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Kiper: Ryan better than Henne, Pennington

Kiper The NFL draft combine in Indianapolis starts Thursday and to celebrate all the attention and focus we are about to lend to a bunch of dudes running around in shorts and doing everything except, you know, blocking and tackling and making plays from scrimmage, I present to you draft guru Mel Kiper.

He hates the Dolphins.

Let me correct that. Mel is a good man. He knows his stuff and he's great on TV. And he doesn't hate the Dolphins.

He just hates some of the stuff the Dolphins have done in recent drafts ... including drafting offensive tackle Jake Long with the first overall pick last year while passing on quarterback Matt Ryan.

To hear Mel explain it last week during a TWO-HOUR conference call with reporters, he thinks if Chad Henne does not become every bit the equal of Ryan in the next couple of years, the Dolphins will be proven to have made a grand mistake in Bill Parcells' first Miami draft.

And that is regardless of what Long, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, does. The thinking is a QB has the most important job in football and the Dolphins had a chance to get a very good QB in Ryan. So Henne better eventually erase that misdeed because, according to Mel, Ryan is better than any QB Miami can put on the field right now.

"They passed on Matt Ryan," Mel said. "And I've said all along, it's nice to have Jake Long and all that but Chad Pennington is kind of a plateau quarterback right now as we saw in the playoffs, which we knew going in, and Chad Henne is going to be the guy that will be compared to Matt Ryan.

"Three or four years down the road, Dolphins fans are going to be looked at and we'll say, "OK you could have had Matt Ryan and you didn't take him. Where's Matt Ryan? Where's Chad Henne?' And we better hope Chad Henne is right where Matt Ryan is or that was a bad move not taking Matt Ryan.

"So we kind of gave them a free pass last year not taking Ryan. But I'm not giving them a free pass. I want to see how this all shakes [out] down the line. They could have taken Ryan and didn't take him. And I think Ryan is better than Henne and right now Ryan is better than Pennington."

Mel also is not a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr., another former first round pick of the Dolphins. He thought, and I agree, the Dolphins reached for Ginn with the ninth overall selection in the 2007 draft. And he doesn't buy the argument that Ginn's kick return prowess made him a dual threat, thus a better selection at No. 9.

"I don't think you draft a kid that high based on his return skills," Mel said. "I remember when Miami drafted Ted Ginn and Cam Cameron made that statement. It was like, "Are you kidding me?" You just don't draft a kid that high based on return skill. You just don't do that. You draft Ted Ginn based on his wide receiver skills.

" ... If you have to hang your hat on what kind of returner he is, that means he's a disappointment as a wide receiver. You can get returners as free agents. The Ravens proved that with B.J. Sams a long time ago and we saw that all the way through the history of the NFL.... Leon Washington wasn't a first or second round pick with the Jets."

Mel wasn't a big fan of drafting Ginn at No. 9 in 2007 and believes the Dolphins should pick a receiver at No. 25 now, in part, because Ginn hasn't stepped forward as the spark the Miami offense needs.

"Wide receiver is a need area," Mel said. "There's no question offensively this team needs some juice."

Mel projects the Dolphins picking Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey in the first round. I don't agree with that. I think the Dolphins can find receivers in later rounds and I think they will be prone to fill other needs -- specifically in the secondary, the front seven and offensive line -- in the first round.

I also believe the Dolphins already have their eyes on guys such as North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi and Cal Poly's Ramses Barden and Rutgers' Kenny Britt and Ohio State's Brian Robiskie after the first round.

Heyward-Bey, fast and big, is also maddeningly inconsistent. And Mel admits that when pressed.

"Heyward-Bey, his route running at times he doesn't push it enough," Mel said. "He's going to have to turn that intensity dial up a bit ... In some games he looks like a top 10-15 pick. In other games, he's completely off the radar a bit."

Mel later calls Heyward-Bey a, "borderline first round pick."

So why would the Dolphins pick him?

