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Fallout from Cassel trade affects Dolphins

The Patriots have traded Matt Cassel and outside linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick, the 34th overall selection in the draft. And why should you care, you ask?


The Pats play in the AFC East. The Dolphins play in the AFC East. And movement in New England ripples in Miami.

The trade means the Patriots add another valuable draft pick only two picks into the second round. That's bad news for the Dolphins.

The trade means the Patriots just cleared $14.65 million of salary cap space, giving them the opportunity to become players in the free agent market if they like. That's bad news for Miami.

The trade also suggests quarterback Tom Bunchen, recently wed to model Gisele Bunchen, is coming along nicely with his recovery from knee surgery and the ensuing infections. The Patriots would not have given up on Cassel this early in the offseason without a good prognosis for Bunchen.

And that, friends, while not exactly bad news for Miami, is certainly not great news.


By the way, I assume you saw Jeff Darlington's report that cornerback Andre' Goodman is visiting Denver and Cleveland. Would hate to see him leave. He was great in the locker room, and very good on the field last year.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have confirmed they had no unrestricted or restricted free agents visit today.


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That 2nd round pick for BOTH Cassel AND Vrabel needs to be investigated by the NFL for, for.....for SOMETHING.
Basically, it was Paoli's way of saying "screw the AFC East"...except for his beloved Patsies.
A little collusion. Bellicheat strikes again.

Fins will be looking at drafting a CB NLT the 3RD... Goodman is gone.

after all we are not in romania

Alienman , you must be from outer space or on crack. I'm going to tell you the same thing i told terry . Pleeeeeeease put the pipe down. That has to be 1 of the stupidest trades i ever heard of.

any body knows there's only one brady but our friend alienman thinks that cutler on the same level as tom brady and he keep saying he knows football for many years.may be romanian football

alienman is dumb fin fan and should put his drink down

alienman said cutler can match brady drive by drive.and that my friends what living among all these fin fans will do to you.

I agree with luggi ,cutler is not in the same league as brady . Also , another good friend of mine , cuban menace hates INTS and cutler throws to many.

2011 super bowl for the dumb and dumber

i said before and i say it again nj phin fan knowlege of football is unmatched by any one on this blog.one more thing to note ,next season will be a record setting for penne and henne interceptions .

Luggi- I'm a born and raised, corn-fed, hamburger-eating, God-loving, straight-up, red white and blue American. My wife is a foreigner. It's funny how truly stupid you are. You're like a 1st grader who has to have everything spelled out to you. I bet that even the people in your native country think you are mentally retarded.
New Jersey Fin fan... way to not explain your thought process or rationale. Just say something is stupid and someone's smoking crack. Cutler had the NO running game, an injury-riddled receiving corp's, and still managed to throw for over 4,500 yards. One of the top 5 QB's in the NFL, and I'M the idiot for "mentioning" the prospect of a trade. Um, yeah... that's it. That's the ticket. Brilliant man, just brilliant.

Alienman , i've forgotten more football then you'll ever know. I was waiting for you to say something like that. Just ask youself this , why in the world would denver want to trade cutler if he was so great. For matt cassell ? Is matt casell going to be that much better than henne. What if cutler tears up his knee or has serious trouble with his diabetes ( god forbid )? Sure we have henne , but now your out a first and third. Henne ( the trifecta love him) is going to be ready in 2010 and you still have your draft picks. You have your answer now ?. Who's the Idiot Now ?


Hey Oaktree, I'm curious about your thought process for saying Vrabel brought down the value, and that's the reason the Pats only got a 2nd. Interesting theory, but I don't see how you can buy it. I mean, look what we got for JT last year. Unless I'm misunderstanding, then you're basically saying that if Vrabel isn't included, then the Pats possibly get a first rounder or better? Doesn't make sense to me. The Pats would not have been dumb enough to only get a 2nd, if they could've gotten a 1st. No team would do that unless it's Spielman or Millen running the show... no team trades a 1st round pick for a 2nd, simply to clear cap space.

