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Sunday column: Miami's great QB situation

Some reasons it's good to be a Dolphins fan these days are that the fact the team didn't spend the last month looking for a new coach and it won't be spending the next couple of months searching for a new starting quarterback.

As I detail in my most recent Sunday Dolphins column the Dolphins are blessed with a drama-free offseason at the two most important jobs in the organization. And it has been a looooong time since that happened.

I make the case that not only is the quarterback situation a stable one for Miami, but it is practically impossible to screw it up because most every scenario that can affect the club's QB spot will pretty much take care of itself for Miami.

Chad Pennington plays great? That will take care of itself.

Chad Pennington bombs and needs to be replaced? That will take care of itself.

Chad Henne is handed the offense or spends another season on the sideline? That will take care of itself.

Anyway, read the column and see if you agree. Meanwhile, what is your optimal QB scenario for the Dolphins? Do you folks want Pennington to continue driving the ship of Miami fortunes? Or do you want him to actually fail, thus giving way to Henne?

Or do you think there should be some strange shared situation at the QB job? Hopefully no one is whacky enough to pick this option.

By the way, if you wish to discuss this or any other Dolphins issue with me, you can do so today live on the radio today. I'll be on 790 The Ticket here in South Florida from noon to 3 p.m. If you don't live here, you can listen live online at 790theticket.com and call in toll free from anywhere in the country at 1-888-790-3776. 


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MARC;i don't know why you sceam all the time cuban menace?i am not him and you should enjoy the talk .why every time some one w/ different view you scream menace menace.BTW i hear you love pink

I thought the following scouting report was eye opening, especially the last sentence. Here's the link to the article:


Summary: An incredibly tough competitor who played most of his senior season through injury, Henne is a winner with the arm strength, intangibles and toughness desired in a starting quarterback. Was very durable throughout his career until his senior season, in which he was never able to develop a rhythm as he played through multiple injuries. Still needs to grow as a decision-maker, settle down and read defenses. A big, strong dropback passer, Henne has shown flashes of greatness and could be a terrific pro if he really works at it and learns to take what the defense gives him. Could take big strides with good coaching and would highly benefit if he were not pressed into action immediately.

I Agree with DR.Z.mike and fake gm are idiots

I heard the Jets might be interested in Kyle Boller since they dont have a QB. Seriously, if they got him to be the starter, that would make my year.

and you trust the people who write this crap fake gm?greatness greatness......greatness .sound like pipe dream writing to be read by pipe dreaming fans.

Matt Cassell = Scott Mitchell

I can't think of a better situation for the development of Chad Henne than what we have going on in Miami. Pennington is a leader who rallied the troops from the moment he arrived Davie, and he plays keep-away with the football, which is exactly what the philosophy of this regime calls for.

With a consistent, reliable running game, better protection, and a receiver who can get YAC, Pennington could take a team far. That being said, this season will be his last for the Dolphins, and it should be, barring an unlikely super bowl run.

There are great intangibles Henne can learn from Penny, such as the way he holds meetings with his receivers and o-line. This whole team is set-up like one giant mentoring program; the end product at the QB position should be Chad Henne knowing what it takes to be an NFL starter by the time he gets there, only with the arm strength to take advantage of more downfield opportunities.

And enough about the schedule difference with the Pats. Miami played the Ravens instead of the Steelers, and the Texans instead of the Colts. We all know how good Baltimore was, and the Texans were better than advertised. In the end, Miami lost both of those games, just like the Pats lost to the Steelers and the Colts. You think that Pats would surely have gotten one more win playing Miami's schedule? That's a maybe at best. The Chargers killed NE, and the Pats lost critical home games in the 2nd half of the year to both the NYJ and Pitt. So I can't see how NE has any gripe about missing the playoffs.

FAGE GM and every other poster,DOCTOR Z is none other that that social parasite, jet loser, CUBAN MENACE. Fellow .posters don't bother wasting your time responding to this idiot.HE"S A JET FAN who comes on this blog to piss off dolphin fans.Get a clue and ignore this parasite.

"Do you folks want Pennington to continue driving the ship of Miami fortunes? Or do you want him to actually fail, thus giving way to Henne?"

Why anyone would want Pennington to fail is beyond me. We haven't had a good QB in a long time. So we get one in Pennington who was the 2nd rated passer in the league in 08, and we're asking whether or not we want him to screw up so we're forced to turn the ball over to an unproven 2nd year QB.

