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Fallout from Cassel trade affects Dolphins

The Patriots have traded Matt Cassel and outside linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick, the 34th overall selection in the draft. And why should you care, you ask?


The Pats play in the AFC East. The Dolphins play in the AFC East. And movement in New England ripples in Miami.

The trade means the Patriots add another valuable draft pick only two picks into the second round. That's bad news for the Dolphins.

The trade means the Patriots just cleared $14.65 million of salary cap space, giving them the opportunity to become players in the free agent market if they like. That's bad news for Miami.

The trade also suggests quarterback Tom Bunchen, recently wed to model Gisele Bunchen, is coming along nicely with his recovery from knee surgery and the ensuing infections. The Patriots would not have given up on Cassel this early in the offseason without a good prognosis for Bunchen.

And that, friends, while not exactly bad news for Miami, is certainly not great news.


By the way, I assume you saw Jeff Darlington's report that cornerback Andre' Goodman is visiting Denver and Cleveland. Would hate to see him leave. He was great in the locker room, and very good on the field last year.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have confirmed they had no unrestricted or restricted free agents visit today.


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Please Sprovo don't write me a book to answer a simple Question,these players that you would like to sign them for no thing compare to NFL income is insulting they are the game .BTW I didn't hear any thing you said about BP who can walk any time with 12 mill .is that the right price for you papa.

Posted by: monkey | March 01, 2009 at 11:11 AM

First of all its "nothing" not "no thing". That's all arming.

The fact stands that Parcells is still here. He hasn't left and the next time this is discussed we'll owe him 8 mil. At that point he'll have spent 2 years installing a culture here and IF he were to leave he'd be leaving behind a full staff of coaches and personal.

I think you're problem is inflation. You're like a senior citizen complaining about $2.00 gas. 5-10 mil in bonus is run of the mill these days and I'm getting the feeling that you'd look at that as the "big bucks". Its not and paying someone like McFadden or Bodden 4-5 mil annually with a bonus in the 10 mil range over 5 years is a very fair and average contract these days in the NFL.

Wake up and stop sending your nephew's $5 for their birthday.



I'm a Rutgers fan so you'll get nothing but support from me on Britt. Well worth our first pick in the 2nd.

My problem with Coles is that if Ginn can't do this year what Coles did last year then we've got a problem on our hands.


sprovo never said how much to pay the players he just said to sign them at a fair price that means good for both sides

I think the Dolphins should go after Britt in round 2 or someone like Louis Murphy or Ramses Barden in later rounds

Sprovo,i think if BP walks today i believe that fins got more than their money worth to get their team out of the swear to 1 billion TEAM and what BP did to the NFL is amazing and let's not forget that bob craft bought the pats in big part cause tuna and his boys were there already.so when you talk about the right price it could be high or low based on who you talking about .in case of tuna today he's under valued.
thank you for the english lesson.

> If it weren't for transplanted New Jerseyans and New Yorkers there would be no south florida

I presume you meant no south florida 'population'.

Obviously you've never walked the streets here.
There is also just a 'few' ex-islanders.

NJ and NY aren't the only northern locales that old people run from. Lots of Canadian plates here also.

posted by Dickie "That wasn't Costa Rica you smelled, that was Texas. George Bush is moving back in there. "

Gosh you're funny. Did you come up with that all by yourself? Awesome.

Please keep contributing!

Alienman , you f'n retard. My uncle has diabetes and his a very sick man. What part of " God forbid " you didn't understand retard. also having a injury or considering a sickness are part of the deal when making a trade like that ( i know the tuna does ).Any smart gm ( which obviousley you're not would consider that. My point was denver thinks cassell is better than cutler ( who you think is sooo great lol)if they want to make that trade. You want to give away pennington and a 1st and 3rd for cutler ( when denver thinls cassell is better. now 1 more time ( i'll say it slower) IS CASSELL THAT MUCH BETTER THAN HENNE( when you don't have to give away picks) also you sound like a bitter , jealous teenager . Grow up it's beneath you . It's just a football debate.

