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Jake Long on ankle injury: "I feel fine"

Jake Long dismissed worries he re-injured his right ankle during the final minutes of Sunday's Pro Bowl by saying, the injury is, "nothing," and adding, "I feel fine," in his postcard from Hawaii on the Dolphins website.

Long suffered the injury when Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware rolled into his right ankle as Long was blocking another player. Long had injured the same ankle in a November loss to New England.

Time to breathe deep now. It's OK.

Long played well in this, his first Pro Bowl. He played exclusively at right tackle although he spent his entire rookie season as the left tackle anchor of the Miami offensive line. Long did not yield a sack during the game while both Michael Roos and Joe Thomas of the AFC gave up sacks.



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First!!! Whew, glad i can finally exhale.

Actually, didn't Long give up the 'sack' on Ronnie Brown?

Well Al Michaels called it a sack, but that one should have gone down as a run.

I'm really starting to hate sports journalist!! They take everything out of context. Its amazing u would write a article that says he injured his ankle without an official statment. No words of suggestion like "might, maybe or seemed." Its like writing a story, to get an official statement from the athlete. Yes lets put rumors out there to get the athlete to speak about what happened. Why not!! Then after he dismisses the "injury" in a statement, Armondo goes on to say in the next paragraph the "Long suffered the the injury...." You guys are so full of it, when will you stop. Anything for a story!!!! ANYTHING!!!

Is there any way we could trade for Joe Thomas? He and Long would be great bookends. I'd be willing to give Cleveland one of our second round picks and a player (maybe Wilford or Ndueke?).

I have nothing interesting or insightful to say, but I love to hear myself talk and type so I'm going to do just that on this blog. I wish I had a life or a job, but lacking either, I'm simply going to troll Dolphins blogs and talk crap.

Can someone please explain Rayfa's rant to me? I missed something.

Jake Long looked great yesterday, he definately showed he belonged out there. I do have one big question about yesterday's game. I wonder how much conversation took place between Cam Cameron and Joey Porter? ;)

Rayfa - are you kidding me?

If the guy is blogging from the game, LIVE, and sees Long being helped off the field limping on an ankle he previously hurt, why wouldn't he mention it?

Did I mention he was blogging LIVE when it happened and was only reporting what he saw?

Any more genius comments Mr. Wizard?


That's just typical Armando fanning the flames of like any good rumor-monger should. Also, he's a freakin' Dolphins hater. I'm surprised they even let him in the locker room.

Dat roro: I love the Dolphins. The only person with hate issues is you. I'm surprised I even let you on this blog.


No you don't. You hate the Dolphins. Admit it. Your tired of people asking you about them and that's why we're privy to this often-shoddy work. I, on the other hand, feel no hate in my heart. All I have is love. Sweet love.

You let me on because Freedom of Speech is one of the founding credos of our great Nation and even the most smug, despotic and authoritarian of sportswriters must subscribe to that ethos in order to maintain the slightest bit of consistency. Though, given your rather extreme political leanings, I tend to think you'd jettison even that - if you could.

Dat: I'm happy to see you are such a Salguerophobe that you know my heart, know my political views and know what I will do and how I will act in most circumstances.

To prove to you that, in fact, you know NOTHING, let me show you: You posted yet another comment at 4:18 after you posted one at 4:17. You say I let you on here despite my despotic whatever whatever BS BS BS you wrote. I can erase you at a whim. And so I did with your 4:18 post. The only reason I kept your previous ones was to toy with you.

And when you come on here to post again, and you will, I might delete that one also if it doesn't address Dolphins issues. So now what does your crystal ball say I'll do?

Too bad he gave up sacks during the regular season

Miami is interested in bringing back Sam Madison that was just cut by the Giants.
This is to address Goodman being left to test free agency


Can we trade for Joe Thomas, Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, Demarcus Ware, James Harrison, Albert Haynesworth, Steve Smith, Adrian Peterson and Devin Hester????

Hey dat roro kid, don't read the blog if you don't like it.Now get f'n lost.Don't go away mad,just go away ,you condescending little prick!!!

I agree the trade for Joe Thomas remark was pretty idiotic. The guy was only the number three pick in the draft two years ago who made the Pro Bowl in his first two seasons. That should make it easy for us to grab him with a second round pick and either a turd we don't want or a fullback.

Big scoot,that joe thomas trade was somebody cracking on mr bungle .they weren't serious,geez. get a clue.

Rayfa, you are an idiot, if you saw what happened and how he was down on the field, you would be concerned. Armando was just updating what those of us with our heads out our rears saw. Go choke yourself.

Lets trade Pennington for Peyton Manning. Id be willing to give up Pennington and maybe a 7th rounder and possibly one of our practice squad guys only if Manning was willing to take a paycut in order to come play for our team just busting at the seams with pro bowlers. Indy could use a guy like Pennington and an extra late round pick, makes sense. I mean we are so close, just one player away, and we will probably draft 8 or 9 hall of famers in the draft too. And if Stafford falls to us in the first we could trade Henne for a couple of first round picks next year.

>Too bad he gave up sacks during the regular season

Agreed. Jake sucks. What's a pro bowl appearance for a rookie? Big deal.

---your fellow Retard---

Great News Armando....

I am glad it was not his knee....

Jake proved worthy of the pick.

Actually i did see what happened i was watching the game. And you might want to read what i said. Yes he should have mentioned it. But its how you mention it. Its the words of embellishment that writers use without knowing the facts. They use those words to create a story!! Like i said no words of suggestion. Really armondo concerned please, he is a dolphin hater!!!

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