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Fallout from Cassel trade affects Dolphins

The Patriots have traded Matt Cassel and outside linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick, the 34th overall selection in the draft. And why should you care, you ask?


The Pats play in the AFC East. The Dolphins play in the AFC East. And movement in New England ripples in Miami.

The trade means the Patriots add another valuable draft pick only two picks into the second round. That's bad news for the Dolphins.

The trade means the Patriots just cleared $14.65 million of salary cap space, giving them the opportunity to become players in the free agent market if they like. That's bad news for Miami.

The trade also suggests quarterback Tom Bunchen, recently wed to model Gisele Bunchen, is coming along nicely with his recovery from knee surgery and the ensuing infections. The Patriots would not have given up on Cassel this early in the offseason without a good prognosis for Bunchen.

And that, friends, while not exactly bad news for Miami, is certainly not great news.


By the way, I assume you saw Jeff Darlington's report that cornerback Andre' Goodman is visiting Denver and Cleveland. Would hate to see him leave. He was great in the locker room, and very good on the field last year.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have confirmed they had no unrestricted or restricted free agents visit today.


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But clams dont have claws....

Wow, the Cowboys traded Anthony Henry, a starting CB, for John Kitna?!? Bill Parcells: Call the Cowboys now and fleece some more starters from them!

Cuban Menace - you crack me up!

Monkey, you and Luggi should mate and start a new species. You can both move to the jungles of Costa Rica and raise your offspring.

FINS are not so bright. Parcels had the 1st round LB PICK bust in Dallas a couple of years ago...whomever said he new LB's...hugh...he also pick an OL in the 4th round last year for the Dolphins (even traded up to get him) who was predicted to go in the 7th round at best by most draft analyst. Henne is not well regarded either by most analysts...if we are counting him as our qb of the future.

why give Crowder a long ter $ contract with bad knees and no big game ability.

Same for Carey - never made a pro bowl

cassel didn't join the jets -- i'd say that's a plus.

Frankly, I believe Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel merit more than a 2nd round pick (albeit a high 2nd round pick).

And, frankly, I'm not too crazy about Tom Brady's main squeeze - Gisele Bunchen. First of all, she hails from South America with a German-sounding name. And we all know what that means. (Well, perhaps everyone but Luggi from Costa Rica knows what that means).

Secondly, for a so-called Super Model, she's not that great looking. I need to drown in a woman's eyes, and Gisele's eyes are rather plain.

But getting back to "The Wizard Of Oz" - I find it spurious that the Wizard told the Tin Man: "Remember my sentimental friend, a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." I see this as a bad moral teaching. You may be loved by the masses for all the wrong reasons. Hitler is a prime example.

God will judge us all - prince and pauper, CEO and secretary - by the same standard: how we behave toward our fellow man. And the kindness in our heart is the best indicator of our behavior.

I really like it when women wear blouses with big necks, and their black bra straps are visible.

Miami played at least 8 dormat teams last year. If they had played an average schedule with say 4 more quality teams like the rest of the league, they would have likely finished 7-9 instead of 11-5. This year they have the toughest schedule and have yet to make any major upgrades. 7-9 seems more realistic. LASTLY, Penne has never had two consecutive good years and has been injured half his career. If he goes down, we will have basically a rookie qb as our starter. Record 6-10.. sorry Fins....still a ways to go

the fin team does biz as used car dealership they always get older player and cheap players and you feel like they talk to the media like Cramer returning the fruit back to the store cause they didn't taste good.

Luggi, You "don't add all the numbers to gather"? What, are we picking berries? Oh wait, that's right. You meant "together".
Sorry if I couldn't understand your pathetic attempt to communicate. Do you understand "pathetic"?
It means miserably inadequate, mixed with a pinch of pity towards you. Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out of our blog, little man...

The Patriots have like 21 free agents next year this was done to extend them if they have any brains. I was worried they would get a high first round pick. Losing Vrabel and Cassel will weaken them and put a lot of pressure on Brady who really ripped up his knee.

the reason pats got what people think is not much cause they forget that pats wants to get rid of a salary of almost 15 mil a year.

Alienman, were you raised by baboons in some remote cave or are you from Jersey - same difference.

You seem very angry insulting others - believe some would say it is a sad facade for pesonal inadequicies. Yes, I spelled it wrong for you to correct and feel like you have made a contribution on your meager life.

Luggi, lastly... why do you put so much effort into trying to convince people that you, monkey, and cuban menace aren't the same person? See previous definition of "pathetic"...

Every one get the HAND SOAP ready,Nathaniel is on.BTW nathaniel if you take the word big from big neck and replaced with other word would be better.now set and go

alienman is new dumb fan found his way to greatness

hey cuban what's up? looks like the jets are spending soome dough. I hope they are legit and not a mini version of the skins in the past.
this hole pats/chiefs things stinks to high heavens. isn't there some kinda insider trading rule in the nfl? the phins will be okay everyone.....don't forget we started a lil earlier than everyone else. we've got cam wake to help the front seven and now we've fixed the secondary. im sure we have a plan for cb although I like goody a lot. im guessing we're gonna draft heavy depth on the o and d line. look at the value we got bess and practice squad players last year. we may not be selling the farm but we're gonna be hella strong.

