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ESPN: Parcells can walk out at any time

If you read this blog regularly (and why wouldn't you, right?) you might remember that during Super Bowl week I reported Bill Parcells was telling his media pals reports of his 30-day opt-out clause were not entirely accurate. You have to scroll down to find the post headlined: "Parcells: Opt-out reports not entirely correct."

Well, a few minutes ago, ESPN went a significant step further in confirming the 30-day window is not correct and, in fact, Parcells can walk anytime he wants.  

According to ESPN, Wayne Huizenga and Parcells removed the 30-day window from Parcells's contract about three weeks before the sale of the team to new owner Stephen Ross closed. But in its place, Parcells can now leave the Dolphins anytime and still collect all the money due in the contract.

So what does this mean?

A couple of things:

Parcells has said he is "definitely," staying in 2009. But it now makes this year one in which Parcells will get the measure of Ross and decide how much he likes working for him. After the season, Parcells can decide to stay or leave, depending on how he views things.

That's great for Parcells. And not so great for the Dolphins because Miami would get ZERO compensation of any kind if Big Tuna decided he wants to go work immediately for another organization.

Secondly, the ESPN revelation today means there will be an annual chase to see what Bill wants to do, whether Bill is happy and content, and whether Bill wants to stay or go.

That's also great for Parcells. And not so great for the schlubs like me that have to chase him around.


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Parcells is great and all of that, and a 1-15 to 11-5 turn around is awesome. But the 1-15 team, as crappy as it was, was not the Detroit Lions. Several games were lost by less than 5 points, and were down to the wire. That 2007 team was more snake-bit than putrid, and I think Parcells saw a team that a quick-fixer-upper, and took advantage of it.

Maybe Parcells is a true-football lover, and sees it as his personal mission to improve the product we see on the field everyday. He is bouncing around the League returning once-proud franchises to respectability, and doing it "old-school"-style, perhaps as the antithesis to the show-boating, flashy, "Ocho-Cinco" crappola so prevalent (and seemingly encouraged) by the League and media. When guys like Parcells are gone, no matter how many times he bounces around after his stint here, we are all screwed. He is making sure guys like him will continue to carry the torch.

Hope for the future? Guys like Mike Tomlin, Sparano, Fisher, etc.

Billy p , great stuff lol. also peter p fom winnipeg ,amen.but you have to remember, what would the the no social life ,mr bungles of the world do without these blogs .Mando needs to print something .

Yeah, Armando, there is nothing new here -- forget that new stuff about him being able to leave anytime, and that other new stuff about Huizenga rewriting his contract, and that other new stuff about Huizenga and Parcells going behind Ross's back. As some of the blind retards said, there's nothing new here.

YEAH armando ,and and and and , and there's nothing new about renee rodrigues not being able to speak or write in the proper english language.so your the one who's calling other people retards ?

Here is what I don't understand. Why, in the lead-up to the sale of the team, would Huizenga renegotiate Parcells deal to change the 30-day window into an unlimited one? If Mortensen's report is correct, Huizenga changed Parcells' deal from (at this point) a 3-year, $9 million deal into a day-to-day, $9 million deal and Huizenga stuck his buyer (Ross) with a potential additional $9 million in costs. Unless Ross was consulted, this seems unethical. But why would Ross sign up to a deal like that? The Dolphins are now in a position in which they would have to pay Parcells $9 million for electing to go work for the competition. That's idiotic. My guess is that Parcells' deal is more restrictive than ESPN is reporting. At minimum, I would think there would be a non-compete clause if Parcells wants his money. Otherwise, what Huizenga did is unthinkable. Parcells works for the Dolphins, right? He didn't/doesn't have a personal services contract with the owner or former owner. There is much about this story that doesn't add up. This is not the way business is done.

Hey Mando how about telling it like it is!

Parcells has a great contract! No more No less OK?

David in Galveston, just remember that Parcells is no longer a head coach and he doesn't want to be. He's new at this job and he might just like the role he's in at this point in his life. As long as Ross stays out of the way and allows him to do what he's good at doing, I could see the Tuna sticking around for another year or two, maybe more.

I would like to think that at some point Parcells would get tired of building championship caliber teams without seeing them through to an actual championship and winning another ring. Isn't that what drives people like Parcells, to be the absolute best, not simply competitive or good, THE BEST.

He's not getting any younger and at some point it has to enter his mind that "hey I'm running out of time and places on this earth to go someplace else and start all over from scratch". If the Dolphins media and fans start beating the drum that we want a champion and we won't settle for anything less I think Parcells will be harder pressed to walk away before he delivers the goods.

If he stays, he stays. He has already placed some good people in the coaching staff. We have nothing to moan about. I hope he stays but if he goes, Ireland and Sparano could take this team pretty far.

I wouldn't blame him if he left although some rich owner just ate a chunk of bling.

I see the honest and heartfelt love a few of you have for the Dolphins so I will clear this up for the few here whos mind I feel deserve to be put at ease.

I've known Wayne for years and love the guy like a Father and he knows my loyalty to whichever team Im with and I knew where he stood as far as meddling goes but you never know about the "new guy" wanting to put his mark on his new toy so we put the thirty day thing in there just so I could evaluate the new guy without being hasty.

I then expressed my concerns to Wayne that the new guy might play all buddy buddy until those thirty days were up and then he up and turns into Al Davis so THATS WHY Wayne changed the clause.

IF Mando will STFU and let me do what I do and IF the new guy will just hand me his check book and let me do what I do then Im here until Im not needed anymore.

Now IF Mando asks me i'll tell him that I might leave tomorrow and take Jeff and Tony with me to his beloved Jets because I love for moronic schlubs like him to chase me around.

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