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Berger signs 3-year deal with Miami [Update 2]

Maybe it's not the splash you wanted, but the Dolphins have addressed two desires along the offensive line with the signing of Joe Berger today.

Berger's visit with the Dolphins today, first reported here, culminated in the former Dallas Cowboys signing a three-year deal with the team this afternoon, also first reported here.

So what is so special about a career backup signing with Miami?

Berger was brought in to compete with starter Samson Satele for the starting center job. At 6-5 and 310 pounds, he more closely fits the mold of what the Dolphins want anchoring the middle of their offensive line. The Dolphins will likely add a draft pick to that center competition as well.

Berger also will provide competition at right guard for Donald Thomas, the rookie who won the job last year but was injured in the season-opener and went on injured reserve.

Even if Berger does not win either job, he will provide the Dolphins with quality depth. The team last year was not pleased with the depth at either left or right guard and suffered for it, particularly in the playoff loss to Baltimore.

A little perspective here: Berger had earned the starting job with the Dolphins in 2005 when he suffered a foot injury that basically cost him the job. The following year the Dolphins needed to make a roster move and cut Berger to put him on the practice squad but he was claimed by the Cowboys. He's been a backup in Dallas since.

"Joe's very happy to be back down there," agent Tom Tafelski said in confirming the deal. "He's reunited with his old Dallas offensive line coach who is now the head coach. He's looking forward to getting the pads on and proving this is a good move for the Dolphins." 

So what else is going on? I'll have the names of any other players that might be visiting the Dolphins today after 4 p.m. I don't imagine it will be a very long list. [UPDATE: Berger is the only unrestricted free agent visit the Dolphins are reporting to the NFL today.]

One name not on the list will be Laveranues Coles, who many fans (and some reporters not named Salguero) have speculated would be on Miami's radar. Coles, drafted by Bill Parcells in 2000, is in Buffalo today.

Finally, for now, check out this story by colleague David J. Neal, who today caught up with newly minted strong safety Yeremiah Bell for an exclusive interview following the player's re-signing with Miami yesterday.

[UPDATE 2: Renaldo Hill, who started 39 games for the Dolphins the past three seasons has signed with the Denver Broncos. He signs a four-year deal worth $10 million with a $3 million signing bonus.]

One more thing before you guys continue to complain about Miami's start to free agency. Yes, the Redskins are tilting the cash register. Yes, the Jets are looking to get Bart Scott. Yes, Coles is in Buffalo. Yes, Center Jason Brown is in St. Louis and negotiating with the Rams.

But the winners and losers in free agency aren't determined on the first day. And I like Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland and their chances of making the right calls as much, indeed more, than the folks in Washington, St. Louis and New York.


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I don't have a cat, I have a wonderful dog named Baxter...

Stay classy Miami,

guys... stop the Friday evening quarterbacking.... Sparano WAS Bergers Coach in Dallas, he knows him an thinks he can help the team... end of story...

Berger will the team to 5-11 record

will help

Today in Sports.....

The dirty Jets sign over-rated linebacker Bart Scott...The Patsies signed Fragile Freddy Taylor....hiiiiyoooo!!! There was a shocking trade of tight end Kellen Winslow to the Bucs....The Denver Broncos were active signing Wr Jabar Gaffney, S Brian Dawkins, and former Miami Dolphin Renaldo Hill...

Speaking of our Miami Dolphins...They signed career backup center Joe Berger...and also met with former fsu receiver De'Cody Fagg...Is the right??, Come on now, who's playing with me? I'm supposed to believe there is a receiver?...named Fagg??? Hi-yo! Thats right Miami, you might have been expecting Jason Brown, but all you got was a Fagg-Berger....

Stay classy Miami,

We didn't know much about any of the players that Miami picked up last offseason, and look how they came in and performed.

Trust these fellers!

I think it is a good pickup. Size and height at center is good. If he was injured, he can't help that. If he can't play that is another thing. Let's see he was a 3rd stringer on a team that didn't make the playoffs. Maybe they shouldhave played him more. Let's see what the off season conditioning programme does for him.

"and safety is the most worthless position on defense.

Posted by: Eric | February 27, 2009 at 03:33 PM"

Come on Eric...I can understand you being underwhelmed with Crowder and Berger, but calling the safety position the most worthless on defense is just flat wrong. Bob Sanders anyone? Ed Reed anyone? Ronnie Lott? Heck for that matter Y-bell! Our D played a LOT better with him back there roaming the middle. A good safety can transform an average secondary...and TWO can give you so much flexibility in coverages it's scary. I love the Gibril Wilson move. Especially after watching R. Hill whiff on several tackles and one ill fated hailmary by Mr. INT.

