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Fallout from Cassel trade affects Dolphins

The Patriots have traded Matt Cassel and outside linebacker Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a second-round pick, the 34th overall selection in the draft. And why should you care, you ask?


The Pats play in the AFC East. The Dolphins play in the AFC East. And movement in New England ripples in Miami.

The trade means the Patriots add another valuable draft pick only two picks into the second round. That's bad news for the Dolphins.

The trade means the Patriots just cleared $14.65 million of salary cap space, giving them the opportunity to become players in the free agent market if they like. That's bad news for Miami.

The trade also suggests quarterback Tom Bunchen, recently wed to model Gisele Bunchen, is coming along nicely with his recovery from knee surgery and the ensuing infections. The Patriots would not have given up on Cassel this early in the offseason without a good prognosis for Bunchen.

And that, friends, while not exactly bad news for Miami, is certainly not great news.


By the way, I assume you saw Jeff Darlington's report that cornerback Andre' Goodman is visiting Denver and Cleveland. Would hate to see him leave. He was great in the locker room, and very good on the field last year.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have confirmed they had no unrestricted or restricted free agents visit today.


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Sporvo , i think you ' ve been drinking the kool-aid. Roesnfels was born march 6 1978. He's 30 ( will be 31) He's only 3 years older than beck. Ok , he ALMOST threw for 300yds ( 294 ) that's more than beck will ever get. sage threw for 1,431 ( 6 tds ) more yds than beck last year .. He has a heck of alot more starting time than beck. That's why minn traded for him instead of beck. If anybody is garbage it's beck. Potential on beck, LOL

S u c k a big swordfish!!!

to the guy who name is chowda go suck a big swordfish!!!

You're right on the age with Rosenfels, my bad.

That doesn't change the fact that his numbers weren't all that impressive last year.

At least give me this much that the Vikings may have overpaid for him.

I wasn't a fan of drafting Beck because of his age. Once I got to know him I didn't think he had the toughness. I'm not trying to say John Beck is good. I don't know if he is. That's my point.

Whether he had it or not at BYU or during the time that he got in during 07 it doesn't matter. They're going to sell the fact that he's spent a year in Parcells strength and conditioning program. They'll push the development that they've taken him through. I'm sure he must have benefited from working with these guys in some way. Although he is 28 he hasn't taken many lumps or been injured.

Sage on the other hand is 2 years older(once again my bad on the age) and has repeatedly been passed over. He has taken some lumps and he's had his head filled up by a lot of different coaching staffs.

Beck has only been around for two coaching staffs. Once again I'm not trying to say he is good. All I'm saying is there is an unknown to Beck with some upside if sold to the right team.

Beck is dedicated to his religion and in my eyes I'm looking for a coach, GM or owner that shares that faith with him. Wannstache stayed in good graces with Wayne for a few years and I always remember hearing that their shared faith in their common religion helped keep him around. Just an example of something similar in our backyard.

Find a team that doesn't demand a tough rock at QB and you'll find your best case scenario.

I'd say sell his smarts as a #2 but that's not going to get you good pick.


Bills | Have made offer to Coles
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 18:08:40 -0800

Pat Moran, of Scout.com, reports the Buffalo Bills have made a contract offer to unrestricted free-agent WR Laveranues Coles (Jets). Terms of the offer are not known. Coles is expected to make a decision Monday, March 2.

1. my comments have a blue name ( someone impersonated me )
2. thnx sprovo for all the info
3. we should get rid of beck ( but for what? )

also a WR from FSU who was injured in the combine last yr is spose to workout w/phins monday he is 6ft something and has good speed i would tell u his name but the blog won't let me post it but heres a hint he has a funny last name his 1st is de'cody

his last name is ffffffaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggg just not as long

BTW he would be real cheap too

I just wanted to say good for Goodman. Its rare to get paid that late in his career at that position with his injury history. Seemed like a good guy and always gave it his all when healthy.

I'm glad the trifecta are confident enough not to make a rash move and match the offer. They obviously knew he had interest in being here and I'd love to know what their offer to him was.

What kind of deal would you have offered?

