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Live free agency blog at midnight!

Free agency begins this evening and we're going to celebrate two ways: I'm going to give you some information while also hang out with you starting at midnight for about an hour.

The information I have for you is that the Dolphins are going to be aggressive during this free agency period. A club source tells me they have a couple of guys they like and they're going to bring those guys in starting Friday. So the Dolphins could have their first wave of free agency signing(s) Friday afternoon sometime.

It will be very, very, very interesting to see if soon-to-be-former Baltimore center Jason Brown is one of those guys. Make no mistake, the Dolphins like this guy a lot and have been inquiring about him and doing their due diligence on him.

But part of that due diligence is understanding what the guy is looking for in free agency. And if he is serious about getting $7-$8 million per year, that just might be too rich for the Dolphins to stomach. They can afford it, make no mistake. But it would adversely affect the club salary structure in which the center would be making as much, or more, than the right tackle. That is hard for a team to justify.

Moreover, Brown rexpects to be chased by the free-spending Washington Redskins or the St. Louis Rams who have had no issues in the past with throwing money around. So my free Miami-Dade Public Schools education tells me the Dolphins address the center-right guard position, but they do it with someone else in free agency, someone not quite so expensive.

... And then get another crack at it the spot in the draft, too. Remember Tony Sparano believes you can never have too many linemen.

This is not to suggest Brown doesn't like the idea of playing for the Dolphins.

"Bill Parcells definitely knows football," Brown said in an interview that will appear in Friday's edition of the Carroll County Times. "He's definitely doing the fundamental things it takes to build a winner and you can see that ... You can see how Parcells has turned that thing around."

Brown also likes the idea of moving his family to South Florida for the next five or six years.

"There's lots of beautiful beaches, retirement communities, and it can be pretty laid back," he said. "Me and my wife would fit in with that."

But in the next instant, Brown talks of liking the idea of staying in the Baltimore-D.C. area, too. It is closer to his native North Carolina, so there is a comfort zone there. And again, the Redskins or Rams are likely to bring money quickly -- as early as 12:01 a.m.

I'm not saying the Dolphins won't make a push, but it just looks like they're not the big favorite in this deal.

Anyway, come back for the midnight live blog. If worse comes to worse and nothing happens, we'll just hang out for a bit. You guys don't have anything else to do, right?


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well the bucs just released a big part of thier team

Damn free agency. It's definately going to make me fail my endocrinolgy test!!

Totally worth it!

Still too quiet where is all the activity?

Dolfan585: Bart Scott's agent is still negotiating with the Ravens and they're at around $7 million a year. So that is not happening with Miami. And besides, you got Channing Crowder, brother. Channing Crowder!

JR do you really think a 235 ibs OLB like Cato June would fit a 3-4 defense?????

I love having the FINS as a major Factor again!
Lets now get Brown!

JR, I like Bodden and McFadden. McFadden is going to make a lot of money in free agency.

if only brooks was young again

Whats the word on Miles Austin? Havent heard much lately.

Guys, Jason Brown probably IS NOT coming to Miami. Did you guys not read that in my post?

Is anyone as concerned about NT as I am... here's hoping Brace is around at #3. The kid is huge and could be groomed behind Ferguson.

The Dolphins like the NT out of Michigan. Terrence Taylor is his name.

Mel Kipper is an idiot..

Did anyone happen to see Mel Kiper AGAIN ripping the dolphins for not taking Matt Ryan last year and Brady Quinn two years ago in the hilarious heated battle between him and Todd Mcshay. Somehow he managed to fit it into the argument about who should be this years #1 pick.

you know it is a Jet fan when the insults don't make any sense... I'm curious is it easy to transition a strong safety to a free safety?

Taylor has impressive combine numbers, but may need to bulk up a bit dont you think?

yea i was just watching espn thats why i called him an idiot.
Jeez ill throw out a mock draft and hit the same amount of first rounders. Guru please didnt he love Leaf?

I'm kinda surprised at how Satele has been thrown under the bus and is pretty much being told already he isn't good enough to start on our O-line? Wasn't he promising and one of the better linemen we had a year ago? Was his film this year a dropoff or is he just undersized? and will he Move to guard?


don't worry about wilson he has had a better career at FS than SS

Beerphin, i believe it depends on how good Gibril will be in coverage. A FS is more of a coverage safety. A SS is more involved in run support. Thats how it was in our system last year anyways.

nj phins fan

Like I said, next year, not now, next year. Obviously Smiley, Torbor and Starks aren't getting cut but next year is a whole different story.

Why are all of you worried about the Redskins and Brown? If the difference is not much and he wants to be here there's no reason why it couldn't go down. He is in driving distance of DC so it only makes sense he would visit.

Now if you're Brown's agent and you want the Fins to send over a deal at 12 what do you float to the media? If you're Synder and trying to block him from signing right away what would you link to the media?

If the trifecta has any interest in him I really think its going to be done as fast as Smiley or not at all. They're not going to get into a bidding war over anyone.

Anyone who has concerns over our salary cap should reference the Redskins and their history. If you need room you make room. Their only problem was trading draft picks and signing aging vets. If they stuck to dishing out big bucks to players in their mid to late 20s and continued to draft well they'd be in the position we're on our way to.

I dont think Everette Brown will be there at pick number 25. He is in the discussion to be a top 10 pick (not that he will be a top 10 pick, just that he is in the discussion). Aaron Curry, Brian Orakpo, and E. Brown are considered the top 3 OLB in the draft.
Brown should be gone before the 20th pick.

