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Kiper: Ryan better than Henne, Pennington

Kiper The NFL draft combine in Indianapolis starts Thursday and to celebrate all the attention and focus we are about to lend to a bunch of dudes running around in shorts and doing everything except, you know, blocking and tackling and making plays from scrimmage, I present to you draft guru Mel Kiper.

He hates the Dolphins.

Let me correct that. Mel is a good man. He knows his stuff and he's great on TV. And he doesn't hate the Dolphins.

He just hates some of the stuff the Dolphins have done in recent drafts ... including drafting offensive tackle Jake Long with the first overall pick last year while passing on quarterback Matt Ryan.

To hear Mel explain it last week during a TWO-HOUR conference call with reporters, he thinks if Chad Henne does not become every bit the equal of Ryan in the next couple of years, the Dolphins will be proven to have made a grand mistake in Bill Parcells' first Miami draft.

And that is regardless of what Long, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, does. The thinking is a QB has the most important job in football and the Dolphins had a chance to get a very good QB in Ryan. So Henne better eventually erase that misdeed because, according to Mel, Ryan is better than any QB Miami can put on the field right now.

"They passed on Matt Ryan," Mel said. "And I've said all along, it's nice to have Jake Long and all that but Chad Pennington is kind of a plateau quarterback right now as we saw in the playoffs, which we knew going in, and Chad Henne is going to be the guy that will be compared to Matt Ryan.

"Three or four years down the road, Dolphins fans are going to be looked at and we'll say, "OK you could have had Matt Ryan and you didn't take him. Where's Matt Ryan? Where's Chad Henne?' And we better hope Chad Henne is right where Matt Ryan is or that was a bad move not taking Matt Ryan.

"So we kind of gave them a free pass last year not taking Ryan. But I'm not giving them a free pass. I want to see how this all shakes [out] down the line. They could have taken Ryan and didn't take him. And I think Ryan is better than Henne and right now Ryan is better than Pennington."

Mel also is not a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr., another former first round pick of the Dolphins. He thought, and I agree, the Dolphins reached for Ginn with the ninth overall selection in the 2007 draft. And he doesn't buy the argument that Ginn's kick return prowess made him a dual threat, thus a better selection at No. 9.

"I don't think you draft a kid that high based on his return skills," Mel said. "I remember when Miami drafted Ted Ginn and Cam Cameron made that statement. It was like, "Are you kidding me?" You just don't draft a kid that high based on return skill. You just don't do that. You draft Ted Ginn based on his wide receiver skills.

" ... If you have to hang your hat on what kind of returner he is, that means he's a disappointment as a wide receiver. You can get returners as free agents. The Ravens proved that with B.J. Sams a long time ago and we saw that all the way through the history of the NFL.... Leon Washington wasn't a first or second round pick with the Jets."

Mel wasn't a big fan of drafting Ginn at No. 9 in 2007 and believes the Dolphins should pick a receiver at No. 25 now, in part, because Ginn hasn't stepped forward as the spark the Miami offense needs.

"Wide receiver is a need area," Mel said. "There's no question offensively this team needs some juice."

Mel projects the Dolphins picking Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey in the first round. I don't agree with that. I think the Dolphins can find receivers in later rounds and I think they will be prone to fill other needs -- specifically in the secondary, the front seven and offensive line -- in the first round.

I also believe the Dolphins already have their eyes on guys such as North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi and Cal Poly's Ramses Barden and Rutgers' Kenny Britt and Ohio State's Brian Robiskie after the first round.

Heyward-Bey, fast and big, is also maddeningly inconsistent. And Mel admits that when pressed.

"Heyward-Bey, his route running at times he doesn't push it enough," Mel said. "He's going to have to turn that intensity dial up a bit ... In some games he looks like a top 10-15 pick. In other games, he's completely off the radar a bit."

Mel later calls Heyward-Bey a, "borderline first round pick."

So why would the Dolphins pick him?

Now, in discussing this post, I don't want it to become a ripfest on Mel Kiper. That's just dumb. If you disagree with him and believe LT Jake Long is just as valuable as the best QB in last year's draft, say WHY, give a reason, use your head and make the point!

If you think Mel is wrong in saying Ryan is better than Pennington and Henne, give reasons for that. Mel sucks is not a reason. Armando sucks is definitely not a reason. Show some intelligence, blogosphere ... I will not hold my breath.

