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LB Carpenter might still have "the makeup"

Bill Parcells likes some players because they have, "the makeup." No, we're not talking eyeliner or lipstick here -- although some of your responses suggest some of you guys would like that. The makeup is about a player's disposition, work ethic, desire, ability, intelligence and other things that make him successful.

Of course, Parcells misses on some of these guys, but sometimes the guys Parcells identifies as having, "the makeup," don't succeed only because they're not given the right opportunity, or perhaps they are sidtracked by injuries. As Curley of the Three Stooges would say, they're victims of circumstances.

Bobby Carpenter might be one such player. When he was in Dallas, Parcells picked Carpenter with the 18th overall pick in the first round of the 2006 draft. Carpenter, 6-2 and 250 pounds, didn't blossom in the one year Parcells was there and has fallen behind on the depth chart the past couple of seasons.

Last year the Cowboys wanted inside linebacker help and they signed Zach Thomas. This year, they're talking of trying to sign Ray Lewis. Carpenter is seemingly never in the conversation.

And that might make Carpenter, bordering on becoming a bust in Dallas, a possible Parcells target in the coming weeks as the Dolphins search for inside linebacker help. Understand that the Dolphins showed mild interest in trading for Carpenter last season but the Cowboys rebuffed the overtures.

But after yet another season of unmet expectations in which Carpenter played only 13 games without any starts and was almost exclusively a special teams player, the Cowboys might be ready to cut their losses on this player.They would surely listen to overtures up until the April draft.

And if the Cowboys are willing, you can bet one person on the other end of the phone ringing in Jerry Jones' office might be Parcells. It should not surprise.

Parcells and Jones made significant trades last year when Jason Ferguson, Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano came to Miami in exchange for draft choices. All those trades worked for the Dolphins so why wouldn't Parcells make a play for Carpenter?

You might argue Carpenter isn't worthy of the trouble. After all, he hasn't shown the physical ability to take on and shed blockers, and his reaction time to the ballcarrier has seemed slow at times. That isn't a problem if you play receiver. But for a linebacker? It's a problem.

But what if Carpenter just needs some different coaching? What if he needs the delicate touch and mild mannered encouragement the Dolphins staff would apply?

Didn't it work for Fasano? The tight end was considered something of a bust in Dallas after being picked in the second round in 2006. But in Miami he caught six more passes in 2008 than he did in his first two seasons in Dallas -- 34 receptions compared to 28. Fasano blossomed in Miami.

Carpenter might also.

For perspective, please understand what we're talking about here: Despite his first-round pedigree, Carpenter wouldn't bring anything near a first day pick in return. He is a 7th-round pick or 6th-round pick kind of trade bait. Unlike receiver Miles Austin, another Cowboys player and a restricted free agent the Dolphins have interest in and I told you about weeks ago, Carpenter would come cheap or not at all.

The Cowboys would be trading to cut their losses. Parcells would be trading to try and see if the spark of talent he spotted years ago might actually kindle into a flame.

I'm not saying it is definitely going to happen. But don't be surprised if it does. 


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He is definately a player worth looking at.

These are the players that we need to make a solid impact in our roster depth. I like Fasano and Ferguson was a solid addition, but we need a splash in the FA market. I would love to see a big time FA pick up. We are $24 million under the cap, with a 25th overall pick (so it won't break the bank) so we have some money to play with. Forget about Haynesworth, Parcells can't stand him for how he stepped on that guys head from Dallas. How about Peppers? How about TJ? Don't rule out Washington cutting Jason Taylor and him landing in Miami to end his career. Man he would look good playing 15-20 downs a quarter!

These early round busts and late round rejects can help build a roster for depth, but not a championship team. We need a massive dump of our bottom 15-20 guys and an upgrade on our top 10 players on the roster. Outside of Jake, Ronnie and maybe Joey, name me one player that is ready to make the probowl? Justin Smiley was having a career year, but he continues with the injuries. Adding through FA and the draft are the only ways to make this team a true threat and a consistent winner in the NFL.