Now, in discussing this post, I don't want it to become a ripfest on Mel Kiper. That's just dumb. If you disagree with him and believe LT Jake Long is just as valuable as the best QB in last year's draft, say WHY, give a reason, use your head and make the point!

If you think Mel is wrong in saying Ryan is better than Pennington and Henne, give reasons for that. Mel sucks is not a reason. Armando sucks is definitely not a reason. Show some intelligence, blogosphere ... I will not hold my breath.

Finally, The Herald is considering many innovative things for this very popular blog. And in planning that innovation we need to know what types of mobile phones you are using. So please tell us in your post. [Do not respond, 'The type you talk into.']


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u gonna delete this one too armando?

I think WR will be the selection in round two or three....no way in round one. They go offensive line, linebacker, or secondary, depending on how free agency winds up. They want to shore up the WR position, sign Housh. He should be a free agent, isnt really all that old, and would serve as quite the veteran presense Ginn, Camarillo, and Bess need. Sign Housh and the offense is immediatly better...and you dont have to give up draft picks to sign him!!!

Mel Kiper is also the guy who made fun of the Colts for taking Peyton Manning instead of Ryan Leaf... He is as right as he is wrong. Most receivers take two to three years to develop, so Ginn is still not a bust. A great left tackle is important, so Ryan would not have been the same quarterback as he was in Atlanta.

Hindsight is 20/20, but given the year that Matt Ryan had, you'd almost have to take him over Jake Long.

Most people weren't that high on Matt Ryan going into the draft. He was the best QB in the draft, but the scouts weren't drooling over Ryan like they were about Jamarcus Russell or even Jay Cutler. The buzz on Ryan just wasn't that great. Combine that with the fact that 2/3 of QBs taken #1 overall turn out to be busts, and Jake was a great selection last year. The Dolphins just couldn't afford to throw up an airball with the #1 overall pick last year and Matt Ryan had a much bigger chance of being a complete flop than Jake Long.

So Jake was the right pick at the time, but if you had a crystal ball, you'd probably take Matt Ryan.

Wow , mel kiper agrees with the menace that ted(hands of stones)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy was a bad pick.... thank you mando and thank you mel...

Chad Henne only needs to be as good as Ben Rothlesburger, Eli Manning, Rich Gannon, Trent Dilfer...need I resume???

If Mel was all he THINKS he is, he’d be making 10x what he is for the NFL’s historical dynasty.

Mel Kiper is doing what every other draft expert, media type, and fan does...recites his infinite hindsight knowledge as though he REALLY knows something. If time were not such a valuable resource at the moment, going back and reading his pre-draft predictions would be comical I'm certain.

Hey Mel, If Matt Leinhardt was a success, you could be saying the same thing about 9 other teams and people would think you were Nostradamus.

I ryan better than Penne or Henne? Arm strength he better the Penne but not Henne brains he ain't even close to Penne and he might be ahead of Henne only because of Game experiance! Lets put it this way if the Phish grab Ryan and not Jake, Ryan would have been AWEFULL!!! Why because you can't throw from your back! And that Line without Jake, Yuck!
Also We got Henne with our second #2 how can you equate a top 3 pick with late second?? With that Logic shouldn't we be comparing Jake with who ever they took in the second round? And if we are going to do that I'll take Jake, Merling and Henne over anyone elses first and second rounders.

There is no way of telling if Ryan would have been as successful in Miami like he was in Atlanta. Atlanta had a whole lot more solid players to assist in Ryan's success while in Miami he would have had inexperience receivers, a offensive line thats weak in the middle, a inconstant running game and a defense that struggled at times. Pennington helped everyone on that team grow as a team.

While I agree with the Ginn pick but Kiper not recognizing that Ryan's success may not have been the same in Miami. With that said I really don't think Kiper knows his stuff and if he did I think a team would have thrown a crazy amount of money at him to scout players coming out of college. He has been off the mark many of times. Perfect example is him thinking Miami should select a WR with the 25th pick when both sides of the line still needs improvement and history has shown you that taking a receiver in the 1st rd is a high risk and that you can find a receiver from the 2nd round on down.