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I completely agree with Kiper that if Henne is a complete bust then the Dolphins made a mistake not drafting Ryan. Look around the league, it typically takes a truly special QB to win the Super Bowl. Dilfer is the excception not the rule. Roethlisberger, Manning, Brady are the rules. Ryan appears to be on that track to be mentioned with those great QBs.

However, if Henne is a top level QB, then clearly the Dolphins made the correct decision.

PS - Verizon Dare is the phone I have Armando.

Mel's 2000 draft retrospective analysis --

"Every team, including the Patriots, screwed the pooch six times over by passing on Tom Brady in the first through sixth rounds. They should have known better."

Give me a break.

ON the Ginn pick, at least we possibly enter the "should have known better at the time" zone.

You have to add everything together to make a complete picture. Mr. Bad Hair Job is taking one on one. Matt Ryan vs. Jake Long. That is a no brainer. After one season, Ryan wins. But that is not the WHOLE picture. We took Long, ADDED Henne, AND Pennington. It is not just a one player vs. one player comparison. The WHOLE package adds up to a Dolphins win & an Atlanta win. If we took just Ryan, we would have one great player. With the way the 'Phins went about it, we have three.

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I wonder if Mel is still planning on meeting
Mike Williams at his HOF induction.

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I use tin cans strung by a wire. And I am the most idiotic columnist in South Florida sports -- Dolphins should sign Brett Favre.

It is pretty obvious that you shouldn't be quoting Kiper because most of your readers think he has made some pretty dumb statements.

Where is Quinn? Second string qb who threw a few interceptions this year.

Ginn already has beaten his numbers.

If Ryan were a Dolphin and Long was somewhere else, Ryan would have a very sore head and ass from landing on either 10 times per game game.

Parcells knows what he is doing. I don't know what Cameron was thinking last year when he needed a line.

Mando, what's with the big brother question? You guys at the Herald ask me to sign in, log in, click in and now you want my cellphone carrier?


You have to compare Ginn with Quinn if you are going down this road and right now Ginn looks better than Quinn as far as that choice is concerned. Ginn has contributed much more than Quinn and we are at the half way mark. In 2 more years if Quinn does not step it up more than he has Mell will look foolish. Yea GInn was still a reach though. But we talking about Mell's picking ability here though. As far as Jake Long the Dolphins 2 best returning players were running backs and this team was going to built around a strong offensive line and a running game. When the running game did not turn out as hope thus the wildcat. That is what made Jake Long the best and really only pick for the Miami Dolphins. He was a safe pick too but most importantly he fit the bill for what they are trying to build. Ryan was not what they were looking for. Ryan was a gamble pick that did hit but he did not fit this team. Cameron and Mueller would have picked Ryan and they would have been right on with that selection but that was a different type of team that they were building a gun and run. We got rid of L Booker for that reason he is a run adn gun RB not a bruiser. IMO

IF Mel had his way we would have Brady Quinn as a QB and oh yeah, Wayne would have given Cam and Randy Mueller additional time with the young QB.

I think it all worked out.

It is about winning at the end of the day and the Fins did that.

mel is a dumbass!!!!!
anybody who knows football knows you build a teamfrom the lines out. you can have a good qb but if he is on his back he sucks. o ya this means that HENNE is sick cuz kiper is an IDIOT. i cant even belive u posted this who cares what that IDIOT thinks we got PARCELLS!!!!!

The truth is it's not Henne and Long and Pennington vs. Ryan.

It is Henne and Long vs. Ryan and a second round pick.

Pennington is out of the equation in a year or two anyway so he's a non-factor longterm.

Oh, um, tell your IT people to shove their apps updates Mando because every time they change the way this blog works, it gets worse. The only reason I still come here is to read what you write and show everyone that finheaven.com is a piece of trash.

Eddie from new England sound suspiciously like a certain guy named m@@c..

exactly mel kiper will have to eat his words once henne becomes succesful and as for ginn he should show progress in his 3rd year but will not reach full potential until his quarter back can sling it downfield and thats the truth hopefully that qb can b henne but only time can tell not mel kiper p.s. mel kiper is a f@#ing idiot

Well Kiper is right in saying that Henne will be compared to Ryan in years to come. But I think the Fins were right in solidifying their LT for the next decade (hopefully). A QB without a line to block doesnt usually succeed in the NFL, just stating the obvious. Bill Parcels knows what he's doing, and I would trust his judgment over Mel Kiper any day of the week

Guy's stop taking steroids before blogging..

I use my walkie talkie. Couldn't resist Mando.