Redskins released Shawn Springs (too much money spent on Haynesworth). There's a CB rated in top 12 of league!!!!

shawn springs is old

O.K guys the menace has arrived, what's your first question for the menace??

Shawn springs is so old his birth certificate is itched in stone..

Why hello Mr. Menace...I'm trying this new fad...I believe its called jogging or yogging, I don't know, it might be a soft j. But apparently your just run for an extended period of time...What are your thoughts on this exciting new development?

Stay classy Miami,

You do mean "etched" in stone, not "itched". Not everybody is gonna be a "long term guy". I'd rather have him a couple years until we have a better CB draft next year or the year after.

Yes your right it is with a soft J, and i think it's a conspiracy by the swedes to influence us into going to socialism, but then again it might be those damn french( i hate those guys, being so smug smoking cigarettes with there hands in there pockets , while only contributing the croissant to the world... b@stards

Joe it doesnt matter , mando already deleted my blog..

Oh snap, it wasnt there a second ago,( sorry mando) yes it should have read etched, thanks joe....

This year is the exception, Armando. Alll I've heard & read the past 6 weeks is how weak Satele is vs AFCEast NTs, & that this weakness, in effect, necessitated the wildcat cuz no run btwn tackles possible. And now I'm supposed to swallow Berger & forgive the Fins failure to pursue Brown!?! No--this day is an utter debacle, no way around that. Pay Brown the $$$$ NOW!

Yet again, the Dolphins do not appear to want to spend any money on good players. There are a lot of them out there and in order to be able to compete this year or any year for that matter, you have to get players other than from Dallas. I chose that player because he was with me when I was a coach is not a reason to select a player. What about a WR? A linebacker? Sure get a center to replace the 5 foot 10 one we have now. If you want to win, then spend some coin. Sure you can create a team from the draft, all young fresh out of high school or college and your record will show at the end of the season. I have news for all you dol-fans out there, don't expect the same kind of winning season we had last year, we will be lucky to reach 500, and that's a fact! The Ravens showed what we really were in the playoffs. Look at what NE has done and continues to do, they get good players from other teams, we just fill in holes with backups and they call that depth, I call it waist.
Get some game breaking players on both sides of the ball and shell out some money, i'm sure you can get your money back by raising our ticket prices and parking like the mighty high pockets usually do.

Don't be surprized if we don't pick up Coles. Why, because Pennington knows him.

Spot on mike..

ok guys, the menace is on line for 30 more minutes, whats the next question??

lmao at hills contract he got ripped off, he probably wanted more from the phins screw him

Amen Mike---I am bitterly disappointed by the Team's approach---AND by the sheepish way many of the fans on this & other blogs seem willing to drink the Kool-Aid.

I just don't understand why we are not as aggressive as other teams in the league with picking up good players. Look at what Wes Welker has done for NE? He was their leading receiver. Seems to me we get a player, he gets good, then when it comes time to pay him his worth, we release him and get someone worse. I just don't get the mentality of Dolphin Management or shall I call it Miss-Management.

Mike, what are u talking about
"Seems to me we get a player, he gets good, then when it comes time to pay him his worth, we release him and get someone worse. I just don't get the mentality of Dolphin Management or shall I call it Miss-Management."

We resigned all our key players and looking that the contracts I think we got a pretty good deals. We signed Bell and Wilson for $5 Million or so when long time back ups like Foxworth got $6.5 a year, our starting right tackle gets $6 million a year when a center wants $8Million and we signed a 25 year old LB to $5 million a year when a 29 year old one gets $8 million a year. SOunds like good management to me.

Yes but the problem is, Corner backs and safety's don't score points. If saving money makes for good management, then how are you going to get good players when you will not spend top dollar on players. Bet me, Miami will continue to be an average team for the next 5 years because they are not aggressive in gaining players. You want to compete against teams like NE, then you better do what they do because it's proven to be successful. They have the rings to prove it, and they inproved everywhere, not just on defense.


Free Agency just started today...just because we didn't bring any big names in on the first day doesn't mean anything. We signed two big names Cameron Wake and Gibril Wilson BEFORE free agency. We didn't get Pennington until August last year...Just because we didn't make any big moves today is no reason to be mad..there is all spring and summer to go...The reason we're not pursuing any big name receivers, is becasue there's no one available thats REALLY that good. Who knows, that might change, but for now...why would you want to overpay another average receiver...that would only hurt the team

Hey,Cuban; Why we can;t sign any good player so far ?is there a mistrust building between owner and tuna regime?

