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Kiper: Ryan better than Henne, Pennington

Kiper The NFL draft combine in Indianapolis starts Thursday and to celebrate all the attention and focus we are about to lend to a bunch of dudes running around in shorts and doing everything except, you know, blocking and tackling and making plays from scrimmage, I present to you draft guru Mel Kiper.

He hates the Dolphins.

Let me correct that. Mel is a good man. He knows his stuff and he's great on TV. And he doesn't hate the Dolphins.

He just hates some of the stuff the Dolphins have done in recent drafts ... including drafting offensive tackle Jake Long with the first overall pick last year while passing on quarterback Matt Ryan.

To hear Mel explain it last week during a TWO-HOUR conference call with reporters, he thinks if Chad Henne does not become every bit the equal of Ryan in the next couple of years, the Dolphins will be proven to have made a grand mistake in Bill Parcells' first Miami draft.

And that is regardless of what Long, who made the Pro Bowl as a rookie, does. The thinking is a QB has the most important job in football and the Dolphins had a chance to get a very good QB in Ryan. So Henne better eventually erase that misdeed because, according to Mel, Ryan is better than any QB Miami can put on the field right now.

"They passed on Matt Ryan," Mel said. "And I've said all along, it's nice to have Jake Long and all that but Chad Pennington is kind of a plateau quarterback right now as we saw in the playoffs, which we knew going in, and Chad Henne is going to be the guy that will be compared to Matt Ryan.

"Three or four years down the road, Dolphins fans are going to be looked at and we'll say, "OK you could have had Matt Ryan and you didn't take him. Where's Matt Ryan? Where's Chad Henne?' And we better hope Chad Henne is right where Matt Ryan is or that was a bad move not taking Matt Ryan.

"So we kind of gave them a free pass last year not taking Ryan. But I'm not giving them a free pass. I want to see how this all shakes [out] down the line. They could have taken Ryan and didn't take him. And I think Ryan is better than Henne and right now Ryan is better than Pennington."

Mel also is not a big fan of Ted Ginn Jr., another former first round pick of the Dolphins. He thought, and I agree, the Dolphins reached for Ginn with the ninth overall selection in the 2007 draft. And he doesn't buy the argument that Ginn's kick return prowess made him a dual threat, thus a better selection at No. 9.

"I don't think you draft a kid that high based on his return skills," Mel said. "I remember when Miami drafted Ted Ginn and Cam Cameron made that statement. It was like, "Are you kidding me?" You just don't draft a kid that high based on return skill. You just don't do that. You draft Ted Ginn based on his wide receiver skills.

" ... If you have to hang your hat on what kind of returner he is, that means he's a disappointment as a wide receiver. You can get returners as free agents. The Ravens proved that with B.J. Sams a long time ago and we saw that all the way through the history of the NFL.... Leon Washington wasn't a first or second round pick with the Jets."

Mel wasn't a big fan of drafting Ginn at No. 9 in 2007 and believes the Dolphins should pick a receiver at No. 25 now, in part, because Ginn hasn't stepped forward as the spark the Miami offense needs.

"Wide receiver is a need area," Mel said. "There's no question offensively this team needs some juice."

Mel projects the Dolphins picking Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey in the first round. I don't agree with that. I think the Dolphins can find receivers in later rounds and I think they will be prone to fill other needs -- specifically in the secondary, the front seven and offensive line -- in the first round.

I also believe the Dolphins already have their eyes on guys such as North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks and Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi and Cal Poly's Ramses Barden and Rutgers' Kenny Britt and Ohio State's Brian Robiskie after the first round.

Heyward-Bey, fast and big, is also maddeningly inconsistent. And Mel admits that when pressed.

"Heyward-Bey, his route running at times he doesn't push it enough," Mel said. "He's going to have to turn that intensity dial up a bit ... In some games he looks like a top 10-15 pick. In other games, he's completely off the radar a bit."

Mel later calls Heyward-Bey a, "borderline first round pick."

So why would the Dolphins pick him?

Now, in discussing this post, I don't want it to become a ripfest on Mel Kiper. That's just dumb. If you disagree with him and believe LT Jake Long is just as valuable as the best QB in last year's draft, say WHY, give a reason, use your head and make the point!