So I'm wonderin, what happened to the whole deal about givin up two first round picks for a franchise tagged player? How did the chiefs get Cassel and Vrabel for only a 2nd round pick? Wouldn't the chiefs have to give up two 1sts since Cassel was franchised?

north florida is were its at!!!!
south florida is almost another country
and NO ONE likes a yankee

North florida is a bunch of rednecks !!! GOT NASCAR ?

not were i live
we love the beach and good ol' american football
and i happen to live in one of the biggest spring break cities

Yeah, and I was waiting for the ignorant comment about the diabetes being part of your argument too. My dad has diabetes, and every doctor who treated Cutler agrees it is both very treatable in terms of the effect it will have on him and his career, as well as very controllable. Ahhhh, but you know better rocket scientist. Cutler is a 3 year pro, 2 year starter that just threw for 4,500 yards. Oh, but he "might tear up his knee". Great argument! According to you, Henne is already better than a proven pro-bowler in his 3rd year. "Why would Denver try to trade him for Cassel", you ask? Um, maybe because their new head coach was the Patsies offensive coordinator. But I forgot, you've forgotten more football than I could ever know... yet you clearly didn't even know their new coach was from New England! Problem with you is that you prefer to be a jacka$$ and condescending, narcissistic know-it-all, acting like you are God's gift to everything. Have fun with your little boy buddies who will kiss up to you on this blog... I ain't one 'em pretty boy. I'll kick it with the beer drinking NASCAR boys any day of the week over the likes of you. Game, set, match. BOOYAH!


How is trading away 2 quality players bad news for the FINS? Brady is going to struggle,usually takes 2 years to recover from his type of injury.Glad to see Casell go....What a stupid article..Hey Armando,how about an article ABOUT THE DOLPHINS?? DOH!!!!!!

Remember that Jets game in week 17 in New York to decide who goes into the playoffs? That was awesome.

"MAUALUGA COULD SLIDE!!!!!" Because of a possible tear to his hammy and a couple of off field whispers, he actually could slide to the late teens with a slim chance of 20th overall. Great opportunity to use one of our expendable players like Beck to move up a few spots (into the high teens). We'd also be leap frogging the rival Patriots (23rd pick) to be sitting in the catbirds seat and beat them to the punch. I don't care about the injury early on. We'll get him on track eventually. But this would be a major coup!! Because we wouldn't of had a sniff of him otherwise as he was predicted to go in the top 15. Possibly top 10! Picture it... A LB corps of Porter, Maualuga, Crowder, and Wake. Works for me!! Thoughts??

"Welcome to McDonald's Mr Parcels, may I take your order??" Yes...just a plain old Berger. "Uuuh, wouldn't you prefer a high quality Angus Deluxe??" No, just a Berger...the value meal.

Hey..We all know Armando and what he's about, but he does add something to the entire Dolphins Blogosphere.....I think this deal between the Pats and KC was just a plain good deal between two parties who knew each others cards...Pretty easy, right?

The focus should be on how the Pats bent over for Pioli without even gettin a kiss......

How they jumped the gun on this trade without spending any time tryng to get MORE. Stafford will go number one over all and likely never be as good as Cassell.

This is a league full of teams starving for even a decent QB. The Cheaters must have felt they owed Pioli something and threw him a bone to help him jump start his career with the Chiefs.

This is a little off subject, but....

Dwayne Wade is a f-n monster...nasty


Can we get confirmation on the Kevin Burnett rumors?

Kevin Burnett can be reached at 972-689-2625. I can't seem to get him on the phone but maybe you have contact info for his agent.

Last year Miami beat New England because they inserted a gimmick play that worked often and New England had a new quarterback. After the quarterback settled in, and the gimmick play lost some of it's surprise, Miami was easily beaten by the Patriots.

I'm a a Miami fan but doing well causes harder schedule...and I don't see Miami upgrading that much so far. I'm thinking 8-8 season. Just to bring us back to Earth. Hope I'm wrong.


Even if the dolphins finished 0-16 last year, we would have had a harder schedule this year...Instead of playing the afc and nfc west (last year) we play the afc and nfc south...there are just better teams in those divisions...There are only two games that are affected by how we did last year...since we came in first we have to play the first place teams from the afc north and west (steelers and chargers)

However, some of the teams in the afc and nfc south wont be as good as expected (Bucs, Jags, Titans)...Just because the dolphins didn't make any big signings the first weekend of free agency doesn't mean we wont be able to compete...

The Pats want to draft a qb, probably Pat White because he's the best out there. If Detroit takes a qb, Stafford or Sanchez, another team can pick up the other and leave White for the Pats.
If Detroit goes for speed they could draft Hayward-Bey, Harvin and then Pat White themselves.
Or Detroit could trade its first overall to Miami for Chad Henne and we could draft Heyward-Bey first overall and pick up Stafford/Sanchez or White with our original first rounder.