Maybe we can hope that Jake Long plays horrible and we have to replace him with an unproven scrub. Maybe we should do that at every position until the entire starting team is fielded by backups.

Henne will get his chance but hopefully it won't be until the 2011 season, after we win a Super Bowl with Pennington in the 2010/11 season. Pennington will be heading into his 12th season in 2011 so maybe that would be the right time to part ways. But after a championship year? Tough decision to make.

next season will be back to mean reality to miami fans.

Fake GM, Alex Smith isn't any good. He just doesn't have what it takes to be a good NFL QB. He came from a shotgun offense in college and his game didn't translate into the NFL.

The problem is every year the best QB or QBs in that particular draft get pushed up the draft board and some draft experts try to make them out to be franchise QBs even when they're not. The teams who draft those QBs pay the price down the road.

Did anyone here want us to draft Alex Smith in 2005 if he fell to us at #2 instead of Ronnie Brown? I didn't. I wasn't sure he should even be drafted in the 1st round.

Mr bungle said fins will win super bowl by 2010.Marc said every one is cuban menace.Fake gm said greatness in the making in henne.one thing they all have in common?they are the miami pipe dream squad.

mr bungle is telling us he was right in 2005.is that wonderful .

marc is mando people

Optimal would be Pennington outdoing last year, Henne getting another year watching the NFL's master at game management, and finding some sucker to take Beck for a 2nd round pick (ala us when we got Feely, or passed on getting Brees for nothing so we could sacrifice a #2 for Culpepper).

I think we keep Pennington one more year. In an interview at the end of the season Henne admitted to knowing more about the game because of Pennington, and in the end thinks he will come out ahead of Ryan and Flacco because he has someone to learn from. Just imagine a guy with Henne's arm strength and Pennington's brains, that sounds like one of the greats. Also I went to high school with Henne, I have seen his upside without having a great QB to mentor him for the past 8 years, give him one more with a guy to learn from and he is going to be a franchise QB in Miami for a long time.

MR BUNGLE ,go back to the SUN-SENTINAL blogs with your imaginary friends you condescending jerk. What's the matter no new blogs on the ss this weekend ? So you have nobody to talk to (because you have no REAL FRIENDS)

what?henne will come ahead of ryan and flacco.sorry ERIC you must jioin the pipe dream miami squad brother.

Optimal is Pennington outdoing last year while Henne watches the NFL's game management master for another season. Then we find some sucker to take Beck for a 2nd round pick (ala us with Feely and passing on Brees for free to give up yet another #2 for Culpepper). Then we draft White in the 7th round - a little juice for the wildcat! - you asked for OPTIMAL

HEY EVERBODY ,MR bungle knew better than every nfl scout ,coaches and teams ( typical monday morning qb ). HE knew better about alex smith , than any other scout, to say he shouldn't even have gone in the 1st round. WOW it's amazing he's not a gm ,instead of being on blogs 24/7.

fake gm is menace

Mr.Bungle; he is a classic idiot fan with a lot of information but hot dog brain.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that Henne is the future of the franchise, and we won't know until he plays, and he won't play as long as CP does well, and CP will continue doing well so.....;)


Marc is a dick. Haha

marc is what? i didn't get it.can you tell us more please?

CHAD HENNE will learn behind pennington for one more year.Then henne will take over next year .This year will be about infusing more youth and more talent, while the team still learns and upgrades the system. The ol will need some revamping, so it will take some time to bond , therfore you can't throw henne in yet. We will be 10-6 next year ,but a more talented and better team .Then henne will take over a better team in front of him in(2010).

how can any one understand football say don't throw henne in yet?amazing ,how come we see flacco in and ryan thrown in the game right away .with rescpect i don't agree w/ you nj phin fan.at least he can show us how strong his toes are.

Mr Bungle,

I am not convinced Alex Smith is just a bad QB. Everyone was in love with him 4 years ago when he came out of college. And now he isnt even good enough to just be an average starter in the NFL? Very hard to believe.
He should never have played his first 2 years. The Niners ruined him. When you play a QB early when he isnt ready to play, that's what happens. It's happened a million times in the NFL (like i mentioned: Ryan Leaf, David Carr, Tim Couch).

