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Kiper: Ryan better than Henne, Pennington

Kiper The NFL draft combine in Indianapolis starts Thursday and to celebrate all the attention and focus we are about to lend to a bunch of dudes running around in shorts and doing everything except, you know, blocking and tackling and making plays from scrimmage, I present to you draft guru Mel Kiper.

He hates the Dolphins.

Let me correct that. Mel is a good man. He knows his stuff and he's great on TV. And he doesn't hate the Dolphins.

He just hates some of the stuff the Dolphins have done in recent drafts ... including drafting offensive tackle Jake Long with the first overall pick last year while passing on quarterback Matt Ryan.

To hear Mel explain it last week during a TWO-HOUR conference call with reporters, he thinks if Chad Henne does not become every bit the equal of Ryan in the next couple of years, the Dolphins will be proven to have made a grand mistake in Bill Parcells' first Miami draft.

And that is regardless of what Long, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, does. The thinking is a QB has the most important job in football and the Dolphins had a chance to get a very good QB in Ryan. So Henne better eventually erase that misdeed because, according to Mel, Ryan is better than any QB Miami can put on the field right now.

"They passed on Matt Ryan," Mel said. "And I've said all along, it's nice to have Jake Long and all that but Chad Pennington is kind of a plateau quarterback right now as we saw in the playoffs, which we knew going in, and Chad Henne is going to be the guy that will be compared to Matt Ryan.

"Three or four years down the road, Dolphins fans are going to be looked at and we'll say, "OK you could have had Matt Ryan and you didn't take him. Where's Matt Ryan? Where's Chad Henne?' And we better hope Chad Henne is right where Matt Ryan is or that was a bad move not taking Matt Ryan.

"So we kind of gave them a free pass last year not taking Ryan. But I'm not giving them a free pass. I want to see how this all shakes [out] down the line. They could have taken Ryan and didn't take him. And I think Ryan is better than Henne and right now Ryan is better than Pennington."

Mel also is not a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr., another former first round pick of the Dolphins. He thought, and I agree, the Dolphins reached for Ginn with the ninth overall selection in the 2007 draft. And he doesn't buy the argument that Ginn's kick return prowess made him a dual threat, thus a better selection at No. 9.

"I don't think you draft a kid that high based on his return skills," Mel said. "I remember when Miami drafted Ted Ginn and Cam Cameron made that statement. It was like, "Are you kidding me?" You just don't draft a kid that high based on return skill. You just don't do that. You draft Ted Ginn based on his wide receiver skills.

" ... If you have to hang your hat on what kind of returner he is, that means he's a disappointment as a wide receiver. You can get returners as free agents. The Ravens proved that with B.J. Sams a long time ago and we saw that all the way through the history of the NFL.... Leon Washington wasn't a first or second round pick with the Jets."

Mel wasn't a big fan of drafting Ginn at No. 9 in 2007 and believes the Dolphins should pick a receiver at No. 25 now, in part, because Ginn hasn't stepped forward as the spark the Miami offense needs.

"Wide receiver is a need area," Mel said. "There's no question offensively this team needs some juice."

Mel projects the Dolphins picking Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey in the first round. I don't agree with that. I think the Dolphins can find receivers in later rounds and I think they will be prone to fill other needs -- specifically in the secondary, the front seven and offensive line -- in the first round.

I also believe the Dolphins already have their eyes on guys such as North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi and Cal Poly's Ramses Barden and Rutgers' Kenny Britt and Ohio State's Brian Robiskie after the first round.

Heyward-Bey, fast and big, is also maddeningly inconsistent. And Mel admits that when pressed.

"Heyward-Bey, his route running at times he doesn't push it enough," Mel said. "He's going to have to turn that intensity dial up a bit ... In some games he looks like a top 10-15 pick. In other games, he's completely off the radar a bit."

Mel later calls Heyward-Bey a, "borderline first round pick."

So why would the Dolphins pick him?

Now, in discussing this post, I don't want it to become a ripfest on Mel Kiper. That's just dumb. If you disagree with him and believe LT Jake Long is just as valuable as the best QB in last year's draft, say WHY, give a reason, use your head and make the point!