And to your friend Mel can go uckf himself.

Too soon to tell about the Henne to Ryan comparison and too soon to judge Ryan. Trent Edwards was the second coming of Kelley until he regressed a bit in his 2nd year. Ryan definitely has more upside than Pennington. The real "value" comparison will be to see if Ryan and Baker are a better combo than Long and Henne. Except Miami did not have the choice of two 1st rounders. Had Miami taken Ryan, we had no one to protect him as all the tackles were gone by Miami's 2nd pick (32.

Mel does not even come close to the accuracy of some other mock draft web sites and can not evaluate talent like Mayock or Charles Davis although Mayock was in love with Ryan. Mel may be right but even a broken clock is right twice a day. It will be interesting to see who stands the test of time between Flacco, Ryan and Henne. No one knows about Henne yet but I would trust Parcels over Mel any day of the week.

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LOL ,CUBAN MENACE talking to himself as DR Z is one of the funniest things i have ever seen.I'm laughing so hard i'm actually crying and my sides are killing me,this is priceless. LOL

Ok, Ryan had a great rookie year. But let's look at things a little differently. Let's suppose Parcells took Ryan with the first pick in last year's draft and Henne was taken by Atlanta or possibly Baltimore and became the starter like Flacco and Ryan did and had a great year. Then Pennington became available to the Dolphins. Who do you think would have started for the Dolphins last year? Pennington of course, and Ryan would have sat basically all year just like Henne did, and all of us would be wondering just how good Ryan could be in the future, just like we're wondering about Henne now......

TO repeat a indy gm at the time ( I think it was bill polian) " who the hell is mel kiper"

Oh, and I forgot, Verizon-LG Dare

Also MENACE talking to himself as monkey is just as priceless, LOL. This is to much!!!

I think the problem with taking Ryan with the first pick is that most QBs taken in the top 5 are busts, such as Heath Shuler, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, David Carr, and Alex Smith. Taking a QB early is a risky pick. Offensive lineman are rarely busts on the other hand - Orlando Pace, Joe Thomas, Robert Gallery (who has developed into a solid guard), and now Jake Long. Jake Long was the safe pick, and that had to have played a role in what the Dolphins did. When you are re-building a franchise from a 1-15 cellar, you cant role the dice and take a QB, it is too risky. To be honest, I am surprised Mel doesnt acknowledge this.

Kiper really doesnt know anything about Parcells if he thinks the Dolphins - with all the holes that they have - are going to take a WR in the 1st round. That is simply out of the question. A WR in the 1st round this year is a pipe dream.

With the amount of busts there are every year in the top 10 picks of the draft, if you draft a pro bowler you have to be happy with the pick. I mean if Jake Long was a bad pick, what does Kiper think of Vernon Gholston, Darren Mcfadden, and Jamaal Anderson of the Falcons (from a couple of years ago)?
If you draft a kid in the top 5 and he goes to the pro bowl in his rookie year, you should throw a parade. You arent always going to pick the best player in the draft if you pick 1st overall, it doesnt work like that.

There is a reason Kiper is just a talking head and not a scout for a NFL team

I wish we had taken him too sometimes, but really....any QB we took would have spent most of his time running for his life without a strong left tackle. The offensive line has been neglected for years, we needed Jake too.


u know why i hate the most is when people bash ted ginn jr! put it this way he has only played 2 years he had a different head coach every year a different offensive cordiantor and playbook 2 years in a row! a different QB 2 years in a row and both QB have a can of jelly for an ARM! they can't throw the verticalball at all shoot they can't throw the ball over 30 yards lol! ted ginn had almost 900 yards his second season! just watch this will be his 3rd year and his 2nd full year with the same coach,cordinator,playbook,and QB! i guarentee this year ted ginn will have 1,200 yards reciving 10 td's and over a 15yards a recetion average! and then when henne comes in as QB and able to trow the long ball ginn will have over 1,400 yards ever year and be making the probowl every year from there on! but next year when teddy ginn breaks out everybody is going to be kissing his azz and saying how great he is! and guess what all u jack azzes that start sucking his man hood go fu*k yourself! because i hate so called fans like u all that do nothing but cry and bit*h and moan like a little girl! and then suc*k a mans manhood when they do good! why don't u fair weather fans go start rooting for another team like the JETS that do nothing but cry and moan like u do! also so this way when your at the DOLPHINS game rooting for them me and every other DOLPHINS fan there can kick your AZZ when we beat them jets azz! lol! GO DOLPHINS! and all u real dolphins fans out there keep it real and don't win and cry and be a little bit*h like these guys out there! so Cuban menace go be a jet's fan and take your COC* sucking friends with ya! peace out!