I think you mean "whipped" I don't think we
"wiped" their butts while on the way to winning the division. LOL. That is just nasty

I agree with ken, Pioli is doing to NE what Parcells did to Dallas. Let's see how well NE does without Pioli.

alienman ,did you get the hand soap yet?

This is why I feel like we should trade for Larry Fitzgerald.

A quick update for everyone: The Dolphins had no unrestricted free agent visits today.


What in the hell are you talkijg about? The pats just got rid of two very good players and only got a second round draft pick and you think that is somehow going to make the Dolphins worse? Now they have another draft pick to work with? So do the other teams who are picking in front of us in the 2nd. Who cares whos pick it is. They got rid of two proven players and got a pick that has a chance to become mediocre or a bust and you want Dolphins fans to worry? Are you on crack? Pioli isn't even there to make the pick! Isn't that a good thing you could write about? The players they lost, the fact that Brady is coming back from a devastating knee injury, coaches gone, aging defense. None of these things will hurt the Patsies but the extra draft pick is going to make them elite again? I'm so happy that the team doesn't let you jerkoff writers near the coaches or players. You are cancers and you ruin team chemistry by asking enquireresque type questions. Way to go by rubbing it in to Ricky Williams that he got ripped off on his new deal. I'm sure that helped him play better jackass. Why don't you go and ask Henne why he isn't playing instead of Penny and suggest he should be upset. I'm sure that will help the team also.

I'd have to say that the Chiefs got the better end of the deal here. I'd say in the end its probably a fair deal but in this market Cassel should have fetched a 1st. I think he was more a product of their system but in the end Pioli should know what he's dealing with.

The Pate were getting something here and I'm glad its only the 2nd.

I'd rather see some speculation or reporting on John Beck. With the Kitna trade to Dallas it should close a door that I that was revolving. I really thought Beck to Dallas was inevitable.

Where are some other possible destinations and is there a chance he makes it to the opening day roster again? I doubt it but I certainly haven't been correct on many things this off season.

Didn't the dolphins try to hire Paoti (lol) a couple of years ago? He is suppose to be some draft guru. Wonder why he took the KC job and not miami's

"why give Crowder a long ter $ contract with bad knees and no big game ability". Since when is 2 years a long term contract? He was second on the team in tackles last year and his asking price was lower than anyone who would have been a modest upgrade. Lets see how good Scott (good luck playing without Suggs and Lewis) is before we annoint him the next LT. He is playing for the Jets and how did all of those "huge"signings they made last year work out for them? Oh that's right they lost their starting QB and head coach and were third in their division. UH OH that Tannenbaum is a genius!

"Same for Carey - never made a pro bowl" But he was the best free agent tackle on the market and you're suggesting that Parcells should've let him go and sign someone of lesser talent? It never amazes me the level of stupidity that runs rampant in this blog. Great job Armando, you have succeeded in drawing the dumbest people from all over the world to make ignorant comments thus filling up your hit total. The Herald should be very proud. " Dolphins in Depth, where the dumbasses reign supreme".

The Pats are moving past us rapidly, as we speak, and as you Sheep celebrate the Berger signing. 's ovah; Fins cheapniz undermines all progress.

Hey mando do you know who is coming on monday and thursday?
would be nice to see any one come and what rumors about goodman and henne?oh i forgot is any free agent coming this week"


i have a feeling that were not gonna see much out of the dolphins until the draft. which i suppose is ok

I think you'll see us do something once the CB dominoes start to fall.

Mando, can you please contact the agent for Kevin Burnett. It makes all the sense in the world that he would be brought in for the right price. I haven't seen his name mentioned at all which is surprising to me.

Will you please just kill yourself?

"Hey Armando, is there any truth that the Dolphins would consider cutting Ricky Williams to save 3.5 mil in cap?"

He just signed a new contract, so the answer is NO.

im not too worried about the pats
we beat them more than they beat us and look what happened to Dan “the Man“ Marino when he injured his leg the same could very well happen to tomboy brady

Good job Sprovo ;may be Kevin burnett love to visit us some time on monday oh yeees Please go and call his agent.

Any fan who complains about Miami's schedule last year is an idiot. Miami played the same schedule as the remainder of the AFC East save for a couple of AFC games against the other divisions. Miami just played well when they had to. Next year they will win the AFC East again and Brady will last 4 games into next year before getting hurt again.

We should be fine if they have Brady we have penne and if they have Moss we have Ginn

A number 2 and Vrabel is not such a great deal for the Pats. Now they have no reliable backup for TB and some dumb team might have given up a number 1. After all, we gave up 2 number 2 for a gimpy Culpepper and Jay Feeley.