If you think Mel is wrong in saying Ryan is better than Pennington and Henne, give reasons for that. Mel sucks is not a reason. Armando sucks is definitely not a reason. Show some intelligence, blogosphere ... I will not hold my breath.

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For Mel Kiper to bring up this point is a joke! Yes , Ryan had a great year but so did Long, and Henne is yet to be determined. I know of another 2rd(QB)round player who was traded by Atlanta before they knew what they had and he's going to go into the Hall of Fame.Henning says Henne is as good as Ryan and he's more quailfied then kiper or any of us.
As for Kiper, if he knows talent so well way does he change his 1st rd projections so often?

I will try to answer you 3 Q.
1-ginn needs more form his D ine to protect penne better then he can deliver better to ginn and he needs better diet.
2-the picnic will be delayed due to economy and presence of trash on site reserved for the picnic.
3-will be held in shelter insteed.no money left to pay for zoo tickets.

ive been totaly shut out from posting on the blog with my blackberry since the format changed on the site.

to mel:
he's an idiot. give me long/henne over ryan/baker any day. i know henne hasn't played yet but if tuna likes him enough to draft him thats enough for me. the real question is who would tuna have taken if the packers didnt take brian brhom the pick before ours.

So mando, are you using Mel Kiper to say what YOU think, or do you disagree with him?

Also what is the purpose of this article?

not a big fan of mel kiper. i dont believe he looks at the overall picture of needs when it comes to the team. he looks at the obvious. i believe that mayock from nfl network and mcshay from scouts inc look at the trends as well as the needs. armando, i believe you, as well as other florida writers have pointed out that the big tuna doesnt tend to use the 1st round pick for wideouts, and the thought is that the 25th pick will be used on a DL or LB.
even though qb is a high impact position, picking up matt ryan and having no left side protection or even a worse running game would have made matt ryan a forgetable pick. jake long was the right pick at the time for the dolphins. you have to look at what is available at the draft on that yr. even though our OL still needs help, they say that all the valuable picks at that position will be gone by 25th pick. also, many mock drafts have us picking cushing from USC, but others believe that he will be gone by our pick too. so you have to look at the best pick available for the team needs, and i believe our coach, gm, vp have an even better understanding of the team needs then last year. so let mel hate on our dolphins, and lets believe in our crew. p.s. i do believe henne will be awesome. he is tough, smart, great arm, knows the offence well, and being an understudy to pennington will just help him that much more for 2010 when many assume he will take over the helm.

DR Z, will MONKEY make a cameo at the shelter?

Shanader , CHAD HENNE was parcells and irelands boy all the way !!!

I watched both Ryan and Henne all the way through college and believe in time that Henne will becomet he better quaterback. Henne out performed Ryan in big game situations i.e. Ohio State and USC. You can't blame Henne for Michigans lack of defense but you cannot dismiss his stats in those games. Also, look at the success if Michigan quaterbacks coming into the NFL. Not just Tom Brady but even quarterbacks like Brian Griese have made somewhat of a splash in the big leagues. Harbaugh, Collins, Grbac etc.. Michigan ran somewhat of a vanilla offense which required players to out play those accross the line from them and Michigan was consistantly in the top 10 during those quarterback years mentioned above. More food for thought, of all the ALL AMERICAN RECIEVERS these ment threw to Armano Toomer is the only one to make a distict mark in the NFL. Breaston may become a consistant third receiver for the Cardinals and Edwards may return to form and another pro-bowl once Cleveland, well stops being Cleveland the unemployment line is littered with the next "big one" wide recievers. This fact makes the accomplishments of the quarterbacks mentioned even more impressive.

Posted by: shanader | February 17, 2009 at 01:56 PM
"i know henne hasn't played yet but if tuna likes him enough to draft him thats enough for me. the real question is who would tuna have taken if the packers didnt take brian brhom the pick before ours."

Well, let's see.
The Packers in the 2008 draft also selected LSU QB Matt Fynn in the 7th rd. after picking Brohm in the 2nd ahead of Miami.
Matt Flynn beat out Brohm and is Arron Rodgers back up. Brohm is the 3rd string QB and was inactive most of the year.

Looks like the answer is that the trifecta may have got the better end of that choice with Henne falling to them.

PS. Herald IT, Verizon seems to have the most picks here...even ESPN has partnered with Verizon for mobile sports coverage.