Hindsight is always 20/20. I expect better from Mel Kiper. Long was not only a good pick, but also the safest. The guy was as close to a sure thing as you can get. Ryan could have been great or terrible, besides the fact that the jury is still out on the guy, and perhaps we should wait more than a year before calling him a franchise quarterback. QB is the most unpredictable pick, especially as a #1 pick. Case in point, Jamarcus Russell who EVERYONE (including Kiper if my memory serves me) was drooling over just becasue the guy had a big arm, which i feel is SO overrated in a QB.
As for Ginn, while i agree with him that the pick was bad, so does almost every other Miami fan. I dont expect myself and every other phin-fan to be thrown under the bus just because Cam Cameron is a moron. (Although Ginn has actually turned out better than i expected.) However Kiper didnt say who they should have taken with the pick. He (and I for that matter) would probly say Quinn, and we would have most likely both been wrong.
I happen to have more of a problem with Cam saying "We drafted the Ginn family"... what the hell was that all about? I have a GREAT family... does that make me a first round draft pick???


Long was the right pick for this team. They needed to build the line. In addition to grabbing Long, they get Henne who could potentially be our starter in a year or two.

Ryan had a great year. He wouldn't have enjoyed the same success here. The Falcons had a better supporting cast compaired to Miami's. One season does not a career make. If that were the case Vince Young would be headed to the Hall of Fame.

Jury will be out for these picks for another couple of years. Although you have to like that a lot of our picks this season contributed. They are only going to get better.

Kiper is like the rest of you guys, you do your schtick to get viewers/listeners/readers. Sometimes your right, sometimes your wrong.

BTW, I dont have a cell phone. It became too cumbersome to carry around the answering machine when I didn't feel like talking on the phone.

If we had taken Ryan, he would have had to play behind our offensive line without Long. He would probably be still recovering in the hospital. And he almost certainly would not have had as much success as he did with Atlanta. So, after having a miserable season with the Dolphins, everyone would have been saying we should have taken Long. So I think we made the right choice.

As for comparing him to Henne, I dont think that is very fair. And before its over, I predict Henne will outshine Ryan. Henne is getting to learn from a very good game manager in Pennington. Hes getting to learn alot of little things that Ryan will miss out on. Granted, Ryan is getting experience, but I think Henne will be better off in the long run.

As for the blog, I use Verizon, but I will never use my phone on a blog to text or anything, so if it comes down to that, you will just miss out on my opinion.

Haven spoken with Kiper in person I was not impressed with his knowledge of the game. Typically when he likes a Miami pick the player doesn't pan out and when he thrashes the pick Miami ends up with a good if not great player. I'd love for someone to pull all the ESPN material and all Kiper's print materials since he started and see how accurate the guy is. I'd wager he is around 30% if not less.

Jake Long was the best pick for Miami. Ryan wouldnt have seen the field had he been picked by Miami, Pennington would still be here. If Long is a pro bowler and Henne becomes a Pro Bowler (remember the weapons Ryan had to throw to compared to what he would have had here, thats what Henne has to work with until we get some for him) then we did the right thing. If Long is a Pro Bowler and Ryan is too, then you dont say Miami made a wrong move, it was the right move based on our team need. Sprint Blackberry.

TJ expressed my feelings pretty well. You win in this league by winning the battle at the L.O.S. This team needed a LT in the worst way and it also solidified their right side by allowing the team to move Carey back to that side.

It is true, you also need a competent QB, but first things first and that is building a foundation for success up front. Ryan would not have had any more time then Beck did last year and we saw how that turned out.

Now, the Ginn pick...yes, it was a reach. Time will tell just how much so.

Roddy White and Turner/Norwood are light years better than any WR we have and Brown/Williams

i can say this...
what would you rather have henne and long
ryan and baker?
ill take henne and long all pro left tackle compared to a guy who had to convert to a left tackle.
Also by the time henne starts they will get a decent receiver for him to throw to.
and i say
Duke robinson #1 pick this year for the fins
solidify that o line.
2nd shawn smith

Ok, so Matt Ryan is better than Chad Pennington....Matt Ryan has played one year so thats kinda hard to say, I guess we could just look at the stats....shell we....

