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Live free agency blog at midnight!

Free agency begins this evening and we're going to celebrate two ways: I'm going to give you some information while also hang out with you starting at midnight for about an hour.

The information I have for you is that the Dolphins are going to be aggressive during this free agency period. A club source tells me they have a couple of guys they like and they're going to bring those guys in starting Friday. So the Dolphins could have their first wave of free agency signing(s) Friday afternoon sometime.

It will be very, very, very interesting to see if soon-to-be-former Baltimore center Jason Brown is one of those guys. Make no mistake, the Dolphins like this guy a lot and have been inquiring about him and doing their due diligence on him.

But part of that due diligence is understanding what the guy is looking for in free agency. And if he is serious about getting $7-$8 million per year, that just might be too rich for the Dolphins to stomach. They can afford it, make no mistake. But it would adversely affect the club salary structure in which the center would be making as much, or more, than the right tackle. That is hard for a team to justify.

Moreover, Brown rexpects to be chased by the free-spending Washington Redskins or the St. Louis Rams who have had no issues in the past with throwing money around. So my free Miami-Dade Public Schools education tells me the Dolphins address the center-right guard position, but they do it with someone else in free agency, someone not quite so expensive.

... And then get another crack at it the spot in the draft, too. Remember Tony Sparano believes you can never have too many linemen.

This is not to suggest Brown doesn't like the idea of playing for the Dolphins.

"Bill Parcells definitely knows football," Brown said in an interview that will appear in Friday's edition of the Carroll County Times. "He's definitely doing the fundamental things it takes to build a winner and you can see that ... You can see how Parcells has turned that thing around."

Brown also likes the idea of moving his family to South Florida for the next five or six years.

"There's lots of beautiful beaches, retirement communities, and it can be pretty laid back," he said. "Me and my wife would fit in with that."

But in the next instant, Brown talks of liking the idea of staying in the Baltimore-D.C. area, too. It is closer to his native North Carolina, so there is a comfort zone there. And again, the Redskins or Rams are likely to bring money quickly -- as early as 12:01 a.m.

I'm not saying the Dolphins won't make a push, but it just looks like they're not the big favorite in this deal.

Anyway, come back for the midnight live blog. If worse comes to worse and nothing happens, we'll just hang out for a bit. You guys don't have anything else to do, right?


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I think cutting Ricky would be a mistake. He is still pretty good and cheap!

State income tax: State income tax is withheld depending on the location it is earned. Texas, Washington,
Florida and Tennessee currently have no state income tax. Other states tax income on rates as low as 3%
(Illinois) to as high as 9.3% (California). Road games require state withholding based upon two days of
earnings in that particular state.

Well, that certainly works, Sprovo. I'm less inclined to believe those rumors. Harrison is five years older than both TJ and Coles, and Sparano has insisted youth and new direction. While Coles and T.J aren't young guys any more, they still have some left in the tank and they bring experience, which I think could really help Ginn and Greg (I actually think Ginn should be the slot guy and Camarillo should be #2 to (assuming the get a FA in TJ or Coles) to one of those guys).

Haha Bret Favre is retired and the jets have no hope, eben if they pick up warner he comes alone not with Fitzgerald or Boldin. HAHAHA JETS SUCK...

Oh and Penny, Porter, Martin and Adoyele will not be here 2 years from now. Maybe Penny as a backup and Joey if he doesn't drastically drop off like most other players around his age.

Martin was a product of Penny and our lack of WRs this year. Great year but he isn't starting and the equation calls for a younger backup. Haynos showed promise and if they can address TE late in the draft I wouldn't be surprised if David is done.

Adoyele is here until he is replaced by youth.

I understand veteran leadership but the culture they've developed is really impressive. There are still plenty of players on this roster that are vet leaders besides my entire original list.

even* and if they do pick up Ray Lewis, they better add a eliptical machine to the deal to make that fat boy loose some weight.


While I do agree with you that the Dolphins will cut loose some dead weight, I don't think it will be Ricky Williams...He is too valuable to our offense. Today in the NFL, you almost have to have a potent 2 back system to succeed in the running game. Ricky contributed alot to our offense last year, he helps keep ronnie brown fresh, and they love his work ethic...he's not going anywhere...I think players like Reggie Torbor, Jason Allen, Joey Thomas, Charlie Anderson, John Beck, and possibly vonnie holiday might end up hitting the road

jose manuel rod

enjoying my ben and jerry's half baked

I'm back. Can't leave you guys alone. One guy rips me for having less info in one year than a poster. And you guys are all over this Marvin Harrison rumor.