I haven't checked on Austin lately. Sorry. Restricted guys are not the priority right now.

Im confident bill will get the right guys 4 us once free agency start. manny wont b playin baseball that season cause he just rejected the dodgers offer.

Beerphin: I think the Dolphins will bring in one or two guys that can play center, who they like, and will let them compete with Satele and let the best man win. He's not under the bus. I hope he understands he's not the typical body style and strength Parcells usually likes. So he's got to work to make himself into that or he'll be on the bench.

fake GM,

ur dumb E. Brown is 3rd maybe 4th DE in the draft

CHASE, where as he is light, he is good in coverage. He has position flexibility, something that the trifecta covets. He may not be our every down LB, but he would get his snaps, and i bet he comes thru. not to mention he is now, not as expensive. At 29, he still has some gas, and im sure he wants a ring. if not him then definately Boley. Lot of upside, flashy, quick, good in coverage, and can get in the back field. he still has his best year ahead of him. he played in the tampa two D. he would be successful schematically speaking, he may not be the prototype, but he would be an upgrade over Roth. Roth is a liability in coverage, and although he has upside with the blitz, whose going to play those third downs.

manny ramirez is another idiot hes worse than t.o

I have ONE question what WR CB and OL Do you REALLY think MIAMI might bring in(sign)out of FA. Your opinion?

pennington to coles once again!

Armando the dolphins are 10-12 million under the cap. That is still enough to sign brown. We have to release trade/ torbor or ayedole. With jason brown our offense line will be set for years

9 min.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think about Heyward-Bey after the combine running a 4.3? at 6'2 at #25?

Yeah, but the first time hurt.

i don't like bey he's too inconsistent

give up, brown isn't coming to miami.... it ain't happenin!!!

Miami is not going to go WR in thefirst Rd. I dont care what Drew says!

Mando considering all of the signings that have happened so far how much cap space would you estimate the dolphins now have? Any big free agent signings likely? If so who in your opionion? Thanks

about how much are we under the cap now? how much of that do we need for the draft?

i agree WR in the 1st would be dumb

Mr. J, I think if the Dolphins bring in a receiver, his name will be Coles. I think they'll take care of the WR position in the draft, not free agency. That is just an opinion and not something that I've been told.

CB? Bodden, Jabari Greer and Ron Bartell.

I'll have an OL name after midnight. It won't be Jason Brown.

Tha last mock drafts i saw had us taking tha receiver from maryland or tha lb from ohio state.

Miles Austin was tendered with a 2nd rd restriction.

I think the Fins need to sign Coles or Harrison to be a mentor to Ginn and the rest of the wr core. Teaching them film study will pay more dividends than anything than they produce on the field. Crowder has exceeded predraft expectations at the LB position and I think that a lot of that has to do with the mentoring in the film room from Zach and Seau.

As for the draft we should be concentrating on CBs, LBs and adding more depth the lines.

Also Mando is there any truth to the rumour of the Trifecta extending R Browns contract to create more cap space?

BJ: Why would the Dolphins need to sign Marvin Harrison? Come on man!

As reported here earlier, that rumor is not true.

The extension of Ronnie Brown'scontract to create cap space is interesting. How much is he costing us now with his tip toeing in the backfield?

Hey So what you got Mando

Guys, I will attempt tomorrow -- during business hours -- to check out Miami's cap number. As you know, it has changed four times the past 36 hours so any number ANYBODY gives you is a guess. I'll try to get you the actual number after the contracts signed recently are reported.

I do know this: The Dolphins have plenty of money to do all the business they want. They probably won't come close to spending to the cap.

Food for thought. Surtain and Madison are both FAs, Zach is a FA, Jason Taylor gets cut by Washington and the Trifecta pads the D with Wake adn Wilson and in a surprise move the Phins trade Beck and Wilford to
Chicago for Adewale Ogunleye and a conditional 5th.....boy you could hear the pucker factor take effect from Gillette Stadium over the hum anbd whiring of the viedo cameras......interstng!!!!! very Interestin........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

who else could we possibly get at center in free agency? what about we bring in jeff saturday and then draft a center in the draft. hmm i dunno lol

I don't care how dumb this sounds but with the FA's we picked up if we were to draft 2 wr's in our first day I'd be happy I actually agree with Drew and I see the phins getting the best WR 25 on the board if guys like brown and cushing are off the board. this year is deep for WR I'm hoping personnally we take ramses barden and atleast one more WR

lets do this fins!

panama phinsfan,

u in panama city FL?

I have a hangnail on my left hand and I'm kind of sore after my kenpo class earlier tonight. It'll be interesting.

John Clayton has just reported that BArt Scott has hit free agency. Very interesting.

Imagine that...PFT crashed again. The site can't stay up.

its game time... btw harrison to miami wont work, plus all th Ginn haters would have a less productive Ginn on their hands because he is not the same receiver as he was 5 years ago


Im not saying its true or not. IMO I think signing one of those 2 WRS would be of great benefit to the rest of the core in teaching them the proper way to prepare. Id rather have Coles over Harrison for the simple fact of the relationship with CPenn. Knowledge only enhances skill. Between Penne and COles they could provide the WR core with the tools that can only help them improve

John Clayton: Bart Scott, Ray Lewis and Matt Birk have entered free agency.

Armando, you said you would have a name for the O line. Any official signing, or jus new interest in a new guy?

get brown noW HAHAHA plz plz plz bill parcells

It's midnight put up or shut up with the news ! Is this a news site or not ?

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