C. Pennington , 67.4 3653 7.67 19 7 97.4
Matt Ryan 61.1 3440 7.93 16 11 87.7

As you can see Pennington is better in every category except yds per pass...Pennington- 1st in league % percentage - 2nd in Qb rating- 9th in yds -6TH IN YDS PER PASS, with a weak arm!- and all of this is with a weak receiver core and a decent OL...explain to me how Matt Ryan comes out as the better QB...

Pennington also didn't have Roddy white to throw too and Michael Turner was outstanding, better than ricky and ronnie could do combined... put him on the Detriot Lions and maybe he doesnt do as well, no?

Mel Kiper has also said that Mike Williams was going to the hall of fame and that Matt Leinart was the next Kenny Stabler so I take what he saids with a grain of salt. And even if we had Ryan we probably wouldnt know how he was last year because we probably would still have Chad starting. Plus like a lot of people have said defenses will have tape on Ryan now. Vince Young had a terrific rookie year and look at him now. And there is no way we take the kid from Maryland with our 1st rounder. Also Mando I use Verizon not that anyone else has answered but there you go.

Mel Kiper is just another Rick Spielman who did a great job of taking the Dolphins to the bottom of the league!

If mel knows so much and never misses then how come no team has offered him a GM position???

opinions are what they are:opinions! so in this economically challenged world where children in many countries have little source for food and water, we spoiled americans find the need to mock the most prominent of all mockers,eddie munster.. i mean mel kiper jr. if miami would have taken matt ryan then sure that would have been a great pick, but im pretty sure parcells and company aren't kicking themselves.if kiper doesn't realize miami is the reigning afc east champs,with 2 solid QBs and a pro bowl LT that they chose over 1 matt ryan, then maybe america the spoiled needs 2 turn off the tv and worry about more important things than football meteoroligist mel's nfl draft forecast.. NOT A CLOUD IN THE MIAMI SKY DOLFANS!

Didn't Kiper say Charles Rogers over Andre Johnson was the smart pick? I watch Kiper rave about certain players every single year and act like an expert while getting 90% of his predictions wrong. The only prediction he got right last year was us taking Jake with the first pick because he changed it from Ryan after we signed him before the draft. But hey he makes a lot of money doing this every year and he must deserve credibility, I mean anyone who calls the Texans idiots for taking Mario Williams over Reggie Bush MUST know what he is talking about. That's almost as dumb as saying the Dolphins should've taken Darren McFadden last year.

One more things, I am almost certain that it there is some look back on the draftr a few years down the road and saying in hindsight should the Dolphins have taken Henne, it will not be Matt Ryan he is compared with. They will be saying should they have moved up 1 spot to take Brian Brohm instead as Matt Ryan does not imporve and becomes an average to below average quarterback.

Jake a Rookie LT mad the pro bowl.....

Nuff said!!!!

That should have read "made" the pro bowl....

Yes we should have taken Ryan. Drew Rosenhaus said the same thing. I know there wasn't a lot of buzz with Ryan, but you know, that's exactly what scouting is for. You either scout well or you don't. The thing is, Ryan couldn't have played last year with our crappy line, no running game and an infant receiver in Ginn. He would have been on the bench while a game manager played in his place. But year two he would have played. Maybe Parcells didn't want to make that kind of move. He wanted to shore up the lines, run the ball and pick up a veteran QB who could move the chains. Well, he got what he wished for. I think with our drafts, we'll be a solid playoff team for several years, but without a star QB it's hard to see us going to the SB. I'm not saying it's not possible, but it's hard.

mel sucks! just kidding mando. i think jake long was just as valuable if not more valuable than matt ryan. jake long bring an element of stability and confidence to the line. matt ryan does the very same thing but QB's can drop off dramatically if their confidence gets shaken or broken. do i see that happening to mat ryan...not anytime soon but it could. im not a coach but i think it might be a bit easier to correct a bad blocking habit than a bad decision making habit or low confidence. plus, a left tackle doesnt rely on anyone to protect him. a QB is only as good as his O-line lets him be.

Sorry Mel. Until time travel is invented, you can't use future results to drive present day decisions.

Quarterbacks are crap shoots, 6'7" 320 pound bad-ass LTs are an essential, reliable building block for a team that's in shambles.

Yes, a top QB pick could turn into a Peyton Manning. But it's just as likely to turn into an Alex Smith or a David Carr. You just can't take those chances when you're rebuilding.