If you think Mel is wrong in saying Ryan is better than Pennington and Henne, give reasons for that. Mel sucks is not a reason. Armando sucks is definitely not a reason. Show some intelligence, blogosphere ... I will not hold my breath.

Finally, The Herald is considering many innovative things for this very popular blog. And in planning that innovation we need to know what types of mobile phones you are using. So please tell us in your post. [Do not respond, 'The type you talk into.']


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Picture this,dolphins drafted B.QUINN and payed him a lot of money then he ended on side line as the case now with him.For a phone i use my voice yelling loud to reach who i want to speak to,

Mel Kiper...give me a break. I quote: "Mike Williams is the best player in this draft"

Yeah, that Mike Williams. C'mon.

I don't care if you have a young Marino in there, if your left tackle cannot block the defender he will not be a very good q-back. Nothing wrong with Ryan but Miami had allot more needs then just q-back and they went a long way last year in addressing those needs. They could very possibly have a tackle and q-back spend their whole careers together. And to proclaim Ryan the savior after just one year is ridiculous. Henne was not even drafted in the first round and he wants to compare him to the # 2 pick in the draft ?

I would love for this blog to play nice with me iPhone.

Kiper is forgetting one key thing. We didn't just get Long, we got BOTH Long and Henne. So no, Henne doesn't have to be every bit as good as Ryan, because we already got a pro bowler. If Henne ends up being the Dolphins full time starter some time down the road, even if he's not as good as Ryan, the Dolphins will STILL have done just as good as if they drafted Ryan in the first round and gotten no offensive line help, actually better in my humble opinion because pro bowl left tackles arent exactly found in every round of every draft either and if you ask most QB's around the league, a pro bowl LT is a QB's best friend.

You have to wait at least 3 before you can evaluate a draft. Rememeber a few years ago how after the first year everyone said the Bush/Williams pick should have been reversed. Well after the second and third year you see that Williams was a better pick then Bush because Bush leveled off and Williams kept getting better. So if Long becomes a great LT (as it looks like he will be) and Ryan is just average after the league catches up with him then Miami made the right pick. I think that Ryan is a giid QB but LT is almost as important to building a team as Qb these days. Remember Ryan played for a team that was at the top in rushing he did not carry that team. In a few more years we will see that the Long/Henne combination was the right choice over Ryan. Also if we had chosen Ryan who would be our LT right now??

Hindsight is a wonderful thing… The Dolphins could not afford to miss on the number one pick last year. The only sure pick in that draft was Jake Long and the Dolphins were sorely in need OL help before turning to any other position. No one was certain how Matt Ryan perform. QB is such a hard position to predict, while the worst that could happen with Long was he would switch to right tackle. Wasn’t Mel also high on Gholston? Kiper has built a career challenging NFL people like Bill Polian when he passed on Ryan Leif. I’ll take Parcells over Kiper any day.

I remember literally falling on my knees in front of the TV when Cameron picked Ted Ginn. I was high fiving my brother when Quinn fell to us and then WHAM, I’m on the floor saying, “Ted who?” But, that is in the past and the best place to leave it is right there. Ginn has nearly doubled his stats in every category from year one to year two. If can continue close to that trend for one more year than he’ll be over a thousand yards and 10 TDs. I’ll give him one more season to prove himself. But I doubt he’ll ever live up to the number 9 pick in the draft.

Armando, I have a simple old T-Mobile Motorola phone, it does texting and has a camera but I don’t subscribe to any fancy stuff.

I agree with Mel on the Ginn pick. We should of drafted Brady Quinn, but who knows what would of happened if we did. We might have never had Bill Parcells in miami and he would of gone to Atlanta. And I rather have The Big Tuna running things here then Cam Camoron still in charge. But as for last years draft, i trust Bill. He has been consistent in his career drafting players, a lot more of his pics turn out to be successful than duds. So lets just wait and see.

And Mando, I use a Metro. In these economic times everyone should have one and those people must be BANKING!!

Kiper is the king of revisionist history. He was not very high on Ryan last year and believed that both Russell and Quinn from the previous draft were better prospects than Ryan was last year. The only so called draft expert that was high on Ryan was McShay. So it is hard to accept this type of criticism from anyone other than McShay. Furthermore, history shows the way to build championship teams is to build along the lines. The fins 1st 2 picks last year were offensive and defensive linemen. The trifecta is doing the right the thing by building the lines and the QB position is in good shape whether or not Henne turns out as good as Ryan. Finally, there has been enough said about the pick of Ginn. Lets move on. What is done is done, hopefully he develops some more and if not we move on.

