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ESPN: Parcells can walk out at any time

If you read this blog regularly (and why wouldn't you, right?) you might remember that during Super Bowl week I reported Bill Parcells was telling his media pals reports of his 30-day opt-out clause were not entirely accurate. You have to scroll down to find the post headlined: "Parcells: Opt-out reports not entirely correct."

Well, a few minutes ago, ESPN went a significant step further in confirming the 30-day window is not correct and, in fact, Parcells can walk anytime he wants.  

According to ESPN, Wayne Huizenga and Parcells removed the 30-day window from Parcells's contract about three weeks before the sale of the team to new owner Stephen Ross closed. But in its place, Parcells can now leave the Dolphins anytime and still collect all the money due in the contract.

So what does this mean?

A couple of things:

Parcells has said he is "definitely," staying in 2009. But it now makes this year one in which Parcells will get the measure of Ross and decide how much he likes working for him. After the season, Parcells can decide to stay or leave, depending on how he views things.

That's great for Parcells. And not so great for the Dolphins because Miami would get ZERO compensation of any kind if Big Tuna decided he wants to go work immediately for another organization.

Secondly, the ESPN revelation today means there will be an annual chase to see what Bill wants to do, whether Bill is happy and content, and whether Bill wants to stay or go.

That's also great for Parcells. And not so great for the schlubs like me that have to chase him around.


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Here is the important question: If Parcells leaves, does Jeff Ireland become the head of football operations or will Stephen Ross hire someone else to take Parcells' place and have final say over Jeff Ireland.

I don't like this.

Why don't you quit worrying about this. He has already planted the seeds - Ireland and Sparano can get the job done even if Parcells leaves.

The big concern is that ownership may bring in that dolt from KC.

Upon further reflection, Parcell's has so much $$$, don't you think he could walk away at anytime despite having this clause worked in to his contract? I hope that Parcells sticks with the Phins because he likes what he is seeing and wants to build another championship caliber team. Unless he and Ross have serious problems working together I do not see Tuna leaving town.

Armando, what you originally reported is that the agreement was more restrictive to Parcells. So now why don't you investigate and find out what the agreement really does involve. Can he find work elsewhere? Its about time someone gets to the bottom of this.

This is Huizinga's fault. He gave Parcells too much power in his contract. I would rather Huizenga have hired a good football mind that was committed to the franchise for the long term (like Atlanta's Thomas Dimitroff). This is just ridiculouse. More instability for the franchise.

By the way...your link to your original story doesn't work. However, I remember your initial story and you promised to do more digging...so the results are?

I love ESPN to death but if we lose Billy the Dolphin anytime soon I'll blame them and their knack for creating drama with players and coaches when there really wasn't any drama to begin with. I'm of the mindset that if we just don't talk about the whole "opt-out" thing, maybe the Tuna will forget about it and go on with his work in Miami. Go Fins!

Parcells is just an old, pathetic loser. It always has to be about him. He could have avioded this by just including language in his contract that guarantees he can spend up to the cap every year, which Ross would have agreed to. He just wants the spotlight.
Who do you think fed Chris Mortensen all these stories the past few weeks? Parcells, who he worked with at ESPN. It always has to be about him. He is a baby, just like Terrell Owens and Dennis Rodman. He is just a little more intelligent about how he expresses his ego-maniac worldview.

I wish I had a 4 year contract worth $12 mill that I could just terminate any time and collect on.
Hey Mando, does the Herald offer you guys any kind of deals like this? If so I'm going to try to take Manny's job as Hurricane blogger.


You are wrong about ESPN. They are not creating anything. Parcells has been feeding Mortensen these stories for the past month. They are good friends.

This story will not die and I blame Huizeng for that because he didn't have to stick his boogernose in there and write a new clause when he wasn't going to own the team. How could Ross agree to this?

Meanwhile ... all you knobs that kept ripping Armando on here for saying Parcells was seriously considering not coming back I think the proof is in the pudding. The guy not only wants a 30 day window, but a 3 year window.

I'm starting to dislike that fat oaf a bit.

And the new news is ? parcells has already stated he is staying AT LEAST through the 2009 season.

I am starting not to care what Bill Parcells wants to do...I do not want to hear him talk about "greedy players" wanting their jack this offseason.

Find a QB that can play, protect the passer and stop the run and you can be competitive every year.