As a Miami native ( born 1948 Jackson Memorial hospital )and having spent a great deal of my life in south Florida and as an avid reader of the Miami Herald since I was a small boy, I feel qualified to make this statement.

Mr.Salguero, you epitomize everything that changed Miami from the the wonderful place I grew up in to the corrupt ,dishonest,sleazy and all about "me" atmosphere that is the present culture.And yes you may also delete this unfavorable post also!

Westernfin, you sound like one of the old rednecks that loved Miami when it was a swamp for hillbillies. Like them, you obvously had to get the hell out when Cubans and other people came to town and started building the region into a GREAT city.

You are full of hate. Your are full of IT, to be more pointed. And the fact you have that obvious hate for all that Miami represents today (including Armando) and still come to his blog all the time to talk crap, shows you still recognize him as a quality source for Dolphins information.

Feel free to drop dead and put whatever current backwoods town you live in out of its misery.

Glad you left Miami,

I-phone Armonldo.

Armando, maybe Mel can go through the years and talk about all the bust QB prospects he had rated #1 or top 10. That should be fun listening to him try to change his tune. Not just QBs either, but many other prospects at other positions.

The bottom line is it doesn't really matter what Mel Kiper thinks. Matt Ryan had a good rookie season, but let's not act like he was Marino. The Falcons did a nice job allowing him to make plays and pulling back on the reins. I was a fan of taking Jake Long #1 overall anyway so I'm not disappointed.

There were many draft experts who said there wasn't much difference between Ryan, Flacco, Henne and Brohm. None of them were no-brainer franchise QBs and all of them had their strengths and weaknesses. So if we find out there really wasn't a big difference, who wins out? The Dolphins and Packers for not having to pay a QB of similar talent an additional $55 million, and the Ravens for not having to pay Flacco top 3 money.

Get youself a hug from you sister who is also probably you wife, westernfin.

Would love better support of the Herald blog on my phone. I have the Verizon Wireless XV6800 that runs Microsoft Mobile 6.1 OS.

Here's the problem with Mel. Not only is he an egotitstical know-it-all with no real football experience as a player or coach. Mel has built a business out of being wrong. He also evaluates players incorrectly, meaning he ignores proven key attributes placing more emphasis on what he believes is physical potential. He also evaluates on the individual rather than whether the player will fit into a teams schemes and chemistry. Ryan would most definately not be as good on the dolphins and it wouldn't be his fault. Mel also fails to think like a GM who is thinking about building a succesful team not just drafting a player as a machine.

As Dolphans lets be real for a moment. We got real lucky last year getting Penne and winning as many as we did. Yeah, we had some great improvement but we were an over-achieving team which indicates real good coaching. Without Penne we don't win half as many games. Not just because of his playing but because of his influence on the whole team as well. We also got lucky that a couple things went our way. A number of games that went our way were close enough that it could have have easily gone the other way. The chemistry we devoloped is the chemistry of winning teams. Now we have to add the missing parts of our team while maintaining the chemistry which is possible with our coaching team. Never forget the 1995 Dolphins who imploded with arguably the best team on paper. Remember the "no name" defense who helped the '72 dolphins go undefeated. The point is this is a team game. The patriots got good by taking mostly good (not great) players and working together as a team. This past year we saw that same principle in action on our team. Name a super star at any position (that is great every year) Outside of Joey Porter I don't see any and I'm not sure I count him as one either. Every Year?

Dan Marino is a super star who never made it. (Don't get me wrong, I love Dan) Peyton Manning is a super star whose team struggles like the dolphins did with Marino. Yeah, the colts won a Superbowl but I doubt they'll win another. I'd rather have the team than the player any day. If Mel would ever undertsand this he might actually get more right than wrong.

I'm sorry mel but I'd take Parcells judgement over yours any day. Thats all I need to say.

How Kiper keeps his job is one of the great mysteries of life. Guess it's not who you know...

He forgot to mention that he spent a few days jumping up and down that we should have taken Brady Quinn instead of TGJ. Now I didn't like the Ginn pick, still don't, but Brady has shown even less than Teddy has and I think he may have peaked already.

Saying that Pennington showed us that he's plateaued in the playoffs illustrates how clueless Mel is. No one, not Ryan, not Brady, not Manning, could have gotten the job done against the Ravens with how badly our line played.

