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Live Super Bowl blog AND live chat

Unfortunately the Dolphins are not in Super Bowl XLIII. Maybe next year.

But tonight Dolphins nations will gather here for a live game blog to discuss the game between Arizona and Pittsburgh, to compare these two teams to OUR team, and to generally discuss the state of the Dolphins as we watch the state of the Steelers and Cardinals.

What a great idea, eh?

Anything to drive traffic.

I'll be on here an hour or so before the 6:28 p.m. kickoff.

So you're not only getting a live game blog, you're getting a live chat of sorts in the pregame. What a bargain!

See you in the comments section.


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Hey Mando, I'm in your comments section. Can you see me?

Mando, I can't see you, can you see me yet??? Oh and by the way, I am first, and second.

hey, jeb4prez you are a collossal loser.what's a matter ,no super party to go to,because you have no friends.?

Hey idiot, leave Jeb be. Not everyone has a gay orgy planned like you do.

hey finfan,lets see your the one sticking up for your boyfriend jeb,so who has the gay orgy gong on ,lol. what a idiot.by the way who's gayer you or your husband jeblol

Considering that the Steelers always beat up the Dolphins when we play each other, I am rooting for Arizona.
Don't feel too good about the Cardinals chances though.
I hate the Steelers! Hate, hate, hate, hate....................................

Yup, that 3-0 win by Pitt in 2007 was a real butt whooping ! NOT !

Hey, "what a idiot", shouldn't proper grammar, state "what AN idiot", instead of how you keep posting your name??? But what the heck, I'm not a hater, have a great Super Bowl party.

I am also rooting for Arizona and Kurt Warner.

I hope the underdogs pull it off, but nothing could beat last year's win by the Giant's....what an incredible game!

I don't think I will ever forget the feeling of seeing the Pats go down in such a huge defeat, after having such an incredibly arrogent ride throught their cheating season.

Next year, I hope the Tuna and the Fins pull it off.

Hey jeb ,you have to admit your opening 2 posts deserved the "what AN idiot" response.Thank you i will enjoy the super bowl party,as matter of fact i'm out the door.I'am also rooting for arizona in the upset and i also hope tuna and the fins pull it off next year in MIAMI!!

What an idiot sounds like a lil man with anger issues...i wonnder could it beeeeee could it beeee?????????? pitt 24 ariz.10

I'm here. I see you guys are having a very deep football discussion.

There are rampant rumors Arizona offensive coordinator Todd Haley has all but locked up the Kansas City head coach job.

If that happens, the Bill Parcells head coach tree takes another root.

Bill Belichick in NE
Sean Payton in NO
Tom Coughlin in NY
Sparano in MIA

I don't know if I would include Mangini in Cleveland or not. Would you?


Why is Jake Long going to play in the Pro Bowl? Didnt he finish the year with a severly sprained ankle? Or has that healed already? Thanks

Hey Armando, President Obama is being interviewed on the pregame show right now. Here's your chance for your bigoted, biased rants against him. Let loose and onward Christian soldier

Go Cards, it is typical of liberals to demand rights for everyone, but when someone doesn't agree with them, they call those people bigoted or divisive and try to quash the debate. That's a tired playbook buddy. Try something else.


Why is Jake Long playing in the Pro Bowl? Didnt he finish the year with a severly sprained ankle? Or is that healed already?

Fake GM, Jake Long sprained his ankle Nov. 23 against the Patriots. He didn't miss any time. That was over two months ago. His ankle isn't sprained now.

Thanks Armando

Armando, Dolphin off-season question: Is there 1 free agent or area of need that you're hearing Parcells/Ireland/Sparano will be focused on that you're hearing from your sources? Or just what has been reported and speculated so far? Is it 2009 kickoff weekend yet?

Grande: Unfortunately, 2009 is veeeeery far away. I'm not going to hear any name or names until the days just prior to the FA. That's when people start to talk.

Everything you hear before then will be sheer speculation. Some people will tell you they've heard or been told things now, but that is simply speculation. NOBODY in the Miami organization is saying anything now.

For a reporter, how much more difficult has it been to get stuff from team sources with Parcells & Co. compared to Cam-Cam/Mueller, Saban, Wanny/Spielman, etc? So many of the south Florida Fins writers comment on how tough it is to get anything from them.