Parcells was playing the swinging d!ck... He wanted to put Ross on the line and see how he would react. That's the way Parcells works. He doesn't care how rich you are or how powerful you think you are, it's his way or the highway and he wanted to see what Ross would do. Fortunately Ross did not over react and that was what Parcells was looking for. He'll walk when he thinks the ship is heading full steam in the right direction.

Through all the grandstanding remember he has a personal obligation to Sparano and Ireland. Unless Ross really pisses him off he will not leave those guys hanging, it's not his style.

man as long as we have tuna helper1 and tuna helper2(coach sparano) we'll be fine...now only thing that will mess it up is if ross brings in the dummy from kc to run the operations cuz then it'll just be randy mueller and cam cameron rolled into 1 one person =)

Come on Mando...get us that contract...and you call yourself a reporter.

Let me get this straight: The guy who wants Dolphins players to be committed to the team is committed only insomuch that he can walk away at any point and collect his entire salary.

Does this sound hypocritical to anyone other than me?

Since when has Parcell's cared about honoring a contract? And did anyone really think he'd stay much longer than 2-3 years even in the best case?

No, of course I don't want him to leave now. But I always thought this was more about putting the right pieces in place and seeing Tuna bolt for the next adventure ...

These responses are kind of ridiculous. I mean, without Parcells, the Dolphins were 1-15, hadn't made the playoffs in 5 years. In his FIRST year running the team, we win the division and make the Playoffs. I say, who cares what an idiot fan commenting on a blog feels or thinks. When it comes to football, money doesn't matter (ask Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, where I live). Experience matters. Knowledge of the game matters. Being able to analyze talent matters. And in all those respects, Parcells is 2nd to NO ONE!!! Would I rather he be forced to run the team until he dies, of course. Next to that, I'm happy that he's here now, that he'll be here at least through next year, and hopefully long enough to either win a ring, or put the team on a path to be contenders every year. Mando, remember the movie "28 Days Later," where there's a virus that makes people rage and go mad, that's what you're doing to these fools everytime you blog about Parcells "out" clause or how bad Ted Ginn, Jr. is. Please stop exciting these animals, they can't control themselves.

Why is everyone getting upset? Did anyone ever think Parcells would stick it out for 4 years anyway? When has he done that since leaving the Giants anyway? Admittedly, it would have been bad for him to leave this offseason because the new regime is still fresh. But whatever time we get with Parcells after this year is borrowed time anyway. After this year, hopefully Sparano is fully entrenched as is Irland. If Parcells leaves, then the only thing that is lost is Ross' money which I really don't care about. After two years, Parcells has done what he owes the franchise in my opinion anyway and was the time I expected him to stay anyway. Anything after that is bonus. Personally I hope he stays after this year anyway. He's as shrewd a talent evaluator as there is.

AMEN Mark in Toronto!!!

I have a great life.

To all of you that wish that you could walk from your job and still get paid your full contract: keep wishing.
And while you're at it why don't you wish for: respect from your wife, financial security, appreciation from your children, a lawn that doesn't need to be cut and a larger penis.
Keep wishing because you'll never have any of those things because you suck; you're a loser.

Tell them DC Finatic! Mando, stop riling up the general population! It appears a lot of them freak out for no apparent reason.

But I do understand it is your job to spread the news and as often as I disagree with your thoughts (i.e. current Dolphin receivers) I am glad there is a Dolphin forum out there with credibility.

I think I used the word anyway too many times in my first post. I should have edited it before posting. Guess I had too much caffeine in me. I apologize.

DC Finatic,
You'r post is pretty funny. Thanks for the laugh.

My only point is I want a guy who is committed to the franchise. Stability wins (see for example Pittsburgh, Tennesse, New England, and Indianapolis). They are in it every year b/c the franchises are stable. As a long time Dolphin fan, I've seen this movie before with Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, and now Parcells.
I would rather a good, young, talent evaluator who will be here for 20 years than a bufoon like Parcells who can leave whenever he wants. No one is questioning his football IQ. Clearly, he is an all-time great football evaluator. No one is denying that.

Master ,yesterday you were cying on your keyboard of your computer and telling us how sad you were.Did you take bi-polar meds , yet ?

I take your point Fake GM, and I agree with the stability part. I'm hoping Parcells is prepping Ireland so he can take the reins once Parcells moves on. But as a couple of others mentioned, Parcells has a history of moving on. So I expect it. Never thought he'd stay more than 2-3 years. A good story I'd like Mando to report on is where Ireland and Sparano fall in the new owners' mind. If Ireland is Parcells' replacement, then I don't think we have anything to worry about. Also, in the end, I may get passionate in a blog, but being up here in DC makes me really appreciate coming down to Miami where most (or lots) of my fellow fans reside. So I appreciate you guys and gals supporting our team. GO RONNIE, JOEY and JAKE in the ProBowl!!

