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Live free agency blog at midnight!

Free agency begins this evening and we're going to celebrate two ways: I'm going to give you some information while also hang out with you starting at midnight for about an hour.

The information I have for you is that the Dolphins are going to be aggressive during this free agency period. A club source tells me they have a couple of guys they like and they're going to bring those guys in starting Friday. So the Dolphins could have their first wave of free agency signing(s) Friday afternoon sometime.

It will be very, very, very interesting to see if soon-to-be-former Baltimore center Jason Brown is one of those guys. Make no mistake, the Dolphins like this guy a lot and have been inquiring about him and doing their due diligence on him.

But part of that due diligence is understanding what the guy is looking for in free agency. And if he is serious about getting $7-$8 million per year, that just might be too rich for the Dolphins to stomach. They can afford it, make no mistake. But it would adversely affect the club salary structure in which the center would be making as much, or more, than the right tackle. That is hard for a team to justify.

Moreover, Brown rexpects to be chased by the free-spending Washington Redskins or the St. Louis Rams who have had no issues in the past with throwing money around. So my free Miami-Dade Public Schools education tells me the Dolphins address the center-right guard position, but they do it with someone else in free agency, someone not quite so expensive.

... And then get another crack at it the spot in the draft, too. Remember Tony Sparano believes you can never have too many linemen.

This is not to suggest Brown doesn't like the idea of playing for the Dolphins.

"Bill Parcells definitely knows football," Brown said in an interview that will appear in Friday's edition of the Carroll County Times. "He's definitely doing the fundamental things it takes to build a winner and you can see that ... You can see how Parcells has turned that thing around."

Brown also likes the idea of moving his family to South Florida for the next five or six years.

"There's lots of beautiful beaches, retirement communities, and it can be pretty laid back," he said. "Me and my wife would fit in with that."

But in the next instant, Brown talks of liking the idea of staying in the Baltimore-D.C. area, too. It is closer to his native North Carolina, so there is a comfort zone there. And again, the Redskins or Rams are likely to bring money quickly -- as early as 12:01 a.m.

I'm not saying the Dolphins won't make a push, but it just looks like they're not the big favorite in this deal.

Anyway, come back for the midnight live blog. If worse comes to worse and nothing happens, we'll just hang out for a bit. You guys don't have anything else to do, right?


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Hope harrison rumors are not true...not interested in him!

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

Im just playing, just exectin a little more firworks here than a FA visit from Joe Berger, but Armondo is just reporting like we all are....

how about tank johnson?

it seems like all the negative posts are just one lame retard posting with other names to stir things up. its just stupid. Nice work Mando

Report: Jason Brown & Bart Scott to visit the Rams...

mr Mando,

It's 1:02 PM & I've learned we won't get Canty, Brown, Coles or any other worthy FA.... I know u just report, but Berger!!!!!!! C'mon man!! Give me something good so I can go 2 sleep!! If u make it up it's all good, just apologize tomorrow..


Jets are now negotiating with Bart Scott.


Fred Taylor to the pats??? UHOH Don't like that!

Miami Dolphins
He was picked up by the Dolphins before the start of the 2005 NFL season, and played in three games. A sprained right foot suffered in training camp kept him inactive during the 2006 season, and he was eventually waived.

brown a dolfin yet?

is there any stategy in a player visiting one city over an other first? Is there an advantage being visited first.....or last?
Mike W

Jason Brown to visit St. Louis first
Friday, February 27, 2009
Posted By Albert Breer 12:58 AM
Free agent center/guard Jason Brown will kick off his free-agent tour on Friday with a visit with the St. Louis Rams.

Brown -- considered by some to be the best lineman on the market -- is likely to command a big, multiyear deal and the Rams are expected to make a major offer.

Brown, who turns 26 in June, started in 2006 and 2007 as a guard for the Ravens, before moving to center to replace Mike Flynn in 2008.

so there goes that tommorow we find out whats up...goodnite....and keep up the good work mando



Scott and the Rams are also talking and Scott's agents have set up a visit to St. Louis. But Jets trying to get ahead of Rams.