From your impressions of Stephen Ross, do you think he will spend up to the cap if his front office thinks it's important to do so in a given year? Do you think he understands spending up to the cap is important to be competitive?

Fake GM: I asked Ross about spending to the cap and his answer was if Parcells tells him that is the thing to do, he's prepared to do that. But he also said he didn't believe Parcells thinks throwing money at problems is always the thing to do.

The Dolphins are scheduled to be approximately $24 million under the cap at the start of the league year in a few weeks. That's plenty of room to do business. I assume they'll add free agents. I don't think they'll spend a TON of money, however.

Grande: It truly is harder. It is not impossible.

Give us an idea where you are sitting, from the TV viewers perspective
Mike W

Where are you sitting, from the TV viewers perspective?
Mike W

Mike W: I am on the goal line at the Steelers end zone. Faith Hill now on stage folks.

By the way, folks, the most moving thing about this Super Bowl week, in my opinion, has been Adrian Wilson remembering Pat Tillman and his sacrifice for this country.

We throw the word "hero" around a lot in sports. This guy is truly a hero.

Are you ready some football? The Super Bowl! I just hope it's a good game. Blowouts suck!

Go ahead dorks, start your BS. LOL

On the field or up in the stands? If up in the stand how high?
Mike W

Mike W: I'm in the suite level. Perfect height.

I don't know how many folks are going to hang here with me, but we'll do it same as we do Dolphins blogs. We'll comment here for the first quarter, then I'll put up a new post at the start of each quarter and we'll move to the comments section there.

For the record, guys, I'm rooting for the Cards. they have more UM guys.

Feel free to share with me your favorite Super Bowl commercial guys.

Last year my favorite was the baby barfing while using the blackberry to get on E-trade or whatever. Pretty funny stuff.

FYI. The post are taking almost 5 minutes to post.
Question: Would you have taken the ball or deferred?
What are the % the team taking the opening kick off winning?
Mike W.

Actually, I think the posts will come faster now. I was away from the keyboard.

I would have done exactly what the Cards did. I think the Cards need to establish themselves as being able to stop Pitt.

Of course, that assumes they can stop the Steelers. A bootleg pass for 38 yards is not the way to do that.

Mando, Dansby would like good in a Miami uniform. He's a FA, right? And he loves Parcells.

Blitz and Roethlisberger burns it with a 21-yard completion to Miller. You guys remember Miller from that game against Pitt a couple of years ago, when he outran Zach Thomas on like a 60-yard completion?

Joel: Dansby is a FA. He's good, but I'm thinking he's going to be expensive. The Cards are also making him their priority to re-sign.

So much for your theory of establishing control of the Steelers.
From here it looks like a score. Whats your call?
Mike W

game over!! let the beer flow.

Game not over! Arizona lives!

That was a great challenge by Whisenhunt.

If continues to amaze me that Whisenhunt and Tomlin were on Miami's interview list in 2007 and hired Cameron. Some things that just make you go hmmmm.

Now the game begins!

By the way, Sendlein is the son of former Dolphins linebacker Robin Sendlein, whose claim to fame was being traded to the Dolphins for Anthony Carter. Terrible trade.

Ridiculous that Polamalu is on the sideline getting new contacts and the Cards are running.

that is not only makeup speed, that is makeup, perfume and hair spray speed.

Would you go after Baltimores Scott and their center?
I think Lewis will walk or sign with someone else if he can't get the money he wants. He has commented "Its business, NO home town discounts!"
Mike W

Hey, that was Willie Parker running the Wildcat play. Dolphins offense in the house!

The Cardinals are no where in the league of the Steelers.
Mike W

I love Scott but I would rather have Terrell Suggs if you're giving me the choice of Baltimore LBs.


did you see there wild cat. looked like crap. ronnie is so underrated in that formation.

like i said,game over,blowout,let the beer flow.

so now that this game is over lets talk dolphins.

You asked about Super Bowl Commercials? Go-daddy.com is the winner.
You GOTTA see this years Go-Daddy.com commerical, you can see it at their website, it has Danica Patrick in the shower... nice
Mike W

It's a ball game folks!

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