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Agent: Dolphins working hard to sign Bell

A couple of days ago I asked which of their own unrestricted free agents the Dolphins should try to lock up next, now that Vernon Carey is in the fold. And a whopping 83.2 percent of the 3,373 respondents -- some as far away as Guam and Australia and Israel -- said it should be Yeremiah Bell.

The Dolphins are apparently in agreement.

During his weekly appearance on local television station WSVN-7, agent Drew Rosenhaus said he's met several times with the Dolphins during the current scouting Combine in Indianapolis with the goal of striking a deal for Bell.

"I believe the Dolphins have targetted Yeremiah Bell as a guy they need to sign," Rosenhaus said. "He's one of my clients. I've been in discussions with them throughout the week. I believe we'll work very hard. It's too hard to say whether or not we'll get a deal done. We're still working at it. But certainly we've been in discussions."

Rosenhaus lives in South Florida and represents a handful of Dolphins, including Renaldo Hill, another unrestricted free agent, and receiver Ernest Wilford, whose future with the team is uncertain given his three total catches in 2008.

But while Rosenhaus did not mention Hill during his segment, he talked about a renewed optimism that Wilford will remain with the team.

"If you asked me this question two weeks ago I would have said it's very unlikely," Rosenhaus said of Wilford staying with Miami. "But my sense is the Dolphins are looking at the free agent market and it's not that great. And they invested quite a bit of money in Ernest. He's a hard worker. He's a talented guy.

"Last year didn't go the way it was planned. But I would no longer be surprised if Ernest Wilford is back with the Dolphins ... He's been over at the facility working out. He would like to come back. Hopefully he gets that opportunity, we'll find out soon."

As something of a Dolphins insider, Rosenhaus is convinced he knows what the Dolphins are going to do with their No. 1 pick this April. [BLOG NOTE: Nobody knows except maybe Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland and maybe not even them because it is way too early.]

Anyway, Rosenhaus seems certain Miami is going with a wide receiver No. 1.

"The Dolphins are definitely, in my opinion, going to take a receiver with the No. 1 pick," he said. "There's too much talent there ... Dolphins fans, this is your year to get a receiver in the first round even at No. 25."

One wonders if it has dawned on Rosenhaus that if the Dolphins go with a wide receiver in the first round, as he seems confident they will, the client he also seems hopeful can stick around, might get whacked as a result.

If the Dolphins draft a receiver No. 1, adding to a corps that includes Ted Ginn Jr., Greg Camarillo, Davone Bess, Brandon London and Wilford, the player initially at the bottom rung of that ladder would be, you guessed it, Wilford.

How ironical, as one player told me once.

Oh, one more thing: Rosenhaus is also the agent for recently cut running back Fred Taylor. He confirmed Taylor will visit with the Buffalo Bills, a Dolphins AFC East rival, sometime this week.


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we agree too much lol

Has anyone seen Tinshaker? I am feeling very lonely and need someone to cuddle with. If you see him, please, for the love of God, send him to my place. I need him.

best WR ever is jerry rice maybe fitsgerald

Agent: Dolphins working hard to sign Bell

Dolphins: Agent working hard to sign Bell

ArMaNdo: Stuck in the middle between the spin doctors

Readers: Smarter than all three give them credit for. Not pawns used to leverage negotiations which ultimately raise tixket prices.

Reality: Wake up and smell me.

Economy: Don't smell me - I am going down the toilet.

Joe the turd wrestler: Don't call me I am out of work.

lol nice post THAT guy
its very true

trade for vick then when hes out we can run the wildcat effectively

Bell is ok at best he is ineffective against the pass as was hill we need safeties that can cover and help out the corners make a few int's and intimidate receivers if they feel they need to sign bell I wouldn't throw the checkbook at him

Vick should be fed to rabid dogs

f--- vick! he makes pit bulls look like devil dogs
i have one and the only thing it does bad is chase cats and chew up stuff
its never been aggressive except when a chawawa ( however its spelled ) tried to take its food but even then she just snarled

Pit bulls are the worst dogs ever,One of them just ate some one ears and you tell me they are nice .no way and they snap at moment notic .in fact they are banned in some towns now.

it all depends on how they are raised
i've been around them most of my life and from my own experience they are great dogs

Pit Bulls are actually one of the least agressive breeds of dogs...The problem is they will do anything to please their owners and some people train them to do horrible things...I have owned pit bulls all my life and they are very loyal and good with kids...but this is a football blog...GOTTA GO, PEACE OUT!

the pit bull that ate some one's ears was raised by a single owner for 7 years.these days it's better to have a cat.

I don't have any pets, although sometimes I make finfanrob purr.

i, once again, agree with souljah,
ghon, who knows how that pit was raised or exactly what led to the attack
but this is a football blog and i have a report to do so im out for the day

soiljah and fsudolphins13 are same person talking to himself .

I would like Vick and sorry I don't have your love for dogs but it's a dog. Before you execute him clean your on closets out. even the judge that sentence him did something wrong in their life.

Wehad a leader who killed thousands of people for god knows what and nobody said anything. we had a leader who was getting a B--- Job while in office and not from his wife. Plus he smoking that ohhh weeee but he didn't inhale we all have dirt swept under the bed

Plus as americans we're violent by nature that's part of who we are. That's why Football is so popular we all can relate to wanting to hit somebody

also , we have a current leader who drank who used cocaine and nobody says nothing ( also swept that under the rug) . so you're right.

Armondo, I appreciate you posting this so that I could go on my blog at the SS and post the same thing because we're clueless. I also credited Omar Kooky for having the salary cap implications of cutting Earnest Wilfork even though I know you had that first, too. Gotta fool as many poeple as we can. Please stop kicking our butts. It's hard for a fool to get a job out there.