Lets see how Matt Ryan does playing a MUCH harder schedule next season. I predict a massive sophomore slump for the young QB. We've got our work cut out for us too with a first place schedule, but at least we're facing it with a veteran QB who's been there before. Like a previous poster said...I'm also fine with having a solid lineman for the next 10+ seasons in Jake Long.

I think taking Jake Long was the right move. It was obvious after smiley went down the interior of the offensive line was abysmal. Imagine it without Long as well? Not good i imagine. Matt Ryan was very good this year i do not dispute that but when you have Michael Turner running for 1700 yards to take the pressure off of him as well as a legit pro bowl receiver in Roddy White it makes life easier on a quarterback. If Henne turns into a solid qb then our draft was a bigger success when we already have a LT who made the pro bowl as a rookie.

I believe Ryan would not put us in the position we are in now, we have a solid QB with Penny that gets the job done, while getting Jake Long, a player tht already helped us this year and years to come. There is no guarantee that Ryan would fit in Miami. I believe Parcells did a fine job in selecting Long.

We got Henne, who seems to be very promising in a couple of years under the development of Penny. I believe Henne will be just as good as Ryan, if not better. Parcells is establishing our foundation. These years draft is very important to determine how the Dolphins will be in the future.

1st Ryan would have sat watching CP last year.2nd Ginn will be a much more complete wideout for playing with a QB whose skill sets don't really match his coming out of school.

I dont think you can compare Henne vs Ryan. Ryan Went Top 5, Henne not until round 2. If they were comparable picks, yes but they weren't. The problem with this argument is its all "ifs" and "buts". IF Miami had picked Ryan as No 1 I assume the would have picked a LT in round 2 (the Henne pick). What would he be like, as good as Jake? Probably not but again, who knows? To compare a 1st round pick to a 2nd cannot be done unless you have the other parts of the puzzle, in other words, the teams draft as a whole. Basically this is a fun thing to do but, like with all conjecture it is, largly meaningless.

Mel Kiper also said that Tim couch was going to be a big time player and that robert Gallery would be in the hall of Fame. Anyone can make predictions and hope that no one remembers in a couple of years what you said if you were wrong.

LT is the most important position on the field, because without when, a good QB turns into crap, and a great QB becomes average. Matt Ryan would have looked like a rookie behind a Jake Long-less line in Miami.

Had we drafted Matt Ryan, he would be just as much a question mark now as Henne is. Ryan would've kept the bench warm as Henne did his first year because the starting job would've gone to Pennington.

--VW Envy 2 (the kind you talk into)

The game is won or lost in the trenches...period. Jake Long was the best pick because even if we draft Ryan, he would get killed without the blocking in front of him. You get the trenches built and then you start adding the skill positions. Long should be an all-pro with a long career barring injury...enough said!

A lot of good points here and the one i like most is if fins drafted matt ryan with that lousy team they had then matt ryan would be in retirement right now and BP won't be here and the fins would be sold for 5OO dollars .

I think it's a bit dopey and narrow to simply focus on Ryan vs. Henne. A quarterback is the most important element of the team, but not the only element (Marino being a good example.). Without the other pieces in place, including a stud LT, a QB has nothing but entertainment value and stats. Parcells and co. are building a team and I trust their decision to take Long, Henne, etc. A better comparison will be to look at the success of the Fish vs. Falcons three years down the road.

LT is just as important as the QB position. Ask Peyton Manning. He's the best QB in the game and was getting smashed every other play this year to start the season because they had a new LT guarding his blind side. Plus you have to look at the history of drafting QB's that high. For every hit like Ryan, Manning, McNabb, Palmer. There's just as many misses like Leaf, Smith, Couch, Harrington, Carr, etc. Look what those guys being a bust did to those franchises, it set them back for years. The ratio for success is much higher on taking a LT high. As far as Mel goes, he loves to second guess the teams at the top of the draft the very next year. Which is ok, because it is part of his job. So you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

Ryan probably is better than Henne or Pennington, but does that really make the Falcons that much better? Everything starts on the line, and the Dolphins have needed one desperately for years. I'm quite glad Parcells and Co. understand that.

