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Fallout from Cassel trade affects Dolphins

The Patriots have traded Matt Cassel and outside linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick, the 34th overall selection in the draft. And why should you care, you ask?


The Pats play in the AFC East. The Dolphins play in the AFC East. And movement in New England ripples in Miami.

The trade means the Patriots add another valuable draft pick only two picks into the second round. That's bad news for the Dolphins.

The trade means the Patriots just cleared $14.65 million of salary cap space, giving them the opportunity to become players in the free agent market if they like. That's bad news for Miami.

The trade also suggests quarterback Tom Bunchen, recently wed to model Gisele Bunchen, is coming along nicely with his recovery from knee surgery and the ensuing infections. The Patriots would not have given up on Cassel this early in the offseason without a good prognosis for Bunchen.

And that, friends, while not exactly bad news for Miami, is certainly not great news.


By the way, I assume you saw Jeff Darlington's report that cornerback Andre' Goodman is visiting Denver and Cleveland. Would hate to see him leave. He was great in the locker room, and very good on the field last year.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have confirmed they had no unrestricted or restricted free agents visit today.


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No Houshmenzada...He has said that he will choose tonight between Cincinnati, Minnesota, and Seattle...He is not the type of receiver we are looking for anyway, he has the size, but he is getting old and he is asking for too much money...his best years are behind him...

every time i see you
every time i hear you
i dream bad dream
4-12.....go phins

Giants signed DE Chris Canty...the signed DT Bernard and LB Boley earlier this weekend...They also get Umemyura (spelling) back this year...that D is gonna be crazy

Forty Years of Falling Tears,
Drunken fans with stupid cheers,
On the Jet, but missed the boat,
Fat Coach in a little coat.

fsudolphins 13.....what do you do with your life all day?
Please leave Sprovo alone ,he's the best guy in here and you learn a lot from his postings and he give up to the minute info more even than armando.

dying brave
escaping grace
interception dreams of
you and me
rise alone ginn and
beer in lovely

..........crickets chirping..........

Second Team
worse than Mets
Homeless Mess
In another State.
Money spent,
nothing gained.....................................................3-13

Fsudolphin thanks for your reply but how u figure he is coming around. If Camirillo doesn't get hurt Ginn wouldn't have led team in yards. In fact Bess which was a what 7th rounder or wasn't even drafted is better than Ginn. Ginn is a loto bust thanks Cam Cameron. Correct me if I'm wrong but Ginn only had one 100yd game last year. 9th overall pick in his second year lmao

Sporvo , you see . that's what i meant about getting abused. I don'n need your advise thank you . I see you got a little testy. I was just telling you facts . I've been on this blog alot longer than you and this crowd could be tough. You were getting abused yesterday and you were getting testy that 's all ( s&m ? LOL ). Yes vilma got 17 mil guar. The oliver stone part was about conspiracy theories ( you know sheppard and secret handshakes ) LOL


i wasn't trying to insult sprovo i was just wondering b/c he knows all kinds of stuff

long time fan,

ginn has continued to get better throughout both his season and i agree that camerilo is better but u have to recognise that penne also holds ginn back b/c of his lack of arm strength but once henne starts then ginn will start to be the big playmaker u r looking for

fsudolphins 13 is real dumb and he thinks that's Ok to insult any one any time but he doesn't know how creepy he sound .

fsudolphins 13 is real dumb and he thinks that's Ok to insult any one any time but he doesn't know how creepy he sound .



im not trying to insult any1 and how do i sound creepy


do u have ANYTHING for us about the DOLPHINS we need some info about FAs

I just saw the movie alien vs predator starr ing alienman vs the chimp from conn. Guess what alienmans last words where as the chimp attacked him ?

anyone ?

Relax people. We are currently working hard on a deal with Carolina to get Julius Peppers.

Jason Brown broke the bank with St. Louis @ over $7 million per year. That was just too much of an investment for a team which we hope to be defensive oriented (strong) in the very near future.

If we can get Peppers, we will have solid pass rushers (Porter) coming off both ends of the defense. Tony knows how to build an offensive line and Dan knows how to run a successful offense without the big names.

We all came to this team with a three year plan in place. Stay the course.

Checked the stats on Ginn and Bess. Bess took over starter spot at wr2 after Camirilo went down in week 12. So Ginn as the "guy" all year only had 300 more yds than Camirilo who was leading team when he went down and only 200 more than Bess an undrafted rookie that only started the last 6 games. I'd like to add Bess also ended up with most rec on team. If he would have started all year instead of Ginn he would surely been a.1000yd man. So while u "fsudolphin13" waiting for 9th overall Ginn to come around I watch Bess get his 1000yds next year as an undrafted fa


don't waste your time with fan...he is a creepy, jet fan, blog troll

OK. it was " get your damn hands of me you damn dirty ape "

sorry i meant "OFF" BOOYAH !!!

I'm not trying to argue or bash anyone I'm just saying what a bust Ginn is. Time to cut losses with him. Honestly unless we pick up someone better in fa or get a wr that is nfl ready in draft which I don't see happening we better off with Camirilo and Bess starting. Word is we going dline and olbs with our early picks then going grab that center we need. That's why I say get what u can for Ginn and Wilford cut our losses and move on

No worries nj phin fan, I was just stating facts as well. I'm not worried about getting abused on a message board. If I came off as testy yesterday it was only due to the idiot that masks himself with others ID.

Like I said before I enjoy linking up to date info in regards to things we're already discussing. Keeps the conversation in real time with whats going on. The only time you'll see me doing this is around FA time when the news is spread over 10 different major media sources and all of the local media outlets.