Mel is an empty shirt talking head, and he always has been.

"How Kiper keeps his job is one of the great mysteries of life. Guess it's not who you know..."


I disagree with Mel Kiper. It always easy to ask, "what if?" but for Mel to get so heated discussing the possiblity of Henne's future is quite comical. Henne gets to learn off the field, like Tony Romo did, like Aaron Rodgers did, like (to a smaller extent) Tom Brady did. And Henne gets to learn under a guy who is very football knowledgable. I think Henne will do fine when he is given the opportunity. He already proved he can score a TD in a regular season game against the Super Bowl contender Cardinals, so why not Henne?

Kiper should start doing what he's good at: making the wrong picks for ESPN and naming guys the next [input HOF'er] like he did with Reggie Bush.

Well it's easy for Mel Kiper or anyone to make that determination, especially having seen Ryan play this year. Of course he's better than Henne right now, since we haven't seen Henne play yet, for goodness sakes. His whole argument doesn't impress me at all. It would impress me if he actually went on a limb last year and said all this, BEFORE the draft. But the pundits nowadays rarely go on a limb with any bold pick.
As for Ryan over Pennington - I totally disagree with. Yes, Ryan is young and posseses plenty of upside, and soon will e better than Pennington. However, this past year, Pennington was much better in most passing categories.

mel kiper sucks!!! lol, jk. no matter what he says though, no matter how good henne or Ryan do, jake was the better safer smarter pick. Without a good line, a rookie quarter back will sink no matter how good he is, and I belive that jake was a huge upgrade to our line in pass protection. Even though last year we couldn't run worth shiz, our pass protection was great, and allowed CP to do as great as he did, and I use a razor

Mel is a draft guru cuz he couldn't make it as an NFL GM. Matt Ryan by the way had some help with Michael Turner almost leading the NFL in rushing and Roddy White and their defense wasnt that bad either. Chad Pennington has a track record compared to Matt Ryan and you can't judge on Chad Henne. Jake Long is the man at #1

Bottom line is that even if Ryan was there last year, the Dolphins wouldn't have won 11 games. Jake Long is the reason that teams feared the wildcat and the passing game opened up. Take Jake Long out of the equation and who opens up those holes? Brandon Frye? Give me a break.

Personally I think that Henne is already the better quarterback and the Fins will promote him in camp. You can't take Pennington out last year because he didn't do anything wrong and won games. Henne still would have played better. Listen to the assistant coaches and their interviews. All were impressed by Henne and were ready to go with him had Pennington not arrived or got hurt.

Well i think LT jake long was a sound investment. You need a line to have a QB look good. Ya Ryan might be doing good but what if he turned out like all the other 1st selections that were flopps? As for Ginn at #9 overall idk about that but i still think he may develope into an ok WR. What the dolphins need to do is make their D like they had with zach thomas and jason taylor. DEF WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS JUST ASK THE STEELERS OR THE RAVENS!

I have to disagree with Mel Kiper. I think long turn Chad Henne will be a better QB than Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan was thrown into the fire and he prove that he was leader on the field. Also, he had a great running game to hide some of flaws. Let's see how he does next year when teams have a full year of film on him. Being a Michigan fan, I seen almost all of Chad Henne starts and thinks he can be a good QB. Chad as a great arm and can make every throw. Some times he puts a little too much on balls and he needs to work on his footwork. I think sitting a year and learning will def help him be a good qb.

If I'm a GM, building a new team, and I have to decide how to build a championship team, the choice has to come from the inside (offense and defense). While a monster pass rush is critical, a monster LT is the key for a stable line that will allow a QB to flourish, even lesser talents than those prognosticated by Mel Gurus. No brainer that LT was the right pick. We have to stop dreaming of Dan M the 2nd and work towards a balanced team that will allow many a variety of talented QB options succeed. Anyway--when you really considered our needs, how do you compare a LT with a QB or compare a QB selected in the early 1st with a later 2nd? How many SB QB's came in the early 1st rounds? More have come later and it is a good bet that Ryan may have a lesser 2nd season as teams get to know him and the Falcon's shortcomings. Our other QB's may have had better success with a better line--although, we had so many needs did it really matter? That is why the lines play is soooo critical. Still, in my opinion LT is the right start. I would predict that Jake has a better chance of being on a SB team that Ryan. Henne has potential and his potential will be better served by having a player like JL anchor his left side for the next ten years. Hindsight is just what it is and we could hear more of Mel's wrong calls as much as he woudl like us to hear his right ones. Way too much time spent wondering about these rreaches. i trust BP and the crew to do their homework and buils this team. i love having the LT we needed-DESPERATELY. The offense will get better over time and over drafts--can't get worse I look forward to Henne eventually getting his chance, and his learing curve with CP will continue to give us hope.