You haven't been to heaven unless you have been to Hotel Del Rey in downtown San Jose, Costa Rica!!!!

Heaven on Earth...


I agree with you on Parcells but you're point is what I'm missing.

says monkey,

"BTW I didn't hear any thing you said about BP who can walk any time with 12 mill .is that the right price for you papa."


"i think if BP walks today i believe that fins got more than their money worth" (that's the only portion of the sentence I can make sense of)

Nail me down to this. Here's the right price for me on a few FAs.

I would have offered Jason Brown and Chris Canty a deal in the neighborhood of what Carey got from us.

I'd pay McFadden/Bodden/Bartell a touch above what we paid in guaranteed cash for Bell. (since he got more than Wilson which surprised me)

I wouldn't give any vet WR a contract that couldn't be shed during training camp.

If your content with Bill leaving at anytime then why are you complaining about the contract?

Kraft was a life-long Pats fan that began his quest to purchase them well before Parcells showed up. That's like me saying I'd only buy the Phins if I liked the current coach.

sportsmen like,

i dont wish harm on anyone im just stating the obvious if i was new england i wouldnt have traded cassel until brady got tested.

Read my comment once over, i dont "wish ill" on anyone.

Break out the shovel yet nj phin fan? For the snow, not alienman.

That's how we roll in NJ so watch out. nj phin fan is looking at 12 inches by tomorrow and I'm not talking about the Extenze pills he ordered off the TV. Don't mess with NJ today.

When a person go for shopping for food and the first thing they look for is what's on sale even they don't know how to cook it or buy any kind of bagels cause it's on sale 6 for .99 cents .then you know that Rick's mom is shopping for the home.

Also ALIENMAM , if you read the previous posts you will see that kevin started this good natured ribbing about my state of nj and then fsudolphins continued with calling us yankees . So naturally them both being from florida i came back with the line rednecks and" GOT NASCAR " in response. MY brother lines in tenn. and i love it. Next time . i suggest TO MIND YOU'RE OWN F'N BUSINESS . Nobody was talking to you and don't get me started about cali. Also BOUYA, how old are you? My 5 year old niece says that from watching it on hannah montana LOL

What's worse fans from other teams chumping us or our on fans. Both are forgeting how much we improved in one year. Yeah I agree a very weak schedule but still to win division after going 1-15 was amazing. Let Tuna work his magic fin fans we going be fine. Tuna not the one who let Welker and Chambers go. Wouldn't it be great to just have either one of those back. He didn't give us Ginn he's stuck with him to. I like the Wilson pickup and as far as us needing a center. Well he's the one that let us know it and I'm pretty sure with 5 good centers coming out in draft we going get one. You guys to worried bout what jets and pats doing. We got the almighty TUNA we going be fine.

Sprovo i tried to trick you to say bad things RE tuna contract but you are true to yourself and smart not take the bait .on craft thing ;
1.BP was already turning the team around on his second year.
2-you dont' buy a team just cause your a fan.
3-BP has integrity and knowledge .
you are hell of writer on all football matters.
4- Advice for all fin fans try read this you learn few things like i did


Alienman , Excuse me, BOOYAH.I'm sorry i don't watch Hannah Montana LOL .

Okay monkey,

I'd like to read what you're hopes in FA are. Its easy to just talk about 2nd tier FAs but its another thing to target a talent.

I'm no talent evaluator.

go for mccalister brooks and harrison. then i see 13-3 (we all know how harrison likes to go off on the patsies) and luggi, get your wets/pills/patsy @** off here now no one wants to listen to your "predictions" well heres one for you.
PATS: brady's other knee gets f *&$^%# by gibril wilson and moss admits he likes men

WETS: defense looks terrible after 3 games and rex ryan quits

PILLS: nothing new here, they just are terrible

Buccaneers | Clayton contract terms
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 09:18:24 -0800

Updating previous reports, Adam Schefter, of NFL.com, reports WR Michael Clayton received a five-year, $24 million deal by re-signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. $10.5 million of the deal was guaranteed. Through incentives and bonuses, the deal could be worth as much as $26 million.