I know you were just trying to give me a heads up but a flamer is a flamer and if one of them wants to come after me there's nothing I can do about it. Hopefully the guys that appreciate my posts out-weigh the ones that don't.

fsudolphins13, don't sweat it. I'm in sales. I worked for a sports marking company before I moved down here and now I rep a few different products and services. I keep myself busy. If I'm just commenting I'm most likely working off my phone. When I'm home I can't help myself but pass on news I come across.

I don't work for the media and anything I have access to you also have access to as well.

souljahbeats ...is real creep ,i am die hard fin fan and how he come up with all these lies is amazing .so souljahbeats your the creepy one now that much i declare and to you fsudolphins 13 as monkey said before ,Peace man,GO PHINS

Long Time Fan,

I wasn't talking about you...I agree with you on Bess, he was a monster last year...I think Ginn really started coming around towards the end of the season (Buffalo, KC, NYJ games). Yes he was taken too early at 9 overall, but this administration had nothing to do with that...This was his first year in a real system as a featured wr...I think he will have a much better year in 2009

long time fan

I'm with you on Wilford but I think you're jumping ship on Ginn a little fast.

Ginn did improve last year compared to his rookie year. Another year in Parcells offseason program should really do him wonders. I'd like to see him get tougher and if that means sacrificing some of his speed I'm all for it.

After the comments that Wilford made early in the offseason it seems like he's already decided his effort level this upcoming season.

I AM ONE person i do appreciate every thing SPROVO SAYS and writes about,no matter what it is.Sprovo keep informing people get their IQ higher.

I don't see him having a better souljabeats I actualy see him moving down the depth chart. Camirilo was outplaying him already. Bess just took over were camirilo left off. Making it short he got outplayed by both of them bottom line.


Ginn did have more td's than Camarillo and Bess, not that he had alot...

Sprovo, what do you know about the two missing football players off florida coast in fishing trip?

sporvo , can you tell what time some of the remaining free agents went to the bathroom ? and did they do #1 or # 2 ?

The Lions just lost two QB's in two days and the only one left on their roster is Daunte Culpepper...we need to trade them John Beck....NOW!


Goodman no-shows Cleveland, remains in Denver.

That way reject Dolphin QB's have a place to go and be their sorry selves

paolo from rio is fsudolphins 13 the creep.

who you calling creep. Creep. that wasn't me. I assure you.

sorry lets try some one else ,must be alienman then he's the new creep from romania

I agree with u on Ginn needing to toughen up. I think that's his whole problem. The size and especialy the speed of the nfl caught up with him. He seems to play scared

What do you guys think we could get for John Beck...a 4th rounder? Maybe pair him with our #25 pick or one of our second round picks to move up in the draft order???


If Sage Rosenfels gets traded for a mid to late 4th then I'd imagine Beck is worth a late 3rd.

I wish someone one of the writers would do an article on some likely landing spots for Beck and what he's worth. I was really surprised when Dallas got Kitna because I thought it was inevitable that Beck landed there.

Parcells must have a plan because I can't see us carrying him again and taking up a roster spot.

I think Beck can fill a gap some where on the team back up some one or add depth.

Ha...Sage Rosenfells...another reject Dolphins Qb...where did we find these bums?

Andre Goodman signed a five year deal with Denver!

5 years $25 million...That 5 mil a year...the Dolphins definitely weren't going to pay Goodman that much

souljah just pointed out to me that Goodman is signed.


10 mil guaranteed

He is going to be playing across from Champ Bailey if he is not a nickel back (he's not getting paid like a nickel back)...that means he is going to get thrown at ALOT

Sporvo , your LUCKY if you get a 5th round pick for beck . Why would you think beck would get a higher pick than rosenfels ? did you see rosenfels having 300 yd games while playing for the injured shaub . Beck is a Skinny 27 ( will soon be 28 ) year old unproven qb with happy feet.

NO way the dolphins finish with a losing record i mean we got 2 great rbs and got 2 great tight ends plus we still dont know whos coming in, And is it me or is luggi from costa rica getting rocked by everybody! especially that hollywood cali watever his name is guy? o well

Armando, What is Leigh Bodden asking for? who is a sleeper CB in this years draft?

A few things from this afternoon.

The Baltimore Sun is speculating that the Pats could be a landing spot for Ray Lewis. Sadly it kind of makes sense.

S Jim Leonhard left the Jets without signing.

CB Jabari Greer is visiting the Bucs tomorrow.

nj phin fan,

I'll meet you half way and say a 4th but I'd like to think Beck still has some untapped potential. I guess I'm dwelling on the unknown with him as opposed to the known.

I think your drinking the juice a bit on Sage though. In 6 games last year only once did he have more TDs than INTs. Week 10 was his game with the most yards (294) but TD/INT was 1/4.

He didn't break the 30 yard mark once, his record when he played last year was 2-4 and his overall TD/INT ratio was 6/10.

My case with Beck is his unknown has to have more potential than that garbage.

Oh and Sage will be 32 in March.

How is luggi getting rocked by everyone ? and that cali guy is getting killed by the chimp in conn ( in alien vs predator . BOOOYAH

what are we gonna do about the cb spot now that goody is gone? i'll miss him but im glad we didn't spend that kinda money on him.

I meant to say Sage didn't break the 300 yard mark once.

Jay Fiedler, A.J. Feeley, Gus Ferotte, Sage Rosenfells, Ray Lucas, Daunte Culpepper, Joey Harrington, Trent Green, John Beck...what a sad, depressing list of nobodies and has-been losers...I wonder what they all have in common?

Beck is going to be involved in the Julius Peppers trade fellas.

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