There's a reason that Mel Kiper is not working (and has never worked) for an NFL team. And a reason why Parcells & Co. have had success at every stop. I'm quite happy they don't see eye to eye.

I think menace believes that if he writes "Ted Ginn's clip board holding daddy" for the gazillionth time it might be funny then. But so far it's still as lame as the first time, not to mention old. If I were him I'd be worried less about Ginn's daddy and more about La Migra (the immigration dept). Everything won't be so funny when we hand you over to the Cuban Federales and they make a human pinada out of you for taking off.


You can't compare Henne because he hasn't gotten the snaps to pass judgement yet. I think Ryan will prove better then Penington, but eventually I think Henne and Ryan will even out. I would take Parcells opinion over Kipers anyday. Make something for the iPhone.

I am apologize for saying this now...but Kiper is not justified in his finding. He basically the NFL verison of the NCAA old duke that just yells out baby...

He is response and analyse just prove that point..." a man who is searching for me time"

Parcells believe in building the foundation with the draft...interior Linemen - build within then without...

Cameron - i have absolutely no idea on how he drafts..because oh ya...we didnt win with him..and his draft picks...


Saban and Wanny believed in acquiring veterans players and trading away draft picks...what a great idea...how many players are on our team that were drafted but these two...Brown and maybe Bell and Roth will be left.

Of our past coaches how many of them ended up winning a playoff game...not one..

Parcells came in here first year and guided us to the playoffs.
You cant compare Ryan to Henne...because Henne hasn't played..
The thought of drafting a QB and build around him works...just look at Peyton Manning and the Colts - to every yin there is a yang...a la Ryan Leaf and the Chargers...

you can't agrue with the facts.

I use an iPhone. And Mel Kiper's hindsight is comical. I wish I had a job where I could go back and critique what people did in the past and tell them they were idiots for the choices they made that turned out wrong.

kiper is wrong more than he is right over the years i am surprised he is still on tv i believe he is right about ted ginn though while they don,t have any great receivers they have some good ones they need more help up front on both sides of the ball

Mel needs to get a grip. Jake Long was a great pick whom they negotiated with prior to the draft and got a great deal on. He will stabilize the O-line for years to come. Ryan was too risky at #1. We've seen what happens to organizations who have whiffed on a QB taken with the first couple picks. It cripples their organization. I have seen enough out of Henne to get a good feel for him and think he will be every bit as good as Ryan and they ended up getting him with a late 2nd round pick. I think the Fins played it perfectly. Also, his notion that they need to take a WR in the 1st round is absurd. They ended up with two very promising WR's this year, Camarillo and Bess, both of which were undrafted. Clearly they have a good eye for talent at the position and are better served at taking an OLB at the end of the 1st round who can get some more pressure on opposing QB's because that ended up being one of our real downfalls down the stretch.

People get a clue, Jake was a great pick and a safe pick. There was a 50/50 chance Ryan would flop, thats the history of the QB selection. Offensive tackle was much safer. at least 85% chance of being a success. That alone makes it the right choice.
Add to that the fact that Parcells knows you start with the big guys. The only way we go DB or WR is if there is no value on either line. LB has a chance but not much better.
Guys this is a rebuild, it starts with the inside big guys, get a clue. As for Kipper, he's all show, his hindsight is always 20/20

I think the Trio will continue their "inside-out" build philosophy, and get the lines sorted before we go after any "flash" guys. They seem to want instant contributors, look for big, strong lineman first.

My phone is a "phone-phone", does nothing more than make calls. The people who use their phones the most are BlackBerry users, iPhone users, and Windows Mobile users. Google's new Android platform will be undoubtedly popular but is limited now to Samsung's T1. M$ just released Windows Mobile 6.5, which requires new hardware, so many people will be dumping their 6.0 phones and possibly getting iPhones.

Wow, combining my two passions in one post...tech and Dolphins...I feel like George Costanza!

you build teams from the line and then work your way out. how good would matt ryan look behind a garbage line? he'd probably spend most of the time on his rear end. that's the point of taking jake long. a good line makes the quarterback better.

Can't really judge a rookie to say he's better than a veteran off of one year. You can definitely say he has the potential to be better. You can say he has a better skill set, stronger arm, etc. But to overall say he's better after just one season is pushing it. That being said, once Henne takes over and if he's terrible, then yes, it was a mistake because we'll be looking for a QB once again. But if Henne is a solid game manager, not a superstar QB, then I think having a Pro Bowl LT and a solid QB is better than having a superstar QB and shaky blindside protection.

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