Everybody ... how old is Marvin Harrison? He's 36. How healthy is Marvin Harrison? He's not been very healthy the past two seasons and is declining rapidly. Look up his stats. Is he a No. 1 guy anymore? No. Is he going to agree to a minimum-salary type contract? No. Is he a leader? Quiet as a mouse.

So why would the Miami Dolphins go after a player like this?

It does not make sense to me. But we're checking and chasing anyway.


coles is the only WR i see us maybe picking up and spovo ur dumb

Phins should go after one or more of these guys; specially 1 & 2 below.
1. Chris Canty DE of the Cowboys..... 6'7" 304lbs, solid player or Antonio Smith of the Cards.
2. Coles WR Jets or TJ H.
3. JJ Arington, gives you kick off returning and backup running back.
4. Jason Brown C
5. Jabari Greer from the bills.... good CB.


Have you heard anything about Phillip Buchannon and the Phins?


That is correct. Training camp would also result in withholding if camp is held in a taxable state. The earning model for a player's salary also can not be spread over an entire year if we wanted to get completely honest. In any case, the tax argument is one to consider, but should not be enough to get Brown to consider a lower offer from Miami over Washington.

we shouldve resigned goody.

Jason Brown!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, the Harrison rumor is ridiculous and not true.


u should do a 1st round mock
me a some buddies are going to do a pool and the 1 w/the most right gets the money

By the way, another name that has been floating out there as a Miami possibility is Chris Canty. His agent emailed me this evening basically saying the Dolphins backed away when they realized other teams had much more aggressive stance on the player.


Can you get us the point table used to analyze draft picks?

Also, with Miami in the market for a C and the possibility of not getting Brown growing, what is the likelihood of trading around the draft board to secure Mack or Unger and not with our #1?


What does our cap now look like? Whats your opinion on the Bell, Wilson and Crowder contracts?

Yes, I should do a mock draft and give you guys yet another reason to laugh at me. I'll get right on it.

Cruz, the Dolphins still hope to re-sign Goodman but he obviously is going to test the market first. I've been told he could get $5 million from someone. The Dolphins would never go that high knowing about his shoulder issues like they do.

lol good

Sporvo , Stay away from madden football and fantasy football leagues, it's clouding your judgement, Lol. You want to sign free agents, then replace them the next year when somebody better comes along. One more thing , really joey haynos ? Pleeeeease LOL

NJrich: Just google NFL draft value chart and you'll have what you're looking for.

im gonna start on my mock right now

crowder was a solid signing he is only 25.
Wilson is young and talented
We are also a different team when we have bell on the field.
im not mando and i dont know about the money but im glad they are on the team


Correct me if I'm wrong, but teams aren't supposed to have contact with players until midnight- unless they're street FA's.

So how is it that the Fins are backing away from Canty after realizing other teams had aggressive stances on him?

Maybe I'm naive...

wow goody is gonna pull 5 million, thats crazy

I've heard nothing about phil buchanon. The guys in Tampa want him back because he's a good Cover 2 system player.

The Dolphins don't play a cover 2 and they like their corners to support on the run, which Phillip is also not known for doing.

He's OK, but I believe their are better corners available out there. We'll see what happens.

mando, jeff saturday re-signed with the colts so that 1 less free agent c on the market. That makes teams in need for a center pursue brown even harder . Also i hear den ,gb and kc are going after canty real hard.What about miami pursuing cb's leigh bodden and ronald bartell ( less expensine fa}

i'd love to see #'s 54 and 99 back
i miss those guys :(

What about McFadden then?

Tommya: Every NFL team sent a minimum of 5-10 scouts, coaches, GMs, and others to Indianapolis last week. About 90 percent of the agents that work the NFL were also in town for their meeting.

They were all in Indy's tiny downtown for four or five days. Can you see where conversations were had? Can you see where bases were touched? Can you see where the letter of the NFL tampering policy was pretty much ignored?

Last year the Dolphins, for example, had a contract with Justin Smiley at about 12:27 AM. You think the first time they spoke to Smiley's agent was at 12:01 and in 26 minutes the contract was negotiated, checked, faxed, signed by one party, signed by the other party, and completed with enough time for Smiley to get on the phone with a reporter to confirm he had signed? I have a hard time buying that.

mcfadden would be awesome another FSU player to boost our D but cost too much considering our cap room

nj phin fan: Bodden and Bartell are on Miami's radar. Don't know if anything will get done with them because I have no idea what they're asking ...

As to the center job, I think you should all put Jason Brown out of your mind. I would guess the chances of him coming are about 70-30 against. Just a guess.

