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Live free agency blog at midnight!

Free agency begins this evening and we're going to celebrate two ways: I'm going to give you some information while also hang out with you starting at midnight for about an hour.

The information I have for you is that the Dolphins are going to be aggressive during this free agency period. A club source tells me they have a couple of guys they like and they're going to bring those guys in starting Friday. So the Dolphins could have their first wave of free agency signing(s) Friday afternoon sometime.

It will be very, very, very interesting to see if soon-to-be-former Baltimore center Jason Brown is one of those guys. Make no mistake, the Dolphins like this guy a lot and have been inquiring about him and doing their due diligence on him.

But part of that due diligence is understanding what the guy is looking for in free agency. And if he is serious about getting $7-$8 million per year, that just might be too rich for the Dolphins to stomach. They can afford it, make no mistake. But it would adversely affect the club salary structure in which the center would be making as much, or more, than the right tackle. That is hard for a team to justify.

Moreover, Brown rexpects to be chased by the free-spending Washington Redskins or the St. Louis Rams who have had no issues in the past with throwing money around. So my free Miami-Dade Public Schools education tells me the Dolphins address the center-right guard position, but they do it with someone else in free agency, someone not quite so expensive.

... And then get another crack at it the spot in the draft, too. Remember Tony Sparano believes you can never have too many linemen.

This is not to suggest Brown doesn't like the idea of playing for the Dolphins.

"Bill Parcells definitely knows football," Brown said in an interview that will appear in Friday's edition of the Carroll County Times. "He's definitely doing the fundamental things it takes to build a winner and you can see that ... You can see how Parcells has turned that thing around."

Brown also likes the idea of moving his family to South Florida for the next five or six years.

"There's lots of beautiful beaches, retirement communities, and it can be pretty laid back," he said. "Me and my wife would fit in with that."

But in the next instant, Brown talks of liking the idea of staying in the Baltimore-D.C. area, too. It is closer to his native North Carolina, so there is a comfort zone there. And again, the Redskins or Rams are likely to bring money quickly -- as early as 12:01 a.m.

I'm not saying the Dolphins won't make a push, but it just looks like they're not the big favorite in this deal.

Anyway, come back for the midnight live blog. If worse comes to worse and nothing happens, we'll just hang out for a bit. You guys don't have anything else to do, right?


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Armando, Im reading "STRONG RUMORS" that Marvin Harrison is coming down to miami... You got anything to add to that?


Who's the OL you were talking about earlier? Any breaking news?

mando a friend pitched the idea of Hall to the phins.. your thoughts?

I would love Jabari Greer. He is a baller

Damn the PATS!!!!!

Why does everyone keep sying the Phins will target an OLB? Don't you think we nee help at ILB even more?

yeah dan, he's coming down here to open an antique gun shop...

A la Malkovich in Rounders, I say about Brown: "Pay the Man his Money!" Must sign him tomorrow.

I think Canty is my fav FA that is most likely to land here

i hate the patriots

what do we think about DJ Moore from Vandy? Shutdown, speedy corner


A bunch of guys need to go Beck, Moses, Rodrique Wright, Jason Allen ( Official Bust) and Ernest wIlford. I cannot see Miami carrying him next season.

snowing in Tokyo, at work, what a better way to spend the work day.

Armando, Im reading "STRONG RUMORS" that Marvin Harrison is coming down to miami... You got anything to add to that?

mando, do you have your cafe con leche????

snowing in Tokyo, at work. Nice to be up in the day for free agency

The Jets cut Brandon Moore, Chris Baker (hes better than Keller who cant block) and L. Coles, and they dont have a QB.
Looks like that Jet offense is setting up nicely for next year :)

here ye here ye here ye
the lastest NEWS from ESPN.com
" the Redskins will attempt to sign free-agent guard Derrick Dockery, who was unexpectedly released by the Bills on Thursday

DJ Moore didnt put up a speedy number. I heard he ran like in the 4.5s in the combine

is the big tuna still awake?

give up harrison!!!!!! hes not going to miami!!!!!!!!!!

Hall opens free agency by signing with Redskins

Posted: February 27th, 2009 | Adam Schefter | Tags: DeAngelo Hall, Washington Redskins

As the clock struck midnight, CB DeAngelo Hall struck it rich.

Hall reached an agreement with the Redskins on a six-year, $54 million deal that includes $22.5 million guaranteed and $30 million in the first three seasons.