Long live the demise of the Jets! May Rex Ryan get on the same diet as Andy Reid and Momma Cass. Rex is one New York media press conference away from a stroke! I wish Brett Favre would play another 5 seasons for the Jets!


Carpenter may be a good pickup...who knows?

I would rather have Dansby from the Cards or Scott from the Ravens...Carpenter would still would still be the cheaper option. Cheaper does not mean better. Carpenter may come to Miami and make Crowder look like an All Pro. He may be Garbage...Heck bring him into camp and let him workout and we will see what happens.

Outside of Jake, Ronnie and maybe Joey, name me one player that is ready to make the probowl?
Donald Thomas is going in 2010. Parcells just doesn't throw out compliments to anyone like he has to Thomas. Faneca's over the hill. The Cheatriots' guards are over-rated.

Carpenter and Lankford have an outside chance. Pennington WAS a pro-bowler last year, but for whatever reason Jay Cutler wound up in Hawaii.

Who knows.....if Moss or Johnson has an injury, maybe even Teddy Ginn, and his family, blossom into something special. It took Santonio Holmes 3 years.

18th overall and he didn't make the team? It smells of Ted Ginn. Not bad just needs the right type of coaching. Ginn will come around. He was starting to show something.

I would see what Carpenter is doing in the off season. If he is working out, not on drugs or being an ass, I would go get him. If he sitting around waiting for the pre season training to get him in shape, I wouldn't touch the kid with a 10 foot pole.

Heck, Why not? Bring him into camp...let's see what he's made of.

Well, if he needs a coaches delicate touch I guess he doesn't have the "makeup" of a Prcells LB. And as for Fasano becoming a bust too, how many opportunities was he going to get playing behind Jason Whitten. If they want to pick up Carpenter after he is cut or for a 5th or 6th rounder alright. But nothing more.

18th pick in the first round? Sounds like his salary might be to high to trade for. Especially if he is just a fill-in or only plays on special teams. If he can't start and make game changing plays, I doubt if it will happen.

based on this information he may come here for less money and play good for us and he may be a future good surprise next season.

Might work out, look at Harrison in Pittsburgh. He was released twice before he made it and made it big.

what if we move up on draft board some how?who would be the player will cause miami to do that?

Hey z why don't we trade Ronnie Brown for him and give him a multi million dollar contract.

mike you don't trade below ok player for another player at same level.some times a player like carpenter you trade for almost nothing cause he wants to play and re claim his value and if doesn' work out he can build some chairs for the team.

The Dolphin players you suggested we trade for Harrison and Boldin are not at the same level! My point exactly.

i didn' suggest such thing?did you have coffe yet?

The Tuna got us Ayodele and Fasano for a dime...Fergy was even cheaper...ok, if the Trio feels a shot for Carpenter is worth it, that's fine with me. It's disappointing because I thought he'd be a stud coming out in the draft when he did...So, bring him on (for cheap) and lets see what he has...

How about Beck for Carpenter? Just a thought..


If Parcells has a weakness it's his affection for "his guys." If you recall Bobby Carpener is the son of Rob Carpenter who played played fullback for the Giants back when Parcells was winning superbowls. Parcells may have taken the guy a little prematurely because he he knew his father and felt the apple didn't fall far from the tree. On the other hand it may mean Parcells' thinking was clouded by what he saw in the father and that talent is not all there in the son.

I don't know how much of a hen house mentality resides in an NFL locker room but perhaps there is resentment due to the father and son relationship which other players felt spurred Parcells to draft him a little higher then perhaps his talent dictated.

Either way as some have suggested, he could provided added depth at the bottom of the roster. If as Armando says we could get him for a low round pick I would jump on it. If that resentment does exist it would mean nothing in Miami and perhaps he could reach the potential Parcells saw in him.

BP should draft bobby carpenter grand son in 20 years from now just for the affection.

Naturally, Dansby or Scott would be a great addition. But since we have 3 7-round picks, by giving up one of them for Carpenter - do it.