Just an example of a a very average player getting 10 mil in guarantees. That's what we paid Bell and its run of the mill for someone that does no more/no less.

Sporvo , no shovel yet, except for the shovel and boots for alienman. Can you believe this guy. I have i guy that wants to trade henne, a 1st and a 3rd for cutler and then alienman wants to tell me what a good trade penny a 1st and 3rd for cutler would be ( after 2 years he wants to trade cutler ,when henne is ready. My points were valid . 1 Henne will be ready next year and you don't have to give away picks. 2 What if cutler get injured or something happens with his diabetes ( god forbid ) you're out the picks. 3 why was denver trading cutler ( and it's not only the new coach is a ex pat coach) for CASSELL. 4 which i never mentioned. Cutler has to much of a gunslinger mentality ( wants to to force throws in coverage leading to INTS ) for the tuna . Thoughts.

It was only supposed to be a 3 hour tour!


GUYS ----i have 4 more Prediction and i know you can't wait,
1 -fan- fan -do-man-man he switch from fin fan TO Pat fan
2-fan-fan-do-man-man starts to up grade his eating H.
3-fins end season with Penne gone and Henne takes over the interception DEP.
4-fins implode and tom brady goes to super bowl again.

nj phins fan

I'm with you on that scenario. First of all I don't think Broncos were the ones that initiated the conversation. You can't blame them for listening and McDaniels came out yesterday and defended Cutler. Today's developments with Cutler are source information about his displeasure and unhappiness. ESPN fueled this story and it'll go away until ESPN brings it up again for no reason.

Anyone that thinks Pennington has trade value is almost as crazy as someone that thinks we'd trade Henne without even playing him yet. The idea of us sending a 1st and 3rd for anyone isn't even worth addressing based on Parcells track record.

Be safe in the blizzard nj phin fan and sign up for a typekey account to sign in. It can be used on the Sentinel blog as well and keeps idiots from pretending to be you since your name comes up blue.

Continuing with the CB content.

from kffl.com/hotw/nfl

Patriots | In touch with Greer
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 10:19:58 -0800

Karen Guregian, of the Boston Herald, reports the New England Patriots have been in touch with unrestricted free-agent CB Jabari Greer (Bills) but no visit has been scheduled, according to sources.

Any Unrestricted free-agents coming today or monday here in miami and I mean any one.

A Foot of snow......ouch!

I think we should trade wilford , london and a cond. 7th round pick for Boldin. You're thoughts ?

I think we should trade wilford , london and a cond. 7th round pick for Boldin. You're thoughts ?

Posted by: Alienman | March 01, 2009 at 01:52 PM

Maybe Fitzgerald but not Boldin, he's 28.

PFT reports Coles will choose between BIlls or DOlphins Today.

Will we be getting an update today from Salguera

How about T. Culver , C.Bryan and a cond 7th round pick for Ed Reed . Your Thoughts ?

Posted by: Alienman | March 01, 2009 at 02:08 PM

Once again maybe for the RFA rights to Dawan Landry but not Reed. Reed is only good because he plays with Samari Rolle. Try again.

Luggi is just bitter that his team got beat out by the Dolphins. People were saying the same crap last offseason about the dolphins...and look what happened. I feel bad for you, Luggi.

Armando, I heard Coles visited yesterday. His agent says it's between the Dolphins and the Bills. What's the word?

What a joke.

Here's the deal on the Lito Sheppard deal.

from KFFL.com

Jets | Sheppard receives contract extension
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 10:56:22 -0800

Rich Cimini, of the New York Daily News, reports the New York Jets have given CB Lito Sheppard a four-year contract extension worth $27.2 million that will begin in 2010. However, the deal will only kick in if the Jets decide to pay a $10 million option bonus in March 2010. If Sheppard misses considerable time during the season, they would only have to trade a fifth-round draft choice to the Philadelphia Eagles. The conditional 2010 draft choice will be a second-round draft choice if Sheppard plays 85 percent of the season and receives the four-year extension.