Wow Kiper is a genius Ryan sure is better than a guy who didnt play in one single game,Im not gonna knock Ryan for a rookie to do what he has done this year but lets face it he has Roddy White a pro-bowler,the Falcons running game was alot better than ours so it help their passing game as well,now as for being better than Penny I would have to say no,we had a better turn around and Penny was a better leader by far not to mention our wide outs are average at best.If Ryan was our qb this year we wouldnt have done squat.Kiper should know as well as anyone you need to build around your qb we made the right pick.

Lets see hw many times Kiper changes his picks up until April 25th looks like another lineman might go first since the lions are going to keep Culpepper, Kiper scratch off your Stafford pick and fill in the blank with Eugene Monroe or Andre Smith looks like Detroit may finally get one right.

hopefully be the time the draft rolls around we won't need a number 1 wr anymore case we got aquan boldin or tj houmanzwhatta already on our team.

i will trust parcells through the thick and thin. i don't care what kiper says, we could pick a divison three running back and i'll belive parcells knows what he's doing.

Does Kiper only pay attention to play-offs and off-season because while matt ryan is a great qb, pennington had an AMAZING year. even if you argue ryan had just as good as a year as pennington which anyone could, we got long AND pennington and henne. if we pick ryan #1 we only get him cause we wouldn't have sign pennington over ryan, and we use our first round pick on him, thus we don't get long

the jake long pick was the safe, correct pick bottom line. if it was a guarantee matt ryan would be a great QB sure that decision may sway. but at the time.. given all the info u got.. jake long was a good, safe pick.. miami didnt need anymore gambles..theyve had to many.. they needed a safe, quality good pick amd they got that and im happy with it. matt ryan was a good college QB.. im from MA so i watched alot of BC games and the kid was good. but theres alotta NFL prospects that are that good and turn out to be medicore at best in the NFL.. we can ll name a few of em. Rarely is a LT taken that high that isnt at least a pretty good LT.. cant say the same for QB at or around that spot. GO FINS!!!!

Mel Kiper gets too wrapped up in all of the hype surrounding certain players. If you watch the draft, you'll figure that out fast. So to listen to him talk about Matt Ryan is no big surprise. Matt Ryan had a good year last year, but that's it--a good year. He wasn't any more special than Joe Flacco, he just had better weapons.
Consider this: in the regular season, Matt Ryan had two (2) 300 yard passing games--one in a loss to the Saints, and the other in a two point win against the Bears. Also Matt Ryan had 16 TD, 11 INT, and was sacked 17 times this past season. He passed for 3,440 yds, and had a 61.1 completion pct.
On the other hand Chad Pennington also had two (2) 300 yard passing games--also one in a loss and one in a win (beating Buffalo and losing to New England). Chad Pennington however, had 19 TD, 7 INT, and was sacked 24 times. He passed for 3,653 yds, and had a 67.4 completion pct. This with far fewer weapons than Matt Ryan--only one drafted receiver (the one he can't stand and thinks has no receiving skills) versus Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Brian Finneran, etc.
So, if you want to compare the above stats, and still think Mel Kiper has any real idea what he is talking about, maybe you should go work for ESPN as a draft analyst too!

as far as the ginn thing goes he showed slight potential this year but is taking too long to develop into a receiver honestly Bess showed more potential as an undrafted reciever in half a season than ginn has in two but i think he will eventually get there so definetely not a first rounder at #9 Long im not exactly sure why you'd take a OL player as #1 pick or a DL for a #2 overall pick (rams) as we saw the rest of the round they wouldnt have lost out on anything but atleast Long made a good name for himself and what goods a rookie quarter back with a Line that cant block He's pretty shitty as we saw with Beck in the 07 season Beck not the greatest quarterback but he's got potential with a line that protects him atleast half the game Ryan on track to become a great quarterback, i dont see his first season as a fluke but if he was somewhere without a line like miami of 07 his season wouldnt have gone as well now to pennington and henne showed potential in college and proved he's got a hell of an arm and can get the ball down field while pennington might not be the greatest long ball thrower he's shown great accuracy as a quarterback which could prove to be a great mentor for henne obviously he'll have a lot to prove when they finally put him under center but as the rest of the world miami didnt expect an 11-5 season they're plans were completely for long term results and well sometimes you take chances that dont make sense so as a fins fan i understand your points of views but believe they have a good idea of what they're doing and will be able to compensate for any mistakes along the way