Here is why Cuban Menace doesnt post here anymore: He ragged on Ted Ginn the entire year. Then Ted Ginn went into NY and torched the Jets, knocked them into 2009, got their coach fired, their QB retired, and helped implode the entire franchise. So he was too embarrased to post as the Cuban Menace for weeks b/c he became Ted Ginn's bitch after ragging on him the whole year.

good point fake gm

I say we trade ginn ,B.london,wilford and 2 7th rd picks for fitzgerald. Your thoughts ?

Why not the 1 7th rd picks?and why not?

I say trade henne and chad.P for matt casell.miami will be in heaven then and make sure you trade also crwoder.

Sooner or later we need vertical passing. I think it complements the short game beautifully when it works. But these days, I don't see a whole lot of teams throwing it deep vertically.

Why? Who knows... its a copy cat league and I think the big pass plays in the league now are mostly seam and crossing routes and yards after catch and lots, lots or broken plays.

I think the first year that Brady won it the Pats were that kind of team with Brown, Patten and Branch and the year before it was Warner with Holt, Bruce, Proehl etc, But there aren't many teams that do it, let alone try it. Qbs now are great on throwing in in the seam, slants, over and under the safety, the short fades, the quick pivot and screens, but teams just do not want take a chance on the deep throw and as a result do not seem to spend time on it. You know who was great on the deep ball? Rex Grossman had a damned good deep touch when the Bears last went to the Super Bowl. Ironically he was color blind or something when it came to seeing the safety on all the other passes , hence his picks.

I am sure Peyton, Brady, Rivers and a handful of others are capable of the deep touch, but when teams used to try it, there were always those guys who were inaccurate on the deep route and you usually only used it 4-5 times a game so it was painfully obvious who had the touch and who didn't. I agree - a good receiver is important, but there is so so much more to making deep passing work and it starts with comittment and offensive philosophy. Defense and your ability to play action also dictate that. Ever since Parcells started playing that 2 deep with the Giants years ago and making teams dink and dunk for 80 yards without making a mistake, people have strayed away from the deep ball.

Throwing downfield requires more than a great receiver. You need an arm back there that can stretch the field and Penny aint it.
You also need an oline and we have one lock there in Jake. You can have the rest. None of the tight ends or backs except Cobbs seem suited to a max protect scheme or able to read and chip like we needed when Rex Ryan sent that one extra pass rusher from the 46 D.

Forget the star receiver. Pittsburg actually has none of those things. What they have is Ben who is very good and you've seen piss poor tackling all playoffs. He gets at least 2 more seconds in the pocket than any qb in the league. Compare him with Penny who goes down when you breathe on him and your broken plays open up where ours break down. For now he's our guy, but sooner than later its going to have to be Henne or back to the draft pool. We have a good servicable qb. Most of the other playoff teams had excellent qbs who could make many more throws than ours could.

T. Jackson 15/35 164 4.7avg 0td 1int = (one and done in playoffs)
Pennington 25/38 252 6.6avg 1td 4int = 1/done
J. Delhomme 17/34 205 6.0avg 1td 5int = 1/done
K. Collins 26/42 281 6.7 0td 1int = 1/done

..were clearly the lesser qbs in the playoffs and those teams' 1st round exits reflected that. Lets not forget the bitter taste in our mouth and what happened in that last game, because thats how good teams get better. Chad was exactly what we needed and bless him he didn't turn the ball over this year, but good teams like Pitt improve /retool ALL the time and painful as it sounds, he made bad plays and was a major contrbutor to our loss. Don't forget whats broken before you go fixing everywhere else. Jack Welch, CEO of GE, once said the best advice he ever got was from his mom and that was to "See the world as it is, not how you want to see it."
Sometime next year its got to be Henne.

EVERY POSTER, THE CUBAN MENACE is not only DOCTOR Z TODAY, He's also RENEE RODRIGUEZ,IMPOSTER GO PHINS,JAKNOWIT.etc HE also is a loser,social parasite who talks to himself on this blog all day.WOW you need some F"N help !!!

The QB position is just fine the way it is. Stay on course rebuilding the OL then the running and passing yards will continue to improve. The interior line was the weakest link of last yrs offense.

Its a big thing to predict or say but Chad Henne all the way, next best since Marino. Sooner he plays the better, Penne did a great job but he's limited, get Henne some receivers, BOLDIN, and watch it happen!!!!!

Marc is imposter go phins and mr bungle and morphin.