Robert, I read somewhere that cutting Wilford will hurt the cap space more than keeping him. Is this true Mando?

Armando, Im reading "STRONG RUMORS" that Marvin Harrison is coming down to miami... You got anything to add to that?

Armando was abducted by Parcells, LoL. Parcells wouldnt want him leaking news.


Hall signs with Skins

dude when are you gonna do a mock draft!!!!!!!!!! lets see what you think!!! im dieing to see wat you got man

This is what i think...

OL C Brown*****

CB Bills Jabar Greer (Might be expensive) or
CB Bucs P Buchanon (Might be expensive)or
*CB Falcons Dominique Foxworth (Might be affortable) or

*CB Pitts B McFadden (Might be affortable)

WR Jets L Coles** or
WR Balt. M Clayton or
WR Saint D Henderson or
WR Atlanta M Jenkins**

Forget Harrison and forget Coles. Two small aging receivers. Phins need size at the WR position. Draft is loaded with receivers this year.

Guys, read the past posts. No on Harrison.

By the way, I'm juggling email and text messages with agents so excuse me if I'm in and out.

deangelo hall was resigned by redskins for 54 mil 6 yr contract! that is good for the fins! better chance of getting brown! wooooot!!!

here ye here ye here ye this just in at at 12:20 ESPN.com John clayton
I just talked to someone in the Redskins organization who said nothing's close to happening -- in the first 12 minutes of free agency! Last year, the Dolphins waited at least 30 minutes to sign the first player of free agency. I think teams want to wait at least an hour so the tampering that goes on (shhhhh!) won't be so obvious.

An NFL Live free agency special begins in three minutes if you're interested.

florio, omar kelly and chris mortenson talking about harrison rumor...

ok there goes the thought of hall to fins lol

As the clock struck midnight, CB DeAngelo Hall struck it rich.

Hall reached an agreement with the Redskins on a six-year, $54 million deal that includes $22.5 million guaranteed and $30 million in the first three seasons.

Forget Harrison or Coles. Draft Brian Robiskie. The guy is more polished than any receiver on our roster.

Chris Canty's agent told me earlier tonight Canty probably isn't coming here.

Redskins cannot touch Brown now.

why would you release moses and wright? ross would save more money by cutting back on team snacks

The Ravens have reportedly offered free agent Ray Lewis a three-year, $24 million contract with $17 million guaranteed. Guess Scott is odd man out.

Armando, what about Miami playing it safe and getting the best Guard in the draft by taking Duke Robinson from OK? Putting Robinson at LG next to Long would be almost unfair on 3rd and 1. Smiley is injury prone and also 305 lbs. Him and Satele would make fine back-ups, but a 330 lb guard with quick feet an a nasty streak sounds awefully food and he will be there at 25 more than likely...What do you think? It would be cheaper than dolling out the big dollars for Brown and then they could target a C in round 2...

coles contract was restructured allowing him to be a free agent

hall has agreed to terms with redskins

when are you gonna do a mock draft mr.im a good bloger?

where do you rank Goodman out of all those CBs you named, Armando?

Thanks for the Canty update, Armando. Kind of dissapointed to see he won't be here, but great wrok Armando!

Harrison cant play anymore and hes 36, and hes not a good guy at all. Y would you bring him in. He cant play and hes not a good guy.

Dont want Canty. Mando get on the phone with Browns agent...

deangalo hall just signed with the redskins for a 54 mil 6 yr contract!! thats means fins have a better chance of getting brown!! woooot!!

If the Redskins did just ink up Hall, and with their cap space at 8 mil, how could they sign any of these free agents being liked to them?

De'Angelo Hall returns to the Redskins. Signs a six-year deal worth $54 million.

The Redskins waste money on overpriced free agents every year and never learn their lesson. Hopefully the $ they gave to D. Hall means they will not go after J. Brown

First off tha board is deangelo hall wit washington wit a 6 year contract

The Redskins have no idea what they are doing

if brown doesnt go to Miami he stays a Raven.

Mando read your blog , 5 other people already reported on Hall, is anything going on with that OL or not ??

Mando, who's this o-lineman you mentioned to keep an eye on that wasn't brown?

dude u seriously need to put up a mock draft!!! seriously wat kind of blogger are you man?

Vikings just gave up M. Birk. Why is it not possible that they sign Brown?

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