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Agent: Dolphins working hard to sign Bell

A couple of days ago I asked which of their own unrestricted free agents the Dolphins should try to lock up next, now that Vernon Carey is in the fold. And a whopping 83.2 percent of the 3,373 respondents -- some as far away as Guam and Australia and Israel -- said it should be Yeremiah Bell.

The Dolphins are apparently in agreement.

During his weekly appearance on local television station WSVN-7, agent Drew Rosenhaus said he's met several times with the Dolphins during the current scouting Combine in Indianapolis with the goal of striking a deal for Bell.

"I believe the Dolphins have targetted Yeremiah Bell as a guy they need to sign," Rosenhaus said. "He's one of my clients. I've been in discussions with them throughout the week. I believe we'll work very hard. It's too hard to say whether or not we'll get a deal done. We're still working at it. But certainly we've been in discussions."

Rosenhaus lives in South Florida and represents a handful of Dolphins, including Renaldo Hill, another unrestricted free agent, and receiver Ernest Wilford, whose future with the team is uncertain given his three total catches in 2008.

But while Rosenhaus did not mention Hill during his segment, he talked about a renewed optimism that Wilford will remain with the team.

"If you asked me this question two weeks ago I would have said it's very unlikely," Rosenhaus said of Wilford staying with Miami. "But my sense is the Dolphins are looking at the free agent market and it's not that great. And they invested quite a bit of money in Ernest. He's a hard worker. He's a talented guy.

"Last year didn't go the way it was planned. But I would no longer be surprised if Ernest Wilford is back with the Dolphins ... He's been over at the facility working out. He would like to come back. Hopefully he gets that opportunity, we'll find out soon."

As something of a Dolphins insider, Rosenhaus is convinced he knows what the Dolphins are going to do with their No. 1 pick this April. [BLOG NOTE: Nobody knows except maybe Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland and maybe not even them because it is way too early.]

Anyway, Rosenhaus seems certain Miami is going with a wide receiver No. 1.

"The Dolphins are definitely, in my opinion, going to take a receiver with the No. 1 pick," he said. "There's too much talent there ... Dolphins fans, this is your year to get a receiver in the first round even at No. 25."

One wonders if it has dawned on Rosenhaus that if the Dolphins go with a wide receiver in the first round, as he seems confident they will, the client he also seems hopeful can stick around, might get whacked as a result.

If the Dolphins draft a receiver No. 1, adding to a corps that includes Ted Ginn Jr., Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brandon London and Wilford, the player initially at the bottom rung of that ladder would be, you guessed it, Wilford.

How ironical, as one player told me once.

Oh, one more thing: Rosenhaus is also the agent for recently cut running back Fred Taylor. He confirmed Taylor will visit with the Buffalo Bills, a Dolphins AFC East rival, sometime this week.


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I was excited until I found out the source of your information is Drew "Jerry Maguire" Rosenhaus. The guy has more hot air than Mel Kiper, but I really do hope we can sign Y. Bell before Thursday.

Rosenhaus is a tool

numero uno

Yeremiah Bell is the best F/A we have it is a must that we lock him up.
As for Drew "Jerry Maguire" Rosenhaus he doesn't know how Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland like to draft they always go big OL,DL first.in my opion there is no way they would go that way.
Ernest Wilford is good WR that thought he was going to be miami's #1 WR just because he was getting a lot of money,but found out you have to earn it down here.

I think we should keep him. Ernest Wilford now has a chip on his shoulder. this will make him work twice as hard,And it will cost more to let him go then to keep him.

Id be really happy if we resign bell, him and carey are the only fa out of our guys that needed to be retained...now sign j.brown and b. Macfadden and draft the rest

I hope Yeremiah gets a new contract but without breaking the bank.
he's already 30, with health issues in the past and not the ball-hawk safety we'd like to have but he's a hard worker, great influence in the locker room and is my cousin.
On the other hand, I think Renaldo Hill is history and we're either drafting a young FS or moving Jason Allen back to that position. Oh, we're drafting a SS as well to learn from my cousing.