Stop with all the speculation. Report it only if he leaves and quit with the hypothetical. You are going to jinx it.

I have a question: How will you who say Parcells will probably leave in two years anyway feel if the Dolphins take a step back next year (remember they have the NFL's toughest schedule) and the guy leaves?

What will you dopes be saying if the Dolphins are 8-8 or 9-7 next year and now you got no Parcells?

Think about that one.

Look guys...I'm worth 12 mil per. so suck it up and quit crying you little mini me Armando drama queens.

You've blown FOR YEARS but I'll get you back on track,groom Jeff and Tony and then go rescue yet another joke of a Franchise.

All Miami needs now is a half decent beat writer instead of the joke you currently have.

Hey..maybe my next gig will be to take over the Herald and that would be the easiest to turn around to date because ALL I would have to do is fire Mando,which would be my first move,and viola,,problem solved at the Herald!


Put the pipe down and move away from the keyboard...

doesn't look like he's going anywhere, or he would have bounced weeks ago if that was his intention. i'm sure he appreciates the leverage and respect Wayne has given him.


Parcells has said that he'll stay until Sparano and Ireland are ready to do his job as good as he does it himself. I'm confident Parcells will stay for at least one more year, maybe until his contract runs out, but it's all okay right now. Optimism people! Try it some time.

Armando, Parcells isn't getting any younger and I'm not sure he wants to keep moving around anyway. I don't worry about the compensation if he leaves because it is what it is. He's already done his job in my mind. He put good people in place and Sparano coaching this team to an 11-5 record without massive upgrades from the 2007 season, proved to me he's a good head coach.

I'm sure Parcells enjoy working with Ireland and Sparano and turning the franchise around. He might feel after one more year, the little birds can leave the nest and fend for themselves. It's not like Ireland and Sparano are new to the NFL. Both of them have been in the NFL since 1994. Neither of them were without an NFL job since they started. So they've been at this for a long time. Their time is coming.

why would he wanna move to another team?nice weather to play golf and fish in the tropics. watch a few practices and give advice to some of his buddies.then peer down from air condition booth and not lose his temper on the sidelines at his age in the heat of miami.and to top it off get paid handsomely for it.i'd do it for free.

PK: Why do you say that?

Billy P: From reading your post, I see the P must stand for Putz.

LOL. Wow, so people are calling Parcells names for what? All he did was change the clause in his contract so that he wasn't stuck in a bad spot if the new owner was a nut job. So for that he gets called "greedy" and his character is questioned? I seriously don't get it. He said he's staying on this year so unless Ross pulls some boneheaded move, Bill will stay. He said he was staying and he's a man of his word. He can't come out to the media and say I'll stay 'unless Ross screws up' because that would be seen as a threat. He's not going to leave for more money because as he has already stated he has more than he can spend. IF HE DOES LEAVE,,,, at that time and that time only should any question about his character come in to play. That is if he leaves before this season. If he were to leave midway through the season or after the season SO WHAT?! People in here act as if the whole team will implode if he doesn't stay. There are plenty of teams that do great without Parcells running the show. If he leaves next year he would have given 2 to 2 and 1/2 years of guidance to Ireland and Sparano. How many GMS and coaches can say they had two years of teaching under Bill Parcells? Actually I don't know the exact number but I do know that the Parcells tree has (succesful)branches running all through the NFL. Calm down ya knuckleheads.

I remember when news of this potential sale broke, the issue of Parcels leaving came up and he and Wayne said that it would not be an issue. When he came on board, I said great, but he won't be here long. 1-2 years and then move on. That's how Tuna do it. Just leave Sparano and Ireland when you go fix the Raiders next year. Thanks Bill.

Ross will make Parcells mad this season on purpose so he can hire his old buddy Carl Peterson. He wanted to bring him in this season. Why else would Peterson come down to Miami? But Ross saw the hand writing on the wall. The fans would call for his head. So look for Ross to purposefully annoy the Big Tuna so he can make him go away. Ross probably told Huizenga to put that in there because he wants Parcells gone.