So if he does well the Jets have to pay him 10 mil and give the Eagles a 2nd rounder.

As a Dolphins fan this is a win-win for us.

If Lito does well for them they pay him 10 mil and pony up the 2nd. If they try and avoid the 2nd rounder by not paying the 10 mil then he hits the open market.

Either way for the Jets either get stuck with a turd this year or they lose their second round pick next year.

The only way this could work out for the Jets is by Lito doing well and the two parties doing a handshake deal going into the offseason to avoid the 2nd rounder.

Like how Vilma was allowed to hit the open market but returned. Difference is a good Lito will demand much more in FA than 10 mil which he'll find out if he hits the open market.

The word is that Coles is not welcome in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach counties...

Really? That's not too surprising, but I didn't think it'd be like that. Where did you hear that?

Are you serious souljah?

No, I'm just playing...I just don't want the dolphins to sign him

Is it true coles is 36 years old and has a knee injury?

Sporvo , vilma hit the open market because the saints let him so they can sign him after the free agent market . If the didn't they would of have to given the jets a 2nd round pick this year and a 2010 1st round pick to the giants ( for shockey). Now the jets get a 2009 3rd round pick for vilma and the giants get a 2009 2nd round pick for shockey.

Source: Dolphins likely to pass on Laveranues Coles


Nice to see one of the papers works on Sunday. Isn't Sunday the day they charge more for the paper?

Coles is 35 years old not 36

Coles is 31 going on 47.

Who's this guy Sprovo ?does he runs the blog for the paper ?the blog looks real pro.

nj phin fan

I said the only way the Jets make out on this is if they have a handshake deal with Lito and let him hit the open market.

The difference is that the Saints didn't have an extension worked out that forced them to pay 10 mil or else.

Vilma didn't get as much attention as a good CB would get next year.

Sprovo; Coles is 35 not 47

is it ture berger is missing on fishing trip with two other players of loins?

Thanks Sprovo.

And Coles is 31 (Born Dec. 29, 1977).

If Brady goes down again then where is NE, just worry about what is going on with the Dolphins. The Fins can not control what goes on with other teams, just tend to your own business and if they do then they will compete and thats all the fans can ask

Sporvo . 1. Don't worry about the jets. 2. The reason Vilma didn't garner any attention is because teams new about the arrangement and the 5yrs 37 mil ( 17 mil guaranteed) contract. 3. The Stay way from the oliver stone movies .4. I 'm sure alot of the posters can read and go to other sites to get info ( so you don't have to keep posting stories and sites) . Just a little friendly advise , so you don't get ridiculed on here ( stick to commenting and debating ).

Its 3 picks not 2... Wow, someone needs to get there facts right before they write an article.

nj phins fan
1. I don't care about the Jets but transactions in the division do.
2. Maybe, did he really get 17 mil guaranteed? I missed that.
3. Please repeat, what about an Oliver Stone movie? Are you threatening to buzz saw my truck in half?
4. Appreciate the advice and here's some for yourself, don't care about what others think or say. As long as your having fun and not being abusive or negative there shouldn't be a problem. I enjoy sharing info I come across that's new, no one is forced to read it and it always pertains to the Phins or the division.

Thanks and get a typekey account so I don't have to second guess if this is really even you.

Does anyone know how to remove poo stains from pajamas? I actually went on Mr. Bungle's favorite pair and now he is gonna be mad.


wat exactly do u do with ur life?

mando you need a new blog up! people in here are getting fiesty lol

What u guys think we could get for Ginn. At this point I'd take a late rounder. Coach really likes Camirillo and Bess which I agree are the best we got. I say trade Ginn and willford for what ever we can get for them. I think Housh we be a perfect fit here. So what u guys think

ginn is coming around and you would be a dumb@$$ if u let him go

mando do a 1st round mock

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