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Live free agency blog at midnight!

Free agency begins this evening and we're going to celebrate two ways: I'm going to give you some information while also hang out with you starting at midnight for about an hour.

The information I have for you is that the Dolphins are going to be aggressive during this free agency period. A club source tells me they have a couple of guys they like and they're going to bring those guys in starting Friday. So the Dolphins could have their first wave of free agency signing(s) Friday afternoon sometime.

It will be very, very, very interesting to see if soon-to-be-former Baltimore center Jason Brown is one of those guys. Make no mistake, the Dolphins like this guy a lot and have been inquiring about him and doing their due diligence on him.

But part of that due diligence is understanding what the guy is looking for in free agency. And if he is serious about getting $7-$8 million per year, that just might be too rich for the Dolphins to stomach. They can afford it, make no mistake. But it would adversely affect the club salary structure in which the center would be making as much, or more, than the right tackle. That is hard for a team to justify.

Moreover, Brown rexpects to be chased by the free-spending Washington Redskins or the St. Louis Rams who have had no issues in the past with throwing money around. So my free Miami-Dade Public Schools education tells me the Dolphins address the center-right guard position, but they do it with someone else in free agency, someone not quite so expensive.

... And then get another crack at it the spot in the draft, too. Remember Tony Sparano believes you can never have too many linemen.

This is not to suggest Brown doesn't like the idea of playing for the Dolphins.

"Bill Parcells definitely knows football," Brown said in an interview that will appear in Friday's edition of the Carroll County Times. "He's definitely doing the fundamental things it takes to build a winner and you can see that ... You can see how Parcells has turned that thing around."

Brown also likes the idea of moving his family to South Florida for the next five or six years.

"There's lots of beautiful beaches, retirement communities, and it can be pretty laid back," he said. "Me and my wife would fit in with that."

But in the next instant, Brown talks of liking the idea of staying in the Baltimore-D.C. area, too. It is closer to his native North Carolina, so there is a comfort zone there. And again, the Redskins or Rams are likely to bring money quickly -- as early as 12:01 a.m.

I'm not saying the Dolphins won't make a push, but it just looks like they're not the big favorite in this deal.

Anyway, come back for the midnight live blog. If worse comes to worse and nothing happens, we'll just hang out for a bit. You guys don't have anything else to do, right?


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this free agency sucks comparred to last year....must be the economy


Thanks for the blog. Its awsome.

For those who don't understand the Jason Brown investment, may I suggest a little research on a couple of former Parcells Centers in Kevin Mawae and Bart Oates - Remedial football history lessons can be an ongoing project for some people - Have a good night all -

Bodden has been free to sign for weeks. I dont know maybe he wanted to watch the dominoes, but if the Dolphins covet him (which they should because he is an upgrade in every way over Goody), then they should have already made a move towards him.

I am told Jason Brown WILL NOT go to Washington, after all. He is going to St. Louis for a visit and that's it so far.

Seriously guys. Mando I appreciate the blog, but is there some way to idiot proof it? Maybe put up a math question like 2+2 that people have to answer before they can post?? That would really help....ALOT

I'm closing up shop at 2 am folks.

So we finished here?

Brown will be a Dolphin!

Thanks Mando. I don't think the Phins are going to spend that kind of cash on Brown anyway.

nooo dont leave us mando! lol

thanks for the updates Mando

Mando, do you see big names on the horizon for the Fins, or maybe just filling in depth and then seeing where the market goes.

mando how long will you hang with nus tonite

I'm going to hang in there for 15 more minutes. 2 a.m. lights out.

Everybody cut it out! I got this under control. Im on the phone with dallas about a deal that will get us T.O. We need better team chemisty and he will help us very much in that department. Jason Brown is not in the plans either. I would rather get Tank Johnson and turn him into a center. He will also help in the chemisty department


You have been great tonite homie!!!!

Thankx for the hard work!!!

thanks for everything mando..

all indications are Canty to Skins

does anyone else think if the Rams are so hot for Brown that maybe we should back off, not only are they dreadful, but they have made some terrible free agent signings over the years.

Thanks finfan. Appreciate that.


whats your take on Miami not reaching out to brown, u think all the interest we had was a smoke screen? whats your take...?

Joe Berger is a stump!!!!!


So your job is to write about the Dolphins and get emails and texts from NFL agents. Nice life youve carved out for yourself... :)

Anyone heard anything on Kurt Warner? Just curious.