Hey, how'd the Falcons do in the playoffs? About the same as Miami I think. In the long run, I like Miami's chances alot better not because I'm fan, but because they're building the right way: from the line back.

I use At&t Mando!

I really don't understand why Kiper is comparing Ryan to Henne. Ryan was a first round pick, top 5 pick, Henne was a second rounder. Just because we could have taken Ryan doesn't mean we should compare Henne to Ryan. However, I think that Henne will be equal to or better than Ryan after sitting last year and maybe this year. And if that is the case, than we should look like a bunch of genius's for picking Long who was a Pro Bowl Rookie and getting Henne in the second round.

Mel Kiper is an idiot

Mel Kiper is WAY OFF on this comment! Why does the 49th player taken need to be as good as the 2nd? Think of the cap space saved! Think of our PRO-BOWL LT stud Jake Long.

Also, many true NFL guru's will argue that a franchise LT is just as important as the QB. As the QB cannot throw TD's from his back! Parcell's & Co. are believers in this!!

Let's remember 3 drafts ago when he was YELLING at NFL teams on air about "missing" on Matt Leinart! How has that insight played out?

Mel Kiper's value comes from him knowing everything about 200 college kids. His strength is not knowing how they will succeed in the NFL!

You mean the Herald will finally catch up to the Palm Beach Post and send fins news via text message??? [gasp] It's about damn time.

Miami natives living elsewhere, like myself in Nashville, have wondered why the major South Florida media outlets have been lagging behind the times.

[Motorola RAZR2 on Verizon network]

For the first round pick, I would like to see the pick used for a skill player, how about a game changing, shutdown corner for the defense? They can get a wide receiver in the later rounds.

We should talk about who you think dolphins will release this off season after the draft of course .One more secret i think BP will draft a RB for sure due to seal the runing game

The Trifecta can not be blamed for the past bonehead drafts conducted by the likes of CamMoron,Satan,and Wannabe. Yes,I agree that I did not like every pick in lasts years shopping spree,but the end product was quite tasty! When peering into the future draft I prefer Mayock and McShay(and many others)over Hairspray Kiper. I have often said that it appears that Kiper is another ESPN Dolphins-hater.Perhaps Kiper is just jealous of the scenery and weather in Miami or that 3 out of 4 Miamians have better hair than he does.Go Fins!

For the sake of argument, let's assume Ryan is better than both Henne and Penny. Given that, and presuming that Ryan really is for real and turns into a perennial pro bowler, then I don't think we need to have Henne be his match to have the '08 draft be a success. If Henne can at least be decent, and Long continues to be a dominant LT - how can you argue that that's not better than one semi-star QB? First off, I'm not sold on Ryan being really all that yet. Time will tell. Right now, I know we have a franchise LT. So if Henne lives up to the billing, how is that bad? If Ryan was P. Manning, or T. Brady or D. Brees, then maybe Kiper has a point. But I don't see Ryan ascending to those levels!

kiper 20/20 hindsight analysis does not take into account the economics of drafting a qb top five. most (not all) qbs take about 3 years to develop, if they develop at all. by the fourth year they are usually up for a new contract or may already be considered a bust. they simply cost too much for what you are getting. tackles can be busts too but the history suggests that they are a safer and more productive pick, especially for the first 3 years. and if you get a good one, for many years to come.

Long was the safe pick. And that's what you want with the first overall pick. You can't miss and taking a quarterback is risky.

I have better hair than kiper.

Kiper is an idiot, I don't care what you say. For every Matt Ryan there are 10 Ryan Leafs, Akili Smiths, etc. The Phins have now shored up their LT, the 2nd most important position in football behind QB, for the next 10 years.

They couldn't afford to risk the #1 overall pick on a QB so they got a LT that made the pro bowl in his 1st year. How many times does that happen?

Good pick with Long. Horrible pick with Ginn, I do have to agree with that.

I used a Blackberry Bold from ATT.