Jason Brown also going to St. Louis on a visit.

Fins are offly quite this year


What direction do you think the phins go with their first couple of picks in the draft?

Geoff Hangartner is going to visit the Bills

i new the jets would go after scot and i bet hes gonna suck. Playing with Lweis is very different than playing with gholston

goodman next to sign?

Jason Brown's agent has not heard from the Dolphins.

Ravens | B. Scott turned down five-year offer
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 22:03:48 -0800

Rick Serritella, of NFLDraftBible.com, reports the Baltimore Ravens offered impending free-agent LB Bart Scott a five-year contract, but he has turned the offer down and plans to speak with several teams Friday, Feb. 27.

god plz let brown say screw the rams. they suck balls hahaha

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

comeon fins! sign at least one person big or small! i just want a sign right now lol. whats with all these gay visits to different teams. john clayton just said on espn a whole bunch of names waiting for visits =[

Mr Mando,

Y do u ignore me?? Do u hate me??

Mando, is this Berger thing for depth only, or do they view him as possibly challenging Satele?

Albert Haynesworth is negotiating a $15m p/y deal with 6 teams... Is Miami one of them????

armando, are we close to signing anyone at this point??

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.



Dolphins | Might show interest in L. Coles
Thu, 26 Feb 2009 22:08:16 -0800

Rick Serritella, of NFLDraftBible.com, reports the Miami Dolphins might show serious interest in free-agent WR Laveranues Coles (Jets) during the initial days of free agency.

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

If we dont sign Birk or Brown Miami most be in love with a rookie C.

Mando any idea or scoop on what CB or WR are the Fins interested....? Thanks.

Houshmadezadeh didnt mention us as his top 3 picks but i was told we may b interested n him and we may still l pursue bart scott also

Have you heard about any FA DB's we might be interested in?

Dolphins moving on L.Coles

ESPN just reported Albert Haynesworth is negotiating with 6 different teams.. Are the Fins one of them? Any news, Mando?

PTF has reported J. Brown is going to visit St. Louis...


Along with Bart Scott

I can at least go to bed tonight dreaming of Joe Berger!! lol

We did it guys!!!

Trent Dilfer is a lil Biatch

mando its been a hour are nyou still here?

Trust me Jason Brown will not sign with the lowly Rams.
It's a move by his agent to drive up the offers by Miami, Washington, and Balt. He wants to play on one of those 3 teams, with Balt. and Miami as his top choices.

I think he chooses Miami, he's kinda peeved with Balt. not showing a bigger commitment....IMO

As for Miami not calling his agent yet is a poker move as well. Browns agent already knows Miami's opening offer I'm sure.

haha they dissed the redskins for signing hall

ESPN report just now among early FA winners lest hope we keep it up C BROWN in MIAMI NOWWWW

Interesting news on Brown, thanks Mando.

Can you find out if we are interested in Haynesworth

Do you guys read the posts? Why are some still asking where Jason Brown is going? Why you asking if he's coming here?

And no, no, no, no, no, the Dolphins are not one of the teams calling on Haynesworth yet. And if they haven't done it so far ....

ESPN report just now MIAMI among early FA winners lest hope we keep it up C BROWN in MIAMI NOWWWW

well if they get signed by them at least we dont have to worry about them going to the Jets. I cant stand them!

ESPN report just now MIAMI among early FA winners lest hope we keep it up C BROWN in MIAMI NOWWWW

ESPN report just now MIAMI among early FA winners lest hope we keep it up C BROWN in MIAMI NOWWWW

Why on Earth would we be going after Hanesworth. We run a 3-4. He is also asking for absurd amounts of money. If we know anything about the Dolphins is that they are not going to break the bank on one player.

where do you guys think we rank in the NFL when it comes to safety combos??? i'm thinking we just moved way up towards the top.

does anybody else think Micheal clayton looks like a wierd little bird

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