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LB Carpenter might still have "the makeup"

Bill Parcells likes some players because they have, "the makeup." No, we're not talking eyeliner or lipstick here -- although some of your responses suggest some of you guys would like that. The makeup is about a player's disposition, work ethic, desire, ability, intelligence and other things that make him successful.

Of course, Parcells misses on some of these guys, but sometimes the guys Parcells identifies as having, "the makeup," don't succeed only because they're not given the right opportunity, or perhaps they are sidtracked by injuries. As Curley of the Three Stooges would say, they're victims of circumstances.

Bobby Carpenter might be one such player. When he was in Dallas, Parcells picked Carpenter with the 18th overall pick in the first round of the 2006 draft. Carpenter, 6-2 and 250 pounds, didn't blossom in the one year Parcells was there and has fallen behind on the depth chart the past couple of seasons.

Last year the Cowboys wanted inside linebacker help and they signed Zach Thomas. This year, they're talking of trying to sign Ray Lewis. Carpenter is seemingly never in the conversation.

And that might make Carpenter, bordering on becoming a bust in Dallas, a possible Parcells target in the coming weeks as the Dolphins search for inside linebacker help. Understand that the Dolphins showed mild interest in trading for Carpenter last season but the Cowboys rebuffed the overtures.

But after yet another season of unmet expectations in which Carpenter played only 13 games without any starts and was almost exclusively a special teams player, the Cowboys might be ready to cut their losses on this player.They would surely listen to overtures up until the April draft.

And if the Cowboys are willing, you can bet one person on the other end of the phone ringing in Jerry Jones' office might be Parcells. It should not surprise.

Parcells and Jones made significant trades last year when Jason Ferguson, Akin Ayodele and Anthony Fasano came to Miami in exchange for draft choices. All those trades worked for the Dolphins so why wouldn't Parcells make a play for Carpenter?

You might argue Carpenter isn't worthy of the trouble. After all, he hasn't shown the physical ability to take on and shed blockers, and his reaction time to the ballcarrier has seemed slow at times. That isn't a problem if you play receiver. But for a linebacker? It's a problem.

But what if Carpenter just needs some different coaching? What if he needs the delicate touch and mild mannered encouragement the Dolphins staff would apply?

Didn't it work for Fasano? The tight end was considered something of a bust in Dallas after being picked in the second round in 2006. But in Miami he caught six more passes in 2008 than he did in his first two seasons in Dallas -- 34 receptions compared to 28. Fasano blossomed in Miami.

Carpenter might also.

For perspective, please understand what we're talking about here: Despite his first-round pedigree, Carpenter wouldn't bring anything near a first day pick in return. He is a 7th-round pick or 6th-round pick kind of trade bait. Unlike receiver Miles Austin, another Cowboys player and a restricted free agent the Dolphins have interest in and I told you about weeks ago, Carpenter would come cheap or not at all.

The Cowboys would be trading to cut their losses. Parcells would be trading to try and see if the spark of talent he spotted years ago might actually kindle into a flame.

I'm not saying it is definitely going to happen. But don't be surprised if it does. 


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fan ;you your self never leave this blog so don't act like it's strange to do so.BTW are you going to marc's picnic?

Hey Armando!!!

I guess your story affected people in Dallas, read the page below!!!! LOL!!!!!


there is a rumor on espn that matt casell will be traded shortly.

What time is marc's picnic ? Also how about trading wilford , london , ginn and a cond. 7th pick for fitzgerald. Thoughts ?

Two questions I have are would the Dolphins be able to get the Cowboys to accept their second of two second rounders for Miles Austin or Austin Miles or whatever his name is?

And does monkey have a case of monkey butt?

Yeah, Carpenter might be worth a 7th, or you wait to see him get cut. I think our FA money should go to bringing back Carey, Bell, and either Goodman or Hill. C Jason Brown is the main "choice" FA you go for. I do like Scott and Dansby, but the price tag is likely too high.

So you return to bringing in guys like Carpenter and maybe SS Jim Leonhard to see who can break out. You look to upgrade LB through the draft, along with NT, G, secondary, and WR. I like Pat White to add some flash to our O, both in the Wildcat and beyond.

This Dolphins regime realizes that there are a ton of holes to fill this offseason. This includes interior offensive linemen, getting younger in the secondary, and linebacker. And those positions are all much more valuable to the trifecta than WR. Thats why I dont think there is any way they draft a receiver as high as the second round. No way.

And Miles Austin is good, but he's just another guy. There is no way in a million years the team gives up a second rounder for him the way this regime values draft picks.

YOU'RE nuts. Carpenter is only good in YOUR mind.

Who is the trifecta? Are we at Gulfstream or Calder here?

I cannot believe I have to do this but here goes anyway: Can you guys post under your own fake names instead of stealing other fake names.

I can tell imposters from the originals and so I will be deleting the imposters. This should not hurt anyone's feelings as most people don't care if you post under Idiot or Moron -- both remain anonymous. Nobody really knows who you are. So stop stealing somebody else's fake blog name, please.

