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Fallout from Cassel trade affects Dolphins

The Patriots have traded Matt Cassel and outside linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick, the 34th overall selection in the draft. And why should you care, you ask?


The Pats play in the AFC East. The Dolphins play in the AFC East. And movement in New England ripples in Miami.

The trade means the Patriots add another valuable draft pick only two picks into the second round. That's bad news for the Dolphins.

The trade means the Patriots just cleared $14.65 million of salary cap space, giving them the opportunity to become players in the free agent market if they like. That's bad news for Miami.

The trade also suggests quarterback Tom Bunchen, recently wed to model Gisele Bunchen, is coming along nicely with his recovery from knee surgery and the ensuing infections. The Patriots would not have given up on Cassel this early in the offseason without a good prognosis for Bunchen.

And that, friends, while not exactly bad news for Miami, is certainly not great news.


By the way, I assume you saw Jeff Darlington's report that cornerback Andre' Goodman is visiting Denver and Cleveland. Would hate to see him leave. He was great in the locker room, and very good on the field last year.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have confirmed they had no unrestricted or restricted free agents visit today.


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Who cares about what is happening in Kansas City and New England. The big question the local beat writers should be working on is what is happening in Miami with the Dolphins today?

all of you people have to stop criticizing the dolphins. the answers are not in free agency or trades! its all about the draft! look at the last two years of superbowl champs! pure bread players

Chowda chowda chowda, my head is made of chowda. The NFL owes it to the Patriots to give them a free pass to the super bowl because they are the greatest team of all time and have won every game since the NFL was created. I know this even though I have only followed them since 2001...Chowda, chowda, chowda my head is full of chowda...Did I mention that the Patriots are wicked awesome...WICKED AWESOME...Bill Belicheat is the best coach of all time and should be in the hall of fame because he is flawless even though he is a proven cheater...Chowda chowda chowda, my head is full of chowda...Pats, sox, wicked, chowda to sum it all up...

1st, and Puck the Fats!!!

I remember we goose egged them jokers a couple years ago, with a way worse team!!!!!!! A fan was about to slap Brady!! No one every talks about that game though!!

Like i said before , a healthy brady is bad news for the rest of the N.F.l ....

Excuse me-

"Ever talks......"

John Kitna got traded to Dallas, so much for trading Beck to them

Wow, Scott Pioli got a nice parting gift from the Patriots - Cassel AND Vrabel for a 2nd rounder? With that cap room, I wonder if they'll go after Ray Lewis, or at least drive his price up?

so much for the Beck trade.

john beck to lions for a 3-4 rounder? =D ha

I love Boston chowder, then again i love Manhattan clam chowder too..but then again i like conch chowder too...

Ugh..this blog gets worse and worse. The sky is falling...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!

Who cares about the Patroits. We are contenders again in our division and I hope that Chad is like Matt if Pennington goes down. We just need to try hard to make our defense even better, make the Offensive line even better, and Get Penington Better receivers to help the offense roling. I also think that we should trade Ronnie Brown for something better because to me he just isn't a 1000 plus yard back.

I am writing today since i had a bad dream last night in it i saw
1-bell will start only 6 games due to old injury
2-berger will win starting job but fail to have any affect on the game
3-PENNE starts the season w/1-4 record
4 -HENNE in his first game he gives 2 interceptions and ending w/0-3 record
5-PENNE comes back and season finish with 5-11 record
6-BP departs and take it easy for the following year
7-PENNE is gone and about 6 more player BERGER among them.
9-mando becomes very happy man due to fins demise
10-fin fans turn on team like Pit Bulls
11-all fin fans you see them today on here they will be repeating the same crap.

Hurriphins, are you talking about the monday niter when satan was coaching the team?? phins won 20 to 0??? the fish ended up losing there last 3 games, after words satan bid farewell and returned to hell.. aka alabama...

Every one get ready for

luiggi, take some ambian...

Phil, you dont like ted(hands of stone) ginn and his clip board holding daddy???

menace.... don't take any thing cause i like all your posts today and they are all funny.

while teams trade nice players fins think about filling gaps like joe the Plumber

phins have a tough road this upcoming year no dought, iam wondering also how many of these so called"fans" are going to be tolerant if they start off at 3 and 5, which is a possibility..


Monkey, Or should it be filling CRACKS with joe the plumber??

how many times in history that 2 QB have same first name CHAD and last name as PENNE and HENNE with only one different letter?it's alarming after all this is florida

Luiggi, i spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica some years back, gotta admit if there's heaven on earth it's located in your country.. it's beautiful..

Hiyo! Hey there people...I had an exciting job interview today...check it out and let me know your thoughts...hiyo


stay classy Miami,


I know Bill P keeps all of his inside info very inside if you know what I mean. However, do you have ANY info on their thoughts of filling the vacant starting cornerback position. I would not mind seeing a Chris McCallister over there. He and Will Allen can groom a potential star like a Alphonso Smith.

cuban menace, i bet if that start does happen, then half of these so called fans giving their output about the so called horrible free agency are going to be like ehh eff the dolphins they suck blah blah blah and then they will right back on the band wagon once they start doing good. u r very right. not soo many are goign to like it

Luggi, www.nypost.com go there and comment on the Jets and their new signings, old line, mistake at picking up an old qb, their new coach, the difficult d they are going to try to install, the draft bust in Gholston, losing to the Fins when it counted last year, going into the NY Giants new stadium, losing to Oakland,SF,Seattle, your team quitting last year, and just being a door mat for the NFL for so long. I mean you guys are not even in the NY, theyre in NJ. Maybe Al Davis should buy the Jets, he would definetly be an upgrade to your owners and office now.

enough about the patsies...who is visiting the dolphins this weekend?

no doubt fins were very lucky last year and with the coming of MR.Berger and his family to nice south florida and the Brady affect on teams playing him.the fins will be lucky if they don't implode .

