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Sunday column: Miami's great QB situation

Some reasons it's good to be a Dolphins fan these days are that the fact the team didn't spend the last month looking for a new coach and it won't be spending the next couple of months searching for a new starting quarterback.

As I detail in my most recent Sunday Dolphins column the Dolphins are blessed with a drama-free offseason at the two most important jobs in the organization. And it has been a looooong time since that happened.

I make the case that not only is the quarterback situation a stable one for Miami, but it is practically impossible to screw it up because most every scenario that can affect the club's QB spot will pretty much take care of itself for Miami.

Chad Pennington plays great? That will take care of itself.

Chad Pennington bombs and needs to be replaced? That will take care of itself.

Chad Henne is handed the offense or spends another season on the sideline? That will take care of itself.

Anyway, read the column and see if you agree. Meanwhile, what is your optimal QB scenario for the Dolphins? Do you folks want Pennington to continue driving the ship of Miami fortunes? Or do you want him to actually fail, thus giving way to Henne?

Or do you think there should be some strange shared situation at the QB job? Hopefully no one is whacky enough to pick this option.

By the way, if you wish to discuss this or any other Dolphins issue with me, you can do so today live on the radio today. I'll be on 790 The Ticket here in South Florida from noon to 3 p.m. If you don't live here, you can listen live online at 790theticket.com and call in toll free from anywhere in the country at 1-888-790-3776. 


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Matt Cassell = Scott Mitchel

I think Chad Pennington is a great game manager. He will get hurt early on and Henne will get the start... and keep it.

I think we should trade tyrone culver,courtney bryan,wilford and a 7th round pick for ed reed.Your thoughts ?

Well to me it depends on the contract situation and what place we are in after the 9th game of the season.

Pennington only signed a 2 year deal. that mean one year left. So, if in game 9 we are sporting a losing record of say 3-5, I bring Henne the first bad game Penne has. He stays the qb until someone can beat him out.

In 2011 I find a good backup or starter to replace Penne and the team carrys on.

If we have a winning record of 8-4 then we try to sign Penne by game 12. If he signs he stays, if not then we start bringing Henne into the games.

We have a future to look after. I don't see Penne as a long term qb. He will always play well, but I don't think he is going to zing one in their for a win.

kindry , what?

Mr Bungle;i agree with you go phins and marc no good.

mnace tell us a Story about fins in the old days

FAKE GM ,i agree with mr bungle and go phins that that menace is a social parasite.

Marc you are trying to make problem with every one .take it easy and be nice to monkey and go phins.

any one knows if penne will sign for ten more years with miami?

Awesome blog you have Amando!

I dont know of another blogger where 99.9% of the posts have NO relevance WHATSOEVER to the topic of your "blog".

Great job Armando..you'll be flipping burgers within a year!

If flipping burgers means I don't have to read idiotic posts complaining about other idiotic posts, maybe it might be something to consider.

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