True indeed so vick deserves his chance too thanx JB

Ok kids , it's not nice to impersonate the menace, so please stop.I can say plenty of funny things with out help from any one,.. yes sigh y. bell why not they signed a 345 lb fat @ss for a gillzillion dollars they should sign someone that deserves it..

Well what can i say about ted(hands of stone)(feet of clay) tha already hasnt been said and lets not forget about his clip board holding daddy... nj phin fan,i was on patrol from 9 am till 4 today so any one posting as the menace is impersonating the cuban(and i dont know why?) me and you are solid bro..

How many times can we hear ,hands of clay?i guss as long as cuban around.please cuban don't say it again

That's why i use feet of clay sometimes, soon I'll be using lack of testicular fortitude..

how about "no testicular fortitude" for ginn??

same person,

im not anyone else ( Mr. Bungle was impersonating me )

i no everyone has done something bad but killing a dog just because it didn't kill another dog and also raising dogs to be aggressive is extremely awful
cheating on ur wife, doing cocaine, and being in the army are not anywhere near as bad as wat vick was doing and he wouldn't fit with miami cause he can't throw the damn ball


lay off of ginn if u take away his numbers we wouldn't have been in the playoffs and against the jets he had some amazing catches he is improving a lot

Goodman had a good year however, before he started rolling did you see howmwny times he got beat plus when he play it look as if he struggle's to keep up with better recievers.
Let him go and spend that money on a more physical guy aka Mcfadden (knew of him in high school) plus he is a younger guy from the miami area. Bell asking price should not go oveer 3 mil because of his injury proness. I like our receivers (all are YOUNG) give them at least this year and may then you can rip their heads off for lack of numbers.
goodman gone
Mcfadden IN
Bell (hope he signs)
LB first round
OL second (G or C)

Mando , what's wrong with the blog??

There are so many things wrong with the blog I cannot even begin to count them here. I think it's me.

fsudolphin, I stand by what i say, e.g hands of stone looks for the side line.. not the 1st down marker, # 2 if a defender is with in 10 yards he'll catch the ball and go straight down, #3 if a defender is with in 5 yards , he wont catch the ball.. the proof? he dropped 12 balls thrown to him in the middle and when a defender was closing in he'd drop it or he'd trip over his 2 own feet(hence , feet of clay) the man has no testicular fortitude(e.g fitzgerald, bolden, moss, etc.etc.) he will never have it. with that being said a true stud is camerello and Devon Bess. there not scarred to go over the middle , that's why I'm so hard on hands of stone, cause he wont make the tough catch. some where down the road it will bite the fish on the bottom side..

The Jets are gonna start Gholston at Quarterback.

The Dolphins will go after the wide out we have needed for some time, Darius Hayward-Bey, 6-2, 200lbs and runs a 4.3 flat. Draft either Fili Moala, Ron Brace at the nose. The last pick of day one will be a LB; either Cody Brown, from Uconn or if stil on the board James Laurinaitis. A possible sleeper would be a CB drafted on day one.
As far as Y-Bell he is just above average and we stil need him for at least one more year but all that talk of him being great is a big stretch.
We are hurtiung form the from all places especially the defensive back field. But you build and solidify a team form the inside out! We ranked at the bottom half in pass defence, but if you can't put presure on the QB, I don't care if your Neon Deon Sanders you will get beat. So you build from the trench's out. And so far that is what the Dolphins are doing.

Drew Rosenhaus is smoking crack if he is sure that Bill Parcells is going to draft a wide receiver in the first round instead of LB, DL, or OL. Here is his first round draft history with the Cowboys:

2007 - Anthony Spencer (LB)
2006 - Bobby Carpenter (LB).
2005 - Demarcus Ware (hybrid DE/LB), Marcus Spears (DE).
2004 (none).
2003 - Terence Newman (CB).

The only WR that Parcells has ever drafted in the 1st round was Terry Glenn (1996 Patriots), and "she" wasn't half-bad.

Mando, Your blogs not working.

mcfadden will be a big help if we can get him.

i love the idea of drafting WR and that will help our OL in a very positive way.

I am a very lonely person. That is why I spend all my life on blogs. Please help me.

"Ironical" is not a preferred usage. While vaguely acceptible, saying, "how ironic" is more preferred and sounds better anyway.

Ironical can be used in the past tense, but yes vaguely acceptable.

How about drafting either Rey Maualuga or B-Cush. I have seen them both play and they would be perfect in the 3-4 system.
But if CB's Vontae Davis or Alphonso Smith are still around at pick #25 the Dolphins will snag one of them. These are the two best CB's in the draft, Malcom Jenkins is to slow to play CB and the drop off is steep after these

i think before anybody says not to sign bell or why he isint so good .. lets here a solution then who out there is a better free agent pick up then bell?
sorry about grammer.

Bryant mcfadden is the man son!!!
the guy can play whether he has the steelers pass rush or not. They always say that you can tell that their a good corner by the INT #s if its a low number that means they dont throw towards him.


Mark my words, Armando. The Fins DO NOT pick a receiver in the first round. Rosenhaus is a clueless clown.

First of all, the only worthwhile possibility expected to be around at 25, Percy Harvin, is no first-team NFL receiver. In fact, he's another Ernest Wilford waiting to happen. The Fins are better served to shore up that D-line with the 25th pick. I know I'm dreaming to think BJ Raji will still be around, but if not him, any other fat dude will do.

fin fans remember we have new arch enemies and the Baltimore Ravens and Houstan Texans are it. We need a strong o-line that can smash Baltimore in its mouth. And for Houstan? we need Defense! and Bell needs to be there including a shutdown DB thats atleast over 6 feet so he can snatch balls out the air, GO fins and a shout out to the loyal fans!!

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