Oh yes and Kiper sucks!

I can't really agree here with Mel as much as I like his work. I'm firmly in the camp that you wait three years before you start declaring who was the better pick and who should of been taken at which spot. You also can't say Matt Ryan would of had the same type of year he had if he was down here. We don't have a Roddy White type receiver. We don't have Michael Turner. There are too many what if's to say this is who the dolphins should of taken. All I know right now is that our starting LT made the pro bowl and the Falcons starting QB didn't.

great point joe c..also remember that marino had a break out year his first year, lets see how matty does his second year after the defences have seen his stuff.. iam still not sold on mr. ryan..

Its randy muller.

of course matt ryan is better,end of story .ted gin is great and you all will see next season.

But then again my Sargent's last name is ryan...

how any one compare ryan to unproven back up QB henne.let see how fans will react to henne next season when he start to deliver interceptions al penne style.

A quarterback is as good as the team around him. Case in point, Dan Marino; Dan was a great quarterback on good but not great teams.

Let me speculate, in 2-years I rather be Chad Henne on a Bill Parcells built team, than Matt Ryan on the Atlanta Falcons.

Mel you are alright with me!! Nobody gets it right all of the time.

Thanks Neil in Va., i didn't want to utter his name..

you have to be a monkey to not see how great teg ginn going to be next season

Mel will be Mel. I think he is wrong on Jake Long and also wrong on Teddy Ginn jr. Teddy made some really nice catches this season. Remember vs Seattle? True, we should have drafted Brady Quinn but Teddy will redeem himself as soon as Henne with his stronger arm can stretch the defenses and Teddy can kill them with speed. This year I predict a LB coming early in our future. I don't see how Mel doesnt look back at Parcell's draft history and see that the Tuna just isn't a "draft a WR in the first round" kind of guy.

Dr Z, please use prescription drug's accordingly..

hello everyboby mel kiper is trying to sell matt ryan cause he backed him last year but if you want to compare qb's how bout compare him with flacco he had a great year also so should miami have drafted him instead of long long is going to be a great tackle for years now matt ryan may have a draw back year or sophmore slup cause qb is a tough position and defenses have film on him now and can study his ways look at tony romo when he burst on the seen he was unbelievable now he's a regular qb with great talent around him henne will be good he's learning from the smartest qb in the game plus he has all the tools for the qb job

IF ryan was here with his strong arm ,ginn would be catching balls left and right

It's a lot easier to draft Matt Ryan and have him perform well when he has a 3-time All-American LT in Sam Baker, whom they drafted last year. The Falcons offensive line only gave up 17 sacks (5th fewest) all season. Jake Long will be a stud guarding our QB's blind side for seasons to come.

monkey, monkey, monkey eat your banana and let the humans use the key board's...ted(hands of stone)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy will be with you simians this weekend when there let loose back to the wild..


There are still a bunch of idiots saying Ginn could have been picked in the third round even the the Texans clearly admitted they would have taken him with the 10th pick, so whoever just wrote that needs to shut the hell up. But anyway i dont think Matt Ryan is very good actually, looking at his stats if it wasnt for his two first round pick receivers he wouldnt be very good. I thought he sucked in college and still think he does. MATT RYAN WILL BE EXPOSED NEXT YEAR>BELIEVE ME THIS..lol


CUBAN menace,you sound like you love to insult people views and seems that my turn has come to be insulted.again who said that your views about any player are the ultimate judgment on them like ted ginn ,BTW i think this blog is great .

Given the opportunity again, I'd still take Jake Long. Let's face it, if we had drafted Ryan, who's to say he would have flourished in Dan Henning's system behind a make-shift offensive line? It's better to build your foundation first (i.e., offensive and defensive lines) before taking a skill player.

Ryan had a stellar first year and could be a Pro Bowler for many years to come. Same could be said for Jake Long. Given our needs last year, I'd take Long any day of the week. If we'd have taken Ryan, we might still be in the market for a LT. Instead, we ended up with a LT and potentially our QB of the future.