The Cassell deal is contingent on Brady being healthy. In case you didn't notice, the Dolphins have two 2nd rounders as well. Mando and the rest of the Florida media live in constant fear of the Pats. I guess we should all be cowering in the fetal position because Brady may be healthy? What is also being forgotten is that the Pats are now without Vrabel who was one of their unquestioned leaders on defense. What happens if Brady goes down in the second game? Why does Mando fear the Pats so much?

The BERGER family coming to visit next week and some dude looking to fill some gap or crack in the team

I don't get this. QB is the most important position on the field and always have a premium attached to them in any trade. The pats trade a QB with an 11-5 record, who completed over 60% of his passes with a 2-1 TD to int ratio. They also threw in a veteran LB and only got a 2nd round pick? I think Pioli pillaged his old team. As far as I am concerned this is good news for the phins. No experienced backup to Brady, The Pats did not get Peppers and lost Vrabel as well. This is a good day.

thank you menace ,i miss my costa rica like hell but i thank god every for living among good people of the old USA and reading funny posts by you makes more worth it

Atleast when the Phins knock Brady out of the game they won't have a good back-up!!

Do you guys really think Bill will pass up Hey-Bey or Hicks if they are there for the taking in the 1st round?

My sister is marrying a guy from Costa Rica and now that I see there are Jets fans there I will def have to tell her to break it off.

Sounds like Luggi has a crush on somebody... AWWWWWWWWWW

ARMANDO, Cleveland's done it NE's done it, looks like we need to package some players too. But who can we afford to lose that is worth anything?

Hey Armando, is there any truth that the Dolphins would consider cutting Ricky Williams to save 3.5 mil in cap?

Also do we have any interest in Phillip Buchanon? I would like to see the former Cane come back home and play for the Fins.

19 and 0, maybe because there that good, there a season removed from 17 and 1 have the best w.r in moss, have the best clutch catcher in welker,has a coach that will do anything to win including cheating, there the N.F.L flagship team etc.etc,etc . oh yeah, they also have brady...not to mention that every ruling the N.F.L hands down favors there flagship team, dont beleive me? ask the raiders,ask indy,luckly the giants weren't put in a position that a ruling on the field during the super bowl other wise the fins of 72 would have been forgotten like the 42 bears as the only underfeated team, that's why every one cowers to the pats..

Clayton, they can probably put me in at q.b if brady goes down and id have good stats, there that good my friend..

Dolphins trade bait: John Beck, Samson Satele, Tedd Ginn Jr., Ricky Williams

costa rica stinks and cuba is an abortion....slobs

Who cares about New England and Kansas city. Last i look, the dolphins beat both teams last yr. Also, Brady and the patriots record against the Dolphins in the last decade or so isn't very good. So imo the patriot are the one's whom should be worried about the dolphins 2 picks in the 2nd rd, not the other way around.

P. S. the dolphins are still the division champs, aren't they?

ARMANDO Would our two 2nd rnders be worth a 1st? Would Beck and Ricky be worth a 2nd?

soulja, i agree with every one on your list(especially ted (feet of clay)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy) but lets keep Ricky, who ever says he's costing 3.5 mill. a year is mistaken i think he's at minimum. pay because what he did when he decided to find himself, so lets keep him....

i just got a huge wiff of that sewer, also known as costa rica, up here in los angeles....damn

So luggi from costa rica... your first post says the Dolphins will have 6 wins and 18 losses. Either: 1) You're a liar, because you simply wouldn't remember those meaningless stats from a dream. 2) You're a fool who can't even do simple math when trying to criticize an opposing team... a team who wiped your teams butt last year, while winning its division. So Jets or Patsies fan... nice try, faker.

Honestly, How much would Ginn Be worth as trade bait? I am not thinking much but if Phins wait another year only to confirm that he is not gonna be the guy then he might be worth even less.

Any Free Agents visting Miami today?

TO LOW LIFER cnfinfan or tommy .h.cali.
in life there must be low life person every where but it's hard to spot but in your case it's clear you came from home as dirty and low etc etc etc

Tommy,Your city might be the nastiest city this side of calcutta, i wouldn't talk about any one else's city with the cesspool you call home..

Clayton , spot on buddy...

mr dumb Alienman.....You don add all the numbers to gather ,i was talking about penne and Henne each by him self in start of season then i said 5-11 after these starts they had .
My god I fee like most blogers are dumb like fins team

why don't we sign some free agents for the league minimum so it won't hurt the salary cap. and then we give those free agents all of the rest of their millions of dollars in some secret bank account.

only in florida would people use the term TRADE BAIT.So many fish so little Bait .ginn's family is real good Bait

I had clam chowder for super and pooped out a claw. That seems like an ominous sign that we need to keep an eye out for the Patriots this year.

To the imposter that posted as me at 4:23, that's pretty funny.... i like that...

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