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Long injures right ankle in Pro Bowl

Jake Long tweaked his right ankle during the fourth quarter of the Pro Bowl Sunday, no doubt sending a chill through Dolphins fans watching the game.

The seriousness of the injury remains unclear for now.

Long left the game when the injury occurred with less than three minutes to play. Long, in his first Pro Bowl after a successful rookie season, was playing at right tackle at the time as that is the position he manned the entire game for the AFC.

The injury happened when NFC rusher DeMarcus Ware rolled onto the side of Long's right ankle as Long was engaged with another player. Long remained on the turf in obvious pain or several minutes.

Long injured the same right ankle in the November loss to the New England Patriots but missed no playing time during the season.

The NFC beat the AFC, 30-21.


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Mando keep us posted on the injury!

yes i saw his ankle getting tweaked. Is it the same ankle he injured in the season? But theres alot of time for him to recover if he needs surgery. So we shouldn't worry that much


He returned for the kneel down at the end of the game.

My brother pointed this out. Hopefully he'll be okay. Keep us updated, Armando!

Nice counting there, Bob !

justin tuck ur an asshole..

I hate the Pro Bowl.

Players have a certain numbers of snaps in them for a pro career; why give them away in a game that is meaningless?

They should make this game a flag football contest. Or make them compete in something like the old ABC Superstars competition. Anything but another game of violent contact.

why the f*#k was he in there with only three minutes to play?!?! they didn't have someone else to play third string right tackle?!? he better keep his big a$$ of that ankle until training camp.

I pulled a groin muscle in the game, but it wasn't mine.

What is the point of the Pro Bowl? Does anyone even watch? Does anyone care who wins? I know the players don't. I'm sure Hawaii gets some coin from the event, but I think they should just scrap the whole thing.

"There's plenty of time for him to recover if he needs surgery".Geez ,can we find out what happened to him first before you have him in operating room.The man did come back onto the field slow down dan.

Hey fin fans,just in case you care , did i mention to check out the hakim nicks highlights on you tube, lol.

How he remained on the turf for several minutes is a complete lie unless he came off the field first because when they came back from a short commercial break the NFC offense was on the field.

I did see the play and I was afraid it was a knee injury. I am glad it is not a knee. I hope it is not serious but it scared the heck out of me....

My gosh robert hoffman, you really throw that word lie around very easily. In my neighborhood, you call a man a liar, you better be ready to defend that opinion.

Armando obviously blogged the game. And most tv commercial breaks go two or three minutes anyway. So I don't understand why you would call the guy a liar.

Meanwhile, I think you're a retard, which isn't as bad as a liar, but definitely isn't a compliment. And I can back up those words, in case you're wondering.

I saw the play, but the announcers didn't say a word about it, so I thought he was fine. The guy who came in to replace Jake on that last drive sucked. They probably would have won if Jake didn't get hurt.

WOW....there are Dolfans on here taking shots at each other. Just chill out and be happy there were three dolphins in the Pro Bowl this year.

Jake Long will be fine...

The Pro Bowl sucks. When will they end this useless joke of an "all star" game. Send the players to Hawaii, give them as five-star package including a front row seat at the Don Ho Show, and call it good.

The game means nothing, and is just an unnecessary injury risk.

I refuse to watch, and football fans should boycott it just so the networks lose interest and cancel it!

Has anyone ever wondered why some players have bigger cup sizes than others?

Intrigued Dolphin Fan, I always think about that. Always. I don't know if it is jealousy or just desire. But thanks for bringing it up.

the nfl should do away with their all-star game. add a game somewhere else for revenue.

They should cancel the game and let them do a NFC,AFC Spelling Bee contest in Honolulu.

I would wet my pants it would be so funny.

To late I just did :)


The first question of the spelling bee would be for you, SoiledBottom.

How do you spell "too," as in, I was "too" late? Oh, sorry, you got it wrong.

Pro Bowl is ultra LAME.

Every time I switched over to it, they were interviewing some free agent, asking him what their plans where and silently wishing that the free agent would SPECIFICALLY say where they want to play next year and SPECIFICALLY say exactly how much they deserve to be paid, etc.

We do need to recognize these guys at years end, but playing in a silly all-star game that is a bore to watch is not what I want to see. Just name ONE "ALL-PRO" team at the end of the season and be done with it.

Welcome to what is now the "NFL doldrums" for the next 5-6 months.

>In my neighborhood, you call a man a liar.
Meanwhile, I think you're a retard,

Well, You're just a poopoo head.

I hate the pro bowl; god help me, I hate it so!

Renee Rodrigues is mando's flavor of the week.

How does one respond to being called a flavor of the week? I don't even know what that means. So let me put it this way: Charlie blow it out your ass.


Jake's quote from the Dolphin's website:

"...I got my ankle rolled up, but it is nothing. I feel fine."

I'll take his word for it.

I did noy see the gane but I heard about it this afternoonn,As long as he will be able to give Pennington the protection next season I am not concerned about it

no one watches the pro bowl anyways...

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