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Center is now the center of attention

Left tackle? Jake Long. Check.

Right tackle? After signing a 6-year deal worth a reported $42 million on Friday, Vernon Carey is the guy. Check.

Left guard? Justin Smiley has been injured two consecutive seasons but the Dolphins have invested a lot of money on him so he's the guy. Check.

Right guard? Donald Thomas impressed the holy heck out of coaches in training camp last year before getting injured the first game and missing the entire season. Despite questions, the staff is convinced he's going to be pretty darn good. So another check.

Interior line backups? Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe have experience. Check.

Center? Problem ... problem ... danger Will Robinson, danger!

The Dolphins will absolutely address the center spot this offseason with an eye toward replacing Samson Satele as the starter. You don't need a highly placed source to figure that out. It's plain as day. And it makes more sense considering coach Tony Sparano refused to name Satele his starter during his one interview session in Indianapolis this week. In fact, his answer raised doubts Satele might even be on the team in 2009.

"Samson's obviously a member of our football team right now," Sparano said because that was the nicest thing he could immediately think about the kid without throwing him under the proverbial bus. "Whether or not he's our starting center? One of the things I think everyone of our players know on my team is that there's going to be competition at every position always.

"...There's competition at every one of our positions right now. One thing that we know, and I'm sure every team in this league will say the same thing, is the 53 you had last year doesn't mean that's going to be the 53 you have this year. For us, it's going to be the right 53 again, and whatever happens, happens. Everybody's got to be ready to compete. If not, they don't belong on the Miami Dolphin team."

So who will the Dolphins bring in to compete for the starting center job?

There is wild speculation about Baltimore unrestricted free agent-to-be Jason Brown. He's good. But the Ravens are working "diligently," a league source told me, to try and get Brown re-signed before the start of free agency Feb. 27.

So there is no certainty Brown, the best center that might hit free agency, will actually hit free agency. We'll see. Beyond that, Brown is going to cost the Dolphins, or any other team, a lot of money. I am told Brown wants to be paid among the highest-paid centers in the league. His initial asking price, on average, is in the pricey neighborhood of $6-$7 million annually. Tampa Bay's Jeff Faine was the highest-paid center last year at $7 million.

Frankly, I don't see the Dolphins paying that kind of price, considering there are several centers in the draft that fit what they like. Sure, any rookie comes with uncertainty and inexperience. But Big Tuna Bill Parcells and Tuna Helper Jeff Ireland prefer to fill their roster through the draft and have confidence that once they lock onto a player they see as a fit, he will, indeed, fit. [Never mind the small details named Ernest Wilford and Shawn Murphy.]

So what rookies will be available in the draft?

Think Jonathan Luigs (6-foot-4, 302 pounds) of Arkansas. Think Max Unger (6-5, 300) of Oregon. Think Antonie Caldwell (6-4, 307) of Alabama. Think Eric Wood (6-4, 305) of Louisville. Think Andy Levitre (6-3, 306) or Oregon State. Think Trevor Canfield (6-5, 311) of Cincinnati.

Yes, I know Levitre and Canfield made their reputations playing mostly guard in college. So? That only makes them more valuable because of that "position flexibility" love the Dolphins have.

All the players mentioned above, with Unger being the possible exception, should be available in the second round. Some will be available in the third round.

Regardless, someone will be signed, drafted, acquired in trade to compete for Miami's starting center job. And then the Dolphins will be able to check off their last major issue on the offensive line.


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Man, I never laughed so hard reading Dolphins blogs. I too am an Islander....Sanibel Island form years ago, and I think Satele needs to go hang out with that FB with the youtube video of him running through a wall. What's Tim Ruddy up to these days?

I say we trade satele,beck and a cond. 7th round pick for both of detroits #1 picks . Then we can take crabtree 1st overall and then orakpo with the other pick. Thoughts ?


Just so you know, Alex Mack is indeed the number one center on the board (like you mentioned) but many scouting experts think he will be there at #25. There is a good chance he will indeed be there.

D.O.H sounds a lot like a little frustrated little man from orlando , who will remain nameless. But trust me the menace has a clean (mentally and physically)bill of health..

O.K kid's ,your on the web with the menace. what's your 1st question for the menace??

DOH ( MARC ? or she ), you already said that once this morning and it wasn't funny the first time around.

Danger Will Robinson, please stop writing like this, it is an insult, your a reporter and journalist damn it act like one.

Tell me real writer, what publication do you work for? Oh, None? Well then, how many books have you published? Oh, None? OK, what website uses your material and sporadically sends you a check? Oh, None.

Seems to me you're not a real writer. You're just a real dork.

MR. Bungle:

Whatever you are smoking I would like some of that, especially since I haven't touched any of that since grad school!!!

Anyways, Satele will not get you a 1st rounder and moving Long to center would be the stupidiest move that I have ever seen in football...The guy is a L.Tackle...PERIOD!!!

