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Berger signs 3-year deal with Miami [Update 2]

Maybe it's not the splash you wanted, but the Dolphins have addressed two desires along the offensive line with the signing of Joe Berger today.

Berger's visit with the Dolphins today, first reported here, culminated in the former Dallas Cowboys signing a three-year deal with the team this afternoon, also first reported here.

So what is so special about a career backup signing with Miami?

Berger was brought in to compete with starter Samson Satele for the starting center job. At 6-5 and 310 pounds, he more closely fits the mold of what the Dolphins want anchoring the middle of their offensive line. The Dolphins will likely add a draft pick to that center competition as well.

Berger also will provide competition at right guard for Donald Thomas, the rookie who won the job last year but was injured in the season-opener and went on injured reserve.

Even if Berger does not win either job, he will provide the Dolphins with quality depth. The team last year was not pleased with the depth at either left or right guard and suffered for it, particularly in the playoff loss to Baltimore.

A little perspective here: Berger had earned the starting job with the Dolphins in 2005 when he suffered a foot injury that basically cost him the job. The following year the Dolphins needed to make a roster move and cut Berger to put him on the practice squad but he was claimed by the Cowboys. He's been a backup in Dallas since.

"Joe's very happy to be back down there," agent Tom Tafelski said in confirming the deal. "He's reunited with his old Dallas offensive line coach who is now the head coach. He's looking forward to getting the pads on and proving this is a good move for the Dolphins." 

So what else is going on? I'll have the names of any other players that might be visiting the Dolphins today after 4 p.m. I don't imagine it will be a very long list. [UPDATE: Berger is the only unrestricted free agent visit the Dolphins are reporting to the NFL today.]

One name not on the list will be Laveranues Coles, who many fans (and some reporters not named Salguero) have speculated would be on Miami's radar. Coles, drafted by Bill Parcells in 2000, is in Buffalo today.

Finally, for now, check out this story by colleague David J. Neal, who today caught up with newly minted strong safety Yeremiah Bell for an exclusive interview following the player's re-signing with Miami yesterday.

[UPDATE 2: Renaldo Hill, who started 39 games for the Dolphins the past three seasons has signed with the Denver Broncos. He signs a four-year deal worth $10 million with a $3 million signing bonus.]

One more thing before you guys continue to complain about Miami's start to free agency. Yes, the Redskins are tilting the cash register. Yes, the Jets are looking to get Bart Scott. Yes, Coles is in Buffalo. Yes, Center Jason Brown is in St. Louis and negotiating with the Rams.

But the winners and losers in free agency aren't determined on the first day. And I like Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland and their chances of making the right calls as much, indeed more, than the folks in Washington, St. Louis and New York.


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HP Is The Number One CREEP On This Blog

People you need to stop sniffing glue. Eric you are a moron! You want to know what Bill Parcells will do in draft - look at his past drafts. Safety is not important? Anyone remember Ed Reed torching us? Ever heard of Troy Palamalu? Let the football experts make the moves that help their teams and ignore the talking heads, chat studs and media types. there is a reason they are not coaching - they can't. And ignore the hype of the draft - I went in the 8th round and think of how many guys actually made an impact that went before me..

i came to read the news and the fans are talking to each other in very bad manner .it tells me that dolphins fans are very low educated people with very low self respect and very strange no one have any problem with it but may be that's a result from the proud education in florida state.nathaniel and creep and bungholio where you guys come up with these names?

Joe Berger the big move on Free agency Friday? This guy was already on our roster and then the Cowboys 3rd C. Big whup, if its goood depth than its good depth, this is not a big move and signals nothing toward the draft or other FA moves. Besides, 310 is only 1`0 lbs heavier than 300, where is the upgrade in strength over Satale? Berger would get stuffed over the likes of Kris Jenkins and Vince Willfork.

Armando quoted:
"Maybe it's not the splash you wanted, but the Dolphins have addressed two desires along the offensive line with the signing of Joe Berger today."

Hey Armando what was the "other desire" that they addressed on the O-Line?

Mark Clayton;put the drink down idiot and stop insulting people you shoe shiner

Ladies, Ladies... tone down.

Look this guy used to play for the Cowboys.
SOPRANO coached that line. He knows more about the guys and his talent than we do.

Look at the players we gotten from the Cowboys and tell me they weren't key...


Parcells and Sparano know what they are doing.
They don't hand out jobs like candy.