Let's also not forget that it's not time to put Ryan in Canton. Years ago, Rick Mirer had a decent first year and won Rookie of the Year over another first round pick, Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe's career turned out much better in the long run.

It was hard to type it menace

i think that we should go after Lb's secondary and offensive linemen. We can get a big wideout later in the draft to match ginns speed. If camerlleo, spellcheck, is as good in the slot as he looked before he got hurt than we be set at that position.

Jalon: The Texans have not admitted any such thing. IN fact, it was reported by the Houston Chronicle that Houston was taking Okoye regardless of Ginn being available.

Dwayne , we can only hope that some one will give us a 2nd rounder for (h.o.s) and his family...

jalon, your name's not m@@c is it??

Mel talks out of both sides of his mouth. The only reason he keeps talking about Ginn is because he thought Miami should have taken Brady Quinn instead. If they had taken Quinn with the 9th pick Mel wouldn’t be mentioning Matt Ryan at all when speaking about the Dolphins. If Ted Ginn was a reach at 9 then Darrius Heyward-Bey is an absolute colossal reach at 25. Mel you just don’t make sense to me.

im fine with long anyway. we are solid at LT for 10 plus years.

Dr.Z, I use humor a lot if i insulted you i apologize any other posts (besides those directed at m@@c) that were insulting to other's was a fake menace..(for some reason other bloggers want to emulate the menace.. why? I have no idea) so don't be insulted it's just joking..

cuban menace why dont you go read this then shut the hell up..http://www.finheaven.com/forums/f75/houston-was-going-to-take-ted-ginn-at-10-a-195012.html
even mel himself had Ginn going top ten so what the hell is he talking about

and also mando i can tell your not a big fan of ted ginn either, ive been seeing it since your stupid letter, hope you enjoy your career while it lasts with your horrible predictions.sincerely jalon

Mel's wrong.

If the Fins had picked Ryan they would have put him behind a terrible O-line, and he wouldn't have had the threats at WR he enjoyed in Atlanta this year.

In other words- Ryan would have been a rookie on a team that had only won one game the year before, a team with no leader, a team with no talent to throw to, and a team that didn't have anyone decent on the O-line to block for him.


Ryan would have had the deer-in-the-headlights look every time the ball was snapped to him. He would have had all of his confidence destroyed and would have ended up being a huge bust.

Mel is a joke.

Mel Kiper sucks.


Jalon or m@@c, or what ever your blogging as tonite, please take your meds bro, we're just talking about football.. you know others have a opinion , or does that matter to you??

one of my favorite reading on this blog is the CUBAN menace and i come to this blog to read his funny and his smart take on things for most of the time .that said why every one asking about the merit of drafting ted ginn.what about all the 150 loser player they drafted prior to BP regime.where was mel then?

Apparently not... You would have made a good gestapo major..

I know anti

but those a holes running our team last year blew it by drafting him at #9. we are stuck with him awhile i think. im not sure we would save any of that money by cutting him.

you right though, bess and cam are beast but we still need a big target out there.

dont really care about your opinions obviously none of you guys are good at evaluating talent.

jalon sound 100 percent like Marc.

DR Z... good point..

How come Kiper is not bragging about Brady Quinn anymore? He was supposed to be such a great QB, according to Kiper. I agree Ginn is far from being worth his pick so far, but if any team doesn't pick who Kiper thinks they should, then he starts screaming how they blew it. All you have to do is disagree with Kiper and he throws a tissy. People may pay attention to him because it's the only football at the time, but no one believes he is the know-it-all and everyone else is wrong, as he does.