Is Burnett a ILB or OLB...Do you like him or Carpenter better?

4-12 more like it

Master, every statement you just made is completely ridiculous...

1. The Pats will not go for Pat White, they already have to young backups, if they get another it will probably be a vet

2. Detroit will never draft Hey-Bey, Harvin, and White...They have screwed themselves by drafting 1st round wr's...they need to build the core of the team...if they don't draft a qb first it will be an OT.

3. The dolphins will not trade Henne (and he is not worth a 1st, Cassel only got a 2cnd) and we will not draft hey-bey (especially 1st over-all)..he is over-rated...all he has is speed and he is horribly inconsistent...

Sprovo,I Called and i got an answer machine saying please leave a massage so i left one saying ,are you coming to visit miami on monday?
I hope to get an answer next 20 minutes.BTW do you have some other number we can try?


Is Burnett a ILB or OLB...Do you like him or Carpenter better?

Posted by: souljahbeats | March 01, 2009 at 08:44 AM

He's listed as Ware's backup but I think he projects as an ILB.

I've liked Carpenter in the past and I like his NFL pedigree but the guy seems to just not click when he's out there. I thought when they drafted him that he would be a fit especially when Parcells had his father back in the day.

I'd take Burnett at this point but I'd be happy to get Carpenter as well. We're going to need an army of LBs this year.

well they are in their division so whatever they do effects us and whatever we do effects them. You had to write a blog about that?

Coles to Bills or Dolphins as early as today.


Just say no to Coles...let the Bills overpay this has-been so we can beat up on them twice next year....again

Sprovo has more updated news than mando on this blog.kind of neat,he should get paid.Coles will end up with bills.

I agree souljah

I've never been a big fan of the guy but I'm always on board with what ever goes down.

Whats your preference on CB? Who would you grab if we could have any of them?

i just got a huge wiff of that sewer, also known as costa rica, up here in los angeles....damn

Posted by: tommyhollywood-cali

That wasn't Costa Rica you smelled, that was Texas. George Bush is moving back in there.


I think the entire cb free agent market is overpriced...I wouldn't be mad if they signed McFadden, but I think they would overpay...I haven't heard a word about McFadden visiting anybody, which is strange...I would like for them to draft a cb (Sean Smith, Macho Harris) and if they can get goodman back for the cheap that wouldn't hurt

McFadden is visiting Arizona today. They've got that Pitt connection with the coaching staff.

Feb 27 Darren Urban, of AZCardinals.com, reports free-agent CB Bryant McFadden (Steelers) is expected to visit with the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, March 1.

The Dolphins didn't make any big name signings last year either and look where it got them! When are you people going to realize that signing "big names" doesn't win you a title? Did we not learn this the first time around at the end of Shulas career when they signed all of the "big names" and went nowhere. Did we not realize this isn't the way to go when we saw what happened to the Cowboys and Jets last year? How are those Yankees doing lately? It's called team chemistry. It's about getting players with heart. It's about not overspending and breaking the bank on one or two players. It's about having quality depth to back your starters up. Wake up you ignorant fools.

Rich Cimini is an idiot. Coles isn't picking between Miami and Buffalo because Miami doesn't want him. He is picking between Buffalo and that's it.

John Clayton is reporting Ron Bartell wants 7 mil annually.

I think you might be right about the FA CB market souljah, just a bit too pricey.

Lets hope Bodden got low-balled by the Pats. Maybe we can jump into negotiations with him at the right time. Bodden's situation last year could compare to Gibril Wilson's. Spent a year in a bad situation. Only difference was Bodden was traded to Detroit. Once again a situation where I'm sure he is desperate for a well run team.

It makes sense that he would visit the Pats. McFadden visiting the Cards could be the one situation where a good player goes to a good team with cap space for good money. Bartell demanding 7 mil shows his intentions. Maybe Bodden is the one that makes concessions in salary in order to play for a winner.

The Dolphins didn't make any big name signings last year either and look where it got them! When are you people going to realize that signing "big names" doesn't win you a title? Did we not learn this the first time around at the end of Shulas career when they signed all of the "big names" and went nowhere. Did we not realize this isn't the way to go when we saw what happened to the Cowboys and Jets last year? How are those Yankees doing lately? It's called team chemistry. It's about getting players with heart. It's about not overspending and breaking the bank on one or two players. It's about having quality depth to back your starters up. Wake up you ignorant fools.