He will be brought in, if at all, as a depth and special teams addition. You don't necessarily make a team better just by improving the top 5 players. You have to constantly improve the bottom of your roster as well.

Also, he would be coming in with a restructured contract with value equivalent to the consideration (draft pick) given up for him in the trade... in this scenario, 6th - 7th round money with a small bump up for time in the league.

This move would by no means stop us from drafting or picking up a better LB to fill our needs.


Assuming you didn't hear this idea in a bar over the weekend, Armaaaaaaaando, then on the rare occasion when you come up with reasonable insight, I give credit where credit is due.

This actually sounds like something that could happen. The guy would add good depth, at worst, and who knows, he may be sparked by our staff.

To respond to some of your posts:

Carpenter is not an expensive proposition in that he's signed for two more years at $885,000 in 2009 and $1.19 million in 2010. The contract comes with a trade.

2. If the Dolphins do this, it is not the last move they make at the position. They make other moves in concert with this one because, for all they know, Carpenter might not be good enough to make the team or he might only continue being a special teams player -- still worth it for a sixth or seventh round pick.

Although nothing is ever a "sure thing" it seems that Parcells has a knack for getting us talent. Perhaps Carpenter would work out well. Things like this have definitely happened before. However, I'd really like to see us go out and get a big fast WR and dabble a bit in free agency with the defense. Some of those guys in Baltimore would look good in teal.

all player getting notice on this blog have one thing in common,they all worth nothing and they never impact any games they played in.

"I'm not saying it is definitely going to happen. But don't be surprised if it does." Way to come strong with an opinion.

Vague, you don't want an opinion, you want a prediction. And I'm not giving one here. Say hello to nebulous and uncommitted. Also say hi to Mrs. McNabb. You have a lot of company in there.

If you watched HBO's Hard Knocks during last summer's training camp featuring the Cowboys you'll know that Carpenter doesn't play with strength at the point of attack. Not only did the coaches mention that repeatedly but if you watched him on tackles he always went backwards. For a guy that weighs 250 pounds there's no power behind his tackles.

Wonder if they are talking about trading for Jason Allen on some Cowboys blog right now. Cause that's about what this comes to.

How much is Jason Allen worth? Contract/cap aside, I'd say he merits a sixth.

Has Carpenter shown any more promise?

Parcells knows. He knows exactly what Carpenter would or would not contribute at this point.

Your terrible Salguero, I don't read you articles, I just scroll to the bottom to let you and your posters know how much they suck. In fact I hate your posters even more for their filth they think is an opinion

@Patrick: Bobby Carpenter was viewed as a late 1st versus early 2nd round talent, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. In Dallas, they have also been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole by making Carpenter, a former 4-3 outside linebacker at Ohio State, into a 3-4 inside linebacker. Unfortunately, Carpenter is too much of a finesse guy to play that position.


YOUR terrible?

YOU articles?

Reading and writing is good. Try it sometime.

Why don't we trade Beck for the whole damn Dallas team?

you don't know what you talking about.

Tikkanen, I remember Carpenter... He was hyped up a bit like many OSU linebackers. He would fall into the same trap here. 4-3 linebacker on a 3-4 team. A lot of players from the Big Ten never seem to live up to the hype. It's one of my least favorite conferences. AJ Hawke was supposed to be great, though he hasn't been bad he certainly hasn't lived up to the hype. That's why I would shy away fom Laurenitis also.

Stop pickin on my boy Armando.

And don't bring all you fancy book learnin into this! Just cause you can spell good don't make you're stories worth readin!

CUBAN MENACE is DR Z, a jets fan getting into a dolphin debate, people ( so keep that in mind. MENACE is also RENEE RODRIGUES . B. CARPENTER is a bust, He is to soft.I wouldn't give up anything for him .

I am an english teacher.

Armando, maybe Carpenter just isn't that good. I guess if we got him for nothing he'd be worth giving him a shot in training camp, but I wouldn't trade a pick for him.