My life sucks that I have write this post.


It is only one or two people who are doing that. Mostly it is the Cuban Menace. I agree that it doesnt get much more pathetic than stealing another poster's name. Pretty sad stuff. Sucks that you have to put up with it.

we all should respect what and how we write here .don't let go phins or bungle or marc give bad names for all of us.

Mando start with the cuban menace post at 2:28 (or you can't tell that's him) lol.

OK monkey.

WOW , i can't wait for the combine this week and the start of free agency at midnite( FEB 27TH ) next friday .It looks like everybody is going stir crazy with this down time in dolphin news LOL.

Man, plenty of entertainment on the ol' blog today! I'm ducking just looking at my computer . .

Mando, It is me the real cuban menace, and you know it's me(we are related by 3rd cousins l.o.l) thank you for deleting fake menace post , for some reason people want to emulate the menace for some reason. and with that being said, i think going after this guy is a good idea with little risk.. again thank you mando..p.s. have you won that Pulitzer award yet??

any thing posted before the anti christ post is fake menace posts..

bobby carpenter would be a great ad... u have a parcells guy and a potention starter right there...at least a solid depth guy.. hes gunna know the system it wont be new to him. hes gunna come cheap too we have late picks..give one up.. the reward could be huge..

tj whosyamamma just said on espn he is 90 something percent sure he wont be back.


Anybody wondering where is Mr Bungle ? I'll tell you .He's been on the new sun-sentinel blog the last 4 hours and half hours that traitor ( so much for the herald , huh !!!).Typical bungle, there was new new blogs on the ss all weekend, so he came on this blog because he had nobody to talk to ( he has no real friends)

Hey I am a Fan from Dallas, and believe me, you do not want Barbie Carpenter on your football team. Jeff Irealand, The Tuna and coach Sparano have done a good job of picking up good players from our team ann Barbie is not one of them. Have U seen him on the field?? We have and there is reason he is on the pine. Good St player, more of a 4-3 WLB. I wish we would have sent him last year instead of Ayodele. No agression at the LB position. One playey you should have hung on to was KD, he has heart and leadership.

i got freaking deleted for a espn story?

wow armando, what's up with that?

Armando,why did you deleted my comment RE casell possible trade?

Call me a Mando hater but this line is journalism at it's best (sarcastically speaking).
"The Cowboys would be trading to cut their losses. Parcells would be trading to try and see if the spark of talent he spotted years ago might actually kindle into a flame.

I'm not saying it is definitely going to happen. But don't be surprised if it does."

Wow! Go out on that limb Mando. I'm going to make a bold prediction as well. The Dolphins might or might not sign Elvis Presley this offseason.

Peter for whatever whatever: I wouldn't call you a Mando hater. Just someone that doesn't know what to post so you attack me. Make a salient point, dude.

Meanwhile, I guarantee you the Dolphins won't sign Elvis Presley. He's not an unrestricted free agent.

I can think of two players who have similar experienecs and then went on to have good if not great carrers when they changed teams.
Mike Vrabel was a bust in Pittsburgh,goes to the Pats and hes all over the field and going to the Pro Bowl.
Gary Reasons of the Giants. Free Agent pick up and he had 5 solid seasons with the Parcells Giants.
This kid can play and after what the trio did last year who are we to doubt them. Free Agency is not the way to build a team ask Wannstedt,Cameron,Johnson and Spielmen and the Jets. Young hungry talent,this kid was a first ound pick he must have some talent.

Bobby was a great linebacker at ohio state, but if anyone ever saw that HBO thing on the cowboys last year the guy was treated like a clown in that locker room. He couldnt get off a block, he got pushed around all the time, he even seemed a bit under sized. I think if he was to come here he would be on special teams the same as at Dallas. Its a shame like i said watching him and Hawk at ohio state was fun they really complemented each other well.

"Ironical" huh..LOL

GREAT thought provoking article Armando... you're SO GOOD when you don't try to be like "other" writers who drum up some drama filled BS article and THATS why I'm SO hard on you when you fall into that trap..YOU are above that crap so I BEG YOU..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't over think..just write what's in your heart because when you do..you are THE best hands down!

As far as Miles goes...he's talented and we could use him but we don't "need" him..especially for a 2nd round pick when we have so many other pressing needs.

We "need" to get better up front on BOTH sides of the ball AND we need depth there as well because Samson,bless his heart,simply can't man up against the monsterous NT's in the league today and it has NOTHING to do with his heart..it's ALL physical,if only he were as strong as his namesake,BUT he will be a very good Guard for us and speaking of NT's, Paul doesn't know whether he wants to be an NFL dominating NT or run around acting like some fool who doesn't have a care in the world so we have some pressing "needs" that WILL be addressed first AND foremost.

All I ask for is two more years guys..can you give me that?

IF you do..you want be sorry you did!

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