3 years, 10 mil with 5 mil guaranteed

fsu, someone reported that workout. One of the papers.

We are currently trying to deal Beck and one of our 2nd round picks for Peppers. This could be a process, so we must have patience.

whatever happened to michael lehan? he was a decent CB

Guys we are currently trying to deal Beck and one of our 2nd round picks for Peppers. This will be a process and could take us awhile to get it done.

Bill and Jeff, think could you get us an interior lineman in this deal too?


we need a new topic and should do a mock i promise i won't make fun of u i just want to see how u think the draft will pan out

wow someone needs to get a life quit posting as the trifecta

I wouldn't count on it, Tony.

You just worry about the offense and let me take care of the defense, okay Tony?

Now get your butt off here and let me and Jeff do the talking in this forum, capish?

Let him post as the trifecta. Lets ask questions.


Any chance we'll pull a trade off for Bobby Carpenter?

a pedifile ( can't spell i no ) preacher

I have to agree with Bill on this one, Tony. You need to go away and let us inform the fans as to what our plans are. The heat is on us here Tony, not you.

We need a top rush end like Julius Peppers who will allow us to use our two safety signings properly...along with help in covering the corner positions.

Dan can run an offense without the big names, if you don't think you can handle it.

this blog has turned into a nuthouse : (

You watch your mouth Jeff, I'll get Jake Long to sit on you...

Sprovo, after the success we have had with former Cowboys, don't expect Jerry to be as loose with his purse strings this year.

Bobby isn't in the cards for us this year.

what do you think we can get for beck if we trade him to the church of latter day saints ?

Posted by: Alienman | March 01, 2009 at 09:46 PM

They'd send us an army of mormons to canvass the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county areas. Not to spread their beliefs but to sell all remaining tickets for Dolphins, Marlins and Canes games.

Now instead of taking their pamphlets and yesing them to death you'll be forced to purchase tickets with no excuse.

Wayne never thought of that.

Everyone shouldn't get hot and concerned about what the Pats are doing or not doing. Everyone should care only about what the Fins are doing. They need to improve vastly. The schedule this year will be much tougher than last years schedule. The Fins need to stock up on the studs on both sides of the line. The building blocks are there already. The Fins have to draft well and strategically sign moderately priced players with on the upside of their careers.

We got him guys!

Bill and I just got off the phone with Marty Hurney. We gave up John Beck, Davone Bess and pick #44 for Julius Peppers.

You heard it here first. I hope everyone likes the trade!

Where's menace , luggi, monkey , cardova, ? They're missing all the fun. Notice they all come around at the same time LOL

a New Englander here.

Tom Bundchen is done. Oh, he will have flashes of his old brilliance but he will be off just enough for us to wonder what happened to him, when off course it is not because of his knee but because of his new job as dog walker, personal shopper and skirt-wearer for his new spouse. Enjoy. It is going to be one of those rare treats that unfolds right before your eyes.


I thought you were running a tight ship over there, how did this get out?


There is a new post on the blog, folks. Please go there for more cutting-edge analysis and whatever, blah, blah, blah.

Sprovo, the last 10+ messages have been impersonations by "monkey" aka "Luggi" aka etc... so no need to respond to broken english messages, or one sentence messages supposedly written by me.
nj phin fan, you misunderstood my previous post. I NEVER said trade Henne. I said if you have Cutler on your team then you basically have a Drew Brees/Phillip Rivers scenario. I also never said I'd do it. But I would consider it and give it thought for a 1st and 3rd in some combination of years (like 2009 3rd, 2010 1st). So please don't make assumptions or put words in my mouth like monkey/luggi and his impersonations.
Amazing to me that you're going to write in a public forum, and then try to tell me to mind my own "f'n" business... and I'm the child watching Hannah Montana? That statement was borderline retarded. You're the one coming at me being a complete jacka$$ from the beginning, and you expect me to be nice? Why bother? You expect me to fear you because you're from Jersey? I don't get you or what your point is...

this blog is full of pessimistic female dogs along with piles of monkey crap fans of the pats & mighty bed wetting jets

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