he's been relegated to the trash heap after only 4 years.

Amen Fake GM I'm cheering you on from the peanut gallery. The problem is there are few people with that kind of football common sense and too many who think like zidiot!

ididn't say matt is brady.brady is one in life time QB.BTW henne can be mentoring under the best interceptoin wise QB in nfl MR mike.

Amen brother! I'm cheering you on from the peanut gallery. The problem is there are too few people with football common sense and too many who think like zidiot!

any body think they can plan on pipe dreams like mike and fake gm must be a real fins fan with lot of pull.S

doctor z,

The Dolphins shouldnt hire me. The Patriots should so that I can teach that whole organization to win with integrity and not have to CHEAT to win championships.

Do the championships really mean anything if you didnt win them fair and square? Really, do they mean ANYTHING? B/c I dont think they do.

The Bills havent made the playoffs this decade, but at least they earned their wins. Wouldnt you rather have that than 3 championships that you got through cheating like a 5 year old kid playing monopoly?

Fake GM wins the battle of reason so far.

Yes, ideally, Penny plays all year, plays well enough to make us competitive (8-11) wins is realistic), and all the while Henne is learning, growing, getting ready. Then, in 2010, Henne wins the job in camp and Penny (one would hope) willingly becomes the veteran backup.

Now, everyone cross your fingers and hope this happens.

mentoring ..mentoring..mentoring under who?

CUBAN MENACE , is now posting as DOCTOR Z everbody.JUST so you know the no social life. social parasite,idiot MENACE is now DOCTOR Z ,so don't bother wasting your time responding to this bug.

I'm hoping that, if the powers-at-be don't have faith in Beck down the road, that we can find value for him prior to this years draft and pickup a project via the draft that will offer future potential. What a luxurious position to be in though! We have come so far, in such a short time, after so many years of dispair. It's an exciting time to be a Dolfan again!

all coaches did what new england did MR fake gm.you should ask BP about that.BTW henne once he plays you all wil see how real games turn a pipe dream of yours into wild saga of interceptions

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