LOLOL Mando... I'm naive!

nj fins fan

Who am I suggesting we release? All I've said is Smiley, Starks and Torbor could easily be let go next season. If Smiley gets injured again coupled with development. If Starks tops out and his third year salary isn't worth it compared to youth. Torbor is the same case.

If you think the trifecta didn't envision that scenario last year when signing them, then I don't know what to tell you. These guys are shrewd and they knew players signed last year were filler.

Take a look at the amount of turnover that goes on every year with every team. Parcells said himself there should be 18 new players on this roster come next year.

Hate to break it to you but besides the lines any 29 and over is not a prime candidate to be here very long.

No Tommya, it was a GREAT question. Most folks don't realize who teams get around some of this stuff and EVERYONE seems to do it so it probably will never cease.

By the way, NJ Phin fan, I appreciate you coming on this blog A LOT and thereby supporting me and my wife and the rest of my family. But one of my leases is up soon, so I need more clicks. Click, click, click, refresh, refresh, refresh!

espn or nfl network at 12am?

McFadden is too good a CB to be dismiss him because of costs, especially with what was unofficially reported to blogs ago with Wilson. I think the Dolphins have to consider him, even if it's just a quick minute of thought. Well, maybe more than a minute.

I agree that we arent going to be able to get Jason Brown. Way too many other teams after him and there is good talent in the draft at center. I'm guessing we take one with our first 2nd round pick.


how do u feel about everette brown in the draft i think he would be great to help joey pass rush

Mando , that was the point i was getting to about brown . I"ll be very suprised they sign brown. Unlike some posters i'm a little more realistic.Hence the mention of guys like bodden and bartell.

The Baltimore center is too expensive. There are three stud centers we can choose from in the draft with one of our first three picks. Instant starters.

The centers from Cal, Oregon, and Alabama.

As much as it hurts (Jets), sign Coles.

If we sign the Baltimore kid we'll have to release Vonnie (6-7 mill of cap space).

I hope we dont go after harrison or coles because 1- they both washed up 2- theres better receivers available via trade , draft and free agency 3- fasano had a career year at te and that will decrease his productivity because less looks and 4- bess and camarillo played better than expected and will be better at full strength with ginn.

another receiver will slow tha progress of our young weapons. i say draft a receiver and let him develop with tha guys we got but he has to be tall and fast.

I hope we dont go after harrison or coles because 1- they both washed up 2- theres better receivers available via trade , draft and free agency 3- fasano had a career year at te and that will decrease his productivity because less looks and 4- bess and camarillo played better than expected and will be better at full strength with ginn.

another receiver will slow tha progress of our young weapons. i say draft a receiver and let him develop with tha guys we got but he has to be tall and fast.

Sporvo , alot of the turnover is the bottom of the roster, I wouldn't consider martin ,starks, smiley, torbor the bottom of the roster.

I gotta say I agree with Sprovo. There were guys picked up last year that played their hearts out for us, but they aren't getting any younger and aren't necessarily the ones that are gonna get us where we want. The filler guys are out if they don't perform or get hurt... or for some grow old. Take Vonnie for example. The guy by all accounts has played great, but the truth is his days are numbered and we have younger guys to play.

Isn't Everette Brown going to be gone by 25? Just asking?

Also, ESPN and right here at midnight. NFL Network is apparently not doing a live show at midnight. ESPN is going live.

I thought ESPN wasnt going live until 12:30 est/11:30 Cent.

My directv grid says ESPN has NFL Live at midnight.

I heard that we will target bart scott. that will make us solid at lb.

umm idk if brown will be available at 25 but nfl.com has us getting him and i think there is a good chance he will

but do u think mia would pick him up

I have ONE question what WR CB and OL Do you REALLY think MIAMI might bring in(sign)out of FA. Your opinion?

WOW Bucs are 61 mil under the cap!!!


Have you heard anything about the Fins having interest in Brandon Moore?

mando, maybe the cuban Menace can help you with that lease with all his posts ( even with different names)


Can i just say what a day!!! man its like christmas in February! I think that if we are to continue to acquire FA's we are going to have to start trimming the roster... Who do you think is on the block now? i ask because we are still looking at getting an OLB like Michael Boley, and a couple of CB's like bryant mcfadden, and/or bodden? Let's not forget Cato June is out there now. I think its going to be interesting. I see Holiday, and Anderson and/or Torbor. if we get brown, could Satele be Trade bait. Cuz the Trifecta's high on Thomas? your thoughts? I think we trade up in the draft and go for a DT or an LB. and with the latter of the two in the 2nd with CB or WR.

espn has a countdown... the ravens seem like they r gonna resign both LBs and give up on Brown

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