Hey fake GM, nice thought, how do the names Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Ben Rothlisberger work into your equation, its a person thing if they're good enough throw em in, Danny boy was pretty good too if I remember and every chance Chad Henne has had has given us all every reason to believe that he can handle it!!

how marc knows for sure that menace imposter go phins,renee.R and gaknowit unless he himself is signing as them.oooooops marc who loves pink

HEY UKDOLFAN , How did the super bowl caliber defenses in balt and pitt fit into your equation ? ALSO how did michael turners 1700 yd and 17 tds { also atl had a good defense) fit into your equation ? The point is those 3 qbs had plenty of help. Miami is still building talent for henne .When miami has done that ,henne will be the qb ready to step in { for the next 10 years)

henne for next 27 years???????

Pennington must go in order for the dolphins to grow.

go phins imposter monkey cause i am the real monkey.

henne must go for the dolphins to grow

any body knows who has the stronger arm penne or henne?also who has the bigger head of the two?also who has the longer nails.

1st round: i would love see malulauga slip but mack or ILB will do just fine
2ndA KENNY BRITT or phil loadholt really big dude

mando needs to make his own mock draft so we can see what kind of draft he'd make


MENACE ,your new post name ( MONKEY ) fits you perfectly ,LOL.You should worry more about who's going to be the qb for your loser,pathetic,laughing stock of the nfl jets.Ratliff, ainge and clemens LOL.WHAT A F"N JOKE !!! DON"T be jealous about miami's qb situation. Just go SPANK YOUR MONKEY ,you social parasite.

Armando, your blog is being run by idiots and you allow it to happen.

I posted twice in this blog today and my name has been used by an imposter with another 10 posts because you let the little weenies turn your blog into their pansy little games.

I have to admit it's funny to let them embarrass themselves on their own. But it ruins the level of discussion on your blogs. I guess it is what it is.

A SERIOUS question fans!

IF it wasn't for cuban menace and the other 50 ID's this guy uses..exactly how many post's ACTUALLY related to Armando's articles would there be?

I say that this guy IS Armando himself trying to add posts on his blog so he wont get canned by the Herald!

THIS is what happens when you write BS articles Armando....EVERYONE leaves so in order to make it look like people are interested, you have to make up ID's that post NOTHING related to the article OR laughable posts related to the article JUST SO you can get more than two responses from ACTUAL people.

YOU brought ALL OF THIS ON YOURSELF Mando so YOU deserve it!

Just remember Henne fell to us at #57 of the 2nd round. He wasn't a 1st round pick like the other QBs mentioned. Why? There must have been questions about his game and maybe sitting for a couple of years will benefit him in the long run. Maybe he can improve on his weaknesses that made teams ignore him until the 2nd round.

Just because Henne has a pretty strong arm doesn't make him a good NFL QB. We've all seen that before with young QBs, great arm no brains for the NFL game. We'll see.

ISSAC,how about waiting until after free agency starts in 2 weeks until we make mock drafts,then we'll about miami' s needs.geez slow down.

wrong again m@@c, havent been on all day, ive been walking your momma all day..

Hey everyone look at fan, can anyone point to one post by this troll that had anything irrelevant to say? Of course not, he's too busy playing a dozen other people talking to himself and punching his clown. Now that's the future of America. LOL

Guy's, i wish people would quit posting as me, this is the 1st time on today, i've been playing with m@@c's mom in the park today trying to teach her how to catch a freesbee with her mouth...

YEAH BUNGLE ,. the future of america. This coming from a fat meatball who goes on blogs 24/7 and has no life or job BUT don't worry obama will take care of you.

Matt Cassel is Scott Mitchell reborn. He was a one season wonder that had great receivers to throw the ball to and a line to protect him. Put him in Detroit and he is nothing. The best case scenario for Miami is not for Pennington to screw up and give the job to Henne it is for Pennington to play great and for Henne to play even greater and take the job from him. We also need to put some playmakers around whoever is the QB next year. A big fast receiver or two would be very nice. We also need to shore up the Oline and protect who ever is under center. This year is all about competition at as many positions as possible so that the entire team gets better.

Hey if we get Vick would we have to change the name of the formation from the wildcat to the "fighting dog"??

YEAH BUNGLE,this coming from a fat meatball who stays at home all day and blogs 24/7 and has no life and no job.Take a look in the mirror.

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