Carey is our R.Tackle, D.Thomas, Satele, and Smiley should compete for the two guard spots... We should draft a center in the late 1st or early 2nd and solidify our line, then we can look at LB, NT,CB, and WR in that order... O-Line and D-Fense wins championships... Ginn, Camarillo, Bess and a Free agent or mid-rounder will do, especially since Pennington is a dink and dunker... A breakaway deep-threat receiver will not make sense for C-Penn

I agree with Luis on Donald Thomas.
I think he's overrated and is yet to prove anything. If he wouldn't been the starter at RG last year, then it'd be either Ndweke or Alleman? wow.
I just hope he turns out to be the guy the trifecta expects.
We should sign Jason Brown.

I disagree and i'm entitled to my own opinion. Is that a crime ? I think long will make a fantastic center and how about satele and a cond 7th rounder for detroits 1st overall pick . Then we can draft crabtree . thoughts?

I am reading fin fans fancy dreams about picking very good player at low level of the draft ,if tuna wants certain player i think he will move up some how with a deal of some kind cause this year is most important for long time to come and that is why they are very secretive about what they are looking for .last thing it is nice to see people here in this blog playing w- each other cause how long can people talk only football and that is why many come ON THI BLOG to laugh also .DONE.

Shane Falco ...you said no one should upset H.FOX.why is that .seems every one on this blog has a boy friend.

Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss, monkey is back. I'm glad your feeling better and i'm sorry that had to happen to the chimp ( your friend} up north over here by me. That chimp was living like a king , though .

That Chimp up north was living like a king!!!! He got to eat steak, drink wine, take xanax, and sleep with a human woman! Thats more than most of these bloggers can claim! He had it made, didn't even have to get a job...no wonder he was 200lbs

most people on this blog do not even have a room. i bet most our friends here sleep in the basement.


I wrote that because several weeks ago someone offended Hayden Fox and he cried to Armando like a 1st grader.

I am sorry to you haden fox and you shane falco and i think we should have fun here without making any one on this site to leave for any reason cause i think it is very nice format to talk about football and other things also i feel there is bond forming here among every body.

The victory over the cheater Patriots in Boston was as sweet as the delicious cream pies the town was named for

mr.bungle ..it is easy to figure it out based on the way people talk.i can tell it is basement language .do you hear french tone here or hot dogs basement tone.also the names they use it is very good clue.

Satele is not worth the Lions overall pick, or anyone's first pick for that matter. Just look at our top-man JT last season. The Dolphins could only scrounge a second rounder for our BEST player. Teams realize the importance of the Draft, and Satele, Beck, and a seventh round pick is highway robbery for a team that knows they needs to rebuild with younger, better players. It may even be highway robbery for any of the top ten picks. But, the Lions certainly know there's no immediate resolve to the history making season they just had, so why give the Dolphins the first pick for two nobodies and last round pick? That would be crazy. It's simply not going to happen.

Shane Falco ,you can add NYSCOTT and Flipper to the list of crybabys who go running to armando. RATS !!!!

PAT , that's why they are the lions. They need a young qb and center. You might like this trade better, Tyrone culver , courtney bryan and a 7th round pick for Ed Reed. Thoughts?

Mando, I have the utmost of confidence in the trifecta but do they really believe they can find a better option at SS than yeremiah bell?. He seems to be a pretty special player. Why hasn't he been signed? He seems bright, tough and well respected by his teammates. Plus, he's a tackling machine and I remember how the defense utterly collapsed when he got injured in 07. Do you think the plan is to dump bell and bring in roy williams? I personally think that be a major downgrade. I'm praying we re-sign bell. I know he's already 30 but I think a 3 year 18 million dollar deal is reasonable for an experienced cornerstone of our improving defense.

BREAKING NEWS....carbtree is out or 20 weeks after he injured HIS FOOT.

CARBTREE the TOP draft pick is injured and that teach every one that in the game of football no thing 100 percent.ted ginn just be came more valuble.

NYSCOTT , Al johnson is a free agent. He's good as gone!!

wow, sniff sniff. Somebody needs to lighten up!!

Also , can you please watch your language. Have some respect for us fellow posters. Thank you and good night .

Wow, nyscotts been gone for 20 minutes and i already miss him:(

"Think Jonathan Luigs (6-foot-4, 302 pounds) of Arkansas. Think Max Unger (6-5, 300) of Oregon. Think Antonie Caldwell (6-4, 307) of Alabama. Think Eric Wood (6-4, 305) of Louisville. Think Andy Levitre (6-3, 306) or Oregon State. Think Trevor Canfield (6-5, 311) of Cincinnati."

Are u entirely clueless?

Alex Mack is the # 1 Center by virtually every 'expert' -- particularly in power running schemes. Unger is 2nd. And yet, you mention guys who wont even be drafted.