Mel, like all draft "experts," is all about hindsight. I look back '06, one Jason Allen. I seem to remember Mel praising that pick saying how he would step right into starting 'cause he knew Satan's system so well. That should be enough to realize Mel knows about as much as the average season ticket holder. Ryan over Long, no way! Football is a game that starts in the trenches, you don't pass up on an achor for your line for the next decade plus, especially one that protects your QB's blindside. Even the greatest QB can't throw, or even hand off for that matter with defensive players constantly hanging from his back.

Henne vs Ryan - I still take Henne. I look at it this way. How many better than average QB's can you name that came out of BC? Ryan MAY be one, but I can only think of one more and that's Flutie Flakes, and I have a really hard time even ranking him average, let alone above. Now on the other hand, you can't even count on one hand how many well above average QB's have been a product of the Big Blue. 'Nuff said, and I am not even a fan of Michigan.

Now onto Ginn, seems every blog goes back to him one way or the other. I will be the first to admit he was a reach at 9, yet as all of you have heard from me before, I'd rather have him than Quinn. Many scouts had him pegged in the late teens of the frist round, so at least he was referred to as first round talent. Jalon, I like many others have to disagree that the Texans would have taken the family at #10, Okoye was their pick no matter what. And using phinhaven as your proof is not such a good idea. That is a forum site, which means your sources are nothing more than average joe fan, you should find more credible sources before sounding so confident.

BTW Mando, I use a BlackBerry via TMobile.

Dolfan in Denver

Henne doesn't have to be as good as Ryan, he just needs to win games - a job that gets a lot easier if Long plays at a pro-bowl level or the next decade.

In retrospect, Ryan may be better than the Miami QBs, but if the Dolphins get someone close with a late 2nd rounder + a great LT, then they should be plenty happy.

I would just like to say that you have to look at the first two rounds and compare it that way. Chad really doesn't have to be as good as Ryan, chad was our third pick. Teams aren't made with just one pick. So we must look at the totalty of long, merlin, anf henny then compare it to atlants first two rounds!

If the OL is no good, the QB is no good, no matter who it is. It starts in the trenches. Tuna knows this. Long was the right pick at the time.

In every interview Ireland / Sporano / Parcells give when asked about how a team should be built, they give the same answer: FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Drafting a marginal receiver from the University of Maryland with the 25th pick is about as likely to happen as a Unicorn landing on the Dolphins' practice bubble.

They are going to draft the best available Offensive or Defensive lineman at 25. They have 2 picks in the 2nd round. The lower pick will either be another offensive / defensive lineman or a linebacker, their next pressing need.

The 2nd pick of the 2nd round could then be turned towards a corner or WR.

Mel Kiper was a novelty until this thing called the Internet came along. Now, everyone has as much information as everyone else. They're all edumacated guesses at this point.

please trade ted(hands of stone)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy., maybe we can get a 4th rounder for the guy that doesn't have the testicular fortitude to go over the middle, drops ball's when about to get hit , and looks for the side line 1st instead of the 1st down marker...

What is every one's opinion about hands of stone and his clip board holding daddy?? the menace is on the line..

No Mels right. Ryan is better than Henne because Henne didn't even play this year! What a ridiculous statement. But if the contention is that Ryan is better now and will always be better, than that's just more crap coming out of the wrong end of Kiper as usual. The guy makes a statement that has a 50/50 chance of coming true as he has done his whole career. If he's right he plays the 'I told you so game' and if he's wrong he quickly says he made a mistake and moves on to the next Nostradumbass prediction. Ryan could very well turn out to have better career stats but Henne could end up with 3 superbowl rings. Everyone remembers Dan Marino right? Great numbers no rings so saying Ryan may turn out as a better QB is meaningless to me. Danny was a better QB than most QBs in league history but where did that get the team? Armando, AT&T Motorola Razor.

First of all, Mel Kiper is contradicting himself. Below is HIS draft predictions for 2008:

1 Miami Dolphins - Chris Long, DE Virginia
2 St. Louis Rams - Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU
3 Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan, QB Boston College
4 Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas
5 Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long, OT Michigan
6 New York Jets - Vernon Gholston, DE Ohio St.
7 New England Patriots (from SF) - Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB Tennessee St.
8 Baltimore Ravens - Sedrick Ellis, DT USC
9 Cincinnati Bengals - Phillip Merling, DE Clemson
10 New Orleans Saints - Leodis McKelvin, CB Troy
11 Buffalo Bills - Malcolm Kelly, WR Oklahoma
12 Denver Broncos - Ryan Clady, OT Boise St.
13 Carolina Panthers - Derrick Harvey, DE Florida
14 Chicago Bears - Chris Williams, OT Vanderbilt
15 Detroit Lions - Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois
16 Arizona Cardinals - Keith Rivers, LB USC
17 Minnesota Vikings - Calais Campbell, DE Miami
18 Houston Texans - Jonathan Stewart, RB Oregon
19 Philadelphia Eagles - Jeff Otah, OT Pittsburgh
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DeSean Jackson, WR California
21 Washington Redskins - Aqib Talib, CB Kansas
22 Dallas Cowboys (from CLE) - Felix Jones, RB Arkansas
23 Pittsburgh Steelers - Branden Albert, OG Virginia
24 Tennessee Titans - Jerod Mayo, LB Tennessee
25 Seattle Seahawks - Devin Thomas, WR Michigan State
26 Jacksonville Jaguars - Kentwan Balmer, DT North Carolina
27 San Diego Chargers - Justin King, CB Penn State
28 Dallas Cowboys - Brandon Flowers, CB Virginia Tech
29 San Francisco 49ers (from IND) - Gosder Cherilus, OT Boston College
30 Green Bay Packers - Mike Jenkins, CB South Florida
31 New England Patriots Forfeited pick
32 New York Giants - Kenny Phillips, S Miami

As you can see, he had us taking Chris Long. So if he thought Ryan was going to be so hot, he would've had us taking him numero uno.

That said, Mel Kiper GUESSES what is going to go on, just like everyone on the planet does. His GUESSES are as good and valid as yours and mine, just as his commentary after the fact is just as garbage as yours or mine. He's just trying to take what is now known and make it into some enlightened statement. It's BS.

For more reference of this, please see his 2006 draft predictions on Vince Young:

1. Houston — *Reggie Bush, RB, USC
2. New Orleans — Matt Leinart, QB, Southern California
3. Tennessee — *Vince Young, QB, Texas

As you can see, his top three picks are now either bench-riders or moderately contributing. I'm sure after 2007 he said at some point "See? Vince Young and Matt Leinart are TAKING OVER THE NFL! Houston blew it taking Mario Williams!" Uh-huh. Lets look at stats now.

Mel Kiper can shut up - Ryan needs years not A year before he can start saying stuff.

The word expert today applies to any one who gets lukcy to be on TV SCREEN.any one has time can get any informations about players draft picks by going on google and must look good on camera.

Important question to ask ourselves:

If Matt Ryan was on our team, would he start over Pennington next year?

Now, if Henne is "just as good as Matt Ryan" as Sparano said, is he ready to start with a year on the sideline under his belt?

Maybe then we can fully see what we have out of him AND Ted Ginn, along with getting some value out of this big #1 WR that we want to pick up. Lets be honest, receivers like Camarillo get the job done for a Pennington-type passing attack, but thats where it ends.

No disrespect to Chad - we all appreciate the work he has done and the field general he has been. I'm proud to call him our QB. But in reality you said it best Mando - the best teams in this league have a dangerous passing game. You NEED it to go all the way and win the title.

Long over Ryan was definitely the right pick. Long is gonna be the staple point of an o line that in another year or two will be destroying defenses. Ill admit i wanted Quinn over Ginn but it didnt happen and Ginn made mass improvement from year one to two and year three will be even better. Im from Maryland and Heyward-Bey is not worth a first round pick, when defenses keyed on him he became invisible and thats not what first round talent does, and those were just ACC defenses.

In short Kiper is an idiot that gets way too much credit for what he does and talks too much after the fact.

"Jake Long is the best Tackle I ever played against" Terrell Suggs enough said. Did anyone say Matt Ryan is the best QB they ever played aginst?

nice article Armando, Kiper is wrong a lot. I don't like him or his picks but he makes the correct point we do need juice in WR corp. All those receivers you named would be better fits and I believe all will make it. I don't agree with the Ryan thing at all. We do not yet know which is the better QB between Henne and Ryan. Henne started at Michigan all four years and I think he has leadership skills that we have not yet seen. IMO I know Long is a bad-man and was the best player in the draft. It was an excellent choice for a team in desperate need of an anchor on the line. Lastly it is sad to hear Kiper say Chad P is a plateau at QB. He doesn't seem that way at all to me considering he just had a career year and now wishes to improve upon it. his career year by the way in only his first as a Dolphin. I hope the trainers down here can get him into top shape and we see really great football. there is no need to rush into Henne yet let him be there to learn and get more pro ready.