I disagree with Mel about Long/Henne/Ryan/Pennington deal. I think Henne will be pretty good when he gets his chance. That's not the point though. The Fins needed a left tackle badly. When one like Long comes along, you've got to make the move. Not glamourous sure. Look at the Rams. They drafted a great left tackle way back when and haven't had to worry about it until this year. They have gone through several qbs however in that span of time. Lets face it, it's all guess work. Educated or not. Unless he gets hurt, Long will be the anchor on the left side for ten years. Granted they need someone with a bigger arm to spread out defenses, I think Henne is that guy. The Falcons caught a break when Ryan worked out so fast. How often does than happen though, really? Not very. They made the right choice whether Henne works out or not. Lets not forget the kind of player Henne is. I wonder if Mel could make more money be a GM somewhere? Oh, that's if someone actually offered him one of those 32 jobs. They didn't.

Here's my take on this. Yes, Matt Ryan had a good rookie season, but I'm sure Michael Turner had nothing to do with that. He was really exposed in the playoffs, and believe me, that will carry over to next year with teams analyzing that game film over the summer. Taking Jake Long was a typical Parcells move, he builds from the inside out. He wasn't drafting to win last year, and believe me, I'm sure going 11-5 was a nice surprise for everyone in the Front Office, but they know they have their work cut out for them. Parcells doesn't win with a high profile QB. He won a Super Bowl with Phil Simms and Jeff Hos, and that's it. Sure he had Bledsoe (who was overrated!), Testaverde, Romo (who still hasn't won anything and is overrated!). To say he made a mistake by taking Long over Ryan is just foolish. Matt Ryan would have looked like David Carr, on the ground all the time because the line couldn't block. What made Ryan successful was the running game and easy read routes. Arizona took the running game away from them in the playoffs and look what happened. It's too early to tell if Ryan is better than Henne, but Jake looked really good at the Pro Bowl, oh wait, where was Ryan? Let's see if Mel is saying the same thing next year when teams figure out Ryan like the did Romo and all the other 1 hit wonders!

Monkey , He doe's sound like m@@c, neil I'm afraid your right,And t.j in Atlanta WHAT'S UP DOG!!!!! your team did excellent last year..

Sport writers like mel they always come with opinions after the facts are cleared and the judgment is out on every draft pick then they come out and tell us every thing we know already like it's LOOK WHAT I CAME WITH?fins had a joke for team last 7 year prior to BP and now every one is a sport brain.hope every one learn from my writing.

Exactly Mr. lamb, spot on man. i said it not in so many words early..

By reading jalon words and venom towrd CUBAN MENACE it's very clear lt's Marc who is witing that Post.

henne's first drive as a pro resulted in a touchdown.

A Major Point: If Henne proves to be anywhere close to Ryan down the road, the Dolphins made the right pick with Long. If the Dolphins had taken Ryan first they certainly would not have procured a top tier left tackle in the second round. If Henne is close to competitive with Ryan, they wind up with a GREAT quarterback and a Pro Bowl caliber left tackle. To say Henne has to be BETTER than Ryan misses that important point - Shame on you Kiper!

Skill players need a solid foundation to become more than a one man show. Sure, you could get the occasional highlight reaal play out of a skilled player, but without a good O-Line, an offense cannot be consistent. Even the best QB in the league needs time to make plays. If a QB is rushed, pressured, knocked down or sacked on every play, then the percentage of interceptions or fumbles goes through the roof.

I would take Long/Henne/Merling over any other teams 1st/2nd rounder... even without Merling in the mix as a third pick.

Kiper said the following players would be great, Andre Ware, Mike Williams, JJ Stokes, John Walsh and Akili Smith, just to name some huge busts and jokes. I can go on and on. His opinion is just that, his opinion, it matters no more then anyone else's. Just another blowhard that makes up the media today.

it's like the old saying"every one has one" an opinion and a @sss hole..

Ryan is better right now that is, vs Henne.

Watch out come 2010.......Kiper was on track a few years back, but if you check out his picks overall the last few years, the man is off, way off.

An anchor like Long for 10+ yrs and Henne after '09 and another playoff run by Pennington, I believe will be the better choices 'LONG' term.
2009 draft? I can pick better than Kiper....damn straight Parcells and Ireland can: 1st - LB- Laurinitis , 2nd- C- A.Mack, 2nd- DT, 3rd - S or CB , 4th - WR, 5th- OL.

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