Facts: passer rating Pennington #2, Ryan #11. Ryan - 1st round pick, Pennington - FREE. Pennington threw 3 more TD's and doesnt have a guy named Roddy White on his team. Oh yeah, he also threw for more yards, more completions and fewer INTS and costs less.

Fact: Mel Kiper incessantly badgered the Colts GM for passing on Heath Shuler with the #2 overall pick. That's right, HEATH SHULER. Why was he so upset, because they selected Marshall Faulk instead!!!

i use a blackberry curve. please make blogs for the blackberry! i can only see the articles and columns! and i say that the fins draft a LB in the first round! go fins!

Just being frank. The dolphins have not had a good reciever since OJ Mcduffie and he was a 2nd tier reciever(aka possesion reciever) We can sit and talk about who they could have had over the last ten years but face the facts we have drafted terribly. Chris Chambers,Marty Booker,Derek Hagan(Bust),Yatil Green(bust), Ted Ginn,Ernest Wilford, Wes Welker(led the league in receptions). You see where I am going here. The dolphins as a franchise act like they dont know what a #1 reciever is..This past season we had a bunch of overachievers lets be real. Our best reciever down the stretch of the season was undrafted.(Devone Bess). As good as he was you realise that he would not have sniffed the field in Arizona this season. I have been a Dolfan for over 25 years and the best recievers in franchise history are the mark's brothers of which #13 made both of them. This year the dolphins have a few options that they can go in. I would go get the big stud reciever out of Cal Poly Ramses Barden. All he needs to do is run 4.5- 4.6. We need a beast on the outside thats gonna go get the ball and not be afraid to go into traffic. We need that Andre Johnson. That Larry Fitzgerald. that T.O., That Anquan Boldin. That Plaxico Burress. That Brandon Marshall. You get where I am going. Great quarterbacks make medicore recievers good. Great recievers make good quarterbacks great. Its a beautiful thing when you have a security blanket to throw to when its third and long and here comes the blitz. there is no reading the defense. it is my player is better than your player and gonna make the play. the dolphins have never had the luxury of a true #1. maybe this is the year we go out and get one. Peace

Ok, I'm not a Ted Ginn fan...however, lets be fair, he doesn't have a QB with arm strength to get him the deep ball. Ginn is speed, speed needs deep balls to be utilized correctly. Forget drafting a WR at 25, we need OL help still or a legit pass rusher/run stuffer. Henne is still on the bubble, I wasn't a fan of his drafting. Arm strength is good, but what can he really do? We need to get a #1 WR in FA. We have 3 #2 WRs'. If Bess or Ginn had a #1 WR that demands double coverage or warrants the safeties attention they would find the end-zone more.

Forget the 'what ifs', if if was a 5th we'd all be drunk. We took long over ryan...ryan had a good yr, jake made the pro bowl. we landed penn in FA, he's not great but he fits (for now). We won our division!!! Let's talk our needs here. We need a #1 WR who is big & physical with great hands and speed to match and will demand double coverage. I don't think we find that in the draft at our picks. We need OL/DL help, LB and secondary boosts as well. We might also want to look at RB as well.

Look guys...everyone needs a job and Mel has one so good for him but he's NOT a PROVEN team builder therfore he DOESN'T know how to build one.

IF we had took Ryan instead of Jake,oh curse the day,Matt would've looked like Beck did in 07' and/or Carr in Houston after he figured out that he WASN'T going to have the same luxury as they had in College and that being AT LEAST 3 seconds to get rid of the ball and THAT is a QB career killer!

Sure Ryan has "some" skills,like many other young men who play the position,BUT I prefer to assemble an OL where you can basically plug in any number of guys who possess "some" skills and be VERY successful.