Thank you for being here this morning, Armando. Please learn to ignore the uninformed weenies who post here. (Hmmmm ... weenie roast??)

Tyler, I know the Dolphins talked to Brown's agent. But as I wrote, once the agent starts talking about $7 and $8 million a year, I can imagine the Dolphins saying, "Thanks. Good luck."

Dolphins like Brown a lot. But I just don't think they thought anyone would be paying that much for him. And as no one has yet, maybe the price goes down and things change. But I doubt it.

Good night Mando, we love u (except marioelloco)..

And to all those just logging on - I hope u are sitting down - we just landed Josepi Berger!!!


good job tonight mando! appreciate it! hope to see a new blog from you tomorrow saying that fins got a big free agent! good stuff! peace!

thanks for the overtime, mando.... any idea what the eagles want for sheppard?


Why sign McFadden or Brown? There is a possibility of a home town discount for Goody (who regularly plays press... staple in the D, rather than McFadden, wo never plays press). Personally, I'd like to see OL/DB first in the Draft, C 2nd, and Nicks/WR/NC with the 25th pick in the second.

At that point, there is no reason to re-sigh anyone with 2/3 of the starting secondary in place, a big WR, and a strong center in the forseeable future.

I'd rather hear about the bargain guys you're hearig rumors about or the second tier guys to get a clearer picture of the offseason...and then, obviously, the draft.

Dolfan Mikey, Warner was offered a two or three-year deal worth about $9 million a year. But he wants more so he's a free agent now. But I believe he will return to Arizona eventually, if I had to guess. Just a guess.

thanks mando i feel that's prob the best guess.. maybe we can talk him down but only time will tell.

Jeff Darlington is reporting the Rams' strategy with Brown is not to allow him to leave their facility Friday without signing a contract.

I like finsfan also appreciate all the hard work you've put in tonight Armando. I hope tomorrow will bring us some more good news. The moves they made today were fantastic.
Go Fins!!!

btw, mando, thank for all the good work


So who are the 2nd tier Centers out there?

I think Tyler has it right about the Dolphins and Brown. I'm telling you, the Dolphins look at the draft first and then compare that the to the free agent pool.

All the talk this draft has been the girth of very good centers in this draft. Only if the Dolphins feel Brown grades out (or projects better) than a draft prospect, they'll bite. If they feel he's slightly better than what's available in the draft, why overpay?

brown is a big boy im sure he can leave if he wants to.. haha

Actually yesterday...sorry.

Thanks Mando!

mando.....thanks for hanging out for more than a hour........

Anyone think the Phins are going to dangle Beck for trade bait?

Thats not true. We did not land Berger. He 2 soft 2 be a dolphin. Tank Johnson is our next signee and he will play center

You definetly "turned up the wick" tonight Armando..GREAT job bud!

thanks for your time Armando... i hope to wake up to a story about us signing brown..... but i doubt it..... night bro stay fresh hahaha

"Tank" Johnson plays DT...and he's not a good as you think.


When do you plan on being on 790 again, either a spot or full show?

The live blog is closed gentlemen. Thank you for stopping by. More stuff coming Friday, no doubt.

God bless you all. Judging from tonight, some of you really need it.

mmmm.... Where would i rather live, St Louis, Missouri or Miami, Florida. Tough call Jason Brown has there.

bill parcells: jeff darlington just reported the dolphins will not let josepi Berger leave our facility; therefore, he is as good as signed!!

Thanks for all your hard work Armando, you are the man!!

I'm just wondering if Jerry Jones might still be interested in Beck this off season.

Thanks Mando. Have a good night and it's only midnight in Denver.

lights out.....

lights out bitches!!

where'd everyone go?????

Bill Parcells is my uncle,
Uh yeah, sure he is...lmao...and that link you posted earlier itiswhatitisnfl was sooo lmae, hasn't been updated since 06, nice website fool...lmao.

im here i will post if i get any info as should u guys thanks.

Of course Brown wants that much money, doesn't mean he'll get it, and I bet he'll settle for less to play in Miami or Balt., his 2 preferences.
Him going to visit the Rams is all posturing by the agent. Tuna is a good poker player, he knows players want to play under him. They know what he does with teams!

i hope your correct getterdone but i had the same attitude but the rams could give him a deal he couldnt refuse u never know..

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