And then Mulder and Scully are going to show up at Dolpins stadium and unearth an alien space craft. Ross probably told the cleaning people to put a dead fish in Parcells office so he would quit. Seriously though to answer 8:18s question about why Carl Petersen would come down to hang out with a good friend who just bought a shiny new team. He came down to hang out with a good friend who just bought a shiny new team and wanted to show it off. Ever buy a brand new sports car and NOT show it off to your friends? Stop with the ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Bill Parcells has never stuck with any one team for a real long time. This shouldn't really be any sort of surprise. I'm just glad he'll be back for this year, and that he seems to be committed to getting us going in the right direction.

J starnes,i think you've been watching to many oliver stone movies.

"Bill Parcells has never stuck with any one team for a real long time. This shouldn't really be any sort of surprise. I'm just glad he'll be back for this year, and that he seems to be committed to getting us going in the right direction.

Posted by: David in Galveston | February 06, 2009 at 08:59 PM"

What's a real long time? 8 years with the Giants, 4 years with the Pats, 4 years with the Jets; 3 as a head coach and 1 as a consultant (a rules diversion), and 4 years with the Cowboys. This is his 2nd year with the Dolphins. 4 years is his shortest stint.

Renee rodrigues is cuban menace.

ARMANDO...FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! Can you give this story a rest already!?? What is this obsession that you have with this man, yo. Your like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day. Everytime the alarm clock rings your typing another Parcels story. The problem is...it's the same freakin story. Ave Maria! "Move on now...nothing to see here." "Just keep driving."

jake long left tackle duke robinson left guard. solid left side for many years. get brown from the ravens and we have the making of a great o-line. the better we run the better the receivers are.

"Ross will make Parcells mad this season on purpose so he can hire his old buddy Carl Peterson. He wanted to bring him in this season. Why else would Peterson come down to Miami? But Ross saw the hand writing on the wall. The fans would call for his head."

Didn't stop Wayne (a.k.a. Pruneface) from making The Don pack up his office when he arrived. Didn't stop Wayne from allowing Smooth Dave from running Danny Football into retirement when he arrived. Owners could give a rat's about what fans think when it comes to running their franchises. It's all about ego and skyboxes, baby.

mr bungle,needs t.p. for his fat azz,no social life, bung-hole.

Mr. Bungle,

Good point on New York. Eight years is a very good run for a coach (these days), and I forgot he was there that long. Four years, not really long at all considering how good Parcells is at what he does. I'd be very happy if we had him for four years.

ah, there you go marc, my name is not rene, but keep trying to guess who i am..... also it looks like the tuna will try to test the waters with this ross guy, and if he likes it i see him staying for at least 2 more seasons..

Who cares. If he stays one more year and then bails I will be okay with that. Its not my damn money hes taking. Drop this already.

by the way is the bbq still on?? you know the one when we release ted (feet of clay)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy and randy crowder back into the wild???? let me know...

I would've stayed longer at my other stops if it wasn't for moronic owners meddling in things they know very little to nothing about!

As for mando and his obsession with me,he CANT GET OVER the fact that I went to the NY media and told them more in 2 minutes than i've told him in a year and 2 months.

I'll never tell Mando NOTHING except half truths IF hes lucky I even speak to his moronic a@@ because hes like Geraldo in Iraq..I tell him something and he'll be putting our playbook on youtube..the Herald will pay anybody wont they!

I don't see why you can't just let this drop, Tuna could end up getting pissed off at the constant media speculation and decide to go because of it.
He's said he's staying, leave it at that, if he goes then he goes there's nothing that can be done about it, TS and JI have been brought in to do the job when BP goes so I'd be more botherhed about them staying, which they will.
Anyway enough of this, its getting more boring than the Favre retirement thing, lets just look forward to free agency and the draft.

If you entered a job, would you want to negotiate the very best contract for yourself? Of course. Parcells did and you can't blame him for that one bit.

Now a clause has been triggered that lets him walk away and collect his next three years of salary all at once and still -- if he wants -- go get paid more by another team, but he's not.

He also could have threatened to just collect what contractually is already his and leave unless he got more money, but he didn't.

Instead, he's working for money that he doesn't even have to work for. So give the guy a break. He's standing up.

How many of you can say you would do the same? I can't; I figure a deal is a deal. I'd be staying with the team but looking for more cash.

Rumors: Channing Crowder to the Bills???

"That's also great for Parcells. And not so great for the schlubs like me that have to chase him around."

Poor, poor Armando! You're a hack. You should be counting your blessings that you get paid for this dribble.

Geez Mando,I thought the role of a journalist was to report the news--not spread rumors!The Big Tuna has already stated he is staying put,at least for this year,so why do you refuse to leave this non-issue alone?

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