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Center is now the center of attention

Left tackle? Jake Long. Check.

Right tackle? After signing a 6-year deal worth a reported $42 million on Friday, Vernon Carey is the guy. Check.

Left guard? Justin Smiley has been injured two consecutive seasons but the Dolphins have invested a lot of money on him so he's the guy. Check.

Right guard? Donald Thomas impressed the holy heck out of coaches in training camp last year before getting injured the first game and missing the entire season. Despite questions, the staff is convinced he's going to be pretty darn good. So another check.

Interior line backups? Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe have experience. Check.

Center? Problem ... problem ... danger Will Robinson, danger!

The Dolphins will absolutely address the center spot this offseason with an eye toward replacing Samson Satele as the starter. You don't need a highly placed source to figure that out. It's plain as day. And it makes more sense considering coach Tony Sparano refused to name Satele his starter during his one interview session in Indianapolis this week. In fact, his answer raised doubts Satele might even be on the team in 2009.

"Samson's obviously a member of our football team right now," Sparano said because that was the nicest thing he could immediately think about the kid without throwing him under the proverbial bus. "Whether or not he's our starting center? One of the things I think everyone of our players know on my team is that there's going to be competition at every position always.

"...There's competition at every one of our positions right now. One thing that we know, and I'm sure every team in this league will say the same thing, is the 53 you had last year doesn't mean that's going to be the 53 you have this year. For us, it's going to be the right 53 again, and whatever happens, happens. Everybody's got to be ready to compete. If not, they don't belong on the Miami Dolphin team."

So who will the Dolphins bring in to compete for the starting center job?

There is wild speculation about Baltimore unrestricted free agent-to-be Jason Brown. He's good. But the Ravens are working "diligently," a league source told me, to try and get Brown re-signed before the start of free agency Feb. 27.

So there is no certainty Brown, the best center that might hit free agency, will actually hit free agency. We'll see. Beyond that, Brown is going to cost the Dolphins, or any other team, a lot of money. I am told Brown wants to be paid among the highest-paid centers in the league. His initial asking price, on average, is in the pricey neighborhood of $6-$7 million annually. Tampa Bay's Jeff Faine was the highest-paid center last year at $7 million.

Frankly, I don't see the Dolphins paying that kind of price, considering there are several centers in the draft that fit what they like. Sure, any rookie comes with uncertainty and inexperience. But Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland prefer to fill their roster through the draft and have confidence that once they lock onto a player they see as a fit, he will, indeed, fit. [Never mind the small details named Ernest Wilford and Shawn Murphy.]

So what rookies will be available in the draft?

Think Jonathan Luigs (6-foot-4, 302 pounds) of Arkansas. Think Max Unger (6-5, 300) of Oregon. Think Antonie Caldwell (6-4, 307) of Alabama. Think Eric Wood (6-4, 305) of Louisville. Think Andy Levitre (6-3, 306) or Oregon State. Think Trevor Canfield (6-5, 311) of Cincinnati.

Yes, I know Levitre and Canfield made their reputations playing mostly guard in college. So? That only makes them more valuable because of that "position flexibility" love the Dolphins have.

All the players mentioned above, with Unger being the possible exception, should be available in the second round. Some will be available in the third round.

Regardless, someone will be signed, drafted, acquired in trade to compete for Miami's starting center job. And then the Dolphins will be able to check off their last major issue on the offensive line.


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I am first

I think maybe we should trade Samson Setele for a first round pick, then move Jake Long to center. We can move Vernon Carey back to LT. Then we could combine our two first rounders and draft Kenny Britt. He is a beast. We might have to throw in Ernest Wilford to sweeten the deal.

what about alex mack?

Alex Mack fits the criteria for what we're looking for. He's a big, physical Center who is good in the run game. We need to remember what kind of team we're trying to build and that's a physical team that wants to run the ball. Sparano is an OL guy and he wants nasty upfront. We started with Jake Long last year. I don't have a problem taking a Center late in the 1st round like at #25. Then again they might like another guy in the 2nd or 3rd round who they feel can be their Center.

Armando - I'd be surprised if the Dolphins sign Jason Brown considering the money he is looking for. With 2 picks in the 2nd round, it would make sense that the trio can get the guy they want out of the group you mentioned.

Thanks for all the updatings.
Do you think the dolphins can trade Satelle? What can they get for him?