It's nice to see that the imposter still posts under my name daily. I'm so popular. LOL

YEAH MR BUNGLE , you're a legend in your own mind , lol.

Mr Bungle is talking to himself again,it's funny.is it true that you think of yourself as the most talented mind of football on this blog even better than mando?

Because this blog serves the greater good (sometimes) a quick tutorial:

YOU'RE must be used when you really mean YOU ARE. It is a contraction.

YOUR must be used to denote possession. YOUR money. YOUR wife. YOUR house. It belongs to you.

So YOU'RE a dummy if you can't understand this. Get YOUR butt off the keyboard until you do.

Hey fan, obviously I'm a legend in your mind and that's creepy. You should really pay attention in English class, it could help you in life unless you're planning on a career of just hanging around in a banana plant. Then you're good to go.

Bobby Carpenter is a bust .HE's gets pushed around ( soft) to easily. We drafted D. thomas in the 6th and a promising D L L.dotson in the 7th. Would anybody trade 1 of them for carpenter ? This regime find players in the late rounds. If Carpenter gets cut, then you take a look.


While Carpenter doesnt excite me at all, the other guy you mentioned ( Miles Austin ) just might. What would the Phins have to give up for him?

Mr Jungle,your writing starting to improve and that's a good start.next thing you need to do is to give complete foucs to mando's writing and learn.

how about a 5th and john beck for

austin and carpenter....

Austin has great size and length to add to our WR corps, he could be a steal...gets us rid of beck and allows us to draft another QB which I would like to see happen just to create more trade bait.

Any chance of this, we might have to give a 4th though to get those guys.

"What if he needs the delicate touch and mild mannered encouragement the Dolphins staff would apply" Armando, are you serious? Maybe under Cam Cameron but this staff doesn't seem the "delicate" type.

Killa: Austin is a restricted free agent. He has to be "tagged" by the cowboys and that will determine what Miami would have to give up for him.

I would guess, and it is only a guess at this point, the Cowboys might put a second-round compensation tag on him -- meaning the Dolphins would have to give up one of their second-round picks.

If this happens, the Dolphins might be tempted to do this because they know the guy very well after coaching him and having him as a pro as opposed to spending a second-rounder on a receiver. They might also decide Austin isn't worth the trouble based on what they know. That is a very high price. Of course, the strategy worked for the Patriots a few years ago with Wes Welker.

Mr Bungle ,what's the matter no new blogs on the sun-sentinel to talk to your imaginery friends ( because you have no real friends).Why don't you address the miami herald posters like you did on super bowl sunday and see how they like it. " go ahead dorks, start your b.s " posted by Mr bungle.

1. What can we expect from dolphins in FA? Do you think they will actually get any of the upper echelon guys we all want? Doesn't seem like we usually do except for the dumb Joey Porter signing.
2. Armando, could you break down transitive vs. intransitive verbs next time you are on the radio. BTW - one sounds smarter when he/she does not use conjunctions at all.

Wes Welker was a steal for new england

Matt: I don't know how many 'upper echelon" FAs are going to be available. Asomugha will likely be franchised. Haynesworth is negotiating with Tenn. and has had some off-field issues come to light. Peppers? I don't think he fits considering the money involved and the change of position (DE to OLB) involved. I love the idea of Jordan Gross but everybody on here has said that's crazy and Carolina is trying to keep him, anyway.

So what "upper echelon" players are you thinking about?

As to the transitive and intransitive, once I figure out what that is, I'll do as you ask. I'll get to learnin' on that right away.

A legend in my own mind ,lol. yeah the legendery 24/7 no life blogger, who last week on the ss was blogging from 9:00 am to 10:51 pm. wow.

HP: I was being, as one player said to me in 1995, "ironical."

armando when he speaks about english he has more of command than when he speaks about football and i mean that in positive way.

mando, what would you do ? Trade that 2nd rd pick for austin or keep it ,and draft a kenny britt, hakim nicks or heywerd -bey ( and hope they are gooood).I say kenny britt.

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