Watch some file AS because they will draft Mack @ 25 unless someone else in the clear top 15 drops

Draft laurinitis in first.
Draft either Mack or Woods in 2nd( whoever available)
Sign Haynesworth who alone stuffs the run.
Sign Dre Bly ( upgrade )
Draft either Lois murphy from florida ( great talent that was a bit lost in a great offensive team and Tebow couldnt reach him deep) or Kenny Britt with late 2nd pick !
And whatever Mr.Bungle says as his analysis is top notch !

I just was reading NYScott post from last night and i thought what the hell happened but after deep thinking i said i can understand his point which is every one seems to sign with many names that makes writing to another poster not easy cause it loses the joy of debate between posters since you don't know who you are writing to if every one sign w/many names.last please no more monkey Biz and please come back NYScott .

No, I heard he's the grandson of Danny Thomas.

I see a lot of potential in Chad Henne as our franchise QB if he proves something soon. I would get rid of satele, keep him as a backup maybe. We need a play maker. We need another WR. period.

Satele would be very attractive to a team that runs a zone blocking scheme, like Houston, Denver (though that may change now), Carolina, etc... It's not that he's a bad player or a bad center, he's just the wrong center for us. He'd make a great guard, and I think that's what will happen if we don't move him.

One big advantage we have in the draft, I think, is that we are willing to take a center at 25. Most teams won't take one in the first round at all, the Jets freaked a lot of people out by taking Mangold at 29. So if there is a C we want, he'll probably fall to us. And we can afford to move up if we have to by trading Satele (who we wouldn't need anymore), Allen (either of them, it's simply the right time to move W. and J. has never really found a home here), Ginn (who is never going to be the guy the Trifecta wants him to be no matter how good he gets), and Wilford (self explanatory).

But I can also see us paying Brown. For one thing, he's big. Bigger than any of the guys you listed. And one thing we've learned from Samson is that getting bigger is not a given. Satele has actually lost 5 pounds since we drafted him, when he was supposed to be bulking up. And for another Brown is proven.

At any rate, I'm just happy knowing that the staff thinks center is just a big of a priority as I do, and I am confident they are going to address it one way or another.

With a limited number of picks, the braintrust will fill holes and supplement depth where they can economically in Free Agency (whether that be C, LB, DB, or WR), while using their picks to build elsewhere. The good thing is that there is particular value in this draft at OL and LB. Finding a 3rd round center is not out of the question. What's clear is that they will not overspend (hello Al Davis). Gibril Wilson (just cut) could be a nice upgrade in the DB.

" I did not include alex mack on the list because all the draft gurus have him as the best center and i'm assuming he'll be gone before the dolphins pick " posted by ARMANDO SALGUERO. see page 1 of this blog( post) CHRIS , What part of that you didn't understand ? NEXT TIME read all the posts before you go on one of you rants> MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET A CLUE !!!!

>, would you want to line up against a rabid chimp??( with no head)??

Gotta admit it, that was funny!

I dont think he would be a 'Parcells guy' though. Way too small, and not much of a team player.

But , he has a high motor and heart. lol

BOB, i'm glad somebody else has a sense of humor on this blog , unlike somebody else who USED to be on this blog.

IF anybody is interested and doesn't have nfl network , Kenny Britt just ran 4.48-4.50 , while heywerd-bey ran a 4.29 at the combine, WOW.

Percy harvin ran a 4.37 , hakim nicks ran 4.49 , brian robieske ran 4.51 and M, mossaquai 4.57-4.61.

Levitre was a left tackle at Oregon State, not a guard, though that is where they are projecting him in the NFL. Just thought I would clear that up for you Mando as I know you East coasters don't catch football on the west coast.

first i think satele is gone this season along with solia. brown will cost too much so expect us to draft a center in 2- 4 rds. and if boston college nose raji falls to 25 we might grab him. then has everyone forgot we brought in al johnson at the end of the yr last yr and he started alot of games for the trifecta in dallas at center, so that could be a possibility also.

I really hate when i read these post by fanns, however their are a few that really help make my day.
Samson would not be a bad idea to keep and draf a center and let them duke it out and the best man win.
I will always be a beck fan but if you are not going to commit to a player you need to get rid of him (better for and the player).
Lastly Ted ginn in the best receiver on this team (look at the numbers).Not the best reciever for this team, yet.

Mr. Bungle,

Please stop smoking crack!!!! Jake Long at center, what planet are you from!!!!!!

Bungle Fake, get a life!! I actually enjoy the real comments from him and other regulars. Go throw rocks at chained puppies or something...oh wait, that's what you were doing before you took a break and popped on the blogs to be more of a moron. Just keep faking it, leave those puppies alone!!

Dan Marino could play at center. Then we could trade Satele for 17 first round picks, plus a bucket of house paint.

Satele is better at guard and backup center. Sign one of the stud centers that will be available at # 25.

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