I've just updated the top of this blog so check out the new stuff and tell me what you think.

The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!
The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!

I finished college education level has nothing to do with how smart someone is. I have a HS diploma and probably make more money than you with your degree. I work with others who do the same job as myself and brag about having a degree, but they are in the same place I am and making the same money I am. Do you like apples. then how do you like those apples.

Any one who doubts the TRIFECTA, must write
(The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!) 100 times for punishment.

Maybe then you will come to your senses.

If the TRIFECTA can turn 1-15 to 11-5 I think they might just know more about football then people who post comments on a football blog.


One -- They now have competition at C-RG to start.
Two -- They have better depth at those spots.

PFT is reporting that ST. Louis is willing to show the money to Brown, but Brown does not want to play for them. Seems like the agent of Brown was trying to raise the prize of his agent.

Washington has signed Haynesworth, Hall and Dockery. I think that puts them out of play.

Baltimore is to busy with Scott and Lewis, plus they are cheap when it comes to offense.

Maybe now Miami makes a play.

I think your a hero baby

They dont have to report any visits. Wilson was reported to visit and he signed.

Salguero any word on Goodman? Seems like his value has gone down since he has not been signed. Could be signed.

I am not trying to start an argument
Senor Bungholio, but you learn a lot more in college then just how to make money.

I am glad your life has brought you good fortune though.

P.S. The TRIFECTA is all knowing!!!

You can never have enough OL, I guess he never played in Dallas since the starting line of the Cowboys is very good or we hope that was the case anyway. Worse case scenario a good backup....

we need Coles or TJ... a receiver is a must and/or how about RB Derrick Ward from Giants???..... that would be awesome, great runner, 4th year only..... good hands.... what do you think Armando?

Brown will turn Aqua and Orange! Remember you heard it here first. I am Mr. Bung-holio

There is an imposter around named Mr. Bungle or sumthin if ya'll see him do not aknowlede his presence. I am Mr. Bung-holio

By the way I think the Redskins signed a death sentence.... there is no single player in the NFL worth that money..... time will tell.

Damn right you sign Coles.

I am the only one who has watched that guy tear apart our secondary for years?

And by the way, do you remember who was throwing him the football?

Correction: "Am I" the only one who watched him tear apart our defense for years?

It was McPennington

Note to Redskins,

YOU CAN'T BUY A CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought Snyder would learn his lesson, but I guess "you can't fix stupid."

Good signing since it adds depth to the line and he has worked with Sparano. Plus he's a Michigan Tech grad (i.e. used to the cold and snowy weather - they get 200 inches of snow a year up there).

Any news on any visits Mando ??

Mr.Bungholio;Of course you know to transform a person to be a decent human being he must have an education cause it helps big in all aspects of life that's why when you go around the world you find that affect education on people's life. to make it short i am not talking how much money any one makes just look at wall street.i think you got my point.did you read nathaniel posting ?it does sound like he's well educated but he's still can't earn any body's respect.just read his last part and you will see .

I usually post on the Sentinel but I like Armando better. That weird Tinshaker guy keeps sending me emails asking me to do some strange stuff. He said he got my email because I went to his site and he tracks everyone who goes to his site.

this blog is becomig very dirty indeed

This was not the improvement over Samson Satele, that will come in the draft if it happens. This was the improvement over Andy Allenman and Nduwke. They signed someone else's backup to be our backup to Thomas and Smiley because you know at some point, Smiley at least will be injured again.

Well college did not teach you to spell because college is spelled c-o-l-l-e-g-e not collage! You need a refund dude. I am Mr. Bung-holio!!!!

Armando posted:

One -- They now have competition at C-RG to start.
Two -- They have better depth at those spots.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | February 27, 2009 at 04:32 PM

Thanks for the response Armando..but wouldn't that be they filled either of the 2 needs not both?...I was expecting another development like Matt Birk since he's not finding a market right now. Otherwise I suspect we'll be using one of the two 2nd round picks on a Center.

Bungholio, i'm getting tired of you. you told me you loved me but now all i ever see is you and tinshaker spending time together

Mando , nj phins fan here (yes sporvo it was me ). If your there i'd like to clear the air. I read your previous post about good natured humor . I did get a little offended last night . I thought you would think of me as a loyal reader and fellow dolphin fan , than just a money machine ,lol. After reading your previous post , and as the day has gone bye, i'm starting to laugh a little about this.