Posted by: IDIOTS | March 01, 2009 at 10:04 AM

I don't see anyone demanding big name signings. I see guys that would be happy to have big name players for the right price.

Its FA season man, take it easy. There's nothing wrong with speculating and targeting guys you'd like to see the Phins sign.

Its not like there was a line of us calling for Haynesworth. Did we talk about it and discuss it? Sure. Did any of us actually try and make an argument to sign him? No.

Go find a rant and rave blog, they'll be much more accepting.

While I trust BP and do believe in building through the draft; I am disappointed so far through FA. I live in Northern VA (Redskin Territory), so it's kind of hard to ignor the big signings and wishing that the Phins would join in. I believe we have plenty of room under the cap. I would love to see us take a run at TJ WhoseYourMamma. I believe he along would help us turn the corner on O. Imagine him and Ted Ginn with Bess as the slot.

I am still not happy with the Crowder signing. I believe we should of put more effort into Goodman. I'm also not sure about teaching a safety; a new position. You pay a guy as much as they are Wilson to play a spot that he hasn't played.

I just don't feel good about any of this, thus far.

This Cult of Personality is starting to bug. Parcells the Infallible also picked up Willford last yr., along w/ Crocker & a handful of others who did nada. Shoulda signed Brown. Remember these words next October.

Also, whoever said the Cassell deal was a bogus suck-up to Pioli is right. Gift by the Cheat to the Chiefs. When will the :eague stop this rogue franchise? Answer: Never.

We should sign some big names for a change it will help our young studs.


Wilson played 4 seasons as a FS with the Giants. Parcells had a front row seat twice a year and Coughlin is a good friend of his. They know what they're dealing with in Wilson and if anything he was playing out of position last year. He still did well.

I would take TJ before Coles but TJ is looking to get paid. If Coles comes at a bargain I guess it could work but I'm still looking for youth at that position.

Crowder was the best LB under 28 that was going to hit the market. The fact that the trifecta got him to sign for 3 years only is a great accomplishment. Give him time to take the next step.

I'd like to see Goodman back for the right price but if I'm paying close to the same for him or McFadden/Bartell/Bodden then I go with the latter.

Sprovo looking for very promising good players for the right price ?what price that would be?could be that he has no clue that a good player makes a living only for 6 years in average in NFL or he's a cheap salesman WONDER...............

jelly fish
my dream cloud
sky fin betray me
tears of goodman
on your seal

>while teams trade nice players fins think about filling gaps like joe the Plumber

Yes! Fins suck, Parcells sucks, the whole trifecta suck. We are doomed, doomed I say!

Maybe Monkey can run our draft and save the day for us all!

Why would the n.f.l want to stop there flagship franchise??

Sprovo looking for very promising good players for the right price ?what price that would be?could be that he has no clue that a good player makes a living only for 6 years in average in NFL or he's a cheap salesman WONDER...............

Posted by: Not an idiot like the idiot before Me | March 01, 2009 at 10:43 AM

Take a moment, slow down, arrange your thoughts and read your post before you click post.

Seems like your trying to say that most NFL players are good for 6 seasons on average which would seem to be close to the reality. You're problem here is that the discussion in regards to finances is about the top end free agent class.

I bet if you took the average of NFL players who received the top 35% of salary over the past 20 years their average span of NFL life would be closer to 10 seasons.

That regurgitated comment about the average NFL career being less than 6 seasons is bound to be bloated when the bottom of these rosters is constantly shuffled.

Crowder made concessions on his end with the length of the deal and I call that a home town discount. It was his choice and it showed character. Maybe it pays off for him and he doesn't get injured, starts making game-changing plays and becomes a FA again at the age of 28.

pete rose gets banned from baseball for gambling, belacheat gets fined and loses a 1st round pick, , the pats screw oak in a play off game,turns out the coach has been filming for years, and the list goes on and on, lets face it new england is the n.f.l's darling....

Please Sprovo don't write me a book to answer a simple Question,these players that you would like to sign them for no thing compare to NFL income is insulting they are the game .BTW I didn't hear any thing you said about BP who can walk any time with 12 mill .is that the right price for you papa.


You strike me as a smart guy. I'm down with McFadden and/or Bodden as well. Don't want Coles though.
When a guys strength aren't a strength anymore, what good is he? How bout' K.Britt early, and R.Barden late?

(Those big, small-school WR's that have been latter round picks as of late, *H.Baskett-M.Colston-B.Marshall-V.Jackson* have been great value picks.)

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