Also, Tommya makes a great point.

I would only be worried if Mel liked our picks.

THE famous words by a indy gm " who the hell is mel kiper" ENOUGH SAID!!!

First off, Ginn has progressed nicely in his 2nd year with better QB play, OL, RB, coaching, etc. Let's see how Ginn continues to grow in yr. #3 & #4 as this team develops under the rebuild of the trifecta.

Did anyone notice a former Ohio St. teammate of Ginn and 2006 1st rd.(25) pick 5' 11" WR Santonio Holmes get a lot better in his 2nd & 3rd year with the same QB, not to mention the help of Hines Ward?
Thought I saw Holmes hold up a small Super Bowl MVP trophy a few weeks ago too.

So even in hindsight it is still way too early to judge Ginn or for Miami's current regime for taking Long and not Ryan!
Remember the 3 year judgment rule.

Obviously the trifecta did their pre draft homework and graded all players available to them with the huge undertaking at selecting #1 overall.
They must have felt Jake Long as the safest, most reliable, most needed, and best long term solution.
I have to also believe the trifecta came to this conclusion by having Long graded far above the other LT prospects in the draft, and that they had Henne graded more closely to that of Ryan and Flacco (maybe even ahead of both, see Henne's stats of 4yrs as Mich. starter).
Plus the thought Henne could be had later, but definitely not Long, who was going to be gone within top 5 picks.

So hence the draft strategy that the trifecta laid out for themselves knowing both their needs and best player available on the board when their selection came.

Who is right, Who is wrong? We'll know more at the end of the 2010 season won't we.

PS. My choice Verizon has served me better than other carriers I have tried over the years

we should know who is right and who is wrong by 2118.

I can't wait to next season to see fin fans kiss ted ginn's feet and hands of clay.

Matt Ryan had 1 successful year...let's not rank him with the Bradys and Mannings of this era yet. Now, he should be better than QBs who got drafted in the 2nd rd (Henne). But, the combo of Henne/Long has great potential. Oh, who did Atlanta get with their 2nd pick??? That's right, OT Sam Baker with the 21st overall pick who started 5 games. The dolphins didn't get Henne until the 3rd pick, 57th overall and will get a chance to learn behind one of the best mentors in Penny. Mel...that's great value and how the pros draft. Leave it up to the experts and just sit there and look pretty. We'll see in 1-2 years who's team is better off...

Jalon has it right. Ginn has all the earmarks of having a breakout year next year. And if it wasn't for Ginn, the Dolphins would not have won the division last year. YOU HEARD ME! he made the key plays in key late season road victories against KC and the Jets that nobody else on the roster could have made. I don't know why people are so anxious to dump the only home run hitter on this offense. Do I think he should have been taken #9? Not at the time but I'm glad we have him now.

They claim Mel Kiper is 80% correct on all drafts. Wrong. Just looking at his mock drafts and the actual drafts from the past he is no where close. That man is a fool along with most others. If you want to see a good mock check out Todd McShay i think his name is.

next year I predict;
a-henne will start few games then back to side line for good.
b-ted ginn will silent all his critics.
c-mando will be a fixer on ESPN.
d-BP will stay after 2009 season.
I hope every one can write their own predications on this blog and make a record hits on this BLOG.

I think that if Ginn had not been such a bust and if there wasn't so much controversy over that pick then we could have taken a chance on getting Ryan with the top pick.

However, givin what happened with the Ginn pick we needed something safe and sure. And that was Long. You never know how a QB will turn out in the NFL. Taking Long was the safest thing to do and I still think it was the best pick.

DR Z, since you are a doctor LOL ,what can you perscribe to ginn to make him less fearful and is their a rain date for M@@C"S picnic ? will there be a petting zoo ?

If Phins don't get T.J. or Boldin Then I think they Have to Grab a WR with their #1. I like Hicks. If They let Crowder leave then that changes every thing and they MUST go with a LB. Then must also get T.J. or Boldin.


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