NJ phin fan: I think of you as a dolphins fan, a loyal reader, an EXCELLENT poster, and yes, my own personal ATM.

Can I hold a quarter?

you see mr bungholio when write fast that's what happened but you didn't let it go cause you are such a proud man .see you next month and thanks for your answer and there are more reasons for me asking for refund.

If you guys thought G. Wilson was not a good move look what he did against us last year.
6 Tackles 4 Assisted 0.5 sacks 1 fumble recovered. This guy can flat out play. This move is not getting a big thumb up there low radar moves, but it will make a big splash just wait and see.

Nj phin fan .keep writing all the time this we help armando out.even you go to bed let some one pressing the refresh button.all this crap about fin fans is just that.how much we made today boys out of love for the fans?

LOL , Okay Mando . Good one. Also I couldn't get away From that nut job Cuban menace , he cracks me up. While i'm here , from what i see miami doing so far ,it looks like miami is going after the versatile LB clay matthews with the 25 th pick and the three following picks will be C , CB , NT ( perhaps wr).

Renaldo Hill is now a former Miami Dolphin. He signs with Denver for four years and $10 million. He gets $3 million in guaranteed money.

Hi everyone. I thought I would share this video of Mr. Bungle I filmed last weekend. He is so talented. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lHHQu4CIos

i wonder mando how you get paid by the post or by the hits on the blog how it works?

The offensive line is only as good as its backups...i read that somewhere. And if he gets the starting job, then you trust in the coaches ability to recognize starting talent. You cant tell me that anyone here knows more about football or knows the plans of the Dolphins better than the trifecta

NFL Network reported that Coles had no visits scheduled today Armando. Shefter he reported it.

Shefter reported Coles had no visits today on NFL Network and everybody on the cast kept linking him to MIAMI. nO OFFENSE sALGUERO

who cares,one more old man getting ready for retirement .

I'm glad to see that Hill got a good deal for himself and is leaving because he wasn't the answer at safety here.

With so many high profile linebackers out there, I'm surprised that none of them have been linked to the Dolphins thus far.

Its nice to see Renaldo Hill sign a solid contract with the broncos, especially since he's coming off that ACL injury he had in 2007. In fact, many of the coaches attributed the vast improvement of our secondary to his insertion in the starting lineup. I also hope Andre Goodman signs a nice deal as he played extremely well down the stretch. He deserves about 5-6 million a year for 2-3 seasons. In addition, based on the interviews I've seen he seems to be one of the nicest guys to ever wear a dolphins jersey. I hope Miami finds a way to keep him but if not then I hope he ends up in a good situation

Love the moves the trifecta is making and looking forward to the draft

In the news today, the Denver Broncos signed Brian Dawkins!! Hiiiiiiyooooooo!! I love scotch...scotch, scotch, scotch....

Ron Burgundy is some one may be C.B

If you're wondering why I'm so excited over this my friends, it is because the hated Patriots must play the Broncos next year and Brian Dawkins is a Ballhawk...hiiiiiyoooooo!

Stay Classy Miami,

Ron ,did you see tom brady's weeding pictures ?talking about classy.

Ron Burgundy is some one may be C.B

Posted by: Marc r | February 27, 2009 at 06:17 PM

Ron Burgundy is indeed someone! I don't know if you've heard, but...I'm kind of a big deal....

stay classy Miami,

i meant some one in a creepy way.

Marc R,

Those pictures and that wedding were bush league! BUSH LEAGUE I TELL YOU....

Stay Classy Miami

I guess I expected more of a push for guys at the start, but then again, I'm more excitied that they did the resignings they needed to do than new ones. I'm especially glad Bell will be back. To me, the Dolphins resinging him (as well as Carey and Crowder) mean the Dolphins already won in FA. And the Dolphins have the trifecta, can any FA pick beat having Tuna, helper, and coach? I trust them, and if they don't do anything but draft guys from here on out, I still trust them.

HOW do you know classy Ron?you live in florida don't you?

As soon as Brown started flapping his gums about the Ravens not committing to him, I knew he'd never come to Miami. Parcells and company want people who put up and shut up. Period!

Also, those of you who don't like the signing of Bell and Wilson, didn't see the KC game or the 2nd Pats game.

Now we can stop the spread!

I transfered here from San Diego...And I my good sir am a class act! I have many leather-bound books and my home smells of rich mahogany...

stay classy Miami,

is your cat's name is mahogany?why you running from being from florida?

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