Bell is the main guy you have to sign out of the remaining free agents. Proved this year that he can stay healthy & is very effective especially against the run.

we need to resign him bring in gibril wilson, mcfadden from pit and jason brown draft linbacker number 1 and BP we trust with rest now that sounds like a real offseason

TYLER Lets see , V.Carey re-signed for 6yr 42mil , jason brown wants to get paid as the top center,which is around 6-7 mil a year. Then you want to sign b.mcfadden who's probably the best cb on the market is going to command top dollar ( 6-8 mil). BUT wait!! you're not done yet, then you want to re-sign bell who wants top dollar ( say he wants 3yrs 18 mil) for being 1 of the best s along with g wilson for about the same money. Is their anybody else you want ? where are you getting all this money ? ( we were 28 mil before the carey signing) Sounds like a plan alright.For you to get laughed right out of a front office.

I dont think McFadden from PIT is that good, if we had the rushing attack the steelers have then Andre Goodman would've had about 8-10 INT, easy!.

Bell had a great, great year last year. But he is an injury machine. I would rather they sign R. Hill, who isnt as good, but at least you know he'll play all 16 games. Bell is as injury prone a guy as you'll ever see. You cant pay him just b/c he played one full season w/o an injury. He's a great story, and I love him, but I wouldnt pay him more than 2.5 million a season b/c it would be foolish to rely on him.

Bell had a great, great year last year. But he is an injury machine. I would rather they sign R. Hill, who isnt as good, but at least you know he'll play all 16 games. Bell is as injury prone a guy as you'll ever see. You cant pay him just b/c he played one full season w/o an injury. He's a great story, and I love him, but I wouldnt pay him more than 2.5 million a season b/c it would be foolish to rely on him.

WR second round...nuff said

for now lol...still have their individual workouts at the schools, combine alone is not enough. Heyward Bay ran an impressive 40 though.

YB rules! He might be the best playmaker on either side of the ball.

I would agree, now that we have Carey locked up we must get Bell signed before Free-Agency!!!
I know Crowder looks destined for Free- Agency but I think he plays hard for Miami, maybe not an impact LB like Zach was. I guess the Dolphins will find a linebacker in the draft with impact and also a WR.!!

Go Fins - 2009

Jaymesh Patel - London,UK

Bell is injury prone. He did play well last year. I don't advocate throwing a bunch of money at this guy. It has been often said that we didn't play a lot of great teams last year. But we played New England and got our butts handed to us. And Cassell did light the secondary up for a lot of tds and yards. Did he hit anyone on NE? Was there any dinging going on? Nope. He tackled some people but since most receivers are light weights, one would think that he had the greatest opportunity to lay a beaten on someone and he never did and intmidate the WR. By the way, just running into Moss would get him to stop playing.
I like a Rodney Harrison type FS. Bell doesn't fit in that category. Two years at 7 mil total and then draft a killer next year.

Please stop with the Bell is one of the best Safeties in the league business. Bell had an ok season, an O K season. If that is what it has become in Miami in order to consider someone great then we are doomed this year. Ed Reed is one of the best safeties in the league, Bell cant hold Reed jock strap. Polamalu, Sanders, and Dawkins can be discussed as being one of the best, Bell isnt even in the same book as those guys. No Bell doesnt suck, but not sucking does not make you great.

you are all idiots, i dont even know why i come onhere! who said ( nobody i no) that bell was great . he is good and we need him. thats it. no doubt i am smarter than each of yuo.


bell is a strong safety, not a free safety...get your facts straight before your bash somebody

He may not be one of the best safeties in the league, but he is the best safety in free agency...thats why we need to re-sign him, any other available option would be a downgrade

Rosenhaus, Rosenhaus, Rosenhaus & Schister, LLC.

Does the Dolphin's braintrust have any interest in using their 1st pick on long snapper Sean Griffin of Michigan?

nj ph in fan you are WHACK. you are bigger idiot than any1 else here .

There was a breakdown of fa safties and YB didn't make the top 10.He does play well moveing forward but isn't all that good going back.He is 30 with 1 healthy year under his belt,would love to see him back but only at a realistic price.

nj phin fan > you are all idiots, i dont even know why i come onhere! who said ( nobody i no) that bell was great

Fake GM >Bell had a great, great year last year.