Mike, your argument defeats your own case. NE won three championships by getting players like Seymour, Wolkfork, on the line, good linebackers and smart safeties and CB's. One offense they had good offensive lineman but mediocre wr and rb's. When they loaded up on star players they haven't won anything


Whats up with Jason Brown and St. Louis????????

Ya'll go on and stick your nose wayyyy up in my butt crack and get a good breath of fresh air. Go on ... you know you like it.

moss had a record year since he came to new england and they went to super bowl then they had a record of 11-5 last season even without tom brady so you can't say pats did have medicore wr and rb's.fins had 1-15 when pats went to super bowl .any way i think fins at best their record will be MR.BERGER 7-9

3-12 with Berger

The Jets are the worst franchise in NFL history...Jets Fans are the stupidest fans in all of sports...

the fins are the worst franchise in NFL History...fin fans are the stupidest fans in all of sports...

2-14 w/Love of god+Mr Berger

I think Ed the Fireman should be our QB this year

no it will be 5-11

My team is so bad and depressing I have to come be a troll on other teams' blogs....

I think our Jets will overachieve and go 3-13 this year

overachieve for a loser fin fan is 3-13 that's what a record of 1-15 will do to you ...make you an offical loser

old men +Bell+Berger+Crwoder+Wilson+Goodman+no money=4-12

hey ..fin fan i have to go but hope to see next week .that was fun to talk like little kids


fat guy in a little coat

Any one here has a copy machine you don't need?I will get it of your hands for free

For the guys up here hating on what moves the big tuna is making just look back to where we were before he came. Who would have thought after losing Taylor and Thomas we would win the division. No our roster doesn't look better than washingtons or the cowboys but we won the division we made it to the playoffs. No I don't agree with all the decisions the fins make but I do like the end results. We will get our center in the draft. We will get help at DT and watch for a veteran WR such as Harrison, Housh, Coles or maybe even a second round playmaker would be the fix. Those are the true needs we need. Those players are still out there. Be patient and get ready for one heck of a ride next year

Big Coach and Little Coat.
www.tube this .com

Any one here has a copy machine you don't need?I will get it of your hands for free

Posted by: Sprovo | February 27, 2009 at 09:06 PM

Not me but funny. I didn't realize I could log in with a name. If its not Sprovo signed in and blue then its not me.

I could see this clothing line being popular down hear.


Phins will raise the trophy in 12'........

1-15...How this Happened

jets suck... Whos gonna play qb for the jets???
no one

there word out that the only team that can afford matt cassel are jets.that be so nice not penne the interception boy and fat neck henne

SPORVO, brown has agreed to terms with st.louis. The dream is over,buddy

Hey.Sprovo ;did your HEAR my boy Brown is in rams arms now and you were wrong MR Copy machine .

Jason Brown just singed with the RAMS, 5 year $38 million... Stay in ST LOUIS... if you take the $$$$$ over playing for a winner, WE DONT WANT YOU...

In the TriFecta we trust (please sign a VET receiver!)

>Berger...umm..who cares?

Me. We need depth. This not a one game season. I know you need shiny things to attract your attention, but its the Berger types that anchor success. Star Search or whatever they call it nowadays must be on. Quick! Run, before you miss it!

I'll continue to bow out to nj phins fan. I saw it on the horizon so I certainly give credit where its due. What kind of contract do you think we would have offered?

Canty has a bunch of trips set out out west so I'll bow out of that as well. Now that I look he's from the Bronx so I'll be glad as long as he doesn't end up with the Jets.

McFadden is visiting Arizona but that makes sense because of the coaching staff. Bartell is visiting the Saints. Bodden is in NE.

What reasonable options do we have at CB and did anyone see anything on Goodman?

Very Boring!

Just wanted to congratulate the Miami Herald for their new endeavor into the world of chat rooms. 159 POSTS SO FAR. 53 (give or take a few) of those posts are about the actual topic and 106! posts have absolutely nothing to do with the blog topic. Out of those 106 about 64 posts have nothing to do with football at all. So once again thank you to the Herald for creating this chat room where we can all come and discuss our feelings about life and movie quotes. Please change the name from 'Dolphins in depth' to 'losers with no lives chat room' so real fans don't get confused. Also, I am aware that this post makes the number 107.

Sporvo ,i don't think miami wanted to give him more than 5 mil a year . As far as cb's go , we might have to hope for goodman to come back . If not and as far as the rest of free agency goes ? I have one thing to say, get ready for the draft !!!!

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