A number 2 and Vrabel is not such a great deal for the Pats. Now they have no reliable backup for TB and some dumb team might have given up a number 1. After all, we gave up 2 number 2 for a gimpy Culpepper and Jay Feeley.

Why should dolphins fans be happy about Brady's knee con=ming along so nicely, I was hoping he would be not ready by the season opener incase we have to play them first game of the season considering the fact We need somebody like Coles for our wide recievers if possibly Dolphins will take the afc east again whoever the QB for the Patriots are,

8 and 8 is looking better all the time.

i dont see a rookie competing for a CB position, so who is it? someone with size? speed? the correct age? wake gave us a rushing LB, kept our free agents worth keeping. just curious?

They got a 2nd round pick because Vrabel brought down the value. You can trade Cassel for a 1st round pick easily because he is a qb that has a year of success and is still the age of some rookies, which makes him less of a chance than any qb you draft. Vrabel is an old man at this point at 34 and will cost the Chiefs some dough for this year.

I don't really care about what other teams do. I like that we have addressed several areas of weakness. Namely, the pass rush, the O-line, and the secondary. Now we have 10 picks-I believe-to fortify these areas and address other areas. I look at our situation and we are in great shape to improve next year.

In reading this article, I am surprised by how much money the Jets are spending. These guys are signing high priced players. They are setting themselves up for failure becuase they may incur some serious cap penalties for cutting guys that are under contract. That will affect their cap figure for next year.

Carmen is smarter than new england head coach and manger?How can that be?could be that carmen missing a lot of info?that could be but who to say that pats were never wrong? I Do

Dolphins still have to play the Patriots twice a year even though we can use a Middlelinebacker like Zach Thomas and a back up veteran QB like Brad Johnson at least we can contain the Panthers and Tamps Bay Buccanners WRS, if we can get some Linebacking help from Free Agency and some new defensive backs with a little speed

oak, better for us in the future

To Idiot - your name serves you well.

On Crowder - he signed a 3 year deal, NOT 2 years. Get your facts straight, you idiot. For an athlete with a history of injuries and no big-play ability, an upgrade would have been the way to go. There are a ton of LB available in FA.

On Carey, even Dolhin writers have categorized him as average. To get such a high $ long term deal was absurd. There are 6 OT in FA that grade better than Carey and could have been had for the same or less.

Idiot, you really need to learn more about football before you start to bad mouth others. Perhaps you should check out "football for dummy's" at your local library. Maybe, you can buy it on-line with your food stamps.

You angry tone depicts your low social status. You're pobably my angry plumber..LoL

all of you people have to stop criticizing the dolphins. the answers are not in free agency or trades! its all about the draft! look at the last two years of superbowl champs! pure bread players

who's fan? carey is a miami man, least u forget

I am an arrogant elitist basturd...I know nothing about football and I am a lonely blog troll that comes and signs on with other people's names...Its really lame and sad, but it makes me feel better about myself...and more elite


pure bred

u eat bread

u breed talent

Fan .OH my god how you know i am a plumber? you sound like a door man.

Actually I dive in septic tanks for a living...I also moonlight as a shoe sine boy and I'm a full time troll

Luigi & Menace need 2 rent a room & let us discuss football!!!!

Come on idiot some one must told you i am a door man but at least it's better than a plumber

thankx robby

I'm a Jets fan that's tired of our crap team so I come to check how a real team is run. Mike Francesca won't take my calls anymore because he knows I'll only bring praise to the Phins.

I get frustrated at times and pretend to be others only so I can feel the keys hit my fingers as a winner.

Excuse me I'm off to the Pats message board for some more ass sniffing.

It's smelly in here ,see you later

Patient Dolfans. You know "The Three" have a plan and they stick to it. Draft is where you build your team and free agency is nice, but you overspend. Have faith in them and be patient. I know everyone wants a big name, but look at how the Jets overspent last year and they are doing it again. Another Example and look at Washington. New England knows how to do it right and the second round is the gold mine for players. Here are the picks for the draft. 1st round-CB Alphonso Smith-21 interceptions in college, a playmaker, something we have not had in a long time. 2nd round pick-Top Center prospect-I see All american center-Antoine Caldwell from Alabama-a young Dwight Stephenson if you remember him. Second 2nd round pick-I can't believe I am saying this since I am a hurricane fan, and hate the gators, but WR Louis Murphy from Florida-6ft2 209lb and runs at 4.4 forty. He has the size and speed ratio that the big three are looking for and runs great routes. Way underuse at Florida because of Percy Harvin and all the other player makers. He is the first gator WR I see that will have a better pro career than college. Our 3rd pick will be DT-Terrance Taylor-6ft and 310lbs-run stuffer-did you see him in the drills at the combine-very impressed with his motor, but not his short size at 6ft, but he impressed me at the combine and on film. So lets wait a week and see what the big three come up with in free agency, but the draft is my thing. Check out my picks and research these guys-they are playmakers.

By the way Dwight Stephenson also played at Alabama, same as Antoine Caldwell.

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