The Marinos come along once every hundred or so years,ok OK..once every 1,000,000 years therefore you NEVER grab,year after year after year,looking for something you have a VERY small chance of finding SO you build that OL so that a decent guy can get it done.

You really have to look NO further than the Redskins of the 80's and 90's..they won 3,countem',THREE SB's with three DIFFERENT QB's BUT the one constant was the "Hog's" so history is on my side gentlemen.

Be patient guys..I really do know what I'm doing here!

Mel can take his hindsight and stick it where the sun don't shine!

I know he liked Ryan but he didn't blast Miami for taking Long because he knows that LT is an essential key to a successful offense. NOBODY knew that Ryan would light it up like he did last year! They had a better oline than us and Turner is a great back.

Even if we draft Ryan, you know Parcells still signs Pennington when he becomes available, right? Parcells teams (even if he is just head of operations) do not start rookie QB's. It is unfair to judge Henne against Flacco and Ryan because they have already gotten their shots.

Ginn was a mistake that fans knew the day of the draft (even though I didn't want Quinn either).

Kiper of all people should know not to judge a team's draft till at least 3 years after.

When you are building a line, LT is the most important position on the line. We got a chance to take the best one available and he was the truth so Mel should just leave what is done alone.

To still be knocking Ginn 2 years later after how much improvement he's shown is nothing but people trying to save face after dissing Cam for making the pick. He is a good young reciever who is still getting better and its too early to say he wasn't worth the #9 pick.

And how far did the falcons go in the playoffs??? Too early to make any judgements ask me again in 4-5 years Mel. Unless Henne or Ryan win a Super Bowl between now and then none of it really matters.

I use the T Mobile Wing, Windows based mobile internet explorer... as far as ginn being a bust I dont think he is... when you get a qb that can throw the ball more than 15 yds he will thrive and we will all love him for years to come... drop the Penny and get with the Henne.

If you are going to pick a QB as the first pick overall, you need to have an Offensive line first to protect him. Without Jake Long and the changes Dolphins staff made last season on that unit, Pennington, Ryan, Henne, Favre, Brady, Manning, no QB was going to be successful. In addition to that, Atlanta has more talent at WR position than Miami has. I mean Bess is good, Camarillo is good, Ginn is good, but non of them can be compared to Atlanta's Roddy White. Big Tuna and his staff made the right decision, first you built the line and then you get the QB, and that has nothing to do with where is going to be Henne or Ryan in three years.

My issue with Kiper is his mock drafts are the reason why he isn't recruiting for any NFL team. He doesn't consider the franchise philosophy before picking. Do you really think Ireland and Parcells are concerned with a WR, they start guys like Bess and Camarillo who were undrafted. I don't see a high profile WR coming in the 1st round for Miami or in free agency especially with Chad at QB. I love Chad but his arm isn't worth spending a lot on WR's. It makes more sense to draft an athletic TE since the team runs more plays with 3 TE's than 4 WR's. With that said I don't think they will waste a high pick on any skill player when there are other needs to fill.

Kiper is full of hot air. Just b/c one player is "better" than another, it doesnt mean much unless the "better" player is a better fit for what the team making the choice is trying to do, duh! Ryan woulda wrecked our salary cap worse than Long, and probably wouldnt have played a snap. (tuna hates young QBs). Ryan played well behind an elite run game, an all pro reciever, an easy as pie schedule, and very low expectations. Until we see Henne play, theres no point in even having this discussion.

congratulations Mel

The Falcons made the playoffs
The Dolphins made the playoffs

Chad and Matt both went to the playoffs and both lost...

Jake Long went to the pro bowl..

I'll take Long over Ryan any day

Ryan was a top ten pick definitely, and if he would have ignored his agent and played in the Seniorbowl, the Phins might have used the first pick on him. But if you don't have the cajones to compete, expect to fall in the draft. Plus don't forget that Jake Long had a deal in place before the Dolphins drafted him. Would Ryan have been that easy to sign if he went # 1? And remember this, give defenses a years worth of study tape on Ryan and let's see if his sophmore season is as good as his first.

Great information, but man your writing sucks, I want to hear less of your voice and more facts, remember you are a journalist. Besides I believe Mel gave you that answer in that if Henne is a bust and Ryan continues to shine then it was a "mistake" on the Dolphins' part in not taking him.

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