Take a deeeep breath... Jason wasn't talking about your post.

let's admit that every body here is an idiot but me and luggi from costa rica.

I Just forgot to add my dear friend Tinsaker to my last post.

Shouldn't his name be Mr. Bunghole instead of Mr. Bungle?

ok if that's make you happy NC Mike

We suck. Thank you for kicking our butt Armando. Again.

You imposters are starting to make me very ANGRY! So you'll have to make stoopid comments on the other blogs to make me go away from there as well.

Me and NYScott are starting our own blog where only he and I can discuss Dolphins. By the way, Yeremiah Bell sucks.

I think the Dolphins should bench him for Jason Allen.

there is a good chance that Y.Bell will sign with JETS if no agreement reached this week with dolphins.there's a wide money gap between fins and Bell.

mr bungle he is going to start his own blog?Wow . this is a good idea to start your own BIZ in your basement like M.Dell.

I'd love to see Yeremiah re-sign, but I'm really not sure he'd be worth the money Rosenhaus is asking considering he's only finished one entire season.

He's also the agent for



i think he is BP agent but i am not sure.

I want Hey-bey.he's going to become a BEAST.

Imagine him and JR on the same team you don't know who's going deep,and it dosen't matter the safties have to stay back. opens up the middle for Greg and Devon. Plus you can't afford to put 8 in the box so ronnie and ricky will have a field day.

ronnie and ricky will have a field day?I Wonder how come no body thought of that before?dol-fan finest should apply for a coach heper.

Bell is good not great but all must admit he tackels with the best. he needs more big plays.

YO Armando:Why not give Allen a chance I think with playing time he might be good. When he had his chance with Cam he didn't shine but he had a few picks and was always around the ball.

Common, Bell is 30, with only one good year and an injury history

Besides that in the latest sporting news free agents safeties, Bell is not even a top ten free agent at safety, that means he should get at the best a 2-3 million a year package

manuel has very good point.

i think we should keep bell until there is a great SS in the draft i no its hard to believe after a 11-6 seaon but we are rebuilding also let hill go and allen have a chance we need CB more than safeties right now but first we need a DE to help porter rush!!!! the only big FA we will get is Brown at C to solve the O-line problems BTW i had a dream last night and in it the mighty dolphins got a quit DT then an O-lineman in the second the other pick was traded

This is my first time bloging I only read. But I must say all of you have good points but all of you argue like B----S. Calling each other names ....In the words of the famous KING caaan't we allll get along?


your first time bloging since 11.21 Am.give me a break.

i know what your saying dolfan finest this is my 2nd

i smell bungle and go phins in the air.


he means the 1st article

well ..no on is perfect is my favorite quote ever.it bails you every time you make a mistake like i just did.peace Dol- finest.BTW what did you lean from that fine aricle?

no ONE

They will keep Wilford around at least through training camp.. why..

1. They take a bigger hit on the cap if they release him now.
2. He might work out and be the player they expected
3. He gets game time in preseason to exhibit his talents and increases his value for a possible trade for a low round pick - if there are WR injuries throughout preseason..

Who do we pick with the First... all depends on who we pick up in free agency before then...

either OL/DL/OLB (if they get Cushing they move Roth inside)

Cardoza I meant today. See guys I could have got on him hard for trying to play me but why stoop down.the Dolphins and I are on the rise and we we're going to keeep ,keep on rising to the top so give it all you got. Ain't no half steppin

But you dol- fan finest been dreaming a lot lately for years by dolphins and been played by them for a while .the other thing is you think that you are on the rise based on over rated record of last season ,so get ready for next season record 0f 5-11 or 7-9 MAX.

Singing Bell is a must! We will be replacing Crowder, however it will be very hard to replace BOTH of our leading tacklers. Remember guys this team was 11-6 last year, these guys (BELL and CROWDER)did have almost 240 tackles. We no were replacing one already!! SIGN BELL!


i am really pissing of fan now! LOL . i keep pretending to be him on here and SS and i know it is making him mad. FUNNY. .

i think this best way to not to let any person to pretend it's you is to use long names like mine finphinsfannibackatthestorethismonth

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