I'm retarded and troll blogs 24/7. As you can see I post more than the original Mr. Bungle. Notice how I say the same thing every day. I make stupid trade proposals because I'm an idiot and know nothing about football. I even pretend I'm Mr. Bungle when I'm sleeping which isn't often because that takes away from my blog time. I need help because I have no life. Someone please be my friend.

I was just wondering why Mando didn't include alex mack in that list...I know he has a foot injury, but he is bigger and just as talented as the other guys

No team would give up a first round pick for Satele, so remove that thought.

Donald Thomas - check? In terms of game experience, he has none, which effectively makes him a rookie this year. If the Dolphins draft a center with the hope that he pushes for a starting role, then what are we really talking here? A line with TWO rookies starting in the interior? That won't cut it for a team that wants to improve on last year.

I think Eric Wood in the 2nd round also fits what the Dolphins are looking for. Tough kid. Once he latches on he stays on the defender.

we should let goodman and bell go then sign draft picks .

No team would give up a first round pick for Satele, but we might be able to package our first round pick with Satele or Beck to move up...just a thought...

i agree with mando that should not pay brown more than 1 mill a year.

what about mack?

yes... we can find a rookie to dominate at center, look what jake did his first year, they will have 6 months to gel and the lline will be fine...

What are your guys thoughts on James Larenidous? Is he the real deal or a bust??

Also BEVIS SAYS MR BUNGLE needs T.P for his Bong-hole.

PDX Brett, remember that Satele can play Guard as well so if Thomas can't get it done Satele will. I like the depth we are developing.

The tri-fecta may not like to pay hard money for the salad and desert, but they don't mind spending it on the " meat and potatoes" !

I'm liking this Eric Wood as a possible 2nd rounder

i think eric woods is very good player and under coach S he will be great and he also a smart player .

GUYS . Michael Crabtree needs foot surgery and is going to be out at least 10 weeks. Can you say he drops in the draft to miami ? NAH , just wishful thinking . He's still top 10-15.

Keep Satelle, he would be a good backup guard who can pull out and handle linebackers, he would give us depth at two positions at a good price. Pick up a big nasty center in the first or second round. Smiley and Thomas get stronger and more physical then last year and we should be a fun bunch of road graders.

I Think we should go for J.Brown and finally get a great O-Line
Let spend draft picks in upgrade the defense and a good WR

I am going to Change the subject for 1 minute, is Dre Bly on Miami's Radar? Couldnt hurt anything.

I think we should trade wilford and our 1st round pick to move up in the top 10 to get crabtree , maybe throw in a cond. 7th round pick. THOUGHTS ?

"yes... we can find a rookie to dominate at center, look what jake did his first year, they will have 6 months to gel and the lline will be fine...

What are your guys thoughts on James Larenidous? Is he the real deal or a bust??"

Posted by: westcoastFAN | February 21, 2009 at 02:08 PM

I don't know but James Laurinitis is pretty good. He is who I have been clamoring for since last year's draft. Him or Alphonso Smith or both? would be huge.

On Jonathan Luigs is the best center in this draft IMO. Mack is really good and would make a good right tackle even but I see Luigs as the guy who will stick at center and play exceptionally.

Ya, you can just forget about Crabtree, not gonna happen. But i could see Parcells pairing Beck or Satele with our first round pick to move up if he sees someone really special. And Donald Thomas is the answer at right guard. Ya he was injured last year but he must have really turned heads to go from pick 195 to NFL starter in just a few months. If we draft a Center and dont trade Satele, than we are very close to having the starters as well as depth wrapped up for our O-Line. That is a HUGE step to being an elite NFL team, plus the fact that Carey is the oldest at only 27 is just icing on that cake. Think about it, we are just one good Center away from being a great NFL Line, when is the last time you could say that?

Apparently Wood practically dominated Raji during the senior bowl, at least that is the buzz as I did not watch the game. Seen a little bit of him and he is also quite versatile.

Antoine caldwell of alabama was also dominate at times against raji.

MR.BUNGLE ( #2 post) has to be the most clueless miami dolphins fan that I know. Do you really think that anything you said is going to happen. Just dumb my friend!

finsfan......do you know that i played football in H.School as QB but may father wanted me to work with him in our deli so i did but i wish he allowed me to keep playing i would be in pro football now and that is true story.BTW henne should move slower to his left when he is in the boxä

"James Laurinitis"? IS this the same James Laurinitis that was consistently RAN OVER in OU's Bowl Game last year or is there another kid with the same name?

I've only heard of the one from OU and he ISNT Billy P material guys so you can forget that!

As a fellow islander, setele needs some one to challenge him, who ever that may be is up for conjecture, if i may bring some one to mind let me say that "DAMN DIRTY APE" from up north might be the answer.. I know what your saying"Menace he's a 200 pound chimpanzee that's presently dead and has had his head cut off to make sure he doesnt have rabies" but think about it, would you want to line up against a rabid chimp??( with no head)??

If we're going to go primate at center, wouldn't you rather have a silverback?

Yes a silverback would be good for the O-line , but a 200 lb chimp with no head(and possibly with rabies) would also be a good fit. and all you would have to pay the chimp is in bannana's..

" but think about it, who would want to line up against a rabid chimp ? ( with no head }" WOW ,AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL . CUBAN YOU'RE F'N TO MUCH MAN. You gotta stop ,this is to much.I can't take it anymore LOL

any one knows any info about Eric woods stats.

I actually agree with everything Mr. Bungle said, including when he said he loves waking up next to me.

I did not include Alex Mack on the list because all the draft gurus as the first center and I'm assuming he'll be gone before the Dolphins pick.

This moron impersonator stuff is little kiddy stuff. What is wrong with you morons??!!!

Go back and play in your CRIB!!!

Stop posting your nonsense. IDIOTS!!!

I agree with flipper that impersonator stuff is kiddy stuff.any one knows any thing about alex mack weight.

alex mack is in range of 299 to 395 IB

Flipper , go take a f'n flying FLIP off a cliff, moron. If you don't like .don't read it. Now go get your milk bottle, you f'n crybaby.

I think flipper is mando himself

every one should sign his name starting with word MR like me.

I dont know whats the hype about Donald Thomas, I saw him in the preseason and he wasn't great, just ok, is he being overrated?

what is the deal with D.thomas .i see his name every where these days sound like he is going to land with real good team and i hope that is dolphins.

Iam not sure but i think he's the son of derrick thomas..anyone???

"Samson's obviously a member of our football team right now," Sparano said
That quote struck me, too. When you asked if Pennington was the starter at QB next year, he nearly ripped your head off. Then, he says this when asked about Setele? Wow......not good.

mmikejohnson....what is not good about that quote.i think it is very good that he said every one should compete .BTW you can be very talanted player but if you do not show up in some games so you get replaced .

I don't know what Armando has been watching and why he is so down on Satele.......face it Armando neither you or I or anyone else who writes here are offensive line coaches.....but he is developing just fine, plays all out. I guarantee you the Dolphins do not draft or sign a center. They will sign guards and tackles but no center.... Satele is just fine. The offensive line has developed well and it takes years to do so.. but Armando is just another perfect Miami fan, always need to find something to complain about.... the team has much bigger needs than replacing Satele.....

Max Unger will be a starter for 10 years. Could be one of the best draft picks in this draft. Safe. Safe. Safe.

if not Lekkerkerker atcenter thne i think maybe we should trade Samson Setele for a first round pick, then move Jake Long to center. We can move Vernon Carey back to LT. Then we could combine our two first rounders and draft Kenny Britt. He is a beast. We might have to throw in Ernest Wilford to sweeten the deal hehe and how did the peppers win old timer

Joe Watts,

Sorry, but your guarantee means absolutely squat... All the talk about getting a new center is due to the fact the Satele is smaller than Parcells and company would like at that position, odds are that if we draft or sign a center, Satele will be moved to guard...He performed well at times, but was not consistent and failed to open big wholes in the middle

Every one of the listed centers that were at the Senior Bowl got man handled by BJ Raji. The unlisted one, Alex Mack, didn't get man handled.

Most mocks that I have seen have Mack going at or later than Miami. I'd bet that we have about an 80% crack at him if he is the choice.

Agreed. Mack should be there at the 25 spot. I think he or Sintim is what Tuna is targeting.


Hayden Fox has made an appearance. Under NO circumstances is he to be ridiculed, belittled, harrassed or in any way harmed on this website.

Anyone who fails to treat Hayden Fox with kid gloves will incur his wrath and is subject to being tattled on to Armando himself.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Bj Raji ate up Max unger for lunch. He's not strong enough for the tuna. 1 guy who did pretty good against raji was antoine caldwell of ala. ( 6-4 310} keep a eye on him in the 3rd round.

Soulja, that was someone fooling around and being